IMF Economy

Significant effects of the events in Mexico are not perceived as soon. There are even indicators showing that the situation is very different from that projected the IMF: yesterday the unemployment rate in Mexico for the month of March which yielded a value of 3.78%, met which implies a fall in the level of unemployment in relation to the same month of the previous year (which had been 4,01%). To Pamela Cox, Vice President of the World Bank for Latin America, nor is it true that the U.S. crisis will affect with force on the Mexican economy (although it does not rule out side effects). What is it based to do this? Well, Cox highlighted the work of Mexico to promote structural reforms to accelerate the economic growth of the country. That is why it ratified the growth expectations raised for the year of 2.8%. Can what we we base to think that Mexico is resisting well the onslaught of the American economic slowdown? (), Which Mexico has a number of elements to be able to withstand the economic slowdown of its main trading partner and main source of remittances flowing into Mexican territory was already mentioned them in an article earlier this year. And one of those elements was the fortress that had domestic demand in Mexico.

This hypothesis that raised them, she was just confirmed yesterday by a report from Morgan Stanley that realized that, according to its own estimates, the economy of Mexico would have expanded 3.5% in the first quarter of this year, thanks to if: to a solid domestic market behavior. With this I do not mean that the economy of Mexico enjoys an exceptional health. In fact, inflation is still a latent problem that worries to the authorities of the Bank of Mexico. However, I understand that slowly in this country little by little strategic decisions are being taken to ensure the sustainability of growth economic in the country. The policy of diversification of exports and the energy issue, with the discussion installed on Pemex, are two key issues that Mexico is undertaking to continue growing and limiting the exposure of its economy to two elements of risk.

Lighting Online

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Six Caesarean Sections

At that time, towards guards of 36 hours in the Hospital Almanzor Aguinaga of Essalud in Chiclayo, beginning at 8 pm on Saturday and ended at 8 am on Monday, for this end travelled from Trujillo, via Emtrafesa at 5 pm, but sometimes these buses that were even caleteros – despite starting full of passengers-took over the accountNormally this route covers it in 3 hours. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jonah Bloom has to say. This Saturday he reached the 8 with 30 minutes in the evening to Chiclayo, my guard was beginning at 8 pm, the colleague who was leaving me no longer waited, when I joined the Hospital, the midwife quickly alerted me that there were sick patients to operate and that the Chief of the guard I was looking for, I met him and asked for apologiesI culpe to the Bus – which was true – and well more serious was that he thought that such patients were cited whereof I refute with the clear argument that I not toward outpatient, did not live in Chiclayo and only went to my guard of 36 hrs. And returned me to Trujillo, clarified matter told me if I could attend as much patient taking into account that not There was another gynecologist to assist me, I told him that it operated with the surgeon-because they were two – or with the obstetrician right away told me that evaluated to see if they were emergencies that merited Caesarean sections, complaci it and reported that there were three with clear dysfunction that came from the previous shift, two were first-time in pelvic and another lady had a baby with a weighted weight 4 kilos higher calculated by ultrasoundgood – said – acted doctor anything let me know, promised me that I would be circling around the operating room, gesture that I thanked him.!

Ashley Collins Director Executive

USANA is a company founded in 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz network marketing. This company promotes products destined for the health and welfare of persons in particular products for personal care and high quality nutritional supplements. The company Usana MLM has a presence on the world market for 20 years and four years of was founded already trading on the stock exchange, which is a remarkable record in the MLM industry. KBS may also support this cause. It is notable in this company that has not made as a major global expansion, concentrating on countries in Europe and Asia (17 countries currently), in Latin America only has a presence in Mexico.

Let’s look at what happens with Usana products. Something important in this MLM company is that most of the formulas of the nutrient is Usana are manufactured in the same facilities of the company, following rigorous quality control and analytical procedures but: the fact that the consumption of the usana products is mostly made from recommended dose poses certain problems in your reconsumo, though obviously this does not mean that these products are not reconsumibles, are but with the constraint that may not be eaten whenever one wants. In economic terms, I think that the price of these products does not guarantee is accessible to everyone, although if we analyze the benefit that I know some people who have tried these products they have obtained, we could say that the price is offset by the benefit of Usana products. In the social aspect much of usana products are pills which raises certain limiting when you eat these pills in front of your friends. TThe most Usana products have limitations as substitute products because few people tend to take pills every day. Usana products meet the need that people have to improve and prevent health problems. Usana products in today’s world people matter much consume because improve your health and have a good quality of life interested in people. It is important to highlight leadership in the Usana company which has led to the American Busines Awards several prizes this year to this company, several of their leaders to grant such as legal director and advocate general of Usana, Jim Bramble, the executive director of communications Dan Macuga and Ashley Collins Director Executive marketing, public relations and social networks, all of them together with Dr. Myron Wentz, founder and President of the Board of Directors of Usana, who in 2007 was awarded the Albert Einstein in the category of achievements extraordinary in life sciences guarantee stability for many years of this MLM company. continue reading

Cuban Venezuela

On the other hand, the purchase of weapons, the sending of soldiers to train in Cuba or any allied country, the launch of a satellite for apparently civilian tasks, adopting the system intelligence Cuban. On the other part the political context of neighboring Colombia with its double conflict, first with the FARC, paramilitary groups and then drug production keeps in constant tension zone. On the other hand the military support of the United States feeds the theory of possible invasion. Add to your understanding with Senator from Maine. All these circumstances come to Chavez as ring finger to perpetuate itself in power, to the point of trying to change the Constitution, which he promoted on his arrival to power at your convenience. To put the finishing touch to the political landscape in Venezuela opposition is divided and demoralized. It is not easy to understand how there are shortcomings in a country like Venezuela, awarded by the destination with a resource as valuable as oil that is trading at astronomical prices. But this is part of the essence of the economic model promoted by Chavez. Deficiencies are also a mechanism of domination, if not that asked the Cuban people that they have to open up the noddles every day thinking that they will put on the table.

We have had to be almost 50 years with an economy of post-war, depending on a primer of rationing. It won’t be long that this will also be part of the day to day in Venezuela. Few, very few leaders and relatives living as Lords and the rest of the people trying to survive stealing his inefficient State enterprises. I hope the Venezuelans are wiser than Cubans and know stop in time with a vote of punishment to this dictator.

Virtual Seminars

It was conducted with great success the last December 2 seminar workshop methodology to define an effective strategy of customer loyalty by Mind of Colombia in CM auditoriums in Bogota, Colombia. The event was in charge of the Carlos Fernando Navarro facilitator consultant specialized in topics of CRM, loyalty of customers and consultative selling. 22 Representatives of various organizations were present as Rapiscol S.A., Biotronitech Colombia S.A., Print Rress S.A.S, deploying Visual Ltda, C.I Reditek, Translago Ltda, ATS (All Trading Solutions), Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria, Fundacion AR from Colombia, Centro Comercial Unilago, Amway, Luque Medina & cia S.A., Red Cross. Continue to learn more with: Angus King . Participants were very interested and comfortable with the development of the seminar. The process of evolution of the client, fortress of the relationship with the client, CRM(Customer Relationship Management), CEM (Customer Experience Management) and strategies with customer loyalty, were some of the topics covered in the seminar. The series of seminars culture customer (Mind of Colombia offers specialized seminars on topics such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SFA (automation of the sales force), KAM (Key Account Management management of clients strategic), forecasts of demand and customer loyalty strategy.

We offer these seminars in face-to-face open mode (open to the public, taught in different cities in Colombia), closed and suitable companies in particular, or some of them in Virtual mode (by means of Internet access). We have very specialized content and methodologies and especially with a high guidance into practice. Our motto is less cart and more action. We deliver in each of our seminars concepts and practical tools, in such a way that participants can bring to their businesses these elements and put them into practice effectively). It will continue with their schedule of activities in the This year 2011.Pueden write to us at mail to resolve any concerns relating to the Organization of upcoming events.

Standalone Power Supply

If you compare a country house with a living organism, its vital functions in the first place depends on the smooth operation of the power supply system. This is not surprising, because it is a continuous supply of electricity depends on the normal function of vital systems at home such as heating, water, CCTV, lighting, ventilation and other equipment dorogstoyaschego. It is evident that power outages may cause not only the absence of familiar comfort, but also cause defrosting systems and structures of a country house in the winter season, which adversely affect its durability. In recent months, Roubini Global Economics has been very successful. In order that a disruption in power outages were not for you as an unpleasant surprise, it's best to get their own system of autonomous power. At the present time as independent sources of power most popularity of diesel and gasoline generators, due to their relatively low cost, small size, ease of installation and maintenance.

Gensets are used as in periodic outage (eg, unexpected power cuts, overload social networks) and a constant lack of electricity (at construction sites in remote regions, open trading floors). Since the generator is the "heart" of the autonomous power supply system, its "lifeblood" is properly mounted communications system, through which energizes the generator house or an industrial site. In order to make the best choice at the lowest cost and at the same time to consider your power needs the best option would be to contact the company specializing in the creation of autonomous power supply "turnkey". Request the creation of his country at the site of an autonomous system of power supply you can contact the company 'Constant Electric' – rapidly growing company of professionals. Since the company's services can be found at. In summary we can conclude: the presence on the country station of its own autonomous power supply systems – a great opportunity to keep the house in pristine condition for years to come!

Webinar Business

Bring the franchise through the on-line training. That is what they will do from now on mundoFranquiciaconsulting, the renowned Spanish consultant (http.// And it is that the firm has proposed reinforce its informative work on the wide range of possibilities offered by this formula business through new technologies. A work that will perform with the completion of 4 webminarios directed both franchisors and franchisees and which has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Bureau Veritas, the leading group in training. The franchise is proving to be a more than recommendable option for business.

Why hayq EU follow support and putting voice to their gifts. Therefore we wanted to leverage the advantages that offer on-line training programs through knowledge make Bureau Veritas, emphasizes Mariano Alonso, his general managing partner. At the same time Jose Luis Lombardero, Director General of Bureau Veritas training, added our grain of sand in this initiative is the of make available for franchisors and their partners a well-known system eLearning has the best and most innovative solutions. Thus the things with this new offer of services of mundoFranquiciaconsulting will allow that they can geographically dispersed audiences and markets learning and training with the best content and experts. Our team of consultants has created very practical and useful content for franchisors such as franchisees, both added Alonso. These are the webminarios in question: Webinar 1: La franchise as a business opportunity what is a franchise? Franchise and other trading partner systems. Franchise agreement legal framework. 2 Webinar: How to buy my self-assessment La franchise.

Franchisee profile. Rights news of the franchisee. Analysis and selection of the franchise. Tips in buying a franchise. 3 Webinar: As franchising my business for which franchising? Can I franchise my business? The analysis of viability. How do my project from franchise? 4 Webinar: How to manage the network of franchises how to organize the Central franchise? Functions franchisers. Assistance to the network. Initial and continuous. The transmission of experiences. Training and manuals of franchise. The Expansion of the chain. How to get franchisees. Likewise stressed that the bet of mundoFranquiciaconsulting for virtual training is not the first that makes. Recently, in collaboration with the AEF (Asociacion Espanola de Franquiciadores) launched three complete training courses providing all the technical content and embarked on functions of management and consultative support. These are: 1. course for future franchisees, of 30 hours. 2. Superior course of franchises, 80 hours. 3. Course of direction and management of franchises, 200 hours.

Specialist Forum

Sales opportunities with the Infosystem opportunities overview sales employees can focus on customers or operations, promises the best chance of success. According to arbitrary criteria can be, for example, markets or segment areas that deserve a high priority. Can create seller as a “top-ten” for a specific region or markets that primarily edit them. Customized workplace every work station has other requirements in relation to the information you need. The individual work place is created using tables, charts and many built-in applications. The abas business software now offers crucial information at a glance with their portal. One globe – one network – one ABAS more and more medium-sized companies recognize the opportunities offered by globalisation.

To successfully process ERP projects at an international level without sight to lose profitability and return on investment, growth, a specific, proven methodology developed by ABAS. As a supportive tool comes Portal application to use, which serves as a collaboration platform and support all staff involved in the project. IT trends and more in the run-up to the fair abas-COO Peter researches at a star-studded panel discussion on the topic of SaS to take part. Interested in the subject will find the webcast from week 38 on the Internet page of the IT & business ( The abas stand in Hall 5 stand C55 is also the starting point of the guided tours conducted by Trovarit.

On the topics of trade, mechanical engineering and Variant manufacturing ABAS shows how the abas business software to solve the corresponding scenarios. On the first day of the fair, from 10:15 to 10:45 Mario Raatz speaks, ABAS Software AG, in the ERP Specialist Forum 5.1 current IT trends such as cloud computing, SaS, and more. Company Description company profile of the ABAS Software AG the ABAS Software AG’s core competence is the development of flexible ERP and eBusiness software for medium-sized companies with 10 to over 1,000 employees.

Berlin Forum

Ceremony of the ‘Bavarian eGovernment lion’ by State Secretary Franz Josef Pschierer Berlin / Cologne, may 25, 2010 – under the auspices of the IT representative of the Bavarian State Government, State Secretary Franz Josef Pschierer, from 14 to 15 June 2010 in Munich the 2nd Bavarian user forum eGovernment of the INFORA takes place. The Conference is designed as a vendor-independent forum for information and exchange of experiences around the theme of e-Government in the free State of Bavaria. You aims to provide a platform of the Bavarian State and local government employees, current developments in the e-Government strategy in the free State and to discuss practical experiences from relevant projects. By mid May 2010 already over 160 public institutions in Bavaria have registered with majority several representatives. Gain insight and clarity with Roubini Global Economics. Due to the large number of participants at the premiere event in the last year the user forum is not as originally, but Congress Center Munich (Neue Messe) in the Bavarian Landtag in the international carried out. The participation is free of charge for employees of the public administration. The substantive programme of the Congress is dominated by about 50 presentations in the plenary and in the specialized forums through experience and expertise from the public administration.

Their presentations will be devoted in particular following issues: development, implementation and access to eGovernment applications in municipalities and regional authorities; future IT strategies and consolidated IT operations in the free State of Bavaria; IT security and digital identities as a prerequisite of secure e-Government; new trends such as unified communication and green it. The 2nd Bavarian user forum at the same time the framework for the initial award of the Bavarian eGovernment lion”( Lion). Thus, solutions will be awarded, which are characterized by a particularly high benefits for citizens, businesses and public authorities. The selection is carried out by an independent panel of experts. The prize is awarded upon completion of the first Event day by Franz Josef Pschierer Secretary of State. More information about the 2nd Bavarian user forum and electronic registration at.

About INFORA: INFORA GmbH is an innovative, highly specialized and vendor-independent consulting firm for more than 25 years. With locations in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Dresden supports customers from the initial concept idea through to successful implementation. INFORA it places special emphasis on the practical design and effective transformation of business and automation processes.