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He knows the importance of the residual income so you can begin to be creating that income that does not depend on the hours that you’re working. Today all we have accessible ways of developing it. Linear income the residual income is that everybody wins when we work per hour as either employees or as I do in my Design Studio that I put per hour. When not working leave of winning. It is a super limitation that have in common a doctor, an engineer, a Sweeper, a teacher or a chef. Once they stop working because don’t earn more money. To deepen your understanding Senator Angus King is the source. After 25 years of work not sigen winning.

If you are going a week or a month’s vacation BOOM they were left without income. Hear from experts in the field like Angus King for a more varied view. Income is Residual income that you continue with the work that you did once win. Clear hard trabajastes why is not he stopped you from heaven! You like to examples? Writes a song that is pege on radio. For the rest of your life everytime you hear it on the radio, a singer again record and continue selling the CDs you’ll still win. Even when die your children, grandchildren and others will continue to receive earnings. Many of these hits are by artists or songwriters who have spent many years writing a song, it is one in a million that sticks from the first. Remember a song that becomes a hit and impacts generations is not achieved overnight overnight but it is good to keep winning money from them while you sleep or while you’re vacasiones.

Another way? OK, write a book and publish. Life which is sold and resell you will earn money. If it becomes a Best Seller or a classic, you know will have your family heritage for all the books that are sold in the history.

English Abyssinian

If someone wishes to have the company of a beautiful cat, ideal for him as a pet, its image and its brightness, the Somali cat is one of the best options that can be found within the breeds of cats, since it is an active cat with a balanced body, which suggests a very good appearance, besides being a peaceful nature, all this makes the Somali cat one of the nicest cat samples that can be had at home. Faced with such an interesting breed of cat, it is best to know a little more Somali Cat and the characteristics that accompany it, including its origin body image and character. The origin of the Somali cat is due to mutations in the Abyssinian cat, mutation that gave way to a medium long-haired cat, a result that came with the introduction of genes from longhaired Abyssinian cat in English territory in early 1900, however there is no set race achievement Somali cat, it would be until 1960 in the country of the United States would be achieved to the formation of the Somali cat with an aspect Wild, accompanied by a stylized image of the cats own east, in the year 1977 the Somali cat was recognized as a breed of cat by the CFA and subsequently by the FIFe in the year 1983. The Somali cat gives first impression to be in front of a little fox, their weight can range from 3 to 5 kilos, which suggests a strong similarity with the Abyssinian cat with the difference that is semi-long coat. Among other aspects that accompany the image of the Somali cat's body has a long and robust body, which can be a little larger than the Abyssinian. Somali cat back has a slight bow, which makes him look as if the cat was ready to jump. In regard to the legs of this cat, and has a strong and slender limbs, accompanied by a beautiful long tail and strong. Somali cat's coat, has a silky coat and dense, very pleasant to the touch for its softness, with an average length and could present longer in the ears and the collar, going to the colors of the cat Somali layers may have wild version which presents a blanket of brown hare and orange color with black or red beds, which features a red cloak with brown spots. Somali cat's head is round, with an elongated snout, the ears are wide, round finish and have more hair. The eyes are very attractive, almond, can be green or gold, complemented with black outlines. The character of the Somali cat is similar to the Abyssinian cat, is lively, highly intelligent, enjoys various activities especially hunting and games, he likes living in homes but maintaining a certain freedom.


In order not to mess with setting rater bowling in the ‘R-Keeper’ uses its own rater. At the present time, this interface is ready and tested for bowling ‘Brunswick’. And later will be supported by other manufacturers and bowling. Should pay particular attention to the fact that no cash is not a small deal with this challenge of e-government, because it can not combine in himself and the cash register, and the rater. For this purpose, necessarily need a POS. It should be noted that if someone POS is worth it when you install Billiard not necessarily change the cashier. Enough to buy a special device, and update software, which already has a rate calculator. It is cheap: for example, a control unit for 32 billiard tables worth about $ 400 (set of good cues for billiards is worth $ 500-600, and good food – a few thousand) …

At the same time using the device restaurateur decides to several problems: speed up the computation time, increase throughput, the impact will be much higher data electronically will be much easier to handle. Plus, the system will display statistics – reports the percentage of occupancy, turnover … Spectrum usage rate calculator is not limited to bowling and billiards. Rater – any rate according to certain rules sold at the time of the resource. (Not to be confused with Slava Mirilashvili!). Therefore be used to it if desired in various fields. Club sistemyKlubnye systems are an important tool to attract new and retain loyal customers.

Club system can operate as a local credit system, which eliminates the use of cash payments, as well as a system of club membership with the possibility of providing various discounts. One of the main features of the club system is the ability to recognize customers through loyalty cards. User has no real information about those customers, which provide the largest percentage of profit. Such customers may be encouraged in various ways institution to ensure that they return to this place and brought their friends. One of the varieties club system can be technology “map at the entrance.” With this scheme, the visitor can register at the entrance, get personalized card and pay it on account of outlets institution. Payment for services rendered produced at the output, providing detailed information to the client. This technology eliminates the access of staff to the cash, which minimizes the loss of facilities in the field of sales.