The Society

A man produces history from a process continues where each generation tends to supplant the previous one. It is a history that when becoming fullfilled itself of as meant to the nature and reproduces humano.’ constantly; ‘ In this direction the author still continues saying that ‘ ‘ urban space if reproduces, reproducing the segregation, fruit privileges of it conferred to a parcel of the society brasileira’ ‘ (Carlos, 1999, P. 83). He is leaving of this conceptualization of urban space and the comments of the authors above that he affirms yourself to be the generating urban space of violence. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Senator from Maine has to say.

It creates different relations that reverberate in conflicts and searches for conquest of a place in the society. Added to these typical inaqualities of the urban space of the current capitalist society, it is perceived formation of a mentality or subjectivity each more inclined time to commit violent acts. A time that is not purely the violence in these quarters, but all the violence form that is derived from the production of the urban space that is subject to constants reorganizations with a dinamicidade defined for pairs adverse, varying in intensity from it I serve as apprentice of the society, and the more complex the city, greaters the conflicts therefore: The space is a space of division of the work, where always mercantile activities exist, are predominant they or not, it is a certain population density. It also is a space of being able, where if he restores domination relations, either of the urban population on the agricultural population, either of part of the urban population on another part of this, but the domination of definitive social classrooms shows there basically on another one, under some forms, but mainly through the State (Viana, 2002, p.23)..

The Image

2008, p.128) the consumista condition if confuses with modern behavior that if makes for the innovation of the evolutivo rhythm of the condition of global consumista, provoked for offers that transmit the false idea of citizen of the privileged world inhabit for it of consumption of the developed countries. inhabits the aculturao there that privileges a observed culture as to be absorbed standard for that if it intends modern. The consumistas habits, the consumista culture, have caused social, moral and ambient problems of significant ratio for the humanity. The culture of ' ' ter' ' for ' ' ser' ' cause inaqualities each time between bigger people of one same society and countries. It constructs moral concepts that demoralize cultures and they do not respect customs, what before in a culture he was wrong started to be synonymous of beauty, for example, the dictatorship of the fashion that if it imposes as synonymous of beauty, or still the sales of the image of happiness of the peoples of rich countries for poor countries that assume identities you oppose its.

The ambient problems only more visible and less are judged as resulted of the globalization of the aculturao, of having to be, the multinationals. The degradation of the environment for the emission of toxic gases in the atmosphere that is the result of the sped up production and the world-wide consumerism. The production of tons of garbage that if became a world-wide problem for is affecting all the planet Land. The garbage is the result of the consumerism as induced culture of mass for the industry that if it decentralizes to angariar more profits. These companies leave its nations of origin to be installed in other nations and with this they receive another identity, they are called multinationals or transnational. The transnational multinationals or if spread for the world in search of countries that they possess: weak or contradictory legislation to the point to allow the job of the workmanship hand that she is cheap and qualified or that will be qualified to take care of the requirements of transnational or the multinational one; countries that have flexible environmental laws or that the authorities politics and policemen are susceptveis of corruption; they search, moreover, substance cousin of good quality and low cost; market of consumption in expansion or proximity with consumption markets; reduction, or even though exemption, of taxes; easinesses of transference of capital, the profits of the branch offices for the matrix.

Lefebvre Social

However, we prefer the use in this study of the terms production and reproduction of the space, following then the orientation of Lefebvre. The same Lefebvre contributes still with the notion of historicidade and transitoriedade of the space, resulted of its materialistic vision and dialectic of the space, with which it clarifies that for Henri Lefbvre: ' ' The space as production place, as product and as production, is simultaneously the weapon and the sign of this fight. Going until the end? but as to withdraw? this titnica task today compels to produce, to create diverse thing of the nature; the second nature, new and another one. It compels, therefore to produce the space, the space of the urban one, simultaneously as product and as workmanship in the direction where the art was workmanship. (…) All social space results of a process of multiple aspects and movements: significant and not significant, perceived and lived, I practise and theoretician. In short all social space has its history from this initial base: the nature, part of particularitities (small farms, climates, etc.).

(…) It has more, on the space, that of the uncertain traces left by the events: it has registration of the society in act, the result and the product of the social activities. (Lefebvre, 1974, P. 96). Being thus the city and its space, they are fruits of the society inhabit that them. It is a historical and social product and a workmanship of its inhabitants. An element meets relation key urban space/urban violence, therefore it is for the social relations of production that the society if reproduces, capitalist relations these that are of base e, therefore, they reproduce the inaquality. is in this reproduction of the inaquality that the urban space goes to place itself as generating of urban violence. In accordance with this proposal and mentioning current capitalist society to it, CARLOS (199, P.

Support Education

When associating Ambient Education the Support, perceives in the current debate on Ambient Education trends that privilege local actions and others that argue development models. The necessity imposes located, prompt and immediate actions, placing practical forceful challenges to the social ones. One becomes, therefore, according to Figueiredo, necessary to construct a critical one of the support. ' ' A critical culture of support returns in them to the question for the participation of the basic actors of this history. Add to your understanding with Jonah Bloom. In the truth it sends in them to the task to search to desvelar, in the freireano direction, the passage and the popular perception on assunto' ' (FIGUEIREDO, 2007, P. 79). When thinking about a critical one of the support we have that to consider some principles, amongst which the satisfaction of the basic necessities; the popular participation; the care with the natural goods; a solidary social system that guarantees quality of life. It is thought about a concept of support, detached from a development that does not question the capitalist model. If you are not convinced, visit Restaurant Michael Schwartz.

A reorientation of the term is prioritized, observing the relevance of popular knowing, without neglecting of the aspects involved partner-descriptions and politicians and that they must be considered by the Ambient Education. What it means to say that the Ambient Education cannot recognize the economic axle as exculpatory of other dimensions. Thus it is that if it makes important to define as demarcating the construction of Agendas 21 places, the quarters, the universities, etc. We think that much has that to cover itself to become it feasible e, this it will be given when to perceive that the new orientaes need one practical social propitious one stops to prosper. Figueiredo places that: The hegemonic Ambient Education, that if inserts in globalizado way, presents this trend inlaid in the tecnicismo, in the participation of the populations in prompt actions, in the planejamentos and centered governmental decisions that do not confront the capitalist model in consequent way.

Final Government

Consideraes Final the conclusion of this article not if of the one for historical ways, but if mainly made necessary historical clippings in the social and economic scope, therefore the land the appropriation of the same one, if it gave for many times for illegal ways such as the illegal occupancy of landed property, expulsion of peasants and murders same them and etc., having as injector source in this process the capital. The nestings of the MST having an important contribution for the transformation of the Brazilian space, but what in fact still it worries the social movements is that the government still this atrelado to the capital, to the international and agrarian capital, since so dreamed agrarian reform if it becomes utopian and the forms found for the social movements are the land occupation publish and private in the agricultural scope and the occupation of public and private building in the urban scope. is the perspective that the government if pronounces in detriment of the people and makes so dreamed agrarian reform, but, according to Bernardo, ‘ ‘ The government comes acting much more in the regularization of the areas of one who holds legal titles to property of what in the accomplishment of assentamentos’ ‘ (MANANO, 1998, 36), then the reply that the Movements find they are really the occupation making the necessary pressure that it has alarmed the society as all so that both demands the rights of the common citizen. Yitzhak Mirilashvili contributes greatly to this topic. .

Capitalism And Globalization

The capitalist relations of production that appeared of a sufficiently long process since the transistion of the feudal system until in fact arriving at the hegemony of the capitalism. In the truth the real objective of the capitalist system of production was really to obtain auges and of this form to expand for the world, when the cities had started to grow and from there then to exist the necessity to produce foods and products in general each time more in great amounts to supply the markets, however the capitalism was enclosing each time more the nations that of certain form opened breaches for its entrance, mainly the European and American countries that are the divulgadores of the capitalism in the world. With the mundializao of the production capital the capitalism was conquering each time plus other markets of new countries. Thus, industry one of the tools for the capitalism, therefore is through it that it obtains the production industrialized with very exceeding destined to the exportation. On these estimated paradigms of the capitalist system and production grew the division of the work with the wide implementation of industries in the sector of production for exportation ends and acquisition of the capital that of certain form will serve to fortify the local economy or not, therefore many times the industries are installed in a country and capital produced in the native country and not where the capital is being produced. Thus it is survived of the exploration of the laborers who receive wages low and very high a horria load. As a good example; Brazil that in 1950 with process fortssimo of industrialization had a ferrenha exploration, where the laborers did not count on no working law defended that them of the chaotic situation queviviam, to have idis they worked 12 hours per day, were men, women and children.

Brazilian External Politics

The importation is guaranteed by the agreement of free commerce of the MERCOSUL, and its impediment was provoking two important consequences: the loss of credibility of the Brazilian external politics and the comprometimento of the consolidation of the MERCOSUL what if it discloses seriously harmful for the national economy. The determination of then the president of the STJ was after taken analysis of order of suspension of security directed for the General Law of Unio (AGU). When moving away the effect from the position adopted for the TRF (hosted in Porto Alegre), the minister Pablo Coast Milk understood that the threshold gotten for the agricultural producers of the Rio Grande Do Sul finished if constituting in a bigger risk for the country because the suspension of the importation it could cause the internal desabastecimento of rice beyond causing damages in the relations with the MERCOSUL, harming the internal consumers of rice, since Brazil, not being self-sufficient in the production, matters of some countries. Brazil signatory of is treated international whose norms and lines of direction cannot be disrespected; – commitments assumed for Brazil in treated international do not allow the application of minimum prices of importation; – the decision can cause the rupture of the autonomy and the separation Being able between them, because the definition of the politics of importation and national exportation is typically administrative act and charges only the Executive, not fitting to the Judiciary one to enter in this seara; – the suspension of the importation serious cause injury to the public order and economy, therefore wounds Treat to Installation, confronting the norms of the World-wide Organization of Comrcio.3.1 REGIONAL PREPARATION OF the RICE IS DISAPPEARING IN the NORDESTEGeovanice Galvo, living pernambucana of Guarulhos, So Paulo, counts a way to prepare rice that is disappearing of the daily one in Recife, the cooked and washed rice, that receives a way from similar preparation to the pasta.

Global Heating

Sprung from the same father and mother Vanglia Coast Federal University of the Acre? UFAC Orienting Department of Geography: Frank Alexsande ** Summary the global heating caused by the man is one of the biggest scientific paradigms of the present time. This has deep ambient, economic implications, social politics and. The debate around the subject is intense.

However, the perspective of climatic changes of the past, the questions of the geologic time are part of this quarrel. The climate oscillates of course and dumb. It has this many times in the past. The causes of this are geologic and these changes are part of the natural dynamics of the Land. In the article we will cite the geologias as being a determinative factor that it proves what it is occurring in the land and as the Amaznia is affected. We will treat in such a way to search the causes and the consequences and the reason of the changes, trying to contribute to the debate. Exactly ahead of the scientific uncertainties and climatic changes of the past presented, the article defends the sensible position of if taking attitudes that can reduce the possibility of antropognicos effect to the climate, in the place of if simply continuing emitting effect gases greenhouse without restrictions and to wait what it comes to happen.

Global Abstratct warming caused by man is one of the most current scientific paradigms. Environmental This has profound, economic, social political and issues. The has debated on the subject is intense. However, the prospects of climate change from past issues of geological teams ploughs part of that discussion. The mood swings and changes naturally. He has this many teamses in the past. The you cause of this ploughs geological and these changes ploughs part of the natural dynamics of the Earth.