The Theory Of Progress

First born revolutionary idea: to declare all the land owned by a gentleman with a tenant taking part made their wealth. Then began to develop the feudal relations of production. First, a revolutionary idea was born: through private ownership of means of production and wage labor to produce goods whose price will more than cover all the costs of their production. Then began to develop capitalist production relations. First born a revolutionary idea: by the dictatorship of the proletariat and the nationalization of all means of production distribute vital goods produced in accordance with the labor contribution to their production. Then the development of these relations show the fallacy of this idea. First born a revolutionary idea: the distribution of income in accordance with the labor input in their production can be organized through collective share ownership of the means of production, market economy and improving democratic forms of social organization.

Then implement this idea into practice will begin construction of the socialist relations of production. (6). Thus, the basis for social progress, as well as progress in general, is a progressive idea. Recall: there is nothing but matter. The idea, thought, consciousness – not less tangible effects than a bronze bust of a thinker.

(7). So, the theory of progress, where the driving force is a progressive idea, not an idealistic theory. The activities of the individual is defined by its consciousness, organizing this activity after the awareness generated needs and ways to satisfy it. But as far as ways to meet those needs that are generated by the social divisions (eg, path improving the system of distribution of wealth in society) – is aware of (open) these paths are no easier than to make discoveries in any other field of knowledge, where discoveries are made only as a rare exception in parallel several people, and usually one person, with the subsequent proliferation of open knowledge to the rest of society.

In Taurus

New knowledge will enhance the spiritual horizon. Fastened useful foreign travel and communication. Good time for spiritual study and mental labor, for science and technology to art, painting, metaphysics, and all unknown, for research, inventions and discoveries. Will be meeting with unusual, interesting spiritual people, for example, with a professional astrologer. Increases the desire for everything new, unusual, for freedom and independence. There are sudden flashes of insight. May will also be a great time for romantic adventures, meetings and visits. Particularly lucky in love, Aries, and all signs of elements of Fire.

This month may be lucky big Taurus. The hardest would have to Capricorn. And how the rest of this month for representatives of the various signs of the zodiac? Aries for a month in May will open the possibilities and perspectives in both business and personal life. Be careful the first ten days. Starting from May 10, use all the chances that Available to you.

But we should not hope for success in gambling, speculation, show business. Some anxiety can bring kids, or simply have to deal with their problems. In the first week of May we recommend Aries to travel. Communicating with family, friends, you will enjoy. Weekend in mid-May is best to spend with family and relatives, there will be many pleasant experiences. In May, you will succeed in intellectual work and study. You surprise surrounding his unexpected victory. In Taurus the main problems in the beginning of the month will be linked to the health and hassle at work.

Elective Astrology

One of the most interesting and popular destinations of astrology is the astrology of choice or elective astrology (from Lat. Electio – your choice). Even judging by the name you can guess what it comes to choosing the most favorable time to initiate new business. This section of astrology is remarkable that gives a person a certain amount of freedom in carrying out his plans and gives us hope for a favorable outcome of planned business. The most frequently elective astrology comes to help those who wish to choose the best time for marriage, opening a new business, revenues for work, emigration, buying property, cars and expensive things, conducting surgery, beginning of litigation, etc. However, the construction of elective card – employment is not easy. Modern astrologers have inherited from their ancient predecessors, the vast number of possible rules and precepts into practice which is not possible. Thus astrologers are often forced to choose "the lesser evil ', as the perfect time for a case is simply not exists.

In addition, it should also be borne in mind that even knowing the best time for the start of the planned business, people are not always able to realize our plans due to unforeseen circumstances (as they say: 'no luck' ). Therefore, working individually with a client, a professional astrologer must first examine his natal chart (horoscope) and find in it a reflection of the upcoming events at the same time and look at the final result. K example, the young couple decided to marry. Astrology for beginning to read carefully the natal chart of both newlyweds, then check out a couple of compatibility and only then take up date picker marriage. In that case, if the horoscope of each of them there are clear signs of disharmony in relationships and good compatibility between getting married there, then calculate the best time for such an alliance simply meaningless. Thus, the natal chart always has a greater weight and priority, and therefore should be based primarily on her, and only then work with elektsiyami. In addition, there are also individual elektsy mass, which are more advisory in nature. These only point to some periods of time, devoid of any harmful effects, improves the chances for success, but do not guarantee it 100%. As say, bring happiness to all people is impossible

Joy Body Family

'We love the flesh, and taste it, and color, and the stifling scent of mortal flesh …' A. Block 'Scythians' Life for the welfare of the flesh – that is the reality for billions of people around the world. People are born and die under the banner of the flesh. They seem to have embarked on the allowance for a certain system of values, vital reference and principles that can be reduced to one – the pleasures of his stomach. Nouriel Roubini is a great source of information. The body has a need for all pleasures of the world: food, sex, family, money, honor, power and knowledge. If the body has great food, it fills itself with it. Sex – too very important, but the family – not so.

And if the body is rich, – respect him, but still has the power – fear. For even more details, read what Jim Rogers says on the issue. If the body is well-known – say about him. And access to such a body is severely restricted. In general, the body has something to enjoy in life. This 'Winning the flesh' declared itself the owner, the guarantor of happiness and tasted all the delights of comfort, a comfortable and independent living in a circle of happy and satisfied faces of family and friends! Intoxicated with joy of bodily pleasures and business savvy crowd eagerly shows and spreads happiness replete flesh, methods and techniques for professional exchange of things the rest of the money and well-being. We are working day and night, with a twinkle, optimism and enthusiasm to provide a great pile of consumer junk, surrounded by the body feels in the comfort and enjoyment.

Zodiac Influence on Business Success

Influence of the tenth house potalnoy maps on human life Career, career, human activity in society. The likelihood of achieving power, high social and professional situation. Aims to who in his life seeks man. The possibility of fame and public recognition. Tools and techniques to achieve this goal.

Attitude of the authorities (and all higher) to humans. The Tenth House also points to one of parents in the life of man. For men born during the day, the tenth house represents the father, and the fourth house – my mother. For men born during the night, the tenth house symbolizes the mother, and the fourth house – his father, for women born during the day, the tenth House symbolizes the mother, and the fourth house – his father. For women born during the night, the tenth house represents the father, and the fourth house – my mother. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Still air.

The second level of the element of Air. Fixed, masculine, electric, a positive sign of the zodiac. Uranium is a senior, daily, direktnym ruler of Aquarius. Saturn is the lowest, at night, retrograde ruler of Aquarius. Sun in Aquarius in exile Pluto in Aquarius in the fall. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius. The idea of Signs of the Zodiac Aquarius – exit outside. Breakthrough in and out of stereotypes, patterns, structures, constraints, principles, conditions and circumstances. A sudden breakthrough into a new and future. Therefore, the Zodiac Aquarius is often associated with revolutionary (not evolutionary), a genius, paradoxically, novelty, etc. 'And the experience of the son of hard errors (Capricorn), and the genius, the paradoxes of one (Aquarius), and case, God – – inventor (Aquarius). " So intuitively embraced Aquarius and Capricorn, Alexander Pushkin.