Alan Garcia

Today, Sunday night, while reviewing it incorporating the latest information about the topic, I read that BBC World realizes the existence of 22 deceased policemen and 9 demonstrators (according to the indigenous people themselves, the actual number of dead protesters would be 30). According to Reuters on Friday: Peru has been the target of strong criticism from environmentalists and human rights groups who say that the excessive exploitation of resources endangers the environment and increases the exposure of tribes to deadly diseases. Death, uncertainty and a clear call to attention, is what Alan Garcia Government should rescue this conflict to meditate very carefully. More must import to Alan Garcia the world image that leaves the country or the welfare of its people? Alan Garcia believes that caring for the international image of Peru, it is ruling for his people, but the Peruvian does not feel well, and claimed further evidence that his main interest is the welfare of the people. Not to hear it is affecting not only the image of Peru as environment conducive to business, but it is making doubt to companies that they were determined to settle in the country. It is that social unrest is so great that it puts at risk the current economic model.

And so close to having a neighbour as Evo Morales, will not miss those who from the opposition want to imitate him. This disagreement on the management of Alan Garcia, I’ve seen them reflected in the latest results of some surveys we our readers of Peru have so graciously provided. National urban survey, prepared by the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, chilly June results yielded a disapproval nationwide from 62% to the management of the Peruvian President. Once again, remains in evidence one of the main problems of economic models of neoliberal dye: their lack of social sensitivity. Is it forbidden in the manuals of neo-liberal economics have at least one small look into the social question? Certainly not. At least in the books that I have read I.

Every action has its consequence which you should try to anticipate that the final result is expected. This is the postulate that gives reason to be models of game theory that have become so famous in economics and so that their authors have been awarded the Nobel. It would be good that Alan Garcia advisers take this essence of the game theory to redirect to the Peruvian economy towards an inclusive economic growth that does not trample the rights of any sector of the population.

Uco Tunuyan River

Mendoza is one of the regions of the world that better scenarios has for the practice of sports adventure. In this sense, the Mendoza geography has been blessed by a multitude of natural landscapes that lend themselves beautifully to the practice of abseiling, trekking, mountaineering, rafting and paragliding. The secret lies in its peculiar topography, with high peaks in the West, and then a soft slope toward the area this ending in a plain. In addition, the entire province is crisscrossed by rivers and streams, the thaws and Andean glaciers product. As these rivers have been used for hydroelectric power generation, have formed numerous artificial lakes, which also allow for the practice of water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, and boating.

In sum, in Mendoza tourism adventure has become one of the main activities of the region. A lot of athletes from around the world congregate in the mendocinos rivers in search of their fast, that are of the most valued for its degree of difficulty. But Mendoza also provides places in the course of its waters which are ideal for recreation and practice more quiet. The province is furrowed from East to West by the Atuel River, the binda zones with a degree of difficulty that I, and empowers those who have no experience and who are taking their first steps in the practice of this exciting sport, hallen the ideal and safe place to go white-water rafting and have fun. Big Valley is a place which is located very close to San Rafael, and thence depart a myriad of companies providing services to tourism. Generally, llas people are transported in 4 4 trucks to the area from where the tour begins, and are provided in addition, of all the elements of security to enjoy an unforgettable experience, yet even for the smallest. In the Mendoza River, there are also sections that have degree of difficulty between 2, 3 and 4. The advantage that the Mendoza River is that this distant about 30 km from the city capital. There are a lot of companies that have tours that last half a day, ideal for those who are by job duties in the city of Mendoza and have some free hours for an energizing and refreshing experience. Tourism in Mendoza has 32nd you need to enjoy these heavenly places, and put tourists in close contact with the incredible nature of the place.