Fixed Assets

According to the magazine 'Fixed Assets' 9 / 2002 'The secret of longevity: the withdrawal of the heavy lifting and transport equipment' by O. Zharkov gear oils often forget about this potential opportunity to save funds and reduce machine downtime, as the right choice of transmission oil. In today's transmissions increase the rate of transmission power, and in case of replacement of transmission may be more expensive engine. Application of new materials such as fluoroplastics or Viton, improved ratio of power transmission. However, these materials are not compatible with engine oils, traditionally used as a transmission.

If this oil gets on the teflon, it becomes brittle, which can lead to premature failure of the transmission. Even before her refusal to impact the oil may cause razrushayuschevysokih temperatures in the clutch, fast wear the clutch and planetary gear and, as a result, reduction of the transfer of power when the machine is a heavy load. The latest designs of engine power is usually increased, and the dimension transmission is reduced to improve the maintainability. Oil refining companies are creating new kinds of fuels and lubricants that meet the requirements of engines and transmissions, so the selection of the correct type of fuel will take a little time, but will save much money. Hydraulic system of hydraulic principles are simple, but working with them difficult. Many reasons can cause a denial of pumps, such as excessive decline or high blood pressure, oil leaks from the system. Often, the operators instead to identify and eliminate the cause of failure, simply top up the oil in the system, the machine continued to work.

Trading Collectible Coins

Very often in the newspapers with advertising private ads can be seen an ad that begins with the words of buying coins. These words are accompanied by postscripts, such as, for collection. Of course, some beginners collectors, and can write such an announcement, but that's almost one hundred percent owned by a simple declaration that speculators. It works pretty simple – buy coins cheap and sell expensive. Purchase based on ignorance of the elementary layman real value of coins. Founded in the complexity of the dealers to convince people that his "curiosities" is almost worthless. Although this work is very thankless task. Many of our citizens believe that the coins are worth as much as is a new foreign car.

For them, unaware that, on average, for example, the Soviet commemorative coins are worth only half a hundred rubles, and the old copper coins, barely in his most fall short of a hundred. Such coins dealers are not interested in his goal to find a simple coin, but which can be classified as rare or even rare. Rarity, as a rule, is the year of issue, Mint varieties. It seems to be nothing remarkable coin two cents in 1925 is very solid money, and buy it from the ignorant man can be literally a hundred rubles. In general, speculators rather well versed in numismatics, at first sight appreciating "an interesting coin," that's just call them numismatists not dare, because the coin for them, just a subject that has a price. If the coin too cheaper, for them it is absolutely no interest. There were times when becoming a numismatist by the buyer and buyer in the end became a numismatist. Online you can find some sighs of numismatists, they say, when I was by the buyer, then as many rarities sold off, so I would have them now in the collection.

Buy Real Estate

Sites, as well as all rural property, now enjoys the huge demand. Many people want to leave for the weekend on the nature, having escaped the hustle and bustle of the city, breathe some fresh air, and just a distraction, to change environment. But one little desire to buy a plot, select the appropriate option to check all the documents and then have to go to a notary public to sign a contract of sale of land or make the contract in simple writing. But to buy the site for vegetable, want not many, mostly outside the city area is needed for the entire family. It is therefore important to build a comfortable house, well, a bath, if desired. Preparation and approval Project home construction, obtaining permits to build a house, putting the house in operation, all this requires a huge time-consuming and nerve. All this can be entrusted to professionals, which are qualitatively and in time will suitable land, cottage, house or cottage, prepare documents for the purchase and sale, will help to get permission to build a house and put into operation. All of this would be happening without distracting you from the everyday life, all problems are resolved quietly for you. Enjoy life in the country, take the first step, call RHM.

Sony Ericsson

When purchasing a used / have a mobile phone, there are many risks. Of course, a good option to have two feet tall and buy a phone from someone who later may result in poor quality phone troubles, but Does all this? Naturally, no. That's why you need to know how not to buy a phone that just two days off for good. One of the most common problems with mobile phones is water. Surprisingly? Yes – it is water. Getting on the inner parts, the water contributes to an undesirable process in the mobile chip. Most often, a phone that was drowned, "live" after the water for some time and terminates.

Professional sees the consequences of finding the phone in the water after the first glance. Do you think it difficult? Not at all. Anyone can determine such, knowing only the main points in this case. So, in your hands mobile phone that you plan to buy. What do I do next? The easiest way – on the phone to find water sensor.

It is installed on more recent phone models under the battery, and in some models (for example, at Sony Ericsson) such a sensor is located on the battery itself. Looks like the sensor white strip, about 3 * 6 mm. This strip can be not only white but also red, but in this case, we can safely return the mobile phone seller as red water sensor indicates that the phone was in the water. In the absence of water sensor should look at the memory card connectors, chargers, headsets. On the plug a phone that "float", immediately visible plaque. Most probably can see it by looking for a memory card slot, since there is visible edge of the chip. Another way to determine past mobile – is to look at his screen image in white. Most often it is a white screen ON / OFF the phone. If the white image seen small patches – the phone or fall heavily or swimming. Buying it is not recommended. One of these methods will certainly suit you, and you do not buy bad phone. And remember: the main thing to be careful, is attentive to detail and all you get.

Gas Equipment: Pressure Regulators

Gas equipment – is an integral part of any industry and municipal economy, as natural gas plays an important role for the functioning of almost every Russian enterprise. But Considering the fact that this energy source is the fire and explosive, the equipment used in each gas distribution or gas transmission pipeline imposed the most stringent security requirements and reliability. Gas appliances offered you a PFC 'SpetsKomplektPribor' fully meet all of these just demands. The number produced and sold by us equipment includes gas regulators gas pressure (RDG and RDBK), isolation joint FIS filter gas FG, air filters (EF), safety shut-off valve (PKN, CPR, ECP, KPEG), safety valves, shut-off with an electric (KPZE) termozaporny GTC valve, safety relief valve (CPM), filters, fluids universal (FZHU) and other equipment. In addition, our company supplies spare parts and consumables (eg, chart paper) for production and servicing of our gas equipment, characterized by the highest quality workmanship and had time to prove their best under harsh conditions. The use of industrial gas equipment allows customers to solve various problems in the enterprises of public utilities and industrial facilities. In addition to production and sales, PFC 'SpetsKomplektPribor' is developing, installing and commissioning of equipment for the proposed gas pipeline systems.

All equipment manufactured by our company is safe and meets all the requirements established standards and other normative acts of the Russian Federation, which is confirmed by certificates of compliance and authorization to use. All delivered products are subjected to different types of tests in accordance with requirements of technical documentation – thus, by the highest quality control. Highly qualified specialists gladly offer their assistance in its optimal selection in accordance with you have provided technical specifications and advise you on any matters relating to the operation of the equipment. Moreover, if you are interested in some equipment that is not part of the spectrum today products manufactured by our company, we are sure to be able to organize its development and production in the shortest possible time and on mutually agreed terms. Our company will arrange delivery of the ordered your equipment and its forwarding to any region of the Russian Federation convenient for you means of transport. For regular customers and in the case of buying large quantities of our products is a flexible system of discounts. By contacting us you will find not just provider of quality gas appliances at the best prices and a reliable partner whose cooperation will last for years.

Foil Stamping

Application. For application necessary information on the cover of notebooks is usually offered blind and Foil Stamping. Also, for some materials suitable shelkotrafaret and pad printing, but are used less. For many of the covers synthetic leather (high gloss material, material, visually reminiscent of silk with a metallic sheen, imitation leather and patent leather, soft suede polished, material, designed as silk, etc.) is appropriate and blind, and presentable, and foil on it will be unnecessary. Which covers and what type of application should be used, said Vadim Hronenko "When it comes to applying shelkotrafaretom, the best results are obtained on the material with a smooth or deep structure.

Foil stamping on all materials look the same. Quality stamp for a blind (or Blind) stamping heavily dependent on the cover. Less suited for the application of vinyl material on paper, because the print is poor. The most affordable synthetic leather PVC. But it is not always perceive the temperature impact, and can deliver high-quality print. Because of the natural reprint the material properties do not change color, not always sends small complex parts. A large group of diverse texture and color of materials – Italian binding material made of polyurethane.

It allows you to transfer the smallest details, to the same changes color in depressed areas of embossing. Interesting effect can be achieved by combining the materials cover: when a color print on a light material matches the color of dark material. It is very solidly and looks elegant stamp on the cover of leather, especially vegetable-tanned. In this case, the impression is also dark. I would also like to say about the material with color trim, consisting of two layers in which the bottom is painted bright and has a high resistance to abrasion, and the top, by contrast, has a darker color and remove friction. During operation, the top layer of convex parts of the print wears and becomes lighter and deeper into the place stamping remain dark, emphasizing the contrast with the logo ". In order not to Abraham. Those companies that have ordered his diaries embossed knows what excitement will be observed in this segment, starting in October and ending with December and January. Because of the huge waiting list to cause a logo or other information in diaries, customers do not always get what they want. This is, in principle, a sore point as customer satisfaction. If all orders have been made earlier, could be somewhat lower price, better get the job done, and all would be happy. If applied to a month I would put the monument companies that will appeal to me in April with an order for next year. But while the monument to put anyone else. Daily skin-perfect corporate gift PS Today the demand for fashion and diaries to predict and anticipate rather difficult. In Each new season range of TM diaries updated with new models. The indoor unit is practically unchanged, but new designs on covers products introduced annually. This season Most companies offer a combined cover, consisting of multiple colors and different materials. In total the same amount offered by each brand, we can see and appreciate first hand at the exhibition REX.

Directions Psychological Science

To become a first class trader, you need to clearly understand their own limitations. But most traders are newcomers do not know. For example, a behavioral economist Dr. Terrance Odean found that online investors tend to sell outside their expertise. They do not have an accurate picture of what they can and can not do. Such a distorted exaggeration of abilities is not characteristic only for the traders.

This is a widespread phenomenon. Study show that when you are trying to assess how well your activity trader beginner, your intuition is better not to trust. Dr. David Dunning (Dr. David Dunning) and colleagues (2003) in a recent article in "Current Directions Psychological Science '(Current Directions in Psychological Science) shows that most people are' blissfully unaware his incompetence.

" This aspiration is too high to assess their ability has been noted in several studies. When people offer to take the test on abilities such as logical reasoning or grammar mistakes, they tend to overvalue their work: they think that their result is well above average (60% and above), although in reality it does not exceed 25%. Such a revaluation is not limited to tests. People tend to overestimate their work in various fields. Hunters think they know more about firearms than is in fact a doctors think that they no longer know how to accurately diagnose patients than in reality. Tests have shown even that when people offer money for an accurate assessment of their work, they still can not do it. Dr. Dunning and his colleagues believe that poor performers are doubly punished. Not only did they perform poorly, but they still lack the psychological ability to feel what they are doing poorly. So what distinguishes them from the good performers? Poor workers begin with the belief that they – the 'good performers' and not in a hurry to develop a method of assessing their work. Good workers, by contrast, try to objectively measure accurately their work and avoid worrying about 'Good' or not. Indeed, studies show that they actually underestimate the work. When they see other people's results, they wonder how well they have coped in comparison with others. Fortunately, the bad workers are not doomed to remain at the bottom. In their experiments, Dr. Dunning has shown that when poor performers show how poorly they work, and give instructions on how to improve their skills, their results are improving and they are more accurately assess their work. These studies offer a way in which the trader is a novice can improve their achievements. First of all, you need to know that an intuitive assessment will be extremely overpriced, and take active steps to overcome this. Secondly, it is necessary to provide an objective measure of your trading results, such as diary trader, so that you know exactly how well you trade. Third, increase your level of knowledge. As how to grow the experience, the evaluation of their work will become more accurate. Remember that. Objective and accurate assessment of your abilities is vital to successful trading

English Beer

Let us start from the price of a beer in the trading house “Bayros” as a distributor and one of the largest suppliers of imported beer in Moscow – it was through him the beer is delivered to the capital “beer boutiques. In England (and worldwide), the cost of a normal beer – 10-20 rubles. Undoubtedly, the cost of English beer is higher because more ingredients, and taxes in England do not give beer producers to sleep quietly. Take a strip of 20 rubles for the Hobgoblin, add a margin to the manufacturer and get a price tag on this brewery beer distributors in the region of 27-30 rubles (I already wanted in Albion). Next comes the difficult – Delivery of beer in Russia. If you believe the information on the official website TD Bayros, then delivery of beer in Russia they do, without intermediaries, major distributors, etc. From the UK the best “silk” way – England-Estonia-Russia, respectively, will be two types of transport.

To Estonia our box “float” by sea, then, from Estonia to Russia, he was taken by rail wagons, or (most likely – vans). Not We will not go into details of transportation, more importantly, that for every bottle “Goblin” Ships will not exceed 5 rubles, the Russian border, our bottle is worth 30-35 rubles. Upon entry into the territory of Russia, but rather, on the Russian customs.


It would seem a simple question! On the Internet you can find dozens of companies selling paper hygienic products, including paper towels. But any company can offer you what you really need? Able You find you are interested in sheet and roll paper towels in any trading organization? Let's face it. It often happens that a good site, and managers are friendly, but the company sells paper products only one brand. Good or bad? From the perspective of the seller is good. Often they sell this brand in an exclusive environment in the region. Yes, they know everything about their products! Can answer almost any question. But the price of the paper sheet or paper towel in them is often too high. Not every potential customer is willing to overpay.

But can happen that their products do not would fit you used dispensers. A large number of companies that operate only on the wholesale market. They have a range of paper towels from different manufacturers. You can easily pick up leaves and roll paper towels needed you. But here's the rub! The company works only in bulk and offer to buy a certain amount of paper towels at the same time. Well, if you have a warehouse and you have free money.

But this is not always …. On the internet there is many online shops that sell you the necessary paper towels. And the price is reasonable and is shipping! But it happens that the call to a store, and option. The company, which has in its composition, both wholesale and retail division. A wide range of commonly presented all the popular manufacturers, availability of goods in warehouses, its own transport service, competent pricing for every customer. Comfortable? Of course, it is convenient! It is always possible to find paper towels used in your organization or to find a suitable replacement. You can order a paper roll and sheet

Exotic Leather

Bag ladies leather ostrich or python, purse or briefcase leather crocodile strap or other leather accessories leather sharks – these and similar phrases long, and clearly we associate with the world of "elite". Manufactured and sold leather goods such unusual items around the world is not the first day and even centuries. They occur and we have in Russia. But where we could see them before? For shiny windows of expensive shops or on not less glamorous glossy pages of fashion publications? And we could only smack one's lips tongue, looking for an interesting little thing and the price for it. And I also thought so, until came across this interesting site: – Exotic Leather – unusual and practical gifts for yourself and friends. But it turns out that such an original and trendy accessories from leather of exotic animals may not be available just a wanderer in the world or the nouveaux riches. Recently gaining momentum trading exotic leather goods from the countries of Southeast Asia, primarily from Thailand, which has long been a world center for the production of these leathers. Is not only Italy and France can make interesting and original accessories. Now the attributes of everyday objects like bags, wallets, belts, wallets, card holders and briefcases, as well as many other items made of leather haberdashery exotic Animals have become available for a wide range of customers. Maybe not everyone decides to have such an exotic accessory to their use, but after seeing the store to showcase these extraordinary items, once you start willy-nilly remember any of your friends in the near future birthday, anniversary or other occasion for an original gift.