Recognized Companies Of Affiliation

Many exist and very varied companies that nevertheless offer services of affiliation I am going to recommend those that I consider more serious and responsible, clearly are others but I do not want to do this post too long. We speak today of ClickBank? ClickBank: This he is the most important directory for everything what has to do with digital products, are very well made products of very good quality and of high demand, this is a very good option when it is in trading new the product search to promote and additionally every day would get up and with them its products, all want to be in CickBank, this company counts in its salary with more than 30 thousand products of which you can choose the one who more good adapt to his needs. They have an excellent service of collection have established agreements with the most important lenders on watch of credit cards reason why they receive almost all the credit cards of the market. It also receives as mode of payment to Paypal, this is very important since many people, that is to say, million people are realising its purchases through Paypal. Payment commissions until a 75% of the value of the product, these are very high commissions reason why you are going to make a good money whenever a product through their connection of affiliate is sold. It receives requests of opening of account in almost all the countries of the world, very recently incorporated to many of the countries of Suramrica like a Peru, Argentina, Venezuela among others, for that reason I recommend to you that apertures your account right now in? They pay with check and in some countries as Mexico realises transference of direct money to your associate account. You can begin to receive payments by commissions generated from the 10 dollars, clear that this amount it you can form to a value higher I I suggest to place it over the 50 dollars. It pays to the commission every 7 days, this is very important because the payment is fast. In the next article I will continue treating the subject not to make it so long. I hope is to you of utility this information.

Social Responsibility

Somebody will have that to pay for this redistribution of the assets. The author still affirms that when the professional controlling if consider to obtain something beyond the profits more, if chooses implicitly creative of politics without they have been elect for nobody. Moreover, they doubt that the controlling of comercial houses have the qualification necessary to decide as it must be the society, and add that for this we choose our representatives politicians, that is, so that they take this type of decisions that do not say respect to the empresariado one. Already for Keith Davis (1967), the Social Responsibility goes beyond the profit. Beyond what all the companies want. They give value to the collaborator, are more flexible in relation to the same ones. Happy collaborator relieves more. To relieve more, generates more prescription consequently and more profit.

He is cyclical. It is this that lacks in some companies, to give value is not to lose the authority and the power, is to know that in each employee, it has for brings a family who of it depends. The companies whom they possess as focus the Social Responsibility, do not forget them people its return they make and it for love, of this form the income is equal or superior to that it only thinks about profit. To think about the next one is an act of respect and solidarity. It is to want beyond carrying through the activities proposals, to help the next one to a way where what there to generate, exactly it will be distributed there without generating social discomfort. The company leaves to have only economic and social goals for also anticipating itself to the social problems of future. For this, it is necessary to act now in reply to these problems. To question if currently the companies they act in the society of influential form or not, something is really difficult to be answered.


The models of countable management or controls countable-financiers to consider in the present research are: administration of the turn capital; financial risk, liquidity and financial strategy; financial health. Administration of the turn capital: for Bodie and Merton (2002 apud SHEEP, MATIAS and CAMARGO, 2004), the companies need to use money to cover the expenditures, before any amounts in money are collected by the sales of the products of the company and have as resulted a typical investment in asset, as supplies and duplicates to receive and exceed its liabilities, as provisionadas accounts and duplicates to pay. The difference between these circulating assets and liabilities is increase of capital of turn. Depending on the necessity of turn capital, the company finances in sources third or proper ones of resource in the forms of long or short term. The Perez Jnior, Eyelash and Franc (1995 apud SHEEP, MATIAS and CAMARGO, 2004) define necessity of turn capital as the sum that the necessary company to make use in function of the economic cycle (given for the average stated periods). This necessity of turn capital is the sum of financings that the necessary company to get to keep the activities.

Gitman (1997 apud CONGRESS UFSC OF CONTROLADORIA AND FINANCES, 2. 2008) tells that the purpose of the financial control is to assure that the capital of the company is available in the adjusted sums, at moment certain to the lesser cost, contrary case the company will not survive. Being based on the displayed one above, the administration of the capital of efficient turn search to reduce the investments in not lucrative assets, as duplicates to receive and supplies and to increase the stated period with suppliers, provisionados anticipation of payment of customers and wages. Thus, the form most economic, fast and continuous would be the use of these sources of resources of investment in turn capital, needing to control the minimum o of the operational activities as box and banks, supplies, accounts receivable, accounts payable box flow.

Goldman Sachs – History

“Founded in 1869, Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. Headquartered in New York, we maintain offices in all major financial centers around the world.”

Everything must in accordance with be planned the perspective of its customer, where the attendance is primordial for being determinative factor for the retention of the customer. The book ‘ ‘ Communication in Marketing, ‘ ‘ whose author Pine, proves the efficiency of the marketing functions, when planned, organized, implemented and controlled, that is, managed for a good attendance the customer. Rmulo Raymond in the article ‘ ‘ Attendance is possibility for fidelizao’ ‘ , in the periodical ‘ ‘ Nowadays ‘ ‘ , it detaches the excellency in the attendance the customers and suggests that all company invests in the qualification of the attendants, who will make direct contact with the customers. All the comments perceived for this researcher had taken it to understand it the relevance of the interaction stop with the customers and the excessively collaborating ones of the company, what it was of great value for its learning. 15 CONCLUSION All the knowledge acquired during the course in vigor and the elaboration of this work, had consisted of my professional growth. After to have been registered the facts and situations of difficulties of this company, excited in me, the necessity to find ways to revert this picture, for improvement of the results in the services and products offered to the customers. I noticed that it has a light acentuao of rotation of the clientele, what it does not leave of being a negative point in the Bergmann, but, has ways to solve this imbalance, for feeling a certain flexibility in the communication accomplishes between the direction and the collaborators, what it assists very in the conquest of benefits in programs of improvements. During my comment in the company mentioned above, I could confirm gradual to the reversion of the difficulties, looking for to reduce the weak point through feedback, where the collaborators had had chances to display its strategies or even though to carry through the necessary adaptations of its plans, the direction of the Bergmann organization.