It is increasing the number of professionals working in their homes. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Bobby Joe Long. In many cases it is a home office partial, 2 or 3 days per week. In some cases, comprehensive. It is a regime of labour envied by many, often seen as a way to avoid wear daily with traffic, or a chance to wake up a little later, use more comfortable costumes and still have the same hourly load of a traditional regime. There is, however all other aside from the home office that the majority of applicants does not take into consideration. For example: for the elaboration of monographs, the best thing is that you type in your home in the Office. But a high degree of discipline and motivation with the job of writing are required so there is a considerable drop in productivity.

The absence of factors such as coexistence with colleagues, professional office environment, and daily domestic cursor can hinder the entry of the monographic work, and transform the home office into a problem more than a solution. The feeling fulfilled duty (of an article well played scientist) is a great motivating factor, leading to professional satisfaction and towards a good quality of life. Some tracks and care are very important to make the home office play to his favor improving the productivity of writing their monographs: environment: a sober, returned to work is important. The ideal is to define a room in the House will be the Office. Everything you pick up that there is in this comfortable that is related to work, minimizing the need to get out of this. Time: Another very important aspect is to define a dossier. A daily schedule of work with well-defined start and end helps to maintain a routine and to separate leisure work. The lack of a defined file can carry a large drop in productivity by allowing interruptions and cursor, carried a much longer working day in most of the time so that the goals are met.

Resources: Can be interesting to have a landline or mobile phone dedicated to the working line. This prevents cursor with calls they are not related to their tasks. A good internet connection, a good computer and a comfortable chair can also be factors of significant stimulus to the work of writing monographs and productivity. Leverage your flexibility: all perceive moments of low motivation. In this case, a change in environment can help very much. Leverage the flexibility that the home office allows, and when feel the motivation in baja, consider spending 1-2 hours working in his living room, in the network of the balcony, or even in a restaurant. The sobriety of the Office is always important, but an occasional change of scenery relieves stress and stimulates concentration and creativity. Talk with your family: very important is that the family can understand that being at home does not mean being slack. Work at home involves even more compromentimento that in the Office, is immediately important family to respect the schedule, aware that this schedule has a beginning and an end well-defined.