Elective Astrology

One of the most interesting and popular destinations of astrology is the astrology of choice or elective astrology (from Lat. Electio – your choice). Even judging by the name you can guess what it comes to choosing the most favorable time to initiate new business. This section of astrology is remarkable that gives a person a certain amount of freedom in carrying out his plans and gives us hope for a favorable outcome of planned business. The most frequently elective astrology comes to help those who wish to choose the best time for marriage, opening a new business, revenues for work, emigration, buying property, cars and expensive things, conducting surgery, beginning of litigation, etc. However, the construction of elective card – employment is not easy. Modern astrologers have inherited from their ancient predecessors, the vast number of possible rules and precepts into practice which is not possible. Thus astrologers are often forced to choose "the lesser evil ', as the perfect time for a case is simply not exists.

In addition, it should also be borne in mind that even knowing the best time for the start of the planned business, people are not always able to realize our plans due to unforeseen circumstances (as they say: 'no luck' ). Therefore, working individually with a client, a professional astrologer must first examine his natal chart (horoscope) and find in it a reflection of the upcoming events at the same time and look at the final result. K example, the young couple decided to marry. Astrology for beginning to read carefully the natal chart of both newlyweds, then check out a couple of compatibility and only then take up date picker marriage. In that case, if the horoscope of each of them there are clear signs of disharmony in relationships and good compatibility between getting married there, then calculate the best time for such an alliance simply meaningless. Thus, the natal chart always has a greater weight and priority, and therefore should be based primarily on her, and only then work with elektsiyami. In addition, there are also individual elektsy mass, which are more advisory in nature. These only point to some periods of time, devoid of any harmful effects, improves the chances for success, but do not guarantee it 100%. As say, bring happiness to all people is impossible

The Person

The tobacco was taken for the Europe for the Spaniard, and nowadays it is cultivated in almost all the countries, also Brazil. See Nouriel Roubini for more details and insights. The tobacco leves, after harvested and droughts, are submitted to a fermentation in mass and transformed into. 1) fine dust (tobacco of I smell or rap)? 2) in filaments (tobacco tobacco)? 3) in coils (tobacco to chew or to chew). The idea to smoke alicera in preventing a displeasure to search a pleasure only saw I verbal is felt to the will in the office, later that I smoke one cigarrinho. Checking article sources yields KBS as a relevant resource throughout. Where the smoking search through this toxic to enter in a special state, enslaved for the chemistry of the tobacco; but that pparently it provides a state to it of autoconfiana, being able, sovereignty, status, etc? The act in itself discloses certain systematics, You only saw the Jlio as it smokes elegantly, it is all Sir of itself, is the all detailed act in stages, leaves the cigarette of its packing with a requinte. Packing is kept, looks for to it to a lighter or a box of matches, while insurance to the unit of the tobacco, acomete the person a confident position, and after that lights such cigarette. Giving the smoker, in long sequences swallowed, and evidently long puffs, in an intention of if all mesclar with something mysterious and pleasant the physical space, all the environment, as that saying: – I am more I. He seems that the tobacco cushions questions temporarily to be decided, Ih! I do not support plus this firm, them they only suck me, and the wage is very low, but I do not know if I ask for the accounts or not, then I go to smoke one cigarrinho. The act in itself also seems to tranquilize and to postpone difficult questions, overwhelming questions and tormenting questions to be decided for the individual, that reaches for the nicotine one another emotional state, Oh! I do not obtain to be without smoking while not to pass the vestibular contest.

Zodiac Influence on Business Success

Influence of the tenth house potalnoy maps on human life Career, career, human activity in society. The likelihood of achieving power, high social and professional situation. Aims to who in his life seeks man. The possibility of fame and public recognition. Tools and techniques to achieve this goal.

Attitude of the authorities (and all higher) to humans. The Tenth House also points to one of parents in the life of man. For men born during the day, the tenth house represents the father, and the fourth house – my mother. For men born during the night, the tenth house symbolizes the mother, and the fourth house – his father, for women born during the day, the tenth House symbolizes the mother, and the fourth house – his father. For women born during the night, the tenth house represents the father, and the fourth house – my mother. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Still air.

The second level of the element of Air. Fixed, masculine, electric, a positive sign of the zodiac. Uranium is a senior, daily, direktnym ruler of Aquarius. Saturn is the lowest, at night, retrograde ruler of Aquarius. Sun in Aquarius in exile Pluto in Aquarius in the fall. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius. The idea of Signs of the Zodiac Aquarius – exit outside. Breakthrough in and out of stereotypes, patterns, structures, constraints, principles, conditions and circumstances. A sudden breakthrough into a new and future. Therefore, the Zodiac Aquarius is often associated with revolutionary (not evolutionary), a genius, paradoxically, novelty, etc. 'And the experience of the son of hard errors (Capricorn), and the genius, the paradoxes of one (Aquarius), and case, God – – inventor (Aquarius). " So intuitively embraced Aquarius and Capricorn, Alexander Pushkin.

Capital Technician

They exist formashumanizadas to treat, to deal and to give assistance to the patient, and the CERSAM is umgrande and expressive operator of this humanizao. For being a toimportante work, they must have more units in the Capital, moreover, serianecessria an ample spreading on the part of the Postosde Health, through OMS 1993, apud Ebrahim P. 1384) ‘ ‘ oconceito of quality of life understands a series of 0 variable, such as: adequate asatisfao of the biological necessities and the conservation of seuequilbrio (health), the maintenance of a propitious environment to the personal security, apossibilidade of cultural development, and, in last place, the ambientesocial that it propitiates> works in the CERSAM Unit of New Sales, since its creation, in 2002. Its work in the place como reference technique, as well as the excessively professional ones: occupational doctors, nurses, therapists and social assistants. All the CERSAMs work for the way dareferncia, that is,> technician responsible for is determined patient nosentido of ouviz them, becoming reference for that patient, independentede its formation.

He has also determined works that are carried through by outrosprofissionais of the area, such as to apply vaccines, to give the medicamentosprescritos etc. The objective of the practical one is to make with that opaciente has one technician as reference, so that it is not necessary ouvirvrias people giving the same orientaes and to follow it in tratamentopropriamente said. Thus, the work of the technician is basically the same: to take care of to the patient and to become reference for it, making responsible portodo its therapeutical process. The technician of reference atendembasicamente to the urgency service, through the plantes to the citizen that is emcrise. The patient can be taken by relatives, for the policy, directed porhospitais, for neighbors and has cases to go on account proper. The technician fazemainda the ambulatorial service for cases of small dressings or medication.


Rogers compares the process of organization of the experience human being in its orientation with the process of physical development, if the experience can be organized in the absence of serious disturbing factors, this organization of the experience including its expression in the behavior will be effected for the direction of the maturity and the functioning adjusted for the organism, in the direction of a rational, social behavior, in subjective, satisfactory way and in objective and efficient way (ROGERS, 1977). For even more opinions, read materials from BlackBerry. ' ' The individual, its trend? the update and its notion of ' ' eu' ' they are part of a fenomenolgico world. Therefore, what it matters is not the intrinsically positive character of the conditions, it is the perception of these conditions for indivduo' ' (ROGERS, 1977, P. 42). Rogers conceives ' ' eu' ' as a perceptual structure, ' ' an organized and changeable set of relative perceptions to proper indivduo' ' (ROGERS, 1977, P.

43). These perceptions are characteristic psychic of the person, attributes, qualities, capacities and limits, values and relations that same ' ' it recognizes as descriptive of same itself and that it perceives as constituting its identidade' ' (ROGERS, 1977, P. 43). This perceptual structure engloba all the experiences lived for the person at each moment of its existence. Conjugao of trend to update, that is the dynamic factor and supplies to energy to the human organism and the notion of I, who am the regulating factor, that guides the direction for this organism, I determine the human behavior (ROGERS, 1977). For Rogers (1977, P. 43): ' ' The trend to the update of I act constantly and search, also constantly, the conservation and the enrichment of I. This means that it opposes itself to everything what she compromises I, either in the direction of reduction, of the depreciation or the contradiction. However, the success or effectiveness of this action depends not on the situation ' ' real' ' , ' ' objetiva' ' , but of the situation as it perceives it to the individual.

Secrets Of Brussels

The Brussels metro stations offer surprises. The guide when art takes the subway, available free of charge in PDF format on the website of the STIB (Societe des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles) or for sale in numerous shops, is a perfect blog to discover this true underground art museum. You’ll discover surrealistic murals, installations, paintings and sculptures of all styles of contemporary art. Brussels is the capital of the comic, that is why you will find references to this art throughout the city. Although the must-see for fans of the comic is the Belgian Centre of comics, the most fanatical not may resist a thematic tour of the city to meet all the facades of buildings decorated with comics and visit emblematic shops like the Tintin store. If walk in Brussels under your shoe appears a gold scallop shell, is that you have taken with the old route of the Camino de Santiago.

National Geographic recently presented a series of documentaries about the traces of the Camino de Santiago in cities like Brussels and Paris. In episode 2, the protagonist visits the Church of Notre – Dame-de-Bon-Secours in Brussels, which is home to numerous symbols of the apostle. More treasures? The ceiling of the room of the mirrors of the Royal Palace of Brussels, decorated with a million and a half of shells of Thai beetles, the store of chocolates Marcolini, laboratory of one of the best chocolatiers in the world and the Felix Hap Park, an oasis hidden behind a small door just steps from the main hotels in Brussels.


Freud said ' ' of close nobody he is normal' '. It wanted to say that he does not judge, you also has its idiosyncrasies, defects (to the eyes of the others) and even though qualities (id). In the specific case of euphoria and frustration, he occurs in individuals that do not obtain to plan the medium or long stated period, only obtain to see the things in the short distance. For example, they do not obtain to plan itself for a professional or personal project that lasts above of one year (a launching of product, comdurao of 1 year, for example); they do not obtain to plan the life, for relacionametnos, accompaniment in the education of children (it already is mother); they have concentration difficulty; they have attention deficit; they very do not like to read, and they make if it are not capable to hold back the content. The profiles of people in this category are generally of little success or stockings conquests, when partnerships do not associate or compose/teams with others of determined or based profile more in the mission, with meritocrtica contemplation. For the fact not to obtain to concentrate itself, they are contented with the little that obtains and the result that this provokes.

These people constitute a group with easily identifiable common characteristics, and tend to be explored in its personal and professional relations. Example: sub job – pq does not obtain to assume bigger missions – fracionados relationships, little consistent, beyond not obtaining to soon transmit confidence already in an interview. Personally they pass levity image, nobody takes the serious one. I do not know as to say this to you, but for being a young woman, it needs to have care, the youngsters confuse euphoria with fire, it can – for needing attention constantly – yield easily, and its personal relations go to summarize it to be ' ' engraadinha' ' of tuma that nobody leads the serious one, but bed takes easy pra.


The true protection consists of knowing as the system functions thought-brain of somebody as the outlaw of the school of the Royal one. Explanations of the behavior of this outlaw with psicopatolgicos labels are an evidence more than that UNESCO is perfectly correct when lighting the alert red for the risks of the paradigmtica blindness that infectum the mechanist professionals. Throughout history the man always faced difficulties, disasters, plagues and plagues. In the inverse reason of the knowledge of the true causes of the maleficent episodes, atribua them it the anger of deuses and to the revenge of the elements. Such anger could be aplacada with the sacrifice of animal lives or human beings. Thus figures had appeared as of bode expiatrio.

While some civilizations had kept the tradition to immolate the animal most healthful or the vestal prettiest to aplacar unknown forces, other peoples had spread the rumor of that all its males were caused by that animal or that creature human being. He was as soon as the Greeks had reincarnated this crendice in the figure of farmacus, somebody that a stigma received corporal and that in a ceremony it was I banish from the society. Theoretically with it they would be expelled the cause of the disasters. No longer century XV the Manual of Hunting to the Witches teorizou of detailed and convincing form that storms, sleets, black plague, floods and disasters were provoked directly by the witches. The projetivos psicotestes with the intention had been created here to identify signals of an occult invader in the traces of the drawings, capable to identify with scientific severity for the time, which the perigos that this creature presented for the society.

The Group

Social purpose: reason of being, the objective of the group. In relation to the adolescent, it can be said that they say to the characteristics that they had taken this young to if inserting in this group, and what this provides to the individual they keep and it as member. Permanence: so that the group is considered, it is necessary that interaction between its participants if draws out during definitive period of time. A solid group makes possible more advantages for an adolescent who is to the search of its identity. The circle of relations of the adolescent tends to be ampler. The relations with the friends costumam if to fit in three categories: ' ' turma' ' ampler; the personal minor (grupinho closer), and friendships. The group is present in the social activities, ampler and organized. He is where the adolescent meets with more frequency.

A relationship is developed a little closer, even so the adolescent does not consider them friends (LACERDA, 1998). The group closest establishes a source of security and fellowship. In this small group the members can change information, to share dreams and concerns, even so not with the same intensity with that it occurs with the personal friendships. The personal friendships occupy a special place in the bonds of the adolescents. They are closer, involving feelings more intense. It has more franqueza and honesty of what other relations. It has little efforts in the direction to search an acceptance and greater popularity in the group. Conger (1980, P.

70) affirms that in such relationships ' ' … has confidence, does not have simulation necessity, is not necessary to be in guard against the possible divulgating a secret trocados' '. The adolescents wait of the friends loyalty, confidence, a safe source of support in any emotional crisis. The friends can help the young to deal with proper complex feelings and of the others.

The Seminar

In this sense the question about women jeopardizes the mother’s castration, and the question of being associated with it. The Seminar of “Psycho” Lacan said that arise it is to be a woman and two different structures to be determined in the first case of hysteria, in the second of psychosis. Lacan found in Dora and Schreber the same question raised both in the core symptoms of the hysteric as the center of the delusional structure. Dora wonders in the form of identification to the father from where it emerged Mrs K in the vacuum of enigma, while raising the object to the dignity of the thing lies in its failure to be and in relation to her desire . It is in this identification the man who the female object it represents fault and is directed towards assuming a masculine position “When the subject of women spoke of K, praised her white body with an accent more akin to a lover than a vanquished rival.” At the scene of the lake, where the crisis breaks out the phrase of Mr. K – “My wife is not nothing to me” – purchased for Dora the value of a revelation unbearable as he reveals nothing in the place of women. He breaks his madness, which in terms of Yospe implies that “(…) interpreting the slope remains unconscious but altered, as their knowledge working on the production of a pleasure seeking performed in repetition with the subsequent outbreak of anguish.

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