Relevant Building

Prepare documentation to project developers of apartment buildings. It should be required to use “advanced and resource-saving technologies” (paragraph 7.11). It would seem document removes all the questions. A special cause for optimism statement the capital’s mayor ym : “After all the heated debate about the overhaul, I have decided to implement it in full, despite the fact that it will be much more expensive. ” People can only wait and take possession of the renovated with the latest building science building. However, as taught in our rich history, the practical implementation may kill any initiative. We are already accustomed to the fact that the result is often more dependent on the whims of the performer, rather than on the customer. Well-known Karamzin “Steal!” Relevant today as 200 years ago.

Owner of a note first of all try to understand how it should all happen in practice. To make repairs in the house, you need to develop the project, under which it will be done. As noted First Deputy Mayor in the Moscow Government, Head of Urban Development of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov, 70% of residential buildings in Moscow, built in 64 standard designs. Of course, it’s much easier task, since both repair projects may also be typical. However, the nuances of all there is, because houses were built at different times and are in different states. Marc Bistricer often says this. Therefore, for each home is the so-called binding Model Project: its revision, taking into account local conditions. This requires a technical opinion on the state of the building (TCC).

Weapon Boxes

Arms should be kept legal persons in a safe, cabinets, boxes, pyramids and installed in specially equipped premises, discharged, with the hammer released, put the safety catch, clean and lubricated, separate from ammunition. The arms assigned to the employees of legal persons, in a safe, closet, pyramid or box attached labels indicating the type, model and number of weapons in accordance with an inventory of books and registration records and securing weapons. If you would like to know more then you should visit Economic Cycles Research Institute. 164. In the armory of legal persons with special statutory tasks in conjunction with the weapon is allowed to store cartridges in , shops, swap or clip reels.

Weapons in their original packaging (cartons, boxes) and the cartridges in bottles (zinc boxes with zinc) can stored on shelves. Cartridges in bulk is stored only in metal boxes, closed by two locks, different secret. In individual safes, metal cabinets, boxes, pyramids, and by separate storage of: a) ammunition and weapons (except as indicated in paragraph 164 of this Instruction). At the same cartridge containing pyrotechnic compositions, or filled, tear gas and irritant substances, as well as ammunition, which gave misfires, stored in a single package, and b) artistic and decorated weapons of all kinds, containing precious metals or precious stones, and c) the seized weapons and accepted for temporary storage of citizens or employees other entities, as well as such weapons and the balance consisting of: d) of gunpowder, packed in special sealed metal bottles (boxes), and gunpowder, packed in plastic bags for retail trade. 166. Metal cabinets and drawers for storage of weapons shall be closed by the castle and have a thickness of not less than 2 mm, for storing gunpowder, bullets and articles containing a pyrotechnic charge or pyrotechnic projectile equipment – not less than 3 mm, and used for the transport of weapons by air – not less than 1,6 mm.


Gruntuem base. If the work will be used tile adhesive, then, to prevent it from soaking in surface after drying the alignment layer on it is applied primer. -The old surface must be thoroughly checked for strength and presence of defects with a hammer, a nail or chisel through certain intervals. While eliminating damage uneven floor is recommended to use recovery solution, and surface defects corrected with the leveling of the solution. -When laying ceramic tiles on surface, tiled, check the existing siding with a hammer. Finding loose fitting, extending from the tile surface, re-glue them, or remove and fill the voids recovery solution. With such installation is very important to choose a special glue.

-When recovering tile on painted surfaces, you must first check them. Peeling paint or swollen to scrape. To increase adhesion, perform surface scoring. Next> stage is the pre-marking the walls, for how you will look like a wall after raboty.Est lovers pazdelyat half nonintegral tile and ofopmlyat rearrangement of surfaces. Ha I think this is unaesthetic and yes even . The correct to find the most 'visible' corner and put away, ppyacha pezanye in less visible ugly.Vnachale lay out everything you can lay out the whole tiles, and then you can deal with trimming. Pruning (incomplete tiles) are measured individually, because of uneven walls, irregular geometry of the room, etc. tile sizes can vary significantly along the length of the series. Cut the tiles to the size you want is not always easy, especially for floor tile varieties.

The Bowl

For example, W-8 – this concrete is less porous than the usual W-6, and will not absorb much water. It is important that the location of all mortgages, the holes for the injectors (the closing of parts on tubes and other devices which is set on the inner surface of the pool) was thought out in advance, then will not have to drill the concrete for example, has a hole under a lamp. In the process of assembling the concrete is poured into the prepared excavation to the foundation and reinforcement – it's walls and bottom of the pool. It is important that the cup was filled immediately, but not often, because the pool is made of several layers may not be reliable. Before hardening of concrete is necessary to "knock out" from He bubbles. This is done using special vibrators. Dry bowl should be two to three months.

You will need only occasional watering pool water so that it no cracks. Subject to all the rules surface should receive exactly, without noticeable depressions and mounds. But if you want to save time and effort you can do easier. Some firms, on request, use caissons – metal plates – for forming formwork bowls: one plate abuts directly to the ground, the second is the inner wall of the bowl. In the space between two plates poured concrete – for structural strength. This method, of course, cheaper, but this bowl will turn with sutures. Sutures, however, then sealed and welded, but there is a certain risk: problems with sealing may show up at the most inopportune moment.

Raw Metal Sales

Sales of building materials: a decrease in the price of basic construction materials for October and November 2008 turned 8. 15 percent Based on data from the Association of Builders of Russia, in late September 2008, the decline in prices of basic construction materials, to very end of December 2008. , Left 8, 14 percent of steel sales: the price of metal in comparison with November fell by about 13. 9 percent, is the strongest decrease in the value of metal in the year. Reinforcement is lost in the costs an average of 19.

8%. Sales of crushed rock, asphalt, sand, bricks: in 2008, you can see growth in sales of building materials. Price this year: c May to November price of cement fell by only 30-40%. Now the sale of the majority construction materials remains the same, but at this time, manufacturers individually suited to each customer and provide a deferral of payments, that is practically selling construction materials are at a lower price – According to the Association of Russian Builders. Announcement of All-Russian competition for the optimal development of steel spheres of the economy and the production of metal products including building materials. Metal rolling and light metal – a broad development area for construction. On materials ‘Metal-Expo’ Announced Russian competition on the optimal design of metal and light metal.

Competition announced in order to attract the attention of the market to the modern achievements in the creation of advanced new types of metal and steel structures. ‘Metal-Expo’ announced the call for applications for participation in the contest, contest will be announced at the international exhibition of metal and steel building forum ‘Metal Story Forum’ taking place between 18-21 March 2009. In the vvc. As part of the competition committee – the first specialist industry research organizations, such as: Institute of reinforced concrete, them. , them. Bardeen and other equally well-known enterprises. The forum presented a huge selection of construction materials, for example, you always be able to conclude an agreement with one of the many companies and for example: buy fixtures. If we remember that black and no small portion of non-ferrous metals are based on the needs of the building, part of which goes about 40 percent of the consumption of the metal. Sales pipes -up from January to October 2008 increased by almost 24% Net profit of Tube Works‘ since Jan. On oct. 2008. Was 115. 553 million Dollars, which is 21, 9 percent more than in 2007 year. Tube Works’ specializes in the production of shaped tubes and round longitudinal as well as water and gas, and gas pipes. One of the sections of the plant is a fixture B500C. According to the official documents of the company profits surged by 35 percent and amounted to 1 billion 876. R. 036 million cost had risen to 1 billion 662, 205 million rubles, ie, at 36, 7%. Net income from sales increased by 22% to $ 195. 774 million Dollars. Net income before tax went 183. R. 084 million and increased by 10 and 4 per cent.

Investments In The Comfort

In Russian cities realized, perhaps the most ambitious in the past 60 years, the program overhaul of the housing stock. In accordance with Federal law 185-FZ, financed it, "Assistance Fund for Housing Reform" (95%) and at their own expense residents (5%). But on what owners can expect for the money? According to Article 2 of the said law overhaul – a complex of works on troubleshooting, as well as rehabilitation and replacement of worn-out structures in an apartment building in order to improve its performance. In more simple terms, after the repair room in the house should be a convenient and comfortable. But whether this is true – depends largely on the residents themselves, because, by law, initially they determine their need for reconstruction and modernization of the house. Therefore, try to figure out what to pay attention primarily to maximize the quality of their domestic life. Terms of comfort by law 185-FZ, overhaul facilities, conducted under the federal program may be in-house engineering services, elevators, roofs, basements and facades. And in that order.

Have you ever had it? The practice shows that – far from it. The fact that the utilities – heating, plumbing, sewage and electricity networks – this is filling, which makes concrete (brick) box in the apartment building. Without them, life at home is impossible in principle, but their condition largely determines its quality. For example, problems in the heating system or failure in the electrical system does not just make our lives uncomfortable, but often are a source of danger to the inhabitants of the house.

Russian State Standard

So held Russian State Standard tests showed that the pvc window profile proplex retains its performance properties over 60 years. In addition, modern plastic construction does not require repairs or maintenance with special funds. Thus, their costs will be a one-time. It must be noted that with the onset of the crisis, many window companies have started issuing cost product options that retain all of its useful properties at a more "humane" price. "We can not ignore the fact that the solvency of a significant part of consumers today are much lower than in the pre-crisis period – explains Rafik Alekperov, head of the department for work with clients propleks Group, Russia's leading manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. – That is why we specifically designed the 4-chamber of 70 mm system PROPLEX-Comfort. New profile provides the best heat and sound insulation compared with the 3-chamber and a better price – compared with a 5-chamber.

" You can add that today the price of plastic construction budget category ranges from 10 to 20 thousand rubles per Window to the cost of installation. As soon as we are talking about windows, you need to say a few words about the doors. The most long-lasting – up to 30 years – the product of solid hardwood (like oak or mahogany). Lifetime corresponds to the price, usually in excess of 25 thousand rubles. In addition, massive door requires special care. However, natural wood in this case – the category of prestige rather than a prerequisite durability.

Laminate Companies

Various new developments in housing construction are arising all the time. For example, in repairing rooms often are new, reliable, beautiful materials. Several years ago, floor coverings were novelty. Currently, he is considered the most advantageous choice for those wishing to join a high practicality and excellent quality with a decent appearance of the coat on the floor. Since the laminate has a well-chosen stock, he will serve you for a long time without losing its quality and appearance. This flooring requires no sanding, varnishing, and what a special constant care. He was not afraid of different strokes, chipped or scratched.

Due to the great popularity of modern floor coverings on the market, there are many companies in their production (for example, the company Kronotex Amazone). Currently, laminate produce different classes depending on the problem. For example, in areas where wear and tear on your opinion coating on the floor is the biggest, smarter, putting laminate higher class, as it is more resistant to shocks. In addition, there are a large number of laminate flooring. It is produced with simulated wood, ceramics, marble, and the like. Thus, we can execute any design ideas.

Laminate flooring has many advantages compared to other flooring. Firstly, it has very good strength and is resistant to shocks. Secondly, it quite easy to put on their own, having a set of simple tools and detailed instructions. Third, the laminate is absolutely harmless to human body. This is extremely important for pregnant women and families have which young children. In addition, a laminate is sufficiently long service life. Most companies offer a guarantee on their products. If the laminate is built on quality flat surface, then its lifespan will be significantly more than the guaranteed period. The most asked question – how much is worth a laminate. It is quite comprehensible price category, for almost everyone. Laminate on the market today is very much the players. Set manufacturers and trading companies that offer their services, often imposed on customers not quite what they need. When purchasing coverage on the floor, you must immediately decide what you want to laminate in a premises, and for what price range expect.

Brass – Eternal Material For Chandeliers

“Lamp M,” a Moscow based firm, has been successfully been producing components made of Spanish brass. Classic lamps – chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps and curtain rods, curtain holders, holders for flowers, candlesticks, balusters, fixing carpet walkways and other interior elements. If you like these products, you probably are interested in our conversation with the ceo Alexander Vasilyevich Vanyushina. -Alexander, which began with the production activities of your company? – Next year, our company is 13 years. We created it in 1994 with Igor Tolmachev Jaroslavovich, which connects me long-standing friendship. The first time “looking for a theme” – trading in building materials, and then “come across” in light and are engaged by them since 1995. Until 2000. We are a trading company, but after several years of work in this area, we became clear that the need to move to production.

The fact that we constantly found themselves in a situation where they could not fully satisfy the needs of the buyer, because they were constrained by the availability of finished products in stock. We began to search out the manufacturer of components and in 1999. Acquainted with the Spanish firm Base Cuatro Group, brass parts manufacturing industry. In March of 2000. We received the first batch of components, and since then engaged in the production. Extremely difficult it was this time, two and a half years in fact, we learned to work, picking up people. Only with the fall of 2002 began to operate normally and produce goods of good quality.