Fire Safety Systems

For mining and oil and gas trunk pipelines pumping stations, stations and gas pipelines, tank farms storing oil and oil products and liquefied gas chemical industry (chemical plants, paint manufacturing, etc.) for loading racks and marine terminals, including offshore platforms, ships can not do without high quality and guaranteed fire safety and fire alarm systems. Fire Alarm Systems There are many types of fire alarm systems for large and medium-sized enterprises. There are fire detectors, smoke, Heat and hand. They differ in crash that flame detectors are designed for the detection of the fire detectors in the sector coverage and issue an alarm on the receiving-control and fire devices. Smoke detectors react to the presence of smoke in enclosed spaces and issue an alarm and transmit it to the receiving-control instruments. Heat detectors are designed to transmit alarm Fire Alarm when exceeding the set temperature in a controlled area. A Hand-held detectors are designed for manual activation of alarm in the fire and the fire alarm. All detectors differ in modification and additional features: range (detection range), viewing angle, the degree of enclosure protection, Ex, resistance to temperature and humidity, noise immunity to external influences (welding, cutting metal, radiation, sunlight, lightning, etc.) as well as susceptibility to certain products of combustion, vapor and gases.

Fire Security To ensure complete safety is not sufficient to use only detectors that beep. There is a danger that the detectors themselves can not be prevented, it is the presence of gases, vapor and alcohols in the air. Gas analyzers (instrumentation) is carried out continuous measurement of gas concentration in the field of possible occurrence of petroleum and petroleum vapors, combustible gases (methane, propane, butane, isobutane, pentane, cyclopentane, hexane), as well as alcohols (methanol, ethanol, etc). They are used in oil and gas production in the open air, maritime platforms and berths for oil and gas pipelines (in transportation of oil and gas), facilities, gas and automobile enterprises, gazs and gas stations, power plants, power plant, fuel and energy, fuel storage (in ports, railways, oil depots, etc.). Control and Instrumentation (TRC) can be used as autonomously and as part of analysis systems. Measured the concentration of harmful substances shall be issued in the form of a standardized output in digital form on a standard communication channel. The main objective is select appropriate equipment to all guests and proven in the market fire-fighting equipment. That can guarantee the security of the enterprise itself and prevent accidents at the facilities.

Raw Metal Sales

Sales of building materials: a decrease in the price of basic construction materials for October and November 2008 turned 8. 15 percent Based on data from the Association of Builders of Russia, in late September 2008, the decline in prices of basic construction materials, to very end of December 2008. , Left 8, 14 percent of steel sales: the price of metal in comparison with November fell by about 13. 9 percent, is the strongest decrease in the value of metal in the year. Reinforcement is lost in the costs an average of 19.

8%. Sales of crushed rock, asphalt, sand, bricks: in 2008, you can see growth in sales of building materials. Price this year: c May to November price of cement fell by only 30-40%. Now the sale of the majority construction materials remains the same, but at this time, manufacturers individually suited to each customer and provide a deferral of payments, that is practically selling construction materials are at a lower price – According to the Association of Russian Builders. Announcement of All-Russian competition for the optimal development of steel spheres of the economy and the production of metal products including building materials. Metal rolling and light metal – a broad development area for construction. On materials ‘Metal-Expo’ Announced Russian competition on the optimal design of metal and light metal.

Competition announced in order to attract the attention of the market to the modern achievements in the creation of advanced new types of metal and steel structures. ‘Metal-Expo’ announced the call for applications for participation in the contest, contest will be announced at the international exhibition of metal and steel building forum ‘Metal Story Forum’ taking place between 18-21 March 2009. In the vvc. As part of the competition committee – the first specialist industry research organizations, such as: Institute of reinforced concrete, them. , them. Bardeen and other equally well-known enterprises. The forum presented a huge selection of construction materials, for example, you always be able to conclude an agreement with one of the many companies and for example: buy fixtures. If we remember that black and no small portion of non-ferrous metals are based on the needs of the building, part of which goes about 40 percent of the consumption of the metal. Sales pipes -up from January to October 2008 increased by almost 24% Net profit of Tube Works‘ since Jan. On oct. 2008. Was 115. 553 million Dollars, which is 21, 9 percent more than in 2007 year. Tube Works’ specializes in the production of shaped tubes and round longitudinal as well as water and gas, and gas pipes. One of the sections of the plant is a fixture B500C. According to the official documents of the company profits surged by 35 percent and amounted to 1 billion 876. R. 036 million cost had risen to 1 billion 662, 205 million rubles, ie, at 36, 7%. Net income from sales increased by 22% to $ 195. 774 million Dollars. Net income before tax went 183. R. 084 million and increased by 10 and 4 per cent.