Errors Made On The Stock Exchange

Have you heard about the currency trading Forex? Arbitration, heard a definition, you know what that means? This is – one of the cash transactions. This is done by traders' transactions to purchase or sell currencies with the further undisputed quite the reverse of the transaction in order to guarantee profits. Given the way on what will make a profit, arbitrage is divided into these types: temporary interbourse crossover itself is the meaning of the arbitration is preserved under the organization of fixed-term contracts – when buying or selling foreign currency options. For American options you have the opportunity to sell or purchase foreign currency for a specified period, as well as on the European – only in clearly deadline. If you go to the market, it still does not mean that you will get rich, just to make serious power, spending much time you can be lucky, one of the ten who entering the market, stayut rich.

Analytical composition of the mind, the vital skills of the economy and a few hundred bucks, so if you own, you have every chance to be a successful trader exchange Forex. In the web there are a lot of data on Forex, also there are many sites where the alleged professionals provide for a fee every day to tell you about what to buy and what to implement. Alas, many such organizations have little training in matters of foreign exchange market. Think of what firms do not use your own predictions and not earn a lot of money, because their daily assumptions all the time is correct.

Pros And Cons Of Online Stores

Development of advanced web technologies has reached a stage where simplicity and safety enabled development of an intelligent and easy-to-use Web application. Online store is no exception. Modern businessmen are increasingly turning to this type of Web applications, but some distrust remains. Internet commerce in major cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg) was widespread, but in smaller cities to this kind of Trade wary. Try to understand and highlight the pros and cons of online stores that better real store or online magazin.Dlya opening a real store will need to find suitable premises to good location (to buy or rent), book design and decoration, to buy commercial equipment.

When you open an online store is chosen domain name, ordered design and development, plus rent office for your company. But in the second case of you need much less capital investment than opening a real store. Cost of development will cost you about 60 – 150 thousand rubles. When investment in repairs premises and purchase of equipment may be several times larger, and the office, you can choose anywhere. It is also possible to reduce costs and compensation of employees: need fewer advisers, not need a guard, Cleaner .Plyusy and cons analyze the example of an online perfume shop. Pros: Low cost of development, compared to opening a real store.

Lower labor costs (fewer required of employees). Office rental lease below commercial premises with good attendance. Competitive prices. Convenience for klientov.Minusy: Clients can not assess the product “live”. Selling such perfume you do not can bring flavor (but there are stores of competitors, where they got acquainted with the goods customers will get it from you at a lower cost). The question arises with the use of cmc. Art. 5 of Law N 54-FZ requires printing a check at the time of funds. Issue the cmc for each courier would be too expensive. In practice, we apply the following scheme: in stock online shop breaks cashier’s check, which is given to the courier with the goods. Tax authorities may consider this a violation of the order of settlements and bring the organization to liability. However, in the Administrative Violations no mention about not under time printing checks and time of receipt of funds. To summarize: Internet commerce has many advantages. This will be felt for business starters. The costs of opening a business will be much lower, and by reducing costs an entrepreneur can set competitive prices to attract customers. And lastly, some information on the Law: The Russian law places restrictions on distance selling. Prevent the sale of alcoholic beverages remote way, as well as goods, a free implementation of which is prohibited or restricted by the legislation of the Russian Federation (paragraph 5 of the Ordinance of the Government of the Russian Federation from 27.09.2007 N 612). Requirements applicable to the remote method of trading, are described in the article. 26.1 of the Law of the Russian Federation from 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 ‘consumer protection’ and the Regulation of distance selling, approved by rf Government Resolution 27.09.2007 N 612.

Federal Law Tax

Mandatory audit is conducted in the following cases: the organization has organizational and legal form of an open joint stock company, the organization is a credit institution, credit bureaus, insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, commodity or stock exchange, investment fund, state budget funds, fund, source of education funds which are voluntary contributions of individuals and legal entities, the total revenue from product sales (performance works, services) organizations (except for agricultural cooperatives and unions of cooperatives) for the preceding fiscal year exceeds 50 million rubles, or the amount of assets on the balance sheet At the end of the year preceding the accounting year, more than 20 million rubles. For municipal enterprises Law of the Russian Federation financial performance may be reduced, in other cases established by federal laws. Mandatory audit is conducted annually. Mandatory audit of accounting (financial) statements of organizations whose securities are admitted to trading on stock exchanges and (or) other trade in the securities market and other credit institutions and insurance companies, private pension funds, as well as the consolidated financial statements will only audit organizations. The contract for carrying out statutory audits of accounting (financial) statements of the organization, the authorized (share) capital of which state ownership is not less than 25 percent, as well as to conduct accounting (financial) statements of state unitary enterprises or municipal unitary enterprise is up to place an order through an auction in the form of open competition in procedure stipulated by the Federal Law of 21 July 2005 N 94-FZ "On placing orders for goods, works and services for state and municipal needs." Tax Audit Tax Audit as separate type of audit in the law is selected and assigned to the audit-related services and, therefore, is not mandatory. It may be part of a mandatory or proactive audit and may act as a separately provided to audit-related services. In the case of validation of calculation and payment of taxes shall be done from a position of influence tax articles reporting on the reliability of financial (Accounting) in general, and because a number of factors affecting the accuracy of tax reporting it can not be accounted for, since it does not significantly affect the reliability of financial (accounting) reporting. In an audit of accounting (financial) statements, the auditor selected a way to verify the correctness of the calculation and payment of taxes and other obligatory payments. However, an audit can not cover the entire amount of information that affects the tax liabilities of the organization, and can not serve as the sole basis for expressing an opinion on tax reporting. Therefore, many organizations for which general audit is required when entering into contracts with audit firms particularly emphasize the auditors for tax audits and separately indicate the amount of work on tax audit.

The Whole World In Your Screen …

Global network and therefore is called the global, that it has everything. Friend and assistant – Internet – not only saves time and energy to modern man. Order pizza, alcohol, or drinking water, choose your favorite thing to buy it delivered to your house to pay for purchases and services – from mobile to utility bills, without getting up from his chair, using a plastic card (by entering the card number), and “electronic money”. Modern businesses use the network as an assistant in the business. Banking and stock trading has become electronic, and almost every self-respecting e-business magazine has a whole set of informers – the converter of currencies to online conferencing and internet banking. But the World Wide Web you can find many useful services, not only for work but also for the rest: to plan the travel route and prepare a trip, choose a place of rest and weather forecast in the country where you are going to go, book the ticket and choose a route, book a hotel or a hotel. All this is now possible via the Internet. In a review article “The Internet: informed – is forearmed,” you find tips on how to better organize work and leisure, using the global network. What services are increasingly gaining popularity? What new items online services make our lives convenient and comfortable? What opportunities and what the development potential of the World Wide Web?