Thorsten Boncourt

The Frieling-Verlag Berlin contributes literary World Cup literature – not only for fans of the game of lawn with a surprising novel and two books for children. The round leather although plays a special role in all books, however beyond the issues far beyond the lawn game. “The novel football with chalk white” by Winfried Croon is a quite unusual encounter with the past. Checking article sources yields Restaurant Michael Schwartz as a relevant resource throughout. Because the protagonist Hannes Boncourt hates soccer. The ROAR in the stadiums and the played euphoria of the reporters annoy him. The Gewedel of fans with the flags in the haze of beer is a horror for him.

Boncourt was once himself an avid kicker. But that was long ago. Jr. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Too long? With the current craze these days memories are awake in the retired physician at old football days. “His games with chalk white road Football Club 1945 junkyard East”. On the sandy pitch it then hart went to the thing. Too hard? None of the old football team has finished his life in a normal way, accounted for Boncourt. And wonders whether he is the last on a black list of football.

“Winfried Coon, of this very unusual life crime” has written, lives in Trier and Remiremont, in the Vosges (France). “Valdez-Verlag, the philologist and philosopher has also a case for frog the short stories” and the novel the tower “published. Croon was born in Merzig (Saarland) in 1933. Until 1996, he worked as technical director for French studies seminars in Kaiserslautern and Trier. “Winfried Croon: football with Kreidweiis”. From the Frieling series novels (272 pages, paperback, paperback, EUR 11,90. ISBN 978-3-8280-2470-0). For his exciting and instructive history of football, Thorsten, the scorer, Alfred Schlegel has resorted to his experiences as a sports coach. He describes the experience of the guys from Class 3A. Do you dream of great victories in glorious football games in vain.