Information About London

If you think and would like to do something interesting, you will be pleased to know that the HMS Belfast will carry out a series of special events in 2010, specially designed for the enjoyment of families visiting the capital. On 27 and 28 March the children will be invited to participate in an exciting game: they will try to find ten rats who have escaped by boat and were disguised as sailors. Continue to learn more with: view website. They could be hidden anywhere, AASI to be making good use of his detective skills! This is a somewhat alternative version of the traditional search of Easter eggs. And best of all, museum visitors will be entitled to participate in the game with just pay the standard ticket price. If you wanted to find new attractions oy thought to be accompanied by young children could become a problem, do not worry: we'll be delighted to welcome both older and under 16 years. The HMS Belfast also offers various lectures, activities and educational workshops designed to tell his story in an entertaining way, which goes back to the days when forming a floating community of up to 950 sailors.

If you plan to visit London soon and not sure what to do, I suggest you take your children to the boat and let them prove the original uniforms, playing with historical artifacts and learn more about life at sea. certainly do not regret it! Easier access If you are ready to enjoy the attractions of London will be pleased to know that, thanks to changes in, and especially to the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), will now be even easier to access. The line capacity has increased by 50%, which means it will be capable of carrying many more passengers and thus facilitating access to families wanting to visit the Museum of Docklands. To increase the number of trains available on line, has undertaken a modernization program in which they have invested 325 million pounds (350 million euros), Facing the 2012 Olympics. Other changes that could further enhance the experience of traveling to the attractions of London include the redevelopment of Tower Gateway station, creating a new station called South Quay and modernization of roads and electrical connectors. There are many reasons to use the DLR line, but among the highlights are tours of London led by experts from the Museum of Docklands, running through some of the best attractions in London.