The Capital

Yes, exactly, the capital gadzhetostroeniya. What kind of capital is that? Frequent visitors at home and fashion unique things certainly understand what will be discussed. I think the first thing that a fan would think the same and other gadgets electronics like me, it's Japan, Tokyo's Akihabara district legendary. For a long time he was considered the world's largest electronic market place. Until recently, it was.

Let me explain why. Angus King understood the implications. Indeed, a large enough main street and several adjacent parallel streets and lanes of busy shops, boutiques and magazinischami computer and electronic products. At least that's written on "ekzibite ( in October 2002 (I then just reinstall windose studied). Just then, I turn on every little thing with computer brains. In addition to the impressions of the author of the article, such as "there is nothing to do all the expensive, huge selection, but expensive .." I was very surprised that it turned out that in the quarter Akihabara sell mostly without official guarantee, or machinery is sold out of bins a corporation, has replaced its fleet of vehicles, or bankrupt. So, now you can assume that the Akihabara district is no longer in the first place, this place is now on the right "gadget mecca" in southern China, in Guangdong province in the town subprovintsialnom Shenzhen, near Huakang Lu. The address is not small, true? How can we justify this statement? Probably just personal experience … I wonder if someone reading this article, an idea of what it looks like the Chinese electronics market? This I mean, that is my least virtual representation (and in the near future I hope more and news portal / store), but the people, suppliers and processes behind them, it is even real! The idea of the portal ponder and designed for long enough. Of course, conducted the necessary studies and spent a lot of money on petrol and tickets for travel, as well as on different specialists in different fields, where my lawyer did not know enough.

Web UFFS Management System

Project of Desenvolvimento and Gesta of the new Site of UFFS1 JADERSON RAFAEL WEBLER2 (webti@,) SUMMARY organizac' to and administrac' to the one informac&#039 conteu of it of guarantees great value to it; to the one of instituic' to. Sites of instituic' it you are pu blicas federal and of other universities they had served as it relates ncia for the development of the new site of the Federal University of the South Border. The PHP was the language chosen for the development of the functionalities of the gina Par as well as the system of gesta conteu of it of. The Joomla, system that serve of base for the development of the System of Management Web UFFS, and one of the more interesting tools web of the moment. All it conteu of this tico and mico dina of instituic' to sera managed atrave s of the one of this system. ABSTRACT The organization and content management provide valuable information you the institution. Federal Sites of public institutions and to other universities reference will be developing the new website of the Federal University of South this Border PHP is the language chosen will be the development of the features of page and the content management system.

The Joomla system the basis development will be the of Web UFFS Management System, is one of the most interesting web tools of the moment. All static content and dynamic institution will be managed through this system. PALAVRAS-CHAVE Site, UFFS, Joomla, Gesta of Conteu of the Web, CMS. 1 Article elaborated for disciplines of Leitura and Produc' to Literal the II, given for the teacher Mary Stela Surdi, of the course of ncia Cie of the Computac' to and for the Program the Iniciac&#039 Stock market; to the Acade mica/2010 of the Federal University of the South Border, in 2o semester of 2010.

New Technologies

In the days that run, the use of the new Technologies of Information and Communication are half indispensable for a company who ambiciona to be in the aircraft marshalling area. The development of the computers had a crucial paper in the creation of new companies and impensveis businesses have 50 years behind. The communication in net allows to a bigger interaco between the companies and the diverse dispersed collaborators for the world. The rapidity in the transmission of the information through the Internet and the telemveis, the gradual increase of the capacity of storage of data is certifications of that we enter in a new age of discoveries, but now through the computers, of the social nets etc., we sail in a virtual world with information and real data. The interactividade becomes more easy, the available information is each bigger time and is importantssimo that our companies know to collect, to organize and to store with security all this information that if finds available.

A company whom she intends to be competitive productive it will have that to possess, telephones and faxes, scanners, telemveis and computers with linking to the Internet of broad band. The computers will have to be on in net in order to be able to facilitate the storage and consult of data between the diverse departments. The presence in the Internet is basic, therefore with some euros if it can create a site and registar a domain of form to guarantee its presence on-line and the recognition the national level and in the best one of the hypotheses international. The investment in Marketing is essential for the spreading of its products or services. For example, the lease of a space advertising executive in a periodical, magazine or website. E-mails and Newsletters allow to keep its informed customers of a continuous and gratuitous form. The used videoconferncias also are each time more, therefore if for example one of the collaborators if to find in China and another one in Portugal, will be able to communicate through audio video and in real time. The filmings and the photos facilitate immense to the communication and demonstration. garages mainly more the conservatives, bet in these half innovators, as well as in the continuous formation of all its collaborators in way to reach the success and never to forget that each time more we communicate and we negotiate to a global scale.

Use Blackberry App World

Perhaps it sees well, after the few words on Blackberry App World peloseu official site, you already knows of what this is treated post but does not know to comoutilizar it, I go to show to you as to use the applicatory ones of the Blackberry Apps that you low for its proper cellular telephone Blackberry. Acabeifazendo a small text demonstrating as it is simple to look for, to search to ebaixar applicatory available in the store on-line of Blackberry. Remembering quevoc also it can also have access for its computer in house, but today not voufalar on this in this post. In first place, if you not yet made downloads for cellular, want to say, odownload of the system Blackberry App World in its smartphone, he makes now. After everything that is of the installation in its Blackberry, he opens aplicativoque you lowered. He goes will find an indication screen initial, that mostrarpara you first applicatory them in prominence, and normally, essesaplicativos are lowered. In the prominences he is possible to see I number it deestrelas, wants to say, the amount of downloads, high notes, etc& , that is, that is a summary of what the applicatory one can make for you, and the deaplicativo type: FREE, FREE DEMON, or PAID (Pago). A necessary thing namely, noBrasil not yet is available applicatory the PAID ones, therefore for enquantotodos they are of favours.

You can clicar the TrackBall for the side that apareceromais applicatory in prominence. However, in the same screen you have a small menu of icons that servempara to sail in the store. In this menu you can you have the option to select osaplicativos for the section Categories, section better FREE, section better PAID, section To search (To look for), and section My World. In the section of Categories, the type of applicatory will vocpoder to choose which that you are interested. It can serBusiness, Finances, Games, Maps, Trip, photo, music, etc& To all they are 17categorias different, subcategorias for one better filtering of what vocrealmente it looks for. In the section of categories, they are mixed applicatory FREEe the PAID ones. In section TOP FREE more you will see the 25 applicatory ones lowered and commelhores notes and commentaries in the store. To finish, he only lacks more importante& to lower for the applicatory one dApp World that you would like to use. First I will choose the applicatory one and cliquenele, the first option is to make download, clicando in to this will aplicativoser it option lowered and installed automatically exempting, you of any problem. After installed, it is alone to have access the main menu of applicatory its brinquedinho and abriro for its icon bred.