Group Dynamics

Dynamics: Know you me? N of participants: the 10 30 participants will have to seat in half circle and the ministrante will deliver to each member a blank paper, in it each participant will have to write the characteristics of that there it is present. Without nobody sees, the participant will have to write in this paper on who it to want. After all to have written in its due paper, the ministrante chooses somebody of the group to start to say the characteristics of the chosen person and written down in the paper, that will be of its left side, it will have to guess of who if it treats. If not to obtain to make right, that one gave to the caracterticas invnta arrests colleague to pay it. ssim, successively, until all to have participated. OBS.: The purpose is to recognize each participant of the group. When recognizing the colleague, to perceive its qualities and defects, each one contributes passes it for a good work in team, thus, all will go to know as to work better with its colleague without unexpected greaters.

The Group

Halbwachs affirms that always we live our experiences in relation with that they surround in them, and these, in some way, constitute the references for our perception. Slight knowledge and images that we apply to these experiences are taken by the social environment where we live. It is for affirming the intrinsically social character of the human being that the author cannot seno perceive the supported individual memory in the collective memory. In more, if the collective memory strap its force and its duration of the fact to have for support a set of men, not obstante they is individuals that if they remember, while members of the group. Of this mass of common souvenirs, and that if they apiam one on the other, are not the same ones that they will appear with more intensity for each one of them. We would say voluntarily that each individual memory is a point of view on the collective memory, that this dumb point of view as the place that I occupy there, and that this exactly dumb place according to relations that I keep with other ways. It is not to admire that of the common instrument nor all use to advantage in a similar way.

However when we try to explain this diversity, we always come back to a combination of influences that are, all, of social nature. (HALBWACHS, 1990, p.51). We can say that the convivncia and the dialogue are involved processes in this phenomenon of the memory. In the ticket above, we can stand out some aspects important to think the relation between individual and collective memory. First, the individuals remember as members of groups; second, the collective memory has for support the set of the people who integrate the group; third, the common instrument is the memory collective; room, the individual memory is a point of view of the collective memory; finally, that this point of view is changeable, depending on the relations with other social ways.

False Promises Of Syed

Al Syed more and more moves away of the Racing and with him the hopes that it generated to his arrival to turn to the santanderino equipment in one of the best ones from Spain to checkbook blow. The Indian tycoon bought in January the club with a condition: the credit had to pay that had the organization from 2004. The public company Cantur guaranteed then to the Racing before the banks with seven million Euros and Syed was committed to pay it when it arrived. Last night, indeed, it concluded the term so that it paid the second term of that debt, of 1.350.000 Euros. He did not do it and today the Government of Cantabria has given an ultimatum him: or that amount pays before the 21 of June or it will clear the actions to him and it will give back his old proprietors. The Executive can do it because that was one of the guarantees that signed with the Indian in case this it did not fulfill the agreed thing. The exit of Syed of the club can be next. Source of the news: : False promises of Syed

Brazilian External Politics

The importation is guaranteed by the agreement of free commerce of the MERCOSUL, and its impediment was provoking two important consequences: the loss of credibility of the Brazilian external politics and the comprometimento of the consolidation of the MERCOSUL what if it discloses seriously harmful for the national economy. The determination of then the president of the STJ was after taken analysis of order of suspension of security directed for the General Law of Unio (AGU). When moving away the effect from the position adopted for the TRF (hosted in Porto Alegre), the minister Pablo Coast Milk understood that the threshold gotten for the agricultural producers of the Rio Grande Do Sul finished if constituting in a bigger risk for the country because the suspension of the importation it could cause the internal desabastecimento of rice beyond causing damages in the relations with the MERCOSUL, harming the internal consumers of rice, since Brazil, not being self-sufficient in the production, matters of some countries. Brazil signatory of is treated international whose norms and lines of direction cannot be disrespected; – commitments assumed for Brazil in treated international do not allow the application of minimum prices of importation; – the decision can cause the rupture of the autonomy and the separation Being able between them, because the definition of the politics of importation and national exportation is typically administrative act and charges only the Executive, not fitting to the Judiciary one to enter in this seara; – the suspension of the importation serious cause injury to the public order and economy, therefore wounds Treat to Installation, confronting the norms of the World-wide Organization of Comrcio.3.1 REGIONAL PREPARATION OF the RICE IS DISAPPEARING IN the NORDESTEGeovanice Galvo, living pernambucana of Guarulhos, So Paulo, counts a way to prepare rice that is disappearing of the daily one in Recife, the cooked and washed rice, that receives a way from similar preparation to the pasta.

Cultural Circuit Square

In the Administrative City, we will be to a distance floor. The capacity imagines of resolution of important subjects between the secretariats of Planning and Management and Health, Education, and between as much other areas, even though with proper the viceone that, occupying the same physical space, will be able to potencializar its action. It is important to remember that the transference mentions the administrative sectors to it that give sustentation to the proper activities of government. The services of direct attendance to the citizen remain in the building that already occupy, the example of the Unit of Attendance Integrated of square Seven, Detran, among others. It admits initial difficulties to you with the transferences.

They can be potencializadas by action politics, considering that we are in electoral year? I do not believe. The Administrative City symbolizes the proper change of the concept of public administration that we are implementing in the government of Mines, since 2003, under the leadership and determination of Acio governor Snows. The mining public administration gave wide steps in direction to its professionalization with the only objective to raise the quality of the services given to the population. The mining model of public administration is applauded even though in the exterior, where we capsize marries of the Inter-American Bank of Development, that takes our experience to other states of other countries. In Brazil, we have seen other states and until cities if to espelharem in our model of public administration to modernize its administrative structures. Therefore, and, over all politically, the decision to construct the Administrative City, offering to bigger comfort to the servers, optimizing the actions of the infrastructure Executive, endowing a region that was forgotten e, still, generating economy to the public coffers it been, alone deserves applauses. We have full certainty of the recognition of the rightness of this measure. How will be used the Palace of the Freedom? It will be reserved for reception the more important official visits, for example? the Palace of the Forwardings? The Palace of the Freedom it continues as seat of government of Mines and will be the heart of the Cultural Circuit Square of the Freedom.

Municipal Access

Recognizing the use of the water, in order to stimulate the region, always fortifying and improving its agricultural production through the electric energy. Disponibilizando to these devoid families, one politics to usufruct of conscientious form the machines, engines and diverse resources moved to the electricity, without harming the environment and enabling of economic form the use of the water in the paraibano Wasteland. Being thus, the population of this region will be always relating the hdrica and ambient management of indissocivel form in one search sustainable politics of, that it makes possible the collective to acquire more conscience of the natural resources of that makes use and if becoming more responsible for the environment of which the man participates intensely for its social dimension, cultural and ambient. Always in search of the quantitative and qualitative balance of the hdrico rocking of demand x availability, preventing that the hdricos resources come to become themselves into a limitante factor the economic and social development in the Mesorregio of the Wasteland Paraibano.Publishing company of the University of So Paulo, 2009..