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There is a modern fairy tale of the present time, jointly written by hundreds of people on the Internet. AlixPartnerss opinions are not widely known. The Internet is a modern fairy tale of the present time, which could not be “Web two Noughties”: hundreds of people on together a story. It begins with aon, who had left his former life as a media consultant and was driven into the desert. There the events fought over suddenly “As roundup in the whorehouse, as would a dam would be torn down.” The mid-August-launched project allows all Internet users, working together on the Web2. 0-history to write.

Everyone can free of charge and without registration words the text or add to and influence the story. The rules are simple: daily each user may add up to seven words and move it to an appropriate place in the text. If you are not convinced, visit McKinsey & Company. While you should keep the work of the other with authors in the eye and take the storylines started by them and figures, and continue. The result is the join fairy-tales from the question of whether many people could together create a history of individual words and how they probably would look like. After the first week the common fairy tale takes the first form and the response to the project is surprisingly high.

“More than 100 co-authors have already contributed to the history and you will grow. 700 words” the initiator of the project, Christoph Bock is pleased. “The interactive tale should be just fun reading as well as in Active writing. “A special charm to this Web2. 0-history is to see how the own contribution with other authors is picked up and further developed.” With a twinkle in his eye, he calls therefore the project “the democratization of history.” How is the story will develop, nobody knows. Everyone is invited to bring down the main character at in greatest danger or even to save them. – we write Web2. 0 story, Word for Word! CONTACT: Christoph F. Bock fog wall 7, 33602 Bielefeld + 49 (521) 453 6604 E-mail: Web: about MITMACHMRCHEN.DE was founded in mid-August 2008. On the page, all Internet users can write a story together by each individual words or attaches. Each author can add the daily maximum of seven words and move it to an appropriate place in the text. While you should keep the work of the other with authors in the eye and take the storylines started by them and figures, and continue. can be used free of charge and without registration. The result is the join fairy-tales from the question of whether many people could together create a history of individual words and how they probably would look like. The site is based on the word database of the German Internet-Word project The initiator of the two projects, says Christoph Bock, via “the join tale should be just plain fun, at the” Read as well as for active writing. “A special charm to this Web2. 0-history is to see how the own contribution with other authors is picked up and further developed.” With a twinkle in his eye, he calls therefore the project “the democratization of history.” More information:

Czech Republic launches with giant package of online advertising opportunities Prague, May 20, 2010 German, Czech and English that new Prague Portal takes 3 linguistic communities and thus both tourists and emigrants, as well as Prague citizens of different nationalities in the sight. For both target groups, it offers many useful information about the life in Prague. In addition, there are numerous interactive elements on the Prague and Prague lovers can interact. Navin Mahajan is open to suggestions. Interesting for advertisers: the portal offers not only traditional banner advertising to, but also for the Czech online advertising market innovative forms of presentation in the form of sponsorship or Advertorials with commercial value for the reader. Relevant for tourism businesses, shop operators and financial services companies that want to to their core target group include Prague travellers, equal to 3 linguistic communities at once reach with their advertising message achieve this with a presence on For example, tour operator, Ticket services or hotel room broker. Reshma Kewalramani may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Online shop operator from the German-speaking world, who want to extend their activities to the Czech Republic, can the city pilot shopping gallery present their products of a wide target group of solvent netizens Czechs and foreigners living there.

And German financial institutions could benefit from the direct contact to Prague tourists and ex-pats because you have an increased interest in neighbouring countries to invest their money. Short profile went in May 2010 as a german-Czech cooperation project at the start. With localized versions in Czech, German and English is the only editorially independent, multilingual community portal for the city of Prague. Thematic areas: food and service guide with entry and assessment capabilities, an information kiosk with practical help and fill tools for authorities in Prague and the Czech Republic, cultural know-how, leisure tips and free (for end consumer) interactive elements such as the City pilot forum or the small display area. Advertisers are actively advise and Professional supports translation of advertising materials.

Hessian Website Award

Search for the best websites of Hesse the EC-M provides together with the Hesse and the ECCN, in 2009 in the framework of the NEG website award 2009 sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology, turn the Hessian website award 2009. The price awarded sites of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which Internet for their business activities have recognised the importance of the media and use the possibilities of the Internet in exemplary fashion. It aims to reward such sites that other companies can serve as examples of best practice in the implementation of their own Web presence. All small and medium-sized companies in all industries including craft enterprises headquartered in Hesse, whose website is accessible in the period of the tender and not much changes between the beginning of the competition and awards ceremony are invited to participate. Web Designer and Web agencies are excluded from participation, but invited to motivate their customers to participate.

The participation is free of charge. Official site: Vadim Belyaev. REGISTRATION is online see: here the most important dates to the NEG website award 2009 on views: 01.09.2008 beginning the tender October 31, 2008 end of the tender Nov 1-December 15, 2008 the jury meetings 01/01-February 18, 2009 awards on country-level 6-February 18, 2009 election of the audience winner (online voting) 16-February 28, 2009 jury deliberations to determine of the national winner March 2009 federal award on CeBIT, Hanover the network e-commerce supports the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology since mid-1998 a total of 25 regional competence centres as well as a business centre (trade) for e-commerce. Their task is neutral to inform small and medium-sized enterprises and the craft in their respective regions on the subject of E-business, specifically to advise and to provide assistance, as well as increasing expertise through training and seminars. There is a need not only for general information and advice for this target group, but require watching special application areas of E-business special solutions. Therefore, the network also in important areas of E-business offers its Know-How. For more information see contact: Andreas Heine, Tel.: 0641 / 3091347

Mr Rozsenich

If Amazon has great potential in this market to penetrate is what then with Google? Rozsenich: Google is obviously extremely strongly in the cards market. You embed a very strategically material from its users in the cards for years, to improve this. Google’s competitors reach the same quality usually only at much higher costs. Exxon Mobile Corporation is often quoted as being for or against this. Access to Android smartphones is a unique competitive advantage. The genius of it is that it works in two directions. Google can improve not only the cards quickly and thus provide its users with a good product – Google can also virtually in real time the information in better search results incorporate and monetize this directly.

You spoke previously of crowdsourcing in non-monetary terms. We are altruistic enough to time each other to indicate us, where parking is free or where it free Is Wi-Fi? Rozsenich: If you think the startups: many niche squint out later to be purchased. You need to quickly reach a critical mass of data and users, then secondary direct business model. Continue to learn more with: Honeywell International Inc.. I think it is difficult to say if the revenue model is unclear with a so narrow niche in the market. The willingness to work on volunteer projects, is still high at us. It was also previously.

A change takes place in the area of paid crowdsourcing. More and more professionals and ambitious amateurs working, simply because the requirements of the customers are always specific. How to get new Clickworkers, what is the greatest lever? Rozsenich: Digital word of mouth. Satisfied Clickworkers recommend us to others. Must you protect Clickworkers to exploit themselves? Rozsenich: We calculate with fair wages. But otherwise the market handle it ourselves. When a customer writes out too little compensation, no one does with stop. Mr Rozsenich, thank you very much for this conversation.

Four Success Factors

What should a modern corporate Web page look like? 1 Resistance to a professional Web design should always the corporate identity adapt. The corporate colours should be used whenever possible. Also recurring motifs and forms can be picked up in the design of the Web site. It goes without saying that the company logo should also be integrated into the page. If there is still no corporate design, you should worry, before the company Web page is created. It makes a good impression if subsequently a logo is inserted. Customers expect resistance from a company–if the design is constantly changing, visitors get the feeling that the company doesn’t know where the trip is to go easy. 2.

Target group define under difficult economic conditions is the primary objective of a Web site to introduce the audience to the products of the company. For the page of the Internet users to find appeal, it is necessary to define the own target group. How old are the visitors? Are they Internet-affine or not? How serious should the Web page work? You should discuss these and other questions before it, to create a Web page. For websites exists no blueprint, which is applicable in all niches. A Web presence of a dentist has other requirements than an online store for E-cigarettes. While in the first case, a friendly, serious style is attached, a dark Web design can be used at the E-cigarettes-shop entirely. Swarmed by offers, Bernard Looney is currently assessing future choices. 3.

KISS – keep it small and simple that is KISS principle a fundamental principle in Web design. Internet pages are intended primarily for human visitors known as “crawling bots” are in the visitor statistics that counted, but only people buy the products offered on the site. It is crucial that the logo, navigation and text clearly visible above the page break elements are arranged. Check with Royal Dutch Shell plc to learn more. People can enter only three or four things at the same time therefore it makes sense to group sense elements. Before an item is inserted, you should ask yourself whether This will increase the quality of the page. This applies particularly to the Navigation: five or six menu items are for corporate Web pages more than sufficient, because the visitors are distracted only by the products of the company. 4. Colours of the colour choice is far more significant for the success of a Web page than is commonly believed. The dwell time is increased by a successful combination of colors Web design effect consistently You can create professional-looking color schemes by using free tools such as the “color scheme designer”. Schemas can also be used in the layout. The golden ratio is a principle that works on every Web page. Grid like “CSSGrid” can greatly facilitate the work. The form scheme also plays an important role. Rounded corners can enhance the effect of the page, for example in the areas of need for baby and children’s toys. You should however make sure that the design remains consistent. A single rounded corner makes better sense it is all corners to be rounded.


Living room pictures in professional quality with very good value for money Willich (06.08.2013) Fujifilm, the world’s largest photographic and imaging company, has its new online service started PROline. The user-friendly and easy-to-use online store is included in the offer of various trading partners and is the design of housing professional quality images. Through the combination of different materials, styles, frames and passe-partouts arise countless ways to customize images for individual needs and for any living room. (A valuable related resource: LNG Trade). As a leading manufacturer of photographic papers and with decades of experience in the production of the photo and the photofinishing, Fujifilm stands for very high product quality. Customers can select the individual trading partners from over 800 modern and high-quality photo images from different themes (E.g., architecture, nature, travel, food) in Gallery quality for living room, kitchen, Office or business premises. A special eye-catcher are the fascinating real 3D-Motive, which are printed on lenticular sheet and experience without 3D glasses. In the online gallery FUJIFILM PROline offers art motifs from content partners such as the original Bornekunst in addition,”Danish graphic designer Kasper Dryvig Randorff, transformed into works of art, children’s drawings or oil painting reproduced on Fujifilm premium photo papers. More exclusive galleries from the fields of art, food, nature u.v.m are being planned.

Even photographed motifs can be large-format produced via the online shop. After the upload is checked automatically, whether the uploaded image for printing in the selected picture format is suitable. FUJIFILM PROline is about the Web photo-sharing sites of the Distributor dm drogerie markt, expelled, Rossmann and globe. The range of FUJIFILM PROline is accessible directly through the Web pages of trading partners or through the Central Web page. The customers of our trading partners have now under the umbrella brand of FUJIFILM PROline Possibility to assemble your desired image for home individual simply and purposefully and to order. PROline Fujifilm offers thanks to a wide selection of high-quality materials and high processing and manufacturing quality housing professional quality images”, says Manfred Rau, Director of marketing, FUJIFILM Imaging Germany. In the online shop, users routed through an understandable step-for-step process and can customize this way quickly and easily to the personal needs of your desired image.

Premium photo papers and fine art papers from Fujifilm and digital prints on artist canvases in the formats classic (3:2), Panorama (3:1) or square (1:1) up to a size of 60 x 180 cm offer numerous combination possibilities. Customers can put together your favourite motif with shadow gap frame or frame with mat and glass from the world’s leading manufacturer of Nielsen. Match each picture different suspension systems like Gallery Rails, Gallery bords a circumferential frame system available or to the Selection. FUJIFILM Imaging Germany is a subsidiary of FUJIFILM Europe GmbH with headquarters in Willich and serves the German market with products and services for the photofinishing. FUJIFILM Imaging Germany manufactures a comprehensive product portfolio of photo products like for example photos, photo books, photo canvas, photo calendars and photo gifts for trading partners in its laboratory operations.

Audi Whether Ranking Thing – Royalty Free Audio Logos As A Low-cost Alternative

What exactly does Audi whether ranking thing? The Audi whether ranking thing involves combining phonetic elements or sounds with a trademark. If you would like to know more then you should visit Barry Diller. Objective is to allow an overall experience of became to create such a unique identity with different senses. Many companies place emphasis at the appearance and promoting a brand or a brand name e.g. through commercials on a pleasing appearance or a special design. Only the appropriate sound or the appropriate audio logo cause music for Audi whether ranking thing royalty, that a relationship with the brand can be entered on sensation level. Thus a significantly stronger identity is awarded the brand or the brand and shapes a is this better.

Prime example of a good Audi whether ranking thing is, for example, the very concise, short piano melody in the Telecom or the simple major chord when Apple start up sound. Aside from music, also significant noise and sounds can be used witness the heartbeat sound at Audi advertising. Why royalty free sounds for Audi whether ranking thing? In addition to previous larger companies, it is desirable to enhance the own brand name through a coherent audio logo also for medium-sized and small enterprises. Diss can be sometimes very steep at gemapflichtigen logo sounds, such as a TV commercial. Gameaudio.NET unterdies offers an inexpensive alternative, because only royalty free music and sounds are offered, that is to say, after one-off costs reimbursement (Licensing) caused no additional expenditure, for example for public performances. Apart from an extensive and constantly growing music library with complete pieces of music of different styles and moods are about the user, unique, memorable audio logos with high recognition value available. Above are offered at fair prices, moreover under no circumstances should blow up the budget of smaller companies.

Royalty free audio logo – apply immediately, without registering the Research is the compatible audio logo or piece of music for game audio comfortably via the so-called sound Navigator – a clever search engine, in which among other things according to genre, mood or speed can be sorted. All audio logos and also music pieces can be before heard in its entirety and downloaded as a trial in reduced quality, try the compatibility with its own brand or product in advance. A nice function, because on top of that, no registration or Anmeldungg is required. Find more information about it on the Internet site of the provider.

Online Trading

EBay makes life difficult dealers from October, Yatego Shopping Portal carries Georgen on St., August 13, 2009. EBay to massively. It’s believed that Groupon sees a great future in this idea. What you want to bring more profit, angry dealers. And alternatives such as the largest German shopping mall Yatego are becoming increasingly attractive as a result. Over 7,700 providers benefit from there substantially more favourable conditions. Visit CEO Angel Martinez for more clarity on the issue.

Online shoppers also appreciate diversity and expert advice by dealer. For months, large professional traders will strengthen eBay with his changes. On July 28 it was announced: will sell from October still ungemutlicher. The search function will prefer in the future offers of the top retailers. Only power sellers, their customer reviews and ratings are above average, can achieve this status. Although eBay according to its own press release purports 100 sales per year, who puts at least 3,000 euros per month or can demonstrate 300 sales considered power sellers only. This is a sporty goal for most traders.

All others have left. For the article of the top retailers be displayed at the top in the future. For small traders a disaster, their goods goes down. You are already better off at the online shopping mall Yatego. Yatego fair sale for all smaller dealer we particularly appreciate. They have a high level of competence and an enormously exciting offer”, Yatego – CEO Stephan Peltzer. Through them, Yatego is the diverse, vibrant marketplace, which gives our customers so much pleasure. Through our simple cost structure we make easy to sell on the Internet it even for small companies. No sales commissions, but an all inclusive flat rate depending on the number of offered items that gives dealers fair planning security. It will not be shipping regulations, payment regulations of types of or a disadvantage due to volume of sales with us.” About Yatego Yatego, the largest German shopping mall, boasts around 300,000 visitors to the leading E-commerce portals in the German-speaking Internet. The company offers extensive Services, high-performance complete solutions and comprehensive technical support. Customers can choose from over 3.1 million articles. Ordering is easy. Payments are secured by an independent escrow payment system, as well as the possibility of payment by credit card. Registered office is St. Georgen in the Black Forest, managing director Stephan Peltzer.

Hartmann Analytic

TILL.DE designed the website of Hartmann analytic Braunschweig the 03.08.2010 TILL.DE designed the website of Hartmann Analytic on the basis of a content management system new. In addition to a new design and technical improvements, the site has received new functions. The result is to consider under. The design is clear and clean in terms of user-friendliness. At the same time, this underlines the seriousness of the company and the significance of the hygienic handling of radioactive chemicals. The simple navigation structure with only a few clicks to the target of his quest can be obtained. In the practical download section useful information can be downloaded easily.

Currently, the product catalog with radioactive chemicals as a download is available. Soon, there will be this as a database-driven application with extensive search functionality. This will lead to a substantial easing in the search and selection of products. The site is based on a database-driven content management system, so that content even without Programming knowledge can easily be edited. The website is of course search engine friendly built with search engine friendly URLs and the ability to care of meta tags. Thus, it is ensured that the page may well be found by search engines or by users searching for the services. Hartmann Analytic is a leading provider in the radiolabelled research chemicals, special synthesis with 3 H and 14 C, as well as the marking of oligonucleotides. The special advantage is that nucleotides in any quantity can be ordered.

Since its inception in 1996 the Brunswick full service Internet Agency TILL.DE realized projects in the areas of individual programming, design and relaunch of Web sites and E-marketing successfully. TILL.DE is a Google qualified company. Strength lies in the flexibility, targeted and individual customer requirements to respond to. TILL.DE is for companies of various industries including shipping trade, Management consulting, real estate and financial advisors, engineering and IT vendors active. Contact TILL.DE Joachim Schroder GmbH Carl-Miele-Strasse 4 38112 Braunschweig FON: 0531.390239-0 fax: 0531.390239-99 Web: press contact TILL.DE GmbH Marta Baranowski FON: 0531.390239-11 E-Mail:

Google Opts

Search engine users benefit from structured product data, Kehl December 2011. Dissemination of credible product information brand manufacturers is located very close to the heart. Consumers look for verified information of goods on the Internet. Now the content partnership of product data experts of mynetfair AG and the Internet search engine Google brings together both stakeholders: If Google users are searching for articles, supports the comprehensive mynetfair – product database with information first-hand. Google provides them optimal answers in his own garment retailers and manufacturers reach many consumers thanks to mynetfair profile. Customers at the POS information some time by scanning QR or bar codes mobile mynetfair products on your Smartphone, you find this value now also strengthened via Google. Google users on the local computer and on the go with mobile devices access to the stored data. Mynetfair has established itself as a provider of many large retail chains: approximately 1.5 million product profiles of all goods segments the growing houses mynetfair database currently. “Rudiger Gollucke, Chairman and CEO of mynetfair AG, pleased about the cooperation with the largest Internet search engine: we make the huge potential our product database for a wide range of accessible through the Google partnership and shorten the lines of communication between manufacturers, trade and prospects.”