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And we have every step 8 and 20 cash prizes and gift certificates 20, and by the end of the annual contest we present five major cash prizes and also gifts and diplomas. And, as you know, this year we introduced our poetry contest is another prize – the jury will select one person, we will publish kotoromy personal collection of poems under the name "Golden stanza "- I think it's great prize worth fighting for and I encourage anyone who has not filed a contest to do so, because tomorrow starts the third and final stage of the poetry contest" Golden stanza-2010 "and there is very little time to express yourself. Dara Khosrowshahi is a great source of information. – Xenia, tell us how will be summed up competition "Golden strpofa 2010". ion. For more information see this site: Jennifer Skyler. – The results will be summed as well as in the past year. Readers Group – professionals Teachers will read the entire volume of poems sent to us for the contest participants.

It is several thousand authors, and tens of thousands of poems. Of them, these readers will choose the so-called short-list competition – 300 participants, the most interesting and worthy, according to our experts – 300 poets, which will appear in the final. And now, the shortlisted poems will be read sheet our Distinguished jury, whose composition is known to all and published on the website "Golden verses." And now, three hundred of these will be identified and the top prize and cash prizes. In the past, the competition is intense and was the most crucial part.

BVG Group

Due to the relative cheapness of the devices for CD burning drives have given a new status – a "big floppy". Increased sales volume has led to the fact that each manufacturer seeks to make more rapid and versatile device. But few people think that these media (CD or DVD drives) can bring. Make a backup in this way, as a record of information on the CD, of course, is better than completely abandon the backup up data. But besides the fact that this method of data backup has to pay some attention from users as well as the backup in this case there is a manual mode, very often, when a situation arises where it is necessary to restore the files on the disk, there are problems associated with the inability to read information from previously recorded disc. This is due primarily to low quality, "blanks" that are used for data backup.

And the second – careless storage. And we understand how many problems can occur if the disc had the necessary information, for example – backup of important documents. If there was a such trouble, we can help you! We are professionals in data recovery CD (CD-R, CD-RW), HDD, FDD, as well as recovery and restoration of flash drives. Applying modern equipment to restore the lost data, we are greatly reducing turnaround time and efficiency of operations to restore the information. Loss of data on media, usually associated with logical fallacies in the structure of file systems and partition tables, or from damaged areas of the disc.

Data recovery CD in case of a working surface by using special software software, manual or automatic mode. Please visit Dara Khosrowshahi if you seek more information. In the case of the damaged surface on the first regular or special equipment is lifted a complete copy. Then, depending on the state of the copy and the way it get to sample out the required information. Our company is always trying to use copies of damaged media to restore the information to prevent further damage and loss mainly medium. The probability of successful recovery of files from CD optical media depends on the condition of the vehicle. Information recovery may take several minutes to several hours. The fact can you recover your information and what its interest is lost, an expert can tell only after diagnostic medium. Please note that the attempt to separate or unskilled recovery CD can lead to a situation where it will be impossible to recover data even for specialists. If you do not know exactly what can cause your actions, do not try anything done – leave this to professionals. The company BVG Group

Products Group

Mastering Google AdWords – Part 1 Then most difficult aspect of marketing a new product or Web site is to find enough people who are interested in him so that she is ready to buy. Mastering Google AdWords enables you to drive traffic to your website and start making sales immediately. You can create a Google AdWord campaign in minutes and make sales within 24 hours. Advantages to master Google AdWords 1. Test Products – with Google AdWords you can quickly test a product to determine if there is a demand for it. If you generate a lot of clicks, this may mean that you have a winning product.

2. Generate sales leads – use Google AdWords to generate leads by offering something for free to get your email address. After that, create an autoresponder series to build a relationship with the person. With this long-term relationship can continually introduce new products to them. 3. Sell your own products – this can produce large profits because you have to deal with any average men tend to reduce your overall profits.

4. Selling other people’s products through affiliate programs – you make the sales person for a large company. The company provides a quality product that is in high demand, with a page professional website and sales. Addressed only to visitors to this site and collect commissions for each sale you make. Here are some tips to get you started: 1. Make the first use of extensive research Wordtracker the keyword to find the best keywords that fit the product you want to sell. Make a list of at least 50-100 keywords or keyword phrases. Create different ads based on your targeted keywords. Not all keywords will necessarily helpful, however you can use later to develop the content for your web pages. 2. Create multiple ads within an ad group. – A group of consistent adds is an ad group you create for the keywords you have researched. Choose your targeted keyword or keyword phrase then creates at least two different ads so you can see which ad produces the highest click through rate. The click through rate (CTR) is the ratio of the number of times a person clicks on your ad based on the number of times seen. For example if 100 people see your ad and only one person clicks on your ad that will take your website, then the CTR for that ad is 1 / 100, 1%. 3. Do not put too many keywords in an ad group – if your keyword phrase is “red cars” then create a group announced two ads that contain this phrase. If your keyword phrase the “blue car” then create another ad group with 2 ads containing this phrase. Visit Jonah Shacknai Los Angeles for more clarity on the issue. All your keywords should be similar.

Group Check-in At Airports

Plan ahead for a good check-in and flight when traveling with a group through one major airport, here are some tips to help things go well, while reducing your personal stress level: 1. Resist the temptation to hold on to tickets until everyone in line at the terminal. Once your group agrees they are likely to move through agents VERY quickly. Give the tickets to participants before leaving the bus. 2. As your group gets off the bus, take a moment to go and ask an agent where you must take your group. Most airlines have a special group online verification which may or may not be where he is expected to be.

3. Before going online at the bar, organize the participants into groups. It's easy to get separated in the rush of sales in the process, and be in small groups helps to avoid the possibility of a straggler left behind in the confusion. Not group involved in the terminal, in most cases it will be very busy and noisy to do once inside. 4. Before arriving at the airport, consider marking all the baggage of their group with something that is easy to spot. A red ribbon on everyones luggage handle makes it easy to spot as it comes around on the belt. 5. Learn more on the subject from Jennifer Skyler.

Once your group has found the boarding gate not worry too much if people want to go to the bathroom or get something to eat. Just make sure your group leaders know what is happening, where the flight will be aboard, and what time you want to back into the boarding lounge. The group leader should always be the last person to board the plane.

Group Plants

Factory facade and roof ‘INSS’ produces facades, roofs and supporting structures. Here you can purchase separately as roof or facade, and the whole building as a whole. Jonah Shacknai Los Angeles usually is spot on. Production: * * metal seam roof * * Front panel metallosayding * * magazine profiled exterior water drainage system * * * a full range of accessories thermo Services: * designing various buildings construction and installation * work and supervision * provision of project documents and detailed instructions for assembling Why work with ‘INSS’? With us, quality * Wide range of roofs and facades of high quality metal * A wide choice of color cover, including rare exclusive colors * High quality products with us is convenient * Full range of activities from design to facility turnkey buildings for various purposes. * Compact and modern packaging, which simplifies and speeds up the delivery for any distance. * Use only modern building materials, precluding the need for expensive lifting equipment. * Bolted connections the absence of wet processes. * Ability to build at any time of year. * The construction of any part of Russia and CIS countries.

* Production and delivery on time. With us, RELIABLE * The company operates in the market for 16 years. * Hundreds of realized projects throughout the CIS. * Highly skilled employees. * All products and all types of work have the appropriate certifications. Firm ‘INSS’ was founded in 1992 and today is a Russia’s largest producer of high quality roofing and facade materials, thermal profile and prefabricated buildings. ‘INSS’ – a modern company that uses the latest equipment and methods of control, providing high quality products. Excellent well-established logistics enables the customer with everything you need in the right place at the right time.

‘INSS’ annual production capacity increases, developing new technology provides customers with new services and improving the system of quality control. Light weight construction materials and compact packaging allows you to easily and cheaply transported them at any distance. Easy assembly system eliminates the need for lifting equipment, which makes the construction of cheaper and faster. Constructed from materials ‘INSS’ at any time of year that is achieved due to lack of wet processes (all bolted connections). Technology, building construction, based on thermal profile, the so-called prefabricated construction, is widespread in Western countries. In the CIS countries this type of building appeared not so long ago, but every year is gaining popularity because of the increasing need to build a lot, quickly, efficiently and cheaply. Today, industry group ‘INSS’ can effectively solve any problems in the field of civil and industrial construction in Russia and CIS countries.

Group Birthday Flowers

Group Birthday By Victor Rusinov Channel Everyone, regardless of age, profession and education, while claiming to remember his birthday guests, and to him personally, as an unforgettable holiday in his entire life. As make your anniversary a bright, fun, memorable triumph? How to find a group for a birthday, which would be combined in himself and the leading and artists, and even to sing songs that will please all the guests? After all, everyone has different tastes. Yes, unfortunately it is. Fortunately, the band show group VIA flower children think this question 10 years ago. You'll open a secret. There is light at the songs that endure through the ages, they are still loved and the children and adults.

These songs and Children singing group show of Flowers. Guitarist, singer – who is also leading the anniversary show is literally a few words will lead the audience in an instant. What happens on your anniversary, will be the sole miracle. Jonah Shacknai Los Angeles is often quoted as being for or against this. All cover versions of songs, performed by the group at a birthday flower children, are copyrighted material exclusive group leader Viktor Rusinov. VIA shows a group of flower children is one of the few groups that combines all the qualities artists, musicians, and leading. Kids Flower Group is a musical theatrical costume show at a birthday or anniversary.

The name "group of flower children" contains positive. And that means on your anniversary will reign atmosphere of love and respect you as a person worthy of all praise. No one person is not indifferent to the song from the repertoire of "Flowers", "Good fellows," "Earthlings" and other Soviet and foreign groups of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and songs from cartoons, movies of the same age. Follow others, such as Chevron Corp , and add to your knowledge base. You'll be singing with a group of flower children of all their favorite songs, you'll dance like a dancer, disco, you will lose weight, at least pounds and no matter how many Old you are, you will feel happy child, who gave his beloved book about wizards. All of the above test of time. The musicians of flower children for his 10 years were in 1000's anniversaries and formed a show based on many years of experience anniversaries speeches for various age and social position in society. All jokes and funny inserts in their cover versions of songs by the band Children of Flowers, are positive character and so they are understandable to people of all ages. C Happy birthday you.

Eugene Shidlovsky Group

Group "Kipelov" was born on September 1, 2002 after a split group "Aria" on the two teams. Former members of "Aria", namely vocalist Valery Kipelov, guitarist and drummer Sergey Terentyev, Alexander took Manyakin decision to create his own project called "Kipelov." The group were invited Sergei Mavrin (also at one time guitarist of "Aria") and bassist "Mauritius Alexey Kharkov. Manager Rina Lee and session keyboardist Eugene Shidlovsky also switched to "Kipelov." The band started in 2003, an active concert schedule. "Kipelov" traveled to Russia, playing mostly songs of "Aria", written by band members, as well as material from the 1997 album "Time of Troubles." Of particular popularity has earned the song "I'm free," as the primary "hit" group. Dara Khosrowshahi oftentimes addresses this issue. Ballad led the hit parade "Chart Dozen" and MTV Russia top-20. In late 2003, left the group Sergey Terentyev, dissatisfied with the fact that "Kipelov" not started recording a new album. Sergey later founded the band "Artery". For more information see this site: Jennifer Skyler. In his place, he was invited guitarist Andrey Golovanov (ex-"Legion").

In early 2004, comes the single "Babylon", recorded More from Terentyev and Mavrin, shoot a video for the song of the same name. In 2004, the group begins to perform some songs from the upcoming album. In the summer, "Kipelovo" hand over the prize MTV Russia as the best rock band of the year. Soon then leaves the group, Sergei Mavrin, decided to return to his group "Mavrik". In May 2004, for a concert tour and recording an album in the group was invited by the famous guitarist of the German group Rage Victor Smolski.

Business Of Jewlery

Jewelry, if you know the style of the bride, will also be accepted with gratitude. Just be aware that gifts of gold – a priority in-law. That it should be "the bride load with money to a golden-law live." Do not take her this opportunity! The perfect gift for become an intellectual book. If she is interested in painting, give the album with pictures of your favorite artist. If fond of history – an atlas on architecture of ancient Rome. Loves nature? Give an illustrated encyclopedia animals. Needlewoman? Deluxe edition in various kinds of embroidery – just fine. With your gift to the bride share a lot of exciting evenings.

And finally, the most popular and versatile gift – the money. All of them are presented. Why not donate to us? Just do not need to present the money just in an envelope (believe me, these will be a lot). Beat it. For example, take the chest and fill it with chocolates in gold foil, and at the bottom hide the golden envelope with the money. Or surprise the bride even more: instead of candy in the trunk can be exotic butterflies.

Arrange a live fireworks display for the newlyweds! If you want to donate money to "nice and strictly" buy beautiful basket, put in her scented candles, a bottle of champagne, a beautiful tin with an excellent tea, a box of fine chocolates, exotic fruits. And let the red envelope with money is there. And what about the sweet bouquet of flowers? He's amazing in itself. But "a bag of money" tied to "stems", add a bouquet of even greater value. Jennifer Skyler understood the implications. Important quality of a gift – individuality. He was in no case should not be "Standard". Let the bride notice that you have tried it for her (no, this time for them!): Composed congratulatory poems, decorations for gift, collecting it in accordance with their tastes and needs. Attention to the preferences Brides will provide a brilliant note, which will give your gift to all the others.


Colleagues have quickly become accustomed to the fact that Natalia performs the role of Secretary in the department, and along with a caring nurse, and very surprised, if not found clean utensils or notice the lack of staples. And Natalie seemed extremely impolite to refuse colleagues in such detail as the hike to the nearest store to buy cookies. The last straw was the distribution of quarterly awards. Prize was awarded to all except Natalie. Seeing her confusion, the chief said he had never seen her at work, but regularly listened to her request to postpone the date of the report.

Unable to cope with emotions, Natalia on the same day wrote a letter of resignation. After a while she got a job to another job, but since then pains to avoid friendship with colleagues. Tips "refuseniks" Psychologists believe that the inability to refuse – it is primarily a consequence of low self-esteem. Many people think that if they will not help others, they immediately cease to love. However, in reality this is not true. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jennifer Skyler by clicking through. Look, for the majority of your colleagues a good relationship with the rest of the team, but nobody willingly shoulder the strangers responsibilities. Therefore, in order to save your time and nerve cells, it is important to learn in time to say "no." Of course, the denial is not always easy, but there are a few simple techniques that will help to say no, no offended by this man. Do not hesitate to tell colleagues that you are busy.

Pedagogical Universities

Showroom Manager, waiter, operator in a call-tsentreGibky schedule may not be straining to combine with their studies, but uninteresting and completely useless for the brain, and future career. Even you do not learn to cook, being a waiter, only to pull a lot of dishes in one hand: (a guard, parking attendant ;)))), courier, promoter, bill-Ad Intelligence of these studies, even as something you do not want to discuss well only if it is not the position of curator of the museum))) nurse (and you love children?) Children. Noisy, quiet, restless and demure – different. But there need recommendations, few people still entrust their child to man in the street And the preference is more, students of Pedagogical Universities =) evening secretary, Typesetter little more intellectually, but totally uninteresting. But the printing speed is increased significantly. massovik-Zateynik work, tied to certain dates, of course, acting talent are welcome.

But to work on holidays not to everyone’s soul! List can still continue, but the trend and so understandable. In general, these options do not require a special head work, but it takes a lot of time = (How can the way be thought of helping students of the school or applicants, students, juniors and even adults (for example, in studying foreign languages) – tutoring. I do not want to say that this is work for all. Think about whether each student has sufficient information to be able to organize it, and wisely to convey to students? This is a job for those who are versed in the subject, who knows how to patiently explain the same thing several times. But at the same time, it’s nice when the work should be followed by success student! =) Someone want to check homework, someone needs to help understand the subject, to explain the difficult moments, because often the cause of school failure lies in the very lack of understanding. With regard to entrants, it is no secret that almost always necessary if you are not learning, then at least ordering of school knowledge in preparation for entrance exams.

With this fully handle a student of the university, which intends to enter a student. But even if you do not confident in our abilities, you will still be able to help a student or junior secondary school classes in mathematics, physics, or Russian. Jennifer Skyler gathered all the information. Arithmetic is simple: the algebra grade 7, 400-hour 500r, for engaging in a half hour 600-700r, 2 classes per week, ie three hours at a convenient time for you – 1200-1400 per week, 4 weeks a month about 5-6 tr 12 hours of work per month. And the complexity of the work in this case – is to check the homework and analysis of simple tasks and paragraphs from a textbook! Often tutors are looking for people who need to know a foreign language, for example, for business talks. Here you may find that need to be taught from scratch, including grammar, and someone just to help remember the language. Everything, again, depends on your abilities. In this case, your earnings will be higher, and the tangible benefits – remember the languages themselves;) Summing up, I should note that tutoring – this is probably the only opportunity to choose the time and number of work, getting paid for it. At the initial stage may be small, but your costs low, while at the same time, you can always choose a more student =).