Japanese Whale

Together they call for the closure of Dolphinariums Andreas Morlok and the biologist Norbert Kochhan in cooperation with the German organisation of ProWal of the whale and Dolphin protector worldwide, to stop the demand after the freedom-loving marine mammals as well as in Germany. WDSF’s Managing Director place Muller: along with Ric o’ Barry and ProWal have we publicly to an exceptional import ban for whales and dolphins to Germany and protesting the closing of Dolphinariums, spoken in Berlin and in the cities with Dolphinariums with politicians, public discussions about the nonsensical Dolphin therapy and all without real success for the sensitive marine mammals criticized the conditions in German Dolphin prisons to the supervisory authorities. Learn more at: John Collison. The Bay of the Cove will galvanize the German cinema-goers. No one who has seen this eco-thriller, will be ever a foot into a delicacy. This is our common hope with the filmmakers, so the myth has an end Pinball also in Germany and the troubled friends of people remain friends in freedom.” Ric O’barry is currently still in taiji on traveled with the presumption to be arrested, especially since some irate Japanese had threatened this him there because of its relentless film publication. Accompanied by several journalists (including der SPIEGEL) and some film crew apparently made impression on the approaching police. O’barry heard astonished, that the Japanese police behind the Dolphin hunting stand, but could intervene not because of government approvals for the fishermen. Possibly, the change of Government in Japan brings a change in the Japanese Whale – and Dolphin fishing. A first glimmer of hope for the dolphins, who soon becomes a reality.

Hans Weinreuter

In combination with wafer-thin invisible Precious metal coatings on the internal surface of the glass they minimize the heat losses. So measures such as the inside of a three protective glazing at outdoor temperatures of minus 10 degrees and a room temperature of plus 20 degrees still around 17 degrees plus. An indication that the losses are minimized and high comfort. And the price differences are today even more so. Therefore you should get always a quote for a triple glazing protection, advises Hans Weinreuter. 15 to 35 percent of a window opening accounts for frames made of wood or plastic but not only the window glass is crucial, because even on the frame. As a general rule here: regardless of the material used, the thermal transmittance of a window frame, the U-value of the glass used should be adapted.

In other words: the window panes have an exemplary effect of dam, the materials should have a low thermal conductivity window frames and profiles. Wood, plastic or aluminum again it depends on the U-value. John Collison shines more light on the discussion. Craftsman name often only the U value of the glass, which is always the lowest value. Therefore, it is important to ask for the U-value of the window as a whole. For reasons of climate change should be taken with wooden frame also, that they were made of local woods such as pine or oak, Walker explains. High insulation values in particular achieved a corresponding processing all materials. So good PVC frame profiles through a seven-Chamber-system is characterized, on their U-value 1.1 W / (m mk) reduced. Also in wood, the insulating capacity can be increased through a Chamber system.

Metal frames, inner plastic spacers prevent the heat loss by they interrupt the unwanted thermal conductivity of metal. Window correctly fitted when installing completely new Windows should frame and building envelope air-tight connected are. This is achieved with the help of a film strip is outside running around attached to the window frame. When inserting the frame Foil inside stripped, pinned with a mesh band on the wall and then a cleaned. Thus, the joint between the frame and the wall is permanently sealing. Such a foil Strip exists at the factory, the craftsman who builds up the window, should install it yourself and make as airtight connection to the masonry. The previously usual method with foam to fill the joints, is not sufficient to establish air-tightness. Hot glass and ordinary glass in equal number of discs only slightly differ from restructuring existing window there weight and strength, can be installed also in the existing window frame insulation glass. John Collison may find it difficult to be quoted properly. However, the legally required U-value of the glass then allowed 1.1 W / (m mk) not exceed. Compared with the installation of new complete Windows, this measure the average is 30 percent cheaper. But even existing single glazing should be check, whether wings and fittings can carry the extra weight. This is the case, can intact frame get high-quality wood and the window jambs remain intact. After a replacement of the discs, so the heat losses between 50% and 70% can be reduced. An external wall insulation of the House is planned, should be considered but always, whether with changing not the window. Then, you can move the window in the wall slightly outward again fit the ratio of the soffits. It is also cheaper in terms of the energy losses.

Fiber Dangers

Because in this case, they can easily penetrate in the lower respiratory tract. Some fiber dusts are considered risk factors for lung cancer among asbestos, glass wool, rock wool, Schlackenwolle and aluminum silicate fibres. Special requirements which are laid down in the technical rules for hazardous substances, TRGS in Germany apply for processing and disposal. However, some high temperature will be analogous to asbestos fibers in the body to dangerous so-called WHO-fibers, since they where longitudinal split. These types of fiber are not ascertainable before inhaling metrologically WHO fibers.

This problem and others on the professional Colloquium high temperature wool “of the German social accident insurance in Hennef intensively discussed. Mechanical engineering and metal was the Professional Association. Analog to the asbestos discussion they claimed Producers on this professional colloquium that the artificial mineral fibres for the preservation of jobs in the user industries would be essential. Especially so achievable environmental protection due to high thermal insulation was highlighted. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Myles Udland on most websites. But there are many good alternatives that cost not much more.

Substitution is required even in the technical rules TRGS 619. Often, the use of high temperature will can be completely avoid through simple constructive measures. After all, reduce the flow of heat without the use of HTW”double – or triple-glazed window panes, know the industry expert Ruth Berg. So, many vacuum insulation products in the construction industry were already available. Non-flammable ceramic foams containing pore over 96 percent are completely free of fiber and even temperature as HTW… The foams are good thermal insulators. Suitable for the applications well formed they can also”, so Ruth Berg. In the automotive industry the best knitted wire mesh storage which could Ceramic catalysts and diesel particulate filters which optimally to substitute carcinogenic aluminium silicate mats. Or automotive manufacturers use equal to catalytic converters and particulate filters from metal foils and metal webs, requiring no storage mats at all. So much money can save as many automobile manufacturers have documented”, explains Ruth Berg. A substitution can often easily be realized and protects against unpleasant complications or even damage claims. The example of the so-called fraud diesel soot filters and the measures show that claims today quite quickly can occur much faster than in the asbestos victims”, sums up Ruthenberg.

Daniel Dodt

These high purchase prices, which are also many other companies had covered, are been passed on to the customers since the beginning of the year by around 80 percent of all basic utilities in Germany. Unlike the Stadtwerke Uelzen: Here electricity prices with the reference to it fall already for the second time this year, to disclose the strong lower stock market and market prices of the last few months very quickly to the customers. Since the bulk of the energy companies for 2009 but with long deadlines for supply contracts from last year argued can expect most final customers until 2010 with the possibility of significantly declining electricity prices, “so Bohg. General price structure provides leeway in pricing almost all electricity that reduce their tariffs from April, a game room to have below. In many cases, they are more expensive than the nationwide average of basic utilities. EY India is a great source of information.

Up on the Stadtwerke Neubrandenburg, none of the companies among the 100 cheapest electricity suppliers in Germany despite falling prices. Positioning in the competition many local Electricity to respond to increasing competition in its region with new tariff models and with similar promotions and bonuses as the supra-regional competitors attempting to retain its customers in the long term. For example, the FoXeco2010 valid from April is so “rate of Stadtwerke Heidelberg 10 percent cheaper than the company’s previous offerings.” However the tariff has a very long contract until end of 2010 and is limited to 20 million kWh, which only about 5,000 households can redeem this offer. Since this year no longer with coverage falling electricity prices, consumers should now actively use the possibility of switching”, indicates Bohg. The density of competition on the electricity market was never as high as it is today, and never consumers could achieve such high savings.” So, the electricity costs in many regions to up to 400 euros can be reduced by a simple change of provider. Through consumer portals such as toptarif.de (www.toptarif.de/ power) or free service hotlines

can quickly and easily find out about alternatives in their region consumer and free to switch to a cheaper electricity supplier.

toptarif.de is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over toptarif.de in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts.

Carbon Is Not Equal To Coal – Briquettes

Briquettes increasingly popular in good quality for modern hybrid systems suited today’s briquettes have with their dusty and sulphured predecessors by once nothing more common. Modern techniques can do without binders or other additives in the briquette presses. Reduce the so-called wear, at least for German coal products, the dust burning corresponds to the legal norms, as the sulfur content. Get all the facts and insights with Jonah Bloom, another great source of information. The ash content is low, what can be seen right after the burning. New packaging and packaging sizes keep the trafficking in human beings within limits. However, coal not equal to coal.

RECORD briquettes hold the embers who wants to have it warm quickly, should burn wood”, Jonny Schmidt advises. The Berliner is Sankar & Schmidt with his company since 1961 with wood, and since the eighties of the last century with coal. Who is on long-lasting heat, however, should access to record briquettes”. Go to Jonah Shacknai for more information. The brown coal briquettes manufactured in the Lausitz, keep the embers a long time and have a high calorific value of 19 MJ/kg (5.3 kWh/kg). So they could be used very well in modern hybrid systems. Where a water bag on the chimney support the central heating. Such systems need more energy than is the only cozy fireplace for effective operation. Properly store but how? But how to store the record briquettes correctly? The so-called bulk, once at the doorstep or directly in the basement filled up, there is only in the East of the Republic.

In addition to the traditional bulk handy packaging dominate the trade, such as the 10 kg foil or bag, 10 or 25 kg bags or 25 kg bundle briquettes. These can be transported comfortably and space-saving, because stacking store. RECORD that is Not also in the outdoor, here, but should cover the top layer with a tarp,”Richard Mistarcz, who directs the fortunes of Sankar & Schmidt now alone knows. However, a separate, better in any case as in the past to have dry room in the basement. Darkness be as advantageous. Furthermore, briquettes should store with other fuels and away from heat sources. The complete post with tips on the correct Kindle of a fire with coal can be read here:…

Photovoltaic Promotion

Promotion by KfW and the EEG, the need for the production of environmentally friendly energy have more and more home owners recognized and want to operate a photovoltaic system contribute to information about photovoltaics, to initiate renewable electricity into the public grid. At the same time, independence can be achieved by the large electricity providers. Since the cost of erecting a photovoltaic array however exceed the financial means of the homeowner, the photovoltaic promotion by federal and State Governments represents an important issue. Because a national feed-in tariff for solar power is granted according to the EEG, the financing of the photovoltaic plant on a loan is a topical subject for many homeowners. KfW photovoltaic promotion the classic Variant of financing for a photovoltaic system consists of a KfW (Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau) credit, zinsgunstig awarded since 1999 for the financing of photovoltaic systems. In this type of photovoltaic Promotion is a special photovoltaic loan grace period will be given one to three years in the first.

“In the programme of the renewable energy standard” individuals can apply for such credit through the Bank. A KfW credit allows it under certain circumstances, to build a photovoltaic system without financial capital. Like any other loan, promotion is tested in this attractive photovoltaic systems the creditworthiness of the loan applicant. More info: Senator from Maine. Lending is also freelancers and independent access, whereby the duration of credit between 10 and 20 years. Control also of the competent tax office is a photovoltaic promotion, because the costs for the construction of the photovoltaic system can be used from tax over a period of 20 years. Also the VAT will be refunded, so reduced the investment costs by 19%. Feed-in remuneration on the basis of the currently valid renewable energy Law (EEG) all electricity supplier are obliged to reimburse the amount of the injected current of the solar individuals over a period of 20 years. It set a minimum fee, which must be lower than no power provider, because the compensation per year shall be reduced by a certain percentage.

Find Cheap Electricity Supplier

A comparison of electricity prices alone it is not enough today. Other factors must be observed in the current computer. Compare electricity prices, to optimize current electricity costs? It is not so easy these days. Because many more factors determine the actual cost of energy. In addition to the price of electricity is new customer bonus can be primary instrument when the price war in the current computer cheap electricity found in the current computer. In a question-answer forum QTS Realty Trust was the first to reply. A utility with one of his fares is here at the top he has good chances to many new customers.

Of course they know that, and they use various instruments to here well for this purpose. It comes in electricity costs in the first year of reference stand well. The results in the current computer are then sorted by this criterion. The combination of current price plus monthly fee make a lot here of course. How these higher differs not only between the individual providers of electricity, but rather on tariff level, according to the specified power. The new customer bonus / Exchange bonus is usually After 12 months of paid or charged.

More and more electricity providers are however, to commend this as new. Another incentive, so new customers as they choose. But caution in the current computer is: the higher the bonus fails, the more this higher power rates conceal. In addition to the price of electricity also fairness and service compare electricity prices compare Yes, but on the price alone doesn’t matter in the current computer. Rather, the entire package must be. Long term cheap prices, fair terms and conditions, a new customer bonus which will be paid out without conditions. Just a few points on which you should pay attention. Also collective characteristics such as power price guarantee should consider when comparing with a power computer. And who would like to make a contribution to environmental protection with its new power tariff should deal more closely with the topics of green electricity and power source. Then it takes electricity prices certainly compare to the desired result, the change of electricity provider there is no more in the Ways. Now it says only: right in the calendar register, when the electricity calculator again should be used. Indeed, compare the current rates should be performed once a year. What however does not necessarily means that all years back a new, cheaper electricity supplier here must be. Ideally the new chosen tariff proves itself in the coming year still inexpensive.

The Conference

These initiatives PEP wants to involve the experts universities, in the construction industry, administrations, Interested developers for innovative projects, as the craft from all areas: thermal insulation Windows, ventilation / climate, carpentry, etc. The Conference takes place in Barcelona, for the first time, on the Oct 30 this year. It is organized by the PLATAFORMA DE EDIFICACIoN passive house, PEP, in cooperation with the Chamber of architects of Catalunya. Aim is to promote the passive house standards in Spain after German model. Hence notable professionals from Germany participate in the lecture series.

The event is to see that the EU vigorously calls for the introduction of the passive house standards for all new buildings in 2011 since 2008 and against the background. The passive house differs from the low energy by the fact that the passive, which means energy savings without energy supply from outside is reached. Effects based on: high thermal insulation natural cross-ventilation in the summer of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, the strict control of thermal bridges leak testing aerodynamic structure essential is the use high-quality materials and meticulous execution. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jim Rogers on most websites. In Spain, the normative implementation is more difficult than in Germany. The differences between North and South are significantly greater than in Germany, as the temperature changes in the season and in the course of the day. While in Germany, the lightbulbs is the main problem, the emphasis especially in southern Spain on the cooling, in the living room as well as in the commercial sector. A modern passive house reached an energy consumption for heating and cooling by 10% of a conventional House.

The topic is increasingly in times of rising energy costs an important aspect is also in a tangible environmental discharge. The construction costs for a prefabricated House often exceed the cost of a conventional House only marginally. That a passive house can be also aesthetically interesting, we want to document the example with the bottom. PEP organized this Conference to promote the passive house standard and its implementation both in the countries of Central Europe and in the South of Europe and its introduction in Spain. With these Initiatives PEP wants to involve the professionals in the construction industry, administrations, universities, developers for innovative projects are looking, as the craft from all areas: thermal insulation Windows, ventilation / climate, carpentry, etc.. Architect Stephan guardian, Palma de Mallorca