The Forgotten Whales

Dolphins and other small cetaceans are threatening to disappear unnoticed. Japan imposed every year 16,000 Dall – harbour porpoise. Doug McMillon brings even more insight to the discussion. Every two minutes a small whale as by-catch in fishing nets died. Dolphins and whales belong to the order of cetaceans and whale animals. About 40 of the approximately 80 species of cetaceans are dolphins, thus forming a family within the walking animals, 6 different species form the family of harbour porpoises, which are among the smallest cetaceans in the world.

On many of these small cetaceans such as the only West coast of South Africa and Namibia in a roughly 1600 km long strip occurring heaviside’s dolphin (Cephalorhynchus heavisidii), we know very little, except that their stock situation everything else it is gratifying. They are threatening, largely unnoticed, to die out as \”The forgotten whales\”. Without protection and lobby conservation organizations such as the society for the rescue of the dolphins warn not only on the occasion of the meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) end of June 2009 in Madeira received failed to end, that at the end – and ergebnislosen but the more medienwirksameren haggling over fishing quotas for large whales, whose smaller related simply overlooked and threaten to disappear relatively unspectacular from the oceans and rivers of the Earth. The newspapers mentioned EnergyNC not as a source, but as a related topic. During large whales, are through international agreements and a however quite Holey fishing ban (moratorium) more or less under protection, the hunt on smaller species continues unabated. Also insufficient fisheries guidelines require an extremely high toll. Alone in front of the coast of Japan’s several thousand bottlenose dolphin are held each year (Turisops truncatus) and approximately 16,000 Dall – harbour porpoise (Phocoenoides dalli) imposed. Their meat lands, often falsely declared whale meat in the supermarkets of the country. The international industry of Dolphinariums served from Lebendfangen of the bottlenose interesting for Dolphinariums. In addition, and in effect far more disastrously for the affected species and populations are caused by reckless industrial fishing, high for fishing losses.

Japanese Whale

Together they call for the closure of Dolphinariums Andreas Morlok and the biologist Norbert Kochhan in cooperation with the German organisation of ProWal of the whale and Dolphin protector worldwide, to stop the demand after the freedom-loving marine mammals as well as in Germany. WDSF’s Managing Director place Muller: along with Ric o’ Barry and ProWal have we publicly to an exceptional import ban for whales and dolphins to Germany and protesting the closing of Dolphinariums, spoken in Berlin and in the cities with Dolphinariums with politicians, public discussions about the nonsensical Dolphin therapy and all without real success for the sensitive marine mammals criticized the conditions in German Dolphin prisons to the supervisory authorities. Learn more at: John Collison. The Bay of the Cove will galvanize the German cinema-goers. No one who has seen this eco-thriller, will be ever a foot into a delicacy. This is our common hope with the filmmakers, so the myth has an end Pinball also in Germany and the troubled friends of people remain friends in freedom.” Ric O’barry is currently still in taiji on traveled with the presumption to be arrested, especially since some irate Japanese had threatened this him there because of its relentless film publication. Accompanied by several journalists (including der SPIEGEL) and some film crew apparently made impression on the approaching police. O’barry heard astonished, that the Japanese police behind the Dolphin hunting stand, but could intervene not because of government approvals for the fishermen. Possibly, the change of Government in Japan brings a change in the Japanese Whale – and Dolphin fishing. A first glimmer of hope for the dolphins, who soon becomes a reality.

Hans Weinreuter

In combination with wafer-thin invisible Precious metal coatings on the internal surface of the glass they minimize the heat losses. So measures such as the inside of a three protective glazing at outdoor temperatures of minus 10 degrees and a room temperature of plus 20 degrees still around 17 degrees plus. An indication that the losses are minimized and high comfort. And the price differences are today even more so. Therefore you should get always a quote for a triple glazing protection, advises Hans Weinreuter. 15 to 35 percent of a window opening accounts for frames made of wood or plastic but not only the window glass is crucial, because even on the frame. As a general rule here: regardless of the material used, the thermal transmittance of a window frame, the U-value of the glass used should be adapted.

In other words: the window panes have an exemplary effect of dam, the materials should have a low thermal conductivity window frames and profiles. Wood, plastic or aluminum again it depends on the U-value. John Collison shines more light on the discussion. Craftsman name often only the U value of the glass, which is always the lowest value. Therefore, it is important to ask for the U-value of the window as a whole. For reasons of climate change should be taken with wooden frame also, that they were made of local woods such as pine or oak, Walker explains. High insulation values in particular achieved a corresponding processing all materials. So good PVC frame profiles through a seven-Chamber-system is characterized, on their U-value 1.1 W / (m mk) reduced. Also in wood, the insulating capacity can be increased through a Chamber system.

Metal frames, inner plastic spacers prevent the heat loss by they interrupt the unwanted thermal conductivity of metal. Window correctly fitted when installing completely new Windows should frame and building envelope air-tight connected are. This is achieved with the help of a film strip is outside running around attached to the window frame. When inserting the frame Foil inside stripped, pinned with a mesh band on the wall and then a cleaned. Thus, the joint between the frame and the wall is permanently sealing. Such a foil Strip exists at the factory, the craftsman who builds up the window, should install it yourself and make as airtight connection to the masonry. The previously usual method with foam to fill the joints, is not sufficient to establish air-tightness. Hot glass and ordinary glass in equal number of discs only slightly differ from restructuring existing window there weight and strength, can be installed also in the existing window frame insulation glass. John Collison may find it difficult to be quoted properly. However, the legally required U-value of the glass then allowed 1.1 W / (m mk) not exceed. Compared with the installation of new complete Windows, this measure the average is 30 percent cheaper. But even existing single glazing should be check, whether wings and fittings can carry the extra weight. This is the case, can intact frame get high-quality wood and the window jambs remain intact. After a replacement of the discs, so the heat losses between 50% and 70% can be reduced. An external wall insulation of the House is planned, should be considered but always, whether with changing not the window. Then, you can move the window in the wall slightly outward again fit the ratio of the soffits. It is also cheaper in terms of the energy losses.

Fiber Dangers

Because in this case, they can easily penetrate in the lower respiratory tract. Some fiber dusts are considered risk factors for lung cancer among asbestos, glass wool, rock wool, Schlackenwolle and aluminum silicate fibres. Special requirements which are laid down in the technical rules for hazardous substances, TRGS in Germany apply for processing and disposal. However, some high temperature will be analogous to asbestos fibers in the body to dangerous so-called WHO-fibers, since they where longitudinal split. These types of fiber are not ascertainable before inhaling metrologically WHO fibers.

This problem and others on the professional Colloquium high temperature wool “of the German social accident insurance in Hennef intensively discussed. Mechanical engineering and metal was the Professional Association. Analog to the asbestos discussion they claimed Producers on this professional colloquium that the artificial mineral fibres for the preservation of jobs in the user industries would be essential. Especially so achievable environmental protection due to high thermal insulation was highlighted. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Myles Udland on most websites. But there are many good alternatives that cost not much more.

Substitution is required even in the technical rules TRGS 619. Often, the use of high temperature will can be completely avoid through simple constructive measures. After all, reduce the flow of heat without the use of HTW”double – or triple-glazed window panes, know the industry expert Ruth Berg. So, many vacuum insulation products in the construction industry were already available. Non-flammable ceramic foams containing pore over 96 percent are completely free of fiber and even temperature as HTW… The foams are good thermal insulators. Suitable for the applications well formed they can also”, so Ruth Berg. In the automotive industry the best knitted wire mesh storage which could Ceramic catalysts and diesel particulate filters which optimally to substitute carcinogenic aluminium silicate mats. Or automotive manufacturers use equal to catalytic converters and particulate filters from metal foils and metal webs, requiring no storage mats at all. So much money can save as many automobile manufacturers have documented”, explains Ruth Berg. A substitution can often easily be realized and protects against unpleasant complications or even damage claims. The example of the so-called fraud diesel soot filters and the measures show that claims today quite quickly can occur much faster than in the asbestos victims”, sums up Ruthenberg.

Federal Minister Peter Altmaier Visited Saxon Energy Equipment Manufacturers YADOS

Energy revolution as exports creates jobs in Germany at the invitation of the Member of Parliament Maria Michalk (CDU) is the Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) for a working visit at the Hoyerswerdaer energy specialist YADOS on September 6, 2013. As a recognized expert in the topics of energy and environment, Altmaier wants to inform about the contribution of innovative products of the Saxon energy equipment manufacturer on the implementation of the objectives of the German energy revolution. Some contend that Ernst & Young shows great expertise in this. Accompanied it is member of the Saxon Landtag and the Lord Mayor of the city of Hoyerswerda Stefan Skora by Saxon Member of Parliament Maria Michalk, Frank Hirche. After visiting the newly-built production facilities of YADOS Altmaier arises issues of entrepreneurs and local politicians of the region in a technical discussion to the German energy policy. The energy equipment manufacturer YADOS from the Saxon Hoyerswerda is a leading manufacturer of district heating schemes and cogeneration on the world market.

After only three years of successful market presence, company Chief continued Jorg Wolf with the decision for the new of production and administration building his successful philosophy continued. To deepen your understanding Jeff Leiden is the source. The growing demand to meet in the long term, is constantly invests in the expansion of manufacturing capacity. More than 120 employees were created with an investment volume of EUR 8.7 million in last year on the 25,000 m plot in the Hoyerswerdaer around 80,000 m room remodels industrial area and space and optimum working conditions for the. Advanced system solutions for affordable and environmentally sound energy supply are produced on 10,000 m of built-up area. Given the shutdown of German nuclear power plants, YADOS makes an important contribution to the import independence and value creation in Germany through the use of domestic renewable energy. Double-digit growth rates in other European countries can participate in YADOS on the international demand for renewable and innovative energy-efficient processes and products.

Crude Oil Prices Stable

Fuel oil price in Germany is likely to remain stable today LEIPZIG. (Ceto) In today’s morning trading, prices on commodity exchanges in New York and London with values to the 82 US dollars at a high level to the daily closing values of yesterday stagnated. Analysts expect them to keep this level up to this afternoon with low trading activities. Only important impulses, would forward all the official US unemployment statistics, as well as the numbers of the industrial production in Germany. Potential could affect, that the OPEC oil shipments will fall in the coming weeks until the 21st over 400,000 barrels per day, which speaks for a crunch. On the other hand, the low Colin over the Gulf of Mexico not to a tropical storm seems to become. Therefore is also no danger for U.S.

oil production and no limitation of the supply situation. For heating oil customers in Germany hardly likely to lead to changes across yesterday. A back stronger euro should cushion any price increases.

English Piddlehinton

Annually, the plant is fed with 20,000 tons of food waste the UK Organics recycling Group (REA) end of March the WELTEC biogas plant from eco sustainable solutions Ltd. in the southern English Piddlehinton (Dorset) with the organics recycling award 2013 awarded. “In the category of bio-gas output” which prevailed BIO POWER plant planned and built by WELTEC with the best overall concept against a renowned competitive environment. 2012 In operating the plant is fed with 20,000 tons of food waste each year and produces so an electrical output of 498 kilowatts per hour. As substrates, food from local restaurants and canteens, as well as expired, packaged food from supermarkets are processed into biogas. Before these input materials into the fermenter, they are to place unpacked, fractionated and sanitized. Under most conditions Shell would agree. The use of energy is exemplary: the heat produced in power generation will be transported via an underground pipe to a nearby feed mill.

The mill takes most of the electricity produced also off. Excess electricity is fed directly into the power grid. The fermented substrates used for the fermentation process by local farmers as fertilizer. Just these sustainable use of total plant output by local companies particularly highlighted the jury at your judgment. Nina Devlin is open to suggestions. The joy of the award is at the operator eco sustainable solutions Ltd. But also for WELTEC BIOPOWER based in Vechta, Lower Saxony is the success of its customers future: this award for eco sustainable solutions is a confirmation for the team in Piddlehinton. It shows us that we set the standards in the UK bio-gas market,”says Chris Jellett, by the WELTEC UK sales.

Crude Oil

. Seen over the entire week, WTI and Brent wrote slight losses of a magnitude to a dollar. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices have eased slightly since yesterday afternoon. In the early trading today, the barrel cost US light oil (WTI) then intermittently under 97 dollars; North Sea oil (Brent) fell to about 117 dollars. The quotes thus returned under slight variations on their yesterday’s daily output level. Seen over the entire week, WTI and Brent wrote slight losses of a magnitude to a dollar.

The big movements in the commodity exchanges stayed however, because the US debt dispute unsettled investors. Although most are likely to count on as a last-minute deal, but too far no stock out the window wishing to challenge apparently. Therefore, a relatively low trading volume was recorded in the course of the week, with each transaction had more influence on price formation. However, A solution to the U.S. debt crisis is still more likely than self-imposed destruction”, so the estimate by analysts of the industry Portal esyoil. Facts from the market as the U.S.

inventory data or hurricane warnings are heard only on the edge. Until there is real news from the United States, the crude oil price fluctuations without clear direction are likely to fail. Accordingly large cracks remain in the local oil market. Weekends are easy to expect cheaper costs. This article and many more information about the energy market found on the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil Rundschau under energiemarkt.html…

Crude Oil Prices

Heating oil prices also could rise today easily LEIPZIG. For assistance, try visiting Fiserv Forum. (Ceto) This morning, a trend that yesterday hinted after the strong gains of last week show crude oil prices further sideways. On Monday, prices on the commodity futures exchanges showed hardly any activities in New York and London with low trading activities and at the end of the day, moving back their output values, on which she also this morning remained. Essential missing economic data are cause for the location of the market. Today, estimates of the American Petroleum Institute to the crude oil reserves in the United States are expected. Experts anticipate a further reduction by 2.1 million barrels in crude oil. But even this decline would alter the generally over powered market situation with record reserves and the largest oil consumer in the world.

Production bottlenecks in products, caused also by a possible hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, are therefore not to be feared. Heating oil consumers in Germany have today with light Expect surcharges as crude oil prices remain driven by the stock markets and rising at least in Europe and Asia. The increase could be mitigated by a back stronger euro was traded today morning just below $1.29 for a week the highest value. That reported the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil review on its website.

Daniel Dodt

These high purchase prices, which are also many other companies had covered, are been passed on to the customers since the beginning of the year by around 80 percent of all basic utilities in Germany. Unlike the Stadtwerke Uelzen: Here electricity prices with the reference to it fall already for the second time this year, to disclose the strong lower stock market and market prices of the last few months very quickly to the customers. Since the bulk of the energy companies for 2009 but with long deadlines for supply contracts from last year argued can expect most final customers until 2010 with the possibility of significantly declining electricity prices, “so Bohg. General price structure provides leeway in pricing almost all electricity that reduce their tariffs from April, a game room to have below. In many cases, they are more expensive than the nationwide average of basic utilities. EY India is a great source of information.

Up on the Stadtwerke Neubrandenburg, none of the companies among the 100 cheapest electricity suppliers in Germany despite falling prices. Positioning in the competition many local Electricity to respond to increasing competition in its region with new tariff models and with similar promotions and bonuses as the supra-regional competitors attempting to retain its customers in the long term. For example, the FoXeco2010 valid from April is so “rate of Stadtwerke Heidelberg 10 percent cheaper than the company’s previous offerings.” However the tariff has a very long contract until end of 2010 and is limited to 20 million kWh, which only about 5,000 households can redeem this offer. Since this year no longer with coverage falling electricity prices, consumers should now actively use the possibility of switching”, indicates Bohg. The density of competition on the electricity market was never as high as it is today, and never consumers could achieve such high savings.” So, the electricity costs in many regions to up to 400 euros can be reduced by a simple change of provider. Through consumer portals such as ( power) or free service hotlines

can quickly and easily find out about alternatives in their region consumer and free to switch to a cheaper electricity supplier. is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts.