Government Organs

Many of the messages included in the network are presented as offerings of private individuals. However, responsible of Chinese hospitals and human rights groups have warned that organisations and mafias engaged in trafficking of organs in China hide behind alleged private listings. The price of a kidney in Chinese Internet portals varies between six and 10 million pesetas. Responsible for the Chinese Server Netease, one of those who have been accused of allowing trade in organs on the information superhighway, have defended claiming they can do nothing to avoid the economic transactions of individuals in its pages. Session auctions Netease Announces hundreds of electronics, appliances or cars. More discreetly, through its search engine, it also offers the possibility of acquiring corneas, lungs, kidneys and livers in a trading system discovered by the Yangcheng newspaper.

Other Chinese portals are offering through its pages all medically trasplantables organs from one person to another. The main suspicion is that some of these bodies are vital and can only be extracted from a clinically dead person. The offer of body parts whose disposition is impossible make forecasts – hospitals can not know when will come a donor – has reinforced the conviction that in reality being used the organs of convicts sentenced to death. The news of the use of Internet by the Chinese mafia coincides with the proximity of the Chinese lunar year, when the Government launched its annual campaign against crime and increases the numbers of executions across the country. The auction or sale of organs is illegal in China, but hospitals in the country have been accused on numerous occasions of trafficking in organs of prisoners sentenced to the death penalty. THE world already denounced gangs organized in China among officials of prisons, doctors and health authorities in the traffic of organs of prisoners, whose organs are extracted even before his execution last month of May.

Phil Flynn

For Phil Flynn, analyst at Alaron Trading of Chicago, the focus is on demand: the data from the energy information Administration (EIA) showing that it has raised its forecast on the demand of world oil and United States for the first time since September are a sign that things are stabilizing for the demand side. In the immediate term, there are also other specific factors that affect the price of oil. Factors such as delays in maintenance work on refineries affecting production in the United States or, like the advent of the so-called driving season in the United States, which is the time of greatest demand for gasoline for the year in the South American country (this will begin to feel between mid and late June). Here it is worthwhile to make the following observation about the evolution of the oil price: it can be said that some of expectations that have driven upward the price of a barrel of crude, may not materialize paradoxically by upward in the price of oil. The strong increase in the price of a barrel of crude probably have an inflationary impact on economies which limit economic recovery (this beyond what decide the central banks with their interest rates that are too low).

Returning to what interests us venture: how will the price of oil towards the end of year evolve? How to have some opinion, different media I’ve read, I found that most analysts agree that crude oil will continue to more expensive progressively up to be between US $75 and US $ 80 barrel. In this they were cuts approved and applied by the OPEC, and the first signs of economic recovery, reportedly on the market. For Lawrence Eagles, global head of commodities for JP Morgan, the evolution of petroleum It will depend on what happens in terms of economic recovery: If economic forecasts are correct, and we are coming out of the recession, the path of the oil will be rather on the upside. I particularly believe that such solid evidence there is no to ensure that economic recovery takes place in this year. The possible impact of the current rise in the price of crude oil on the prospects of economic recovery have not been evaluated in the projections. Neither has been analysed too how will continue the quotation of the dollar relative to major currencies. Don’t see you at the moment, more likely that the price of crude oil continue behaving upward beyond your current level, supported by economic fundamentals.


Develop relations in every link in this chain, it imposes the need to break with the old corporate structure of isolated results, thinking as string member in each of the links and the same activities, and each link may be different relationships, and is where lies the key: define relation types and strategies that distinguishes us in our serviceto allow competitive advantages in every activity and relationship of this string. To define this question it is essential to have clear and explicit knowledge of who are members of this string?, how is the structure of this string?, and what are the processes, flows of materials, information, decisions, monetary transactions? By that have not created alliances collaborative, at least as a principle to establish and consolidate information concerning overall results in our country, not us stopped to appreciate the advantages of this design, because we relate only monetary our inter-firm relations, because we cannot identify who integrate our line, because we do not saneamos the flow of information in our chain and ended up with the duality and information storage rhetoric in each of our businesses, because we do not create a digital organisation model joint between our company that integrate this chain. For example, we see that, and it is my experience current and also very easy to identify those who integrate the chain of distribution of materials for the construction in our country: importing companies of the MICONS (MATCO IMECO) which must establish partnerships with its suppliers, these in turn with the producers, followed by the trading company of the MICONS (Escambray) who must establish alliances with the carrier (ENOCH)(, TRANSMATCO), and with the final consumer The work. Because do not develop a package so to speak any form based on relations of alliances between each Member of this chain, this is something demonstrable on digital Millennium and this new world.

Cross Eurodollar

In 2009, many predicted the end of the dollar as the currency of reference in favour of the euro, but the correction seemed logical after the highs of the EURUSD at 1,6040. However, few investors expected a decline so virulent by the debt crisis in the eurozone. Forecasts of experts as Roberto ruarte, although helped by additional factors, have seemed to materialize with precision. Almost a year ago, the analyst claimed in its anticipation of the EURUSD for 2010 () that the fall from 1,6040 it was a correction of long term, not a trend. He also claimed he would speak of the disappearance of the euro. In the year, the EURUSD has come to fall 17%.

It was below 1.20, and the euro’s survival was in doubt. Research For Traders experts pointed out that Europe, with a strong euro and a weak dollar, may not increase production via exports (). To happen otherwise, the cheap euro has boosted German competitiveness. The result: Europe out of the crisis faster than expected. Do and now what? The European debt crisis is far from its end. John Hardy of Saxo Bank points out that the recent upturn in the EURUSD could be a crushing defeat for the currency ().

Although some macro data are benevolent, the recent rise of the euro is rather a consequence of the weakness of the dollar. If we look at specific levels (), Saxo Bank predicts that the EURUSD will be around 1.25 in the short term. In the next three months could fall to 1.17 and in twelve months we would see in 1.12. These predictions resemble those made by ruarte a year ago. It is easy to see the inverse correlation between the EURUSD and the differentials of debt in the eurozone. Falls of the dollar are accompanied by increases in the differential (). Saxo Bank hopes will revive the status of sovereign debt in Europe. Therefore, possibly the couple is facing further cuts toward Christmas. The Danish Bank expects the dollar to climb against the euro in the next 12 months, now that United States seems to be ahead of the curve (). Will we see the EURUSD in 1.10 in 2011? The experts who already have been successful in the past do not preclude it. currencies, dollar, euro, eurusd, fx, SAX, trading for more information: Uriel Alvarado Cancino Head of Marketing, Latin Region. Saxo Bank + 45-3977-4643 Aida Blanco Real Marketing Project Manager, Latin Region. Saxo Bank + 45-3977-4195 fight Report For September 22, 2010 do Carnage Chronicles Fabian Cancellara buys himself out of Saxo Bank contract The Other Rasmussen To Saxo Bank? VeloCast Cycling Podcast fight Report For 9/22/10: John Hardy 18-Karat Gold and Sterling Silver Contour Cuff

USDollar Index

Time will show that this statement is irrefutable. The CPI rises 0.9% in October from September and the annual rate + 2.3%, above expectations. The FTSE came to fall 2.5% this morning to 9.890 and after the European release rose 300 points. LATAM Brazil 71.195 – 0.62% Petrobras (PBR – 1.28%) reported profit of R $ 8,560 million (US $ 5 billion) in Q3, up 7.9% against 2009, and had income 54.740 million reais (US $ 31,800 billion). The revaluation of the dollar was a key factor that allowed him to earn R$ 1.4 billion in Q3, since last year the company most indebted in dollars. With the most undervalued dollar, the impact of debt was lower.

The airline GOL (GOL) won R $ 110 million (US $ 64 million) in Q3, 41% more compared to 2009. Its turnover increased 12.5% against 2009 thanks to the 23% increase in demand for flights. With the real so appreciated, all travel in Brazil and spending record tourism. Dollar R$ 1,719 + 0.46% MEXICO 36.304 – 0.31% ARGENTINA 3.340 + 0.90% dollar $3.98. Gold $1,387 – 1.54% petroleum $86,07 – 1.98% coins USDollar Index $77,947 – 0,35% EURUSD 1,3730 + 0.47% Paola Pecora – special report on international markets as closed international markets? What factors drove the rise of 15% in the indexes on Wall Street? Why it continues down the dollar? Why is the currency in emerging markets revalued? Closures, international markets analysis, commodities, currencies, and daily update about everything that happened in the markets tomorrow so you own the information and analysis necessary to start the trading day saving you time and money. All summarized in a report only. Sent to your email every morning before box of the opening of Wall Street. If you want to subscribe, click here.