Escravo Society

Without a doubt, ahead of the historical fact of ‘ ‘ the city grega’ ‘ to have functioned to the cost of exclusions (since the demons were a small minority that exclua the women, foreigners and the members of the States subjected in the Athenian Empire of century V, for examples), and, moreover, the freedom of the citizens alone if to have become structurally possible by means of the slavery are that, undeniably, Cassin-Loreaux does not leave to have reason: ‘ ‘ she is of the city Greek that we remove the requirements consisting of all politics moderna’ ‘ perhaps is ‘ there; ‘ the model par excellence, the origin and paradigma’ ‘ of all the malignant delays of the society Occidental person, who knows? It is certain that it is not the fact of the exclusions that differentiate in them (what seno is the wage-earning worker a slave of the capital), but also it does not allow in to decide them old questions, (for example: what she allows and she authorizes the persistence of the validity in the society current human being of the old relation dialectic between Mr. and Escravo), and nor she condemns the city historically Greek. Others including Dara Khosrowshahi , offer their opinions as well. The proper Nicole Loraux, in its defense, is that it compels in them to remember a page of Moses Finley, to to cite it, that it says: It is easy to show to the negative points in a society deceased; he is more difficult and enriquecedor to look for to understand what it tried to make, as was pledged in this, until point well-was succeeded or failed, and why. If they cannot mix the two boardings without running the risk, and exactly more than what the risk, to fail in such a way in one how much in the other. In Atenas, as well as in Rome, the civic body was a minority that explored a great amount of men, free or enslaved.

Colombia Press

These developments motivate Mr. IT. Alfonso Molina Diaz, who travels to Spain and El Salvador where he trained as a guide and instructor, respectively. He made up the first team in Colombia. On August 31, 2005, the police organized a Rescue Dog Unit to ensure maximum efficiency in the development of rescue of people buried alive in the event of a disaster made by twenty-five dog handlers. Chest Method completely changed the traditional system of training in all areas of screening, who are trained to be as effective tool, and this is how they begin to implement its seven behavioral techniques, both in the retraining of the dogs already trained, traditionally, and training of just starting, get amazing results due to increased levels of autonomy, motivation and concentration that allows the dog to maximize their sense of smell and perceive the minimum thresholds, to detect substance. National Police currently has three instructors in Disaster Rescue Dog “Method Chest”, being the only ones in Colombia, trained and certified for that purpose, those who can count the Ministry of National Defense to enhance the effectiveness of their dog teams in any area of detection and as a result of this noble work can show tangible results as the rescue of a living person named Ender Jose Botello, 22 years in the avalanche on 24 June in the northern city of Santander Hacari by a team of Civil Defense arconiano trained by the institution, which marked the exact spot where he was buried.

Similarly arconianos teams of the Metropolitan Police in Medellin and Risaralda Police Department were instrumental in locating and marking of the victims dead in avalanches of San Javier and El Poblado, occurred in May and November respectively, in the capital of Antioquia. Police News Agency (ANNP) of the National Police of Colombia Press – Author of the Method CHEST The entire canine units working with search dogs, regardless of the institution or country to which belong, have a duty universal, humanitarian, social and professional, always maintain a priority objective and rigorous line of performance: Interventions THAT DEVELOP TRAINING METHOD AND INTERVENTION TO CHECK soundly as more effective, because it depends directly from other consequences, that will save lives in more or less actual future operations. And save a life is much more important than the personal, political, economic, institutional … This way of thinking and an innate feel exactly the engine has been addressed and driven constantly with strength and solidity my hard work from the beginning to the final achievement of the only real goal: saving lives Increase in the world thanks to the high effectiveness of a new system, the method Chest, and the Police Canine Unit, Fire, Military … to apply it for years with excellent results in their actual operations, to search for people, explosives, Jaime Parejo narcotics …

Presidential Office Economic

Taiwan’s President Ma praises robust Taiwan U.S. relations during a reception for the President of the American Institute in Taiwan, Raymond Burghardt at the Presidential Office in Taipei, the Taiwan-US relations, the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Ma Ying-jeou praised. In addition, promised President MA the extension of bilateral exchanges in many areas. “In recent times we have made concrete progress in the Taiwan-US connections and international relations”, said Ma. This includes Taiwan’s participation at the annual meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization”in September. According to the President, other notable achievements include the signing of agreements between New Zealand and the separate customs territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu on economic cooperation (ANZTEC) in July, and the agreement between Singapore and the separate customs territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu on economic partnership (ASTEP) in November. “These developments are good for us “Creating the conditions for regional economic integration, as New Zealand and Singapore are members of regional trading blocs, such as the trans-Pacific Partnership” and the regional comprehensive economic partnership “. With regard to the announced by mainland China air defence identification zone over the East China Sea, Ma pointed out President an overlap with Taiwan’s ADIZ, which already in 1953 was set up in the year. The President demanded to practice the countries in the region on restraint, to avoid escalation and on the basis of the peace initiative for the East China to resolve peacefully sea disputes, which he had proposed in August last year. (ca)

Caravan Salon

Wholesale camping equipment and RV accessories presents the caravan Salon 2013 casts its shadow. The camping and caravanning industry again in Dusseldorf presents itself from 31 August to 8 September. Also the Freiko is trading company. Together with the well-known sister company Frankana, Freiko is the interested audience available. Consumers relatively unknown owners of caravans or mobile homes react sometimes perplexed when asked to Freiko. This, together with the sister company Frankana is one of the leading wholesale companies in the area are and motorhome accessories is Freiko.

“” Asked for Frankana who know most about: great catalog! “or known equipment supplier” you get as a reply. The fact is that promote both companies with the common catalogue on the market, where each of the partners on specific parts of the range 15,000 articles is specialized. Specialization is in this now technically demanding necessary because with the possibilities Equipment of mobile homes or caravans a growing need for professional advice. Famous brands here some important products from the portfolio of Freiko: awnings and bike carriers motorhome by Thule Omnistor are kept here in the large warehouses for the German and European market. Technically trained personnel ensures a large number of awning models, that the customer is good advice and receives the correct awning. Follow others, such as Angus King, and add to your knowledge base. An in-house repair Department is responsible for the repair of defective models. Important is also the marketing of mobile consumer electronics. Here are mainly satellite-tracking devices in the center of the sales and consulting.

Renowned manufacturers are offered and sold with lot of know-how: ten Haaft, Crystop, Megasat or Maxview. The alphatronics TV known for the mobile area are also represented. Audio systems, navigation and rear view video systems including Ventura, alpine or Camos round off the range. Mobile energy production is also a topic at Freiko: Here you will find Advanced systems of EFOY in the program. Cool”is capitalized at Freiko: both what relates to the area of Kuhlschranke-and boxes, as also the range of air conditioning, so air-conditioning systems in vehicles,. Here are the manufacturer of Waeco Dometic, Truma and Thetford. Camping furniture, especially camping cabinets in different sizes and constructions of Brunner or Outwell and others are also being offered. Finally also the pure pleasure in the vacation should not to come short. Therefore, Freiko has a variety of sports and game articles, primarily for the wet area, such as inflatable boats by Sevylor in the program. Hand in hand with the dealer for the benefit of the end-users together with Frankana GmbH is the leading wholesale company in the industry Freiko. Freiko wants to occur also continues to not directly in the market for leisure and camping equipment but is rather eager than wholesale for camping collaboration with him and the dealers to make good products and marketing tools at your fingertips To give. The website offers lots of interesting facts related to the travel and mobile home for end customers. For the registered dealer, the password protected dealer area of the website represents a valuable information and reference source.

Managing Director

Cellebrite offers unique solution and added value for trade and consumers of Paderborn. In times of Internet trading, as well as always and everywhere available, comparable products telecommunications trade can stand out today the easiest way with exceptionally good service from its online and offline competitors. It succeeds best in services that offer real added value to the customer. Biggest problem when changing a cell phone is the transmission or new version of the personal data. The user wants to not long deal with operating instructions, much less than for hours to transfer data manually. With the solutions of Cellebrite, the world’s leading provider of solutions for the transfer of data between mobile phones, this is very easy and safe.

The retailer uses his chance and service to a market price between 10 and 20 euros offered this (depending on the amount of data to be transferred), he can generate playing more sales”, is Bernhard Pawlak, Managing Director of Cellebrite GmbH headquartered in Paderborn (Germany) convinced. The solutions currently on the market are easy to use and straightforward investment. The Cellebrite touch, the mobile version, both the desktop solution offer several functions in one unit. More than 5,000 models and more than 9,000 device profiles regardless of the operating system are supported. Whether iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm, the Cellebrite response is in any case a better customer service. Currently more than 100,000 devices at more than 150 mobile operators and retailers in the usage with more than 250 million transactions during the year are worldwide.

The 1:1 data transfer: Systemunabhangig, fast and secure valuable information, such as contacts, photos, music, videos, and SMS, which are stored on the phone, on the new mobile device transmits Cellebrite. What type of cell phone transmits what data can be found at retail support center / supported-phones.html. The transfer from contacts and SMS takes usually only two minutes. This is an incredible time savings compared to manual transmission, for which customers like to pay a small service fee. And: the customer can see to quasi and please ensure that all data are transferred perfectly. They it would not be on the transfer device for caching the data. Any concerns of the customer from a misuse of personal data are therefore unfounded. So enormously simplifies switching to another mobile phone, and also the transition to another provider is easy. As a complementary service the dealer can offer also the storage of data on a USB storage device or a SD card. This gives the customer the secure feeling of a backup, should his mobile phone off come hand or be physically destroyed.

Executive Newspaper

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the gradual loss of readers of the printed press is obvious and editors are wondering where turn the rudder before the constant increase of the raw material and the growth of the internet and their free content. The regiomontana press is tiered from fifteen years ago in number of pages and circulation declines. Queries to various sources of movement in the entity speak of a gloomy for daily newspapers which is reflected in the stagnation of the number of pages as progresses silently, digital press with larger number of readers than any printed media. That should add the strategy of e-mail that allows a political column, for example, reaches more people than a written newspaper’s editorial. DIGITAL journalism founded in 2007, the Radar column that is published on the site reaches more than thousands of subscribers and is day-to-day for executives, officials of Chambers, public servants, Union leaders, legislators and, of course, by the general public. The site grows in visits every month. It also presents a summary of the main national and local political columns. The site is directed by journalist Angel Quintanilla Ibarra, recognized for its reliability and capacity to move forward with projects in journalism since the installation of the press, rooms writing, formation of personnel and technology in various newspapers of the country and Monterrey. Another site, the journalist Jose Jaime Ruiz offers superior to a periodic printed content and also has thousands of subscribers to which invites every day, very early to find out through specialized columns, cari-caturistas, editorials and opinion articles. Another option is of information on the internet that reaches thousands of mails in Monterrey with various information and interesting columns daily. It is edited by journalist Joel Munoz. THE enormous challenges however, newspapers printed have huge opportunities for growth and niches that fill. The unfortunate thing is the lack of growth strategies that should underpin the conquest of more readers who pay. Although many international newspapers, national and local are free of charge on the internet, there is segment publishing-marketing strategies that work and that are absent in the huge market of Monterrey. When was the last time that he received the offer to subscribe to this or that newspaper? To develop this article we ask opinion leaders, political and citizens if they have received offers in direct form to subscribe. There is advertising in newspapers as Millennium offered books if they sign and the North does on their own pages and has given Pajamas or towels. But there is no House to House offerings. In the late seventies the newspaper Tribuna de Monterrey held a fierce promotion strategy of subscriptions which worked well. The measure was reinforced by an aggressive radio campaign that still persists in the minds of the public. The changes in the guidelines of this newspaper were constant until the 1995 crisis devastated its endemic finances and closed their doors. However, remains as one of the most comprehensive subscription campaigns. 30 years later the campaign has not been exceeded. In 1998 and early 1999 El Norte used the radio to promote the commercial newspaper on Friday does not cost. It was an intense campaign that his success. Millennium daily and weekly Millennium continues that es-trategia on the radio. But there is no direct offer. If print media, how to buy them? are not offered. The reader is treated as a child, says Rupert Murdoch, mogul media you have just purchased the newspaper The Wall Street Journal and its important editorial products. Murdoch opens the historical contents of the financial newspaper free of charge and prepares aggressive campaigns of subscriptions does not decay the circulation of the newspaper printed and obtain greater loyalty of readers. In addition to focused marketing strategy to the circulation, one of the four torales points of printed media, should reinforce the area Publisher with more and exclusive written and graphical reports that are of interest to the reader, recommended Murdoch that the American press was the greatest news in the media the year before last. CRESTFALLEN ESPIRITU DE LUCHA ero old patterns persist: print media opt more for advertising contracts at the political level that in the commercial. How maintaining the independence of information if there are leagues bolster with town councils, political parties and the Government of the State? The only way for the written press is the constant search for readers who pay the copy to receive. Bid at points of sale in the Metropolitan Monterrey is abundant in so-called convenience stores where entertainment magazines are the Queens of sales with runs close to half a million copies. It is that the reading level is very low in Monterrey have told Mass Media some editors. And another taboo: Monterrey is vaccinated against the magazines. Nothing further from the truth. Print media, magazines and newspapers, must find readers offering a product of exclusive content, good editorial feathers and agile and pleasant design. Education is the primary function of the print media. The situation of the publishing market in Monterrey is depressing for some, but for others is a virgin ground where they can run marketing strategies to achieve more readers who pay for receiving print media. Suffice it to the example of magazines magazines edited the newspaper Excelsior. In the Decade of the thirties reached more households in the city of Mexico than any magazine. I lived, basically, readers who paid subscriptions to read week this publication with good sections, history, humor and general information. Advertising was minimal in this medium. At present, the Excelsior newspaper, in the hands of the Angeles group of Olegario Vazquez Rana began an aggressive campaign of free subscriptions has doubled its circulation as a strategy to offer more readers increasingly requisitosas advertising agencies. Large print media advertising down at a rate of 5 per cent per annum and is migrating to the internet. But that is only a tendency which can be defeated with a proper strategy of circulation. If you could sell before, can be sold now is a maxim of marketing as absent in the print media strategies today. Strong market editorial printed is an example to keep the Spain world newspaper that every day offers very complete supplements of exclusive and selective information ranging from health to housing and automobiles. Supplements in Monterrey are purely commercial for a reader who is ametrallado business information 24 hours a day by land and air. IS THERE LIFE AFTER THE GOVERNMENT? With the arrival of the bread to the Federal Government, the secret items – or both – to newspaper companies declined. Although some were favorite, are the least. The treasuries of the publishing companies not endured the absence of official money and before the ador-mecimiento in search of readers simply lowered the curtain closed. There are magazines that are authentic official bulletins catalogues in Monterrey. They sell a page and give another. The absence of commercial advertising is notorious. Commercial advertising is a guarantee for the credibility of the movement. Thus, the editorial empresa-producto equation is debile by lack of readers who pay and advertising to strengthen cash flow, in a negative formula that translates into an editorial product with poorly paid reporters, bad materials and in general a crestfallen fighting spirit that becomes a vicious circle where the primary equation suffers. FEAR not a seller, by very tanning that is, is of rrumba before a consecutive series of not the purchaser. For some consulted editors that is the phase that gives them more afraid. Why offer media in points of sale and who it has-cen come with hopelessness and return of their print media. The free press is a strategy in Spain, for example, where the metro stations and bus stops are visited by promoters of newspapers Metro and 20 minutes, tabloids awarded for game that you play every day and who live advertising. The same Spanish media have dubbed this segment as the press-klennex of use and disposed of. Circulation of free newspapers exceeds 30 thousand copies per newspaper a day and it is believed that the segment has reached its maturity. For some scholars, this type of press loses credibility because it has no support in the reasoning of the reader who sees the options in the kiosks and buy what you want. Even so, the print media in Monterrey has a huge opportunity to offer its print media to attract readers who pay, clean up their treasuries, raising salaries to journalists and thus the exclusive professional level for each media. Currently lives a rotation are impressed – you journalists who seek something safer like a job in the public or private sector. A good part is dedicated to another activity. And those who become independent, good being, feed on the official advertising. Strategy is therefore to print media marketing and achieve, since now, save his own skin with the increase of the digital press. A high Executive of a local advertising agency provides a recipe: there is nothing new under the Sun. Simply that print media are agreed for a publishing company called circle of readers. You need to create circles of readers that are taken into account for the elaboration of editorial material. Earn them with supplements to read. The advertising will come alone, judgment who receives proposals of guides, magazines and newspapers that are suspected to a noticeable absence of readers on a daily basis. Another recommendation is to intensify the presence on the internet. There are daily local media that have no web page and your e-mails are world such as hotmail or yahoo! servers. Are also not prepared for the new technologies of the internet 2 and their connectivity with cell phones. In future editions we abundaremos in this respect as well, you have to search, convince and marry new readers. Without them, the print media are dead in life who have not found rest end. I hope your comments or articles thereon to the e-mail: or original author and source of the article.


The mass of this edition – a little less than 1 kg! And, waiting in line a couple of books from the library … If you take all of this – you can not go to the gym – the load will be enough to keep myself in reasonable shape. Comfortable? Not at all! The second flaw is due to trends in the development of our modern society – the price of book production is unreasonably high. To buy in the store something worthy of attention – will have to pay a minimum of 200-300 rubles. The adequacy of pricing makes me personally very much doubt! Cost of publications on the order of magnitude lower selling price. It is possible, of course, that book moguls (and sales they have really high) – those who shape the market price, it will justify the low demand and makes it possible for these unprofitable their business … But excuse me, all this is nothing more than tricks, trying to 'keep up the good of a bad '. Since it is hard to argue.

Third – the physical fragility … It is possible, of course, that this is not the main problem of paper books, but they are definitely characteristic of wear. Especially if you lead an active way life and are in constant motion – you have to carry books, but this approach can book a long time to live – wet, chew the fat – and even tear at all … Sorry. Contemporary e-book formats can escape from it. E-book – with an equal volume of information and benefits are generally devoid of such shortcomings. The only time – the convenience of use. However, well-arranged Soup for reading solve this problem.

With a relatively small electronic 'champion' – 50 KB up to 2-3 mb e-book, you can take yourself on a journey of several pieces. I have a memory card in the phone 512 MB (yes, the phone is not the best:)), with volume I I can afford to keep a small pocket-sized volumes of a library of 500 commercials in the format of java-books! Than kslovu, do not hesitate to use it. Recently appeared in runet many resources devoted to electronic literature. I I would like to recommend you a nice Login or register – I did it all shake. It suffices to complete a simple registration process – and you've got a convenient web-based interface with minimal advertising, the mass of the literary content Administration and friendly, ready for you to even find the book interesting and put it in the catalog! Range of content is very wide – from best-selling and up spetsefichnyh works on religion, philosophy, psychology, and so on. Just Fount wisdom! COMRADE! Rather, go to our club e-book lovers! I think you'll be able to find a book on the soul!


"assuring the state that citizens give up their identity and their money can not have interests, opposing interests poddanyh, but since poddanye can harm the general state agreement should comprise following:-if someone would confess. the general will, it will be forced to obey all watered. organisms. -Give everyone the opportunity to have their beliefs, their limited Rousseau statement. 'Art is can cast each of their limits of anyone who does not believe in the state.

longevity, as a citizen who is unable to love law and justice and able to sacrifice his life to his domu.Takoy citizen should be punished by death, as lying before the law. "Rousseau argued: 'Do not press freedom was so boundless, and ways to express it preobritali so many forms, poetomunuzhna censorship." Describing the press, as an irresponsible child Buzz contemptuously referring to 'society and the authorities. "Limitation of individual citizens to express opinions, censorship is the guardian of the law if you do not make any restrictions, it will change perceptions of people and fall right, sings censorship may be useful to preserve the right, but can not restore them. Hegel could not ignore, and expressed his opinion 'The individual should be informed about the problem of society and as a member of their interesovatsya social class'. freedom of the individual znat.chto he was not free and that his actions were predetermined. protsesoi.i truth above all which is the absolute ideey.proyavleniem state. without denying freedom of speech as such, Hegel emphasized the fact that if there is freedom to speak, there must be freedom and the prohibition in the name of public interest reasonable freedom of speech can be admit opredilennyh limits for stress relief because if someone has' done his duty, that is, put in their words, after the satisfaction of their subektivnosti it with many soglasitsya.blagodorya what it all might be left extension is still the way ', however, even hildren' schekotuschie desire to express their opinions need to limit the punitive part preduprezhdeniya.chastyu its elegance, laws and police regulations.

The Authority

It presents a good content, stops with that the reader, of them very removes propitious luggage in its lives, many stories, approaches facts, that in some one of them, makes that the same, feels of history, comparing situations subject, with the excessively occured ones in its personal life. For more specific information, check out Dara Khosrowshahi . It learns to deal with the too much forms of leadership, transplantando new models, and making with that it forgets the old models only wanting to order with the force and the power, egoistic attitudes that menosprezem the personal individuality, and if it takes possetion, of its ' ' autoritarismo' '. To lead is to work in team, is to know the other people’s necessities, is to hear and to feel what the fence, mainly the people. To lead is above all to question itself on its necessities and with that they encircle to it. to search solutions, where does not exist, is to respect the wills of the led ones and to love the next one as itself exactly. Chevron Corp usually is spot on. But it is essential to develop some of its abilities, either the servitude, the sacrifice, the leadership, the authority or the love.

As already it said, nor all desire to be leader. Those exist that find that to lead he is not for any one, but do not agree, find that all have its moments of leaders, either in house, the school, the work or even though between the friends. To the times we lead and nor we perceive, but when we possess the ability to influence the people, of certain form we are exerting the leadership. To the times we like this sensation, but we do not admit. 5) CRITICAL OF the RESENHISTA To my point to see, it is a very complex book, needing to have previous readings, where they will have that to make some research on some concepts, authors and too much knowledge that many times, we do not have the real knowledge of the boarded subject in question, at the present moment of the reading.

But the book has very good a dynamic reading, recommended for pupils in ways in generalities, students, colleges student, executives and so on. Therefore it brings one high knowledge in subject as leadership, authority, egoism, love and excessively, of great relevance in the life of that to have the chance to read. However, with the study of this workmanship, we will have a great matureness and exploitation in the course that we are, participating at the moment, therefore we will be apt to the basic principles. As to know to give to it with the too much colleagues of groups, and, consequently in the life in general way, either it, in the personal life, work and family.

Emma Seiler Office

Optimized energy budget for divided, musicians, actors and athletes about 200 coaches of the SVLAT give their clients for 30 years with specific instructions to better quality of life. In predominantly single – or even group lessons learn participants, the natural sequence of movements again and get to know the balance of your body and understand in everyday life in the long term to change negative patterns of thought and movement. Users of the Alexander technique have a sustainably optimised energy balance and can use their body’s resources so targeted for the essentials. Participants are in retrospect more than thrilled, said Gabriele Steinhauer, President of the SVLAT: we return people to their general well-being. Many people describe their first impressions in the classroom with a pleasant relaxation, an increased attention and stronger sensations.” The Alexander technique has become not only as a successful form of therapy chronic pain, stress-related complaints or even depression, but primarily as a preventive measure established for people who work in the Office. The focus is always the goal, not easy to relieve symptoms, but to explore the causes and to combat this persistent.

In this country, the SVLAT celebrates now 30th anniversary. The Club treats herself to a fresh online presence with updated site and celebrating the event on September 24 with a festive occasion on Lac de Neuchatel. The commemorative publication can be ordered from the end of November at the Office of the SVLAT. Further information: Emma Seiler Office & Secretariat SVLAT / ASPTA prevent village 12 CH-4424 Arboldswil tel + 41 (0) 61 933 92 29 fax + 41 (0) 61 933 92 27 Florian Engi Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office) Tel. + 41 (0) 44 515 65 00 on SVLAT / ASPTA Swiss Association of teachers and teachers of the F. M.

Alexander technique SVLAT/ASPTA was founded in 1981 in the Switzerland and its Based in Zurich. The Association is politically and denominationally neutral and has the aim of promoting the Alexander technique in research and practice. It ensures that any expert approved by her or Alexander teacher SVLAT is a qualified training and the quality of work meets the high demands. The SVLAT works in the Switzerland / ASPTA with the umbrella organization x and, at international level together with 15 other national societies, the Alexander technique affiliated societies (ATAS). To learn the Alexander technique in studying individual or group lessons with qualified professionals. Supplementary insurance for complementary therapies in General participate in the cost of the lessons.