Course Technician

The study it concluded that the knowledge of the administration is of the interest of the majority of the pupils, and, in accordance with the consulted bibliography, is of extreme importance for the conduction of any organization. Therefore, a curricular change that intensified on subjects to the administration would significantly improve the quality of the course Technician in Farming of this institution. Words key: Knowledge of the administration. Course Technician in Farming. Future profissional.INTRODUODe general form knows that the agricultural enterprises do not use of no formality in the management of the businesses and that is still more eminent in the lesser properties characterized by familiar agriculture. The complexity of the agronegcio demands much capacity of its managers in all the chain, still more of the familiar agriculturist who beyond taking care of of the businesses, still have the aspirations and desires of the familiar ones, style of life and divergences of ideas of the components of the familiar group.

that if it waits of familiar agriculture is that it is prepared to face external challenges, it has vision to use to advantage chances, it has conditions to generate profits enough to keep the family adequately, and the enterprise to take care of to the expectation of the future generations that will continue to the front of the businesses. The Brazilian education as for education technician in farming cousin for the content technician, to the formation of professionals directed toward ' ' fazer' ' , characterizing for an limited professional the functions techniques, serving generally of hand of qualified workmanship for the market of formal work in companies of the agronegcio, the urban way. The pupil who after formed being of family of agriculturists and that after a period of study decides to go for the city, still more consolidates the idea of that the agricultural way does not have future and it is not income-producing, serving of desincentivo also for the excessively integrant ones of the family who in a first chance tends to leave the agricultural way also.

Consumer Protection Forum

Financial fraud of economic online scam forum before the end of the year, has there been a merger between three well-known forums. Snakecity, and Internetfahndung.NET have become one and the Forum now bears the name, GoMan US consumer protection forum. With this combination, the operator successfully hunts perpetrators go and targeted searches start. It is very important that an exchange of information there on the Web like GoMan. Other collaborations are planned with other financial forums.

GoMan operator Dr. G.von Hedden occurs in public as trustee and tells, that much more intense will proceed GoMan against online from Zocker. Contacts with US authorities and the LKA already exist. Public Prosecutor’s Office and German police investigating officials are carefully made on GoMan and be regularly notified by E-mail of current cases. Legally, the Forum is under US law, which must also be accepted during registration. Often, sounds with which the scammers themselves, alias name in the forums log in to learn how will be reported about it. GoMan puts an end to the! GoMan security system is programmed double registrations are no longer possible. IP addresses are stored after registration. GoMan is also no registrations with so-called way werf email addresses to these will be immediately blocked.

Arab Republic

Cairo, who noted in July 1969, his thousand-year anniversary – political and economic center of Egypt, from the X century – the most important city in the Middle East, a brilliant medieval capital. Cairo is not only an important center anti-imperialist national liberation movement in Egypt, but also one of the major political centers of the Arab world. Since 1945, it is the headquarters of the League of Arab States and permanent residence Secretariat of the Committee for Solidarity in Asia and Africa. It brings together representatives of those continents to address the problems of independence and collaboration support. Cairo is the center of economic and cultural life Arab Republic of Egypt, the largest hub of international means of communication – the river, air, rail and highway. The city and its suburbs is located about a quarter of total industrial production in the country – metalworking, machine building, machine building, cement, textile, car-building, printing, etc. And in the past, and now Cairo – a city best of Arabic culture, one of the Urban areas determined by the development of scientific thought and concepts of art.

This is a major center for scientific and technical personnel: at the universities of Cairo are educated about 100 thousand students, many of whom are students from other Arab countries. In Cairo, a number of research institutions has been working in the fields of biology, chemistry, nuclear physics. Cairo also is at the forefront in shaping the modern Arab art countries. Importance of Cairo as a center of culture is extremely high. In Cairo, was built much greater than in the rest of the country (which in the Middle Ages there were few), and here for the majority of architectural monuments medieval Egypt. It is difficult to name any other city in the world so completely captured the monopoly in the construction of any single country.

Enough to meet with Cairo to get a clear picture of the development in Egypt medieval construction techniques, architectural form and style. Today it is a city with more than five million inhabitants, an industrial and cultural center of the Arab Republic of Egypt (ARE). In Cairo, under state protection over five hundred monuments. The architecture of modern Cairo is at the latest technical achievements and quests in the form. Here there were shots of local architects, fully rid the country of the need to attract foreign experts. In the construction of large scale problems are solved. Great area of the city, the history of its construction is complicated and messy. Rare building the past have survived in its original form, and many of them disappeared. Meanwhile, various times of the cities and their development are interrelated. Image of the city as a whole will become clear only on the condition that trace its gradual development. Past studies revealed the city surviving buildings, archaeological survey and written sources. Local native historian Ahmed Maqrizi (1364-1442 gg.) Devoted topography of Cairo a special essay.

San Mateo

There are smaller ports for landing of white fish such as Cojimies, Pedernales, Jama, Canoeing, San Vicente, Caraquez Bay, San Jacinto, San Alejo, San Clemente, Las Gilco, Los Arenales, Jaramijo, San Mateo, Santa Marianita, San Lorenzo , Pacoche, Santa Rosa, Las Pinas, Puerto Cayo, Machalilla, Puerto Lopez, Puerto Rico, Salango, Las Tunas, Don Juan, Canoa, El Matal, La Cabuya, among other tourist Abstract Manabi is a region with special features that allow you to be a potential for tourism development, which has led the development of projects to attract travelers from Ecuador and around the world. Manabi is possible in adventure tourism, sports, nature, gastronomy, archaeological, ecological, crafts, entertainment, leisure, religious, events and conventions, cultural or sun and beach. Part of the tourism system are the three existing operational airports in the province: Royal Tamarindos in Portoviejo, Manta Eloy Alfaro and Los Perales in San Vicente, which must be added the Port of Manta is already part of the scales that made large-scale tourist cruises. Tourism in general for a better perception of tourism in the province is necessary to make such differentiations Regional: Pacific Marginal Way, Manta, Portoviejo, North Zone, South Zone, Central Zone and the Interior. Marginal Pacific: the coastal route, part of the State 15, which runs from Cojimies in the north to Ayampe in the South, along the coastal strip. Along this route you can find a number of natural attractions and tourism spots open. Manta: port and economic capital of the province, which allowed extensive development of its carrying capacity, supported by attractive: Scenic boardwalk, Pacoche protected forest, lively nightlife and shopping. .