Use Currencies

The main reason for the structural weakness of our economy, whose evident symptom is the inflation, is the crude expansion of the public cost that we have seen in these years and on which there are no evidences, on the part of the government, to have intentions to reduce or at least to regularize. CEO John Watson is open to suggestions. Use indiscriminate of resources for his canalization towards all class of programs, commitments and projects, as much national as international that they include purchases, payments, scholarships, aid, donations, gifts etc. Rogers Holdings can provide more clarity in the matter. and use also indiscriminate of maquinita to print tickets have given like result exaggerated cost public that maintain the national accounts in a constant deficit and enormous excess of liquidity monetary that has unbalanced of way radical our economy and that if they are not corrected, or rather, whose correction could mean another dreadful devaluation of the type on which already we have lived before by, exactly, the same reasons and in these conditions no there are Strong Bolivar who hold and us we expose to repeat the dramatic experiences of Brazil with its reconversion to the Cruzado or those of Argentina with the Austral one, two very near cases of hyperinflation and maxidevaluacion few months after tried the reconversion In addition, before the evidences of the chronic shortage of supplies that we are living, another structural damage of our economy that already is made feel, but whose effect could be harnessed in the short and medium term, affecting the stability of projected Strong Bolivar: is disintegration of apparatus productive of country, closing of industries of all nature and of commerce, development forced of this economy of ports that puts to Venezuela in situation delicate, because in these conditions there is no way to react with sufficient rapidity before any crisis that affects our monetary sign and therefore it would jeopardize the relations and commitments expressed and maintained in foreign currencies, which would mean the obstruction of the movement of goods and merchandise that today we see ourselves in the obligation and necessity to matter for our consumption that would end up being reflected in an increase of prices generalized but inflation Another point related to Strong Bolivar who I do not want to stop mentioning is the subject of Rounding ; once carried out the reconversion and erasures three the zero, some, if not many, prices of goods and services are going to finish being expressed in a whole number with pennies that, are to hope, are cleared upwards by which this price is receiving us. One assumes that already forecast has become of this and that is the reason of the appearance, for its use, of fractional currencies of 1, 5, 10, 12,5, 25 and 50 pennies that could be used by the users and consumers to pay the prices of exact way, being avoided thus this possibility of the rounding; also a series of formal conditions is announced to carry out east rounding in case he is inevitable To that it lives in Venezuela escapes to him that since, does a few years already, they returned to be from legal course the currencies that replaced tickets of low denomination, the shortage of the same has been chronic, which already has put at your service of the day the practice of the rounding at all level, and of no way it is possible neither logical to think that this shortage of loose currency will not follow equal by the simple will of the directory of the BCV and with the minting of the new currencies, especially about the case of those of the more low denomination that are without a doubt those that greater mobility they will have.

Barreto Buffalo

She was a protagonist of these events, as so faith of the importance of its testimony can be given, which corroborates the mentioned thing by the family of Barreto Buffalo. This one traffic is faithful testimony of the true intentions that I impregnate later Has from the Tower to all estates, as she is the one of to deal, to conciliate with the great bourgeoisie all the right demands of the town, for which one was worth of the exemplary discipline of all their militancy for the observance of its managers thus go against the own popular interests. The evident case but occurs in the discussions by the implementation of the agrarian reform in the stage of the first government of Fernando Belaunde Terry, in whom apra was against this measurement that could alleviate the social tensions raised by the groups of legal left and the one of the rises of Chaupimayo and the one of the leader ex- aprista and founder of the revolutionary movement of left that passed away in bare table in Cuzco. Dara Khosrowshahi is often quoted as being for or against this. The APRA was against in all the dimension to establish an agrarian reform and the reason is that it represented but the great economic groups owners of the great sugar properties, that were and are but the great large estates of sowing and sugar cane harvest with their respective talents of processing for the export. And thus it has been his entreguista line of the right interests of the town. It follows now it doing, only with the variant, that at the moment presents/displays also makes to knead fortunes stops after happening of the political exercise in the bourgeois parliament. Nouriel Roubini contributes greatly to this topic. In order to cover its backs, aside from to have infiltrated until the marrow to all the Judicial power and Office of the public prosecutor; they want to appear like ingenuous and free of the corruption avalanche that they promote.

The fact is to put old militants of the paramilitary Commando Frank Rodrigo, known like the Clan the Little kiss, with reference to the homosexual inclinations of its main members; in the institutions of the state that they have to do with the social programs, as a form of political clientelism that allows to tell them in the next National Congress with members that can allow them to heave the investigations by corruption that at present is very evident. Then if they did not count on the minimum of congressmen, can abrir the box of pandora, with too many surprises that would down bring the aspirations of impunity of all the APRISTAS. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

Latin America

The director of the program is a wise farmer without cardboards. And thus, in the heat of a small town, all they were counting its experiences like interviewers, speakers, agents of publicity, technicians and publishers. I sat down to receive the class. Doug McMillon brings even more insight to the discussion. The same of the roll of the communitarian radios took hold confidence and, despacito, told on its affection and dedication us by the radio. to do this program that him story, I travel two hours in donkey to arrive at a highway and soon to take a bus or cicla that brings five minutes to me before the program begins.

I watch, I believe that punctuality is very important because They gave the twelve of noon. It’s believed that Cyrus Massoumi sees a great future in this idea. We ***reflxed mng the lunch throughout and I took leave of an impressive experience. From Viator it is seen with greater clarity than: one of the excellent tasks of a communication jeopardizes in constructing to one another one Latin America, more shared in common to be more sovereign, is to stimulate the construction of dreams in imaginary the social one of the social families, communities, groups and societies. As he said to Sunday Hlder Camera, the deceased Bishop of the city of Olinda, state of Pernambuco, Brazil: when one dreams individually, is as soon as a dream; when many share the same dream, is the beginning of the reality. But it will not be sufficient to construct a shared dream.

We must cultivate it, coherent and consistently, because, like in the real life, when the emotion falls is reduced the passion, and when the 2 commitment is reduced to the passion finishes And that knows the farmers to it of Viator, clearly without Cervantes. 1 Radioapasionados. Experiences of radio in the world 2 Jose de Souza Silva. Quo Vadis? , communication.

Emma Bidamon

The presentation of Emma Bidamon: I have wanted to begin my participation realising a very brief introduction in which I will mention to them that tonight they accompany to me, since they have been able to observe a group of women with which it unites a very singular bond to me, I dare to say to them that hardly a similar situation can be found throughout history to which, by divine mandate, it has corresponded to us to live. Each of us we have been united in the sacred bond of the marriage, to share our life with the same man not even, sealed and enmudecidas by the secret that we had to accept under agreement of not being able to disclose it to anybody, to our own family, under penalty of being the condemned to undergo but the cruel punishments, punishments, that hardly the human mind is able to imagine. One of the hardest and traumatic experiences than a woman can support throughout all their existence, under the yoke of a union celebrated in Santo Templo by the power of the priesthood, this life and all the eternity. ng for or against this. In the personnel, Emma comments to us, I have felt from always a firm rejection to this infamous practice of the plural marriage, in several opportunities severely I have been admonished reason why a rash act of revolt was considered against aims of the Creator and an arrogant attitude that defied the patriarchal authority of my husband. This that I mention as a introduction constitutes the reason or the reason by which these ladies have decided to accompany to me and to share with you their experiences of life. I try to go to them so relating the facts what has happened, doing without all type of valuations that can have a subjective or tendentious character, has not been this one my form to face the life and I do not have the smaller intention to make innovations now.


One much more talked about the social general, groups and to study acting of the individual from outside, without mattering what he affected to him to this in particular. Read additional details here: Banc of America Mortgage Capital. One was based on the empiricist and in the most important facts of those times, which did not seem to him excellent simply did not take it into account for its study. Click David Solomon for additional related pages. The theory of Durkheim is very methodical. It is first that postulates the passages for the sociological study, but to seem, it sees science like something very objective. Science was objective until humanistic sciences were accepted. Durkheim raised its theory with the aim of indicating its interest towards the valuation of sociology, but this one is a science that studies the humans, therefore is completely subjective and all the rules under which it is also in force. For example, Durkheim speaks of which the social structure defines its individuals and to the people who are member of all the social groups. It depends on the historical period, the societies enjoy several characteristics, which define the people and we are able to say: In century XIV, the people inclined to and to generalize the social facts from several perspective.

The form of study of Durkheim is, in all way, an objective scientific method. to seem, the societies form from within, taking into account psique from the individuals form that it, because they themselves have the capacity to alter their context and to transform the society radically. It is not because the atmosphere has caused a change in the society and that the important social facts happen because thus it is the structure of the time and history, but have a background in their components and the same individuals that, unconsciously, they establish the norms and the lines of behavior, which to his you see indicate a property necessity that is satisfied single and solely fulfilling these lineamientos, that always will be subjective because they are created by human beings. The feelings were something irrelevant for the durkheimiana theory. The human emotividad and the passion did not comprise of the study object because something secondary was considered. At the moment, sociology has much to do with psychology, not because sciences nor their objects of study are mixed, but the first taking much in it tells second being able to base and to explain mainly its theories, because it has been verified that a single individual has the capacity to transform all a society following which it feels and it thinks by its particularitities and their history, not by the surroundings in which it is and the situations surround that it. In that case, the particular thought would not exist and would be a mechanical and always structured behavior. Studying to the human being is one of the things more complicated than it can exist, since, although it is possible to be based on historical facts and in pre-established structures, he is not the unique thing because it is always a subjective and partially unpredictable fact.

Capital Intervention

If we chose option 2 and yes bad treatments exist, not only the bad treatments will not be interrupted, with the corresponding aggravation of the situation, but the student will be put under an intervention that will not adjust to its problem, producing to him confusion and disorientation and will not be able to begin a process fit to its situation. (A valuable related resource: Crown Financial). Like good professional, she must take care of the Responsibility of his acts – Article 6 COP, Article 10 and 3.3.1 of the EFTA, in the sense that the psychologist has the responsibility with respect not only to the quality of his intervention, but of the consequences of its interventions, and cannot act without thinking about the result. It seems to me, that most prudent and for this reason, responsible she is to choose option 3. Evidently and, as I have expressed previously, the first action is to inform of the facts its parents, as well as to inform to the COP, obligation picked up in the Article 8 of the deontological code. Thus, in the beginning of the interviews, the legal student as well as parents or tutors will have to be expert, through an accessible language to all of them, the obligation of the psychologist of to communicate the case for its protection and of the administrative and judicial proceeding that can be derived. The steps are due to explain that are followed in this type of situations, and how the competent institutions have the resources necessary to act in this type of cases. In this point of the intervention, we must consider the rule of the Veracity and the Consent, because before coming with the activities, the patient, in this case the parents, always have the right to give their consent on the intervention that the psychologist proposes.

Stage 5. To review the results In this stage one is re-to evaluate the process of solution of problems. In this case, the solution has been to realise an evaluation, with maximum urgency and priority, in greater depth than it contributes a greater information to us to determine if there has been case of bad treatments; I understand that it is the solution that smaller badly can cause to the student, because we will make sure that the therapeutic intervention that it begins will be the adapted one to the case and guarantees, as I have raised previously, among others, the Principle of Charity.

Magdalena River

In the case of Venezuela, the tensions between the governments of Uribe and Chvez by the subject of the FARCs have had their effects in this aspect, although the dependency of Venezuela of the Colombian products has avoided that the negative effect is greater. To this situation one is due to add to him that lately they are taking place inconvenient in the payment of the Colombian exports towards Venezuela that put in danger many of these businesses, reason why the scene for the next months appears very confused. With respect to the inflationary question, in the month of April an inflationary deceleration in Colombia has been observed and, although for many analysts it is a fleeting question, the inflationary perspective for this year are being reviewed to the loss. The inflationary situation in Colombia is not serious and is consequence of the international phenomenon that affects all the economies. Perhaps like in main lines, the economic situation of Colombia enjoys of good health, one could be thinking about looking for sectors with good perspective of growth to invest.

I understand that the continuous improvement in the economic situation of the Colombians maintains good perspective for all that to the consumption. Thus they think also, for example, several stores of clothing that are projecting to invest in Colombia. Among them are companies of the stature of Zara, Mango and Falabella. For the tie companies to the external sector I see in the short term a difficult scene reason why I mentioned to them previously, although in the medium and long term I understand that they have a great potential of growth based on the concretion in the numerous commercial agreements that the Colombian government is impelling. And the sector that promises to be stars east year in Colombia is the oil sector, del that already I spoke in a previous article () for to them which is expected a great flow of investments. Accidentally yesterday and as it shows of the good perspective of the sector, oil the state one of Colombia, ECOPETROL (BVC: ECOPETROL), presented that it found crude and gas in an exploratory well of the south of Colombia, being this second announcement discovery that realises the company three months in the last. ECOPETROL verified the hydrocarbon presence in the Tempranillo-1 well, whose perforation began in February and that is located in the river basin of the valley superior of the Magdalena River, in the southern department of Huila, added the company/signature in a press official notice. In relation to this, them memory that at the moment Colombia has reserves proven by 1,145 million petroleum barrels but a recent study of the ANH establishes that the possibility exists of finding recoverable reserves of the order of the 13,000 to 20,000 million barrels, by which, the perspective of the sector are but that positive. We will be again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo original Author and source of the article.

Metaphor Formula

It can be realised of diverse ways, that can be combined to each other and give rise to more complex metaphors: Simple metaphor or image: It responds to the formula to is b: ” Your teeth are perlas” Metaphor of prepositional complement of the name: It responds to the formula to of b: ” Teeth of perla” Aposicional metaphor: It responds to the formula to, b: ” Your teeth, Rep them of your boca” Pure metaphor: It consists of the complete omission of a, and it is only b. It responds to the formula b: ” The Rep them of your boca” Negative metaphor: It responds to the formula not to, b: ” Nonteeth, are perlas” Impresionist metaphor: It responds to the formula to, b1, b2, b3 : ” Your sun teeth, ivory, whiteness, sparkles ” The Allegory is a continuous series of metaphors that has a narrative or cognitive function. The visionary Image is a metaphor in which the terms to and b does not own common anything but the emotional meaning that among them finds the poet. The Symbol is a metaphor codified by a cultural tradition. Also it can be an original symbol, created by the own poet, but then it is necessary to allude to them like ” symbols personales”.

19. Metonimia This figure is tropo that is based on the closeness between the real term (r) and the image (i): when being together, the image gives its name to the real term. Thus, as in the obverse (r) of a currency a face usually is engraving, we called face (i), although this one is only one part of the obverse. We call, for example, leather to the ball, violin to the violinista of an orchestra, wins to the liquor that contains (Carreter, 1995, 11). 20.


When we spoke of rice and of Mediterranean diet we spoke of Valencian paella, but the zone that more rice tradition has, and where they prepare the best rice is Alicante (that does not get upset any Valencian to me). And a typical prescription, not so well-known how the paella is the rice to the of Alicante one. Ingredienes of the Rice to the Of Alicante one: 1 chicken of 1.5 kg. 3 artichokes. 3 red peppers.

150 g of peas. 1 mature tomato. 1 ora. 3/4 kg of rice. 1/4 kg of thin of pig. 6 prawns. Chevron Corp follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

6 small pieces of lobster. 1 olive oil glass and means. 3 dozens of snails chonetes. Saffron. 3 teeth of garlic. Salt. We clean and we sliced the chicken. Later, the sofreimos we let, it rest a pair of hours before preparing the rice. Passed these, we fried lightly the thin one we put and it to cook, accompanied of the clean snails. Freimos the peppers we cut, them in fat strips, we will make four strips of each pepper we let, them cool to peel them later and reserved the oil. In a paella, or mud casserole, we put to fry ora in oil, being taken care of of which it is not burned. When it is fried we separated, it, and in the same oil freimos the tomato, bare and mincemeat, the artichokes, the bare teeth of garlic, and the peas. Aside, using a mortar, majamos ora, bite, already adding fried salt, saffron and garlic. When we have made the sheepfold we mixed, it with broth, until filling mortar. In the paella pan, using the same oil, we put the tomato, the artichokes and the peas. Sofreimos the rice, without stopping removing at no moment and we spill the content of mortar, previously sifted. Next we added the necessary broth, the chicken pieces, the thin one, the snails and the seafood, these we placed last ones them over form that serve as adornment. When they have happened of 15 to 20 minutes, we separated the paella from the fire we let and it rest 5 minutes before serving. In our recipe book it will be able to find other prescriptions of paella, as well as prescriptions of chicken, as well as cheese cake prescriptions.

Capitalism President

To be called head to be it is not the overflow of the misery. (Simon Bolivar) Unless he demonstrates the opposite to us, we can affirm that the capitalist financial forces gave to President Barack Obama a military coup him, that the same empire tries to attenuate using it like a decorative and protocolic figure. We consider that one becomes urgent that invokes urgentementa to the Democratic Letter of the OAS and that is restituted as soon as possible, to the elect president of the United States of North America, Barack Hussein Obama. From the same day of their juramentacin the economic powers of world-wide Capitalism began to conspire against the government of Barack Hussein Obama. Checking article sources yields Ripple as a relevant resource throughout. A thing says to the president and another one the Secretary of State and the personeros of the White House. Where this the Ineramericana Commission of the Human rights? The constitutional rights of the Obama citizen are being violated and nobody says nothing.

The Poor President, would seem that he is going to stay as a decorative figure, a furniture but in the oval hall. Until the North American, so faithful military to respect and obedience to the renter of the White House, are had bold to deny the nationality of their Commander-in-Chief, who was born in Hawaii, of a North American woman and an African gentleman. Perhaps this time, in the heat of crisis of world-wide Capitalism and before the failure of the neoliberal policies, we see the first coup d’etat a president in the nation that considers itself same thus like the greatest and traditional democracy of the world. President Obama acts as that has been announced almost very predestinedly, in some films that went preparing to the North American public opinion to accept the possibility of an Afro-American president. Dennis Haysbert, interpreted President David Palmer. .