Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – While the recession signs made shake the bags of the world that wake up this year after substantial gains in the 2007, the black large clouds that are hung over the American economy will on approval put the resistance of the Mexican macroeconomics. And one is not about a riot of speculators, but a logical answer from the market to the recession announced in the United States after being contracted the real estate market in that one country. We will see if Felipe Caldern Hinojosa is right when affirming that Mexico is preparation against a possible American recession. In the past, Jose Lopez Opening noticed that he would defend the weight as a dog and already sees how it was to us. To read more click here: Jonah Bloom. Miguel of Madrid could not control the excessive increase of prices of the basic basket and the goods and services and already will remember the reader as it were to us with the galloping indices of inflation that still resound in the portfolios of the Mexicans. Wine Carlos later Saline of Gortari and brought the dream to us of solidarity, the pacts of growth economic and an enormous opening of 60 billions of dollars that left us as inheritance by the evil handling of the type of change and the heavy debt of Tesobonos and the Trade balance.

And what to say of Ernesto Zedillo Ponce of Leon. Simply with the Fobaproa us it left mortgaged to present and next the two generations of Mexican. For that reason that one famous phrase Porfirio shakes the reader before the optimism of the present President before the recession in door in the United States forgetting Diaz: Poor Mexico, so far from God and so near the gringos If the lesson forgot the chaparrito to it lenses, then we are condemned to repeat the lesson of the history to which we are not preparations the Mexicans that not yet recover of the brutal crisis of 1995. Or yes? Of the Small Box the throats irritated in stock-market Mexican of Values past Friday were by the loss of the 2 percent in the Index of Prices and Quotes, but it had more than one than it felt fever until in the bones when seeing the collapse of the Nasdaq of almost the 4 percent. Because by all it is known that if the United States tose, to Mexico sticks fever to him. The antecedents above set out demonstrate therefore it. In addition, for the present year a tenuous economic growth is expected that it will leave us alive, but that will not allow that the endeble economy of Mexico grows.

For that reason we are chaparritos and we do not have the neighboring height of mocetones and Europe, speaking in terms of economy. The secretary of Property Agustn Carstens has foretold a growth of the 3,2 percent, nor half than he requires himself at the moment to create necessary jobs. To the Carrier Raymundo Yzcoa Flowers, outstanding journalist, passed away in the morning first of January to the 7:20. It always was first in everything. Original author and source of the article.

The Group

This time, we thought, offered a valuable opportunity to us of being able to confront the images created with the intention to decorate, realised by the theological editors of official history you write, them of the educative system, the experts in preparing the spiritual food pre digested and preserved of all contamination, destined to the feeding of the tame spirits and obedient incapable to live in the inclemency of the reality, those that escudrian in authorized form the facts; with the personages, the true actors, whom they have carried out and written with his actions, the true dimension of the events that have given rise to the story expressed with the irrefutable conviction of their authenticity. The longed for day of our encounter arrived and to the estimated time in the program we were being located in our places looking for the proximity of those members of the group with which we have been able to cultivate very affectionate relations that with happening of the time have been transformed into a sincere one friendship. All the glances converged in the group of ladies between who was Mrs. Emma S. Bidamon, the disertante of the day, reason for our presence and in which we centered our greater expectation, by the reasons before mentioned. Its presence in the estrado one allowed us to carefully observe it, before us was a woman of elegant bearing, of firm and safe displacements, equipped with a natural affection and demonstrating in its actions that it owned the necessary charisma like catching with his arguments the interest and the attention of which we were present that night. In company of Zoar that towards the times of anfitriona of this event in representation of the organizing equipment which was integrated by our well-known ones: Gabriel, Shulem, Nod, the own Zoar, and Keila the Fortune-teller of Endor.

Central Dollars

With 51% of the votes to his favor, the present president of Ecuador, Rafael Strap, made sure a second mandate four years. Exultante, in the middle of the following east celebration of Hugo Chavez assured that it will not have a discussion with the opposition because, according to it said, that would be to betray to the voters. This is the first time from 1979, when the democracy in Ecuador was restored, that is not necessary one second return to define the elections. With the elections and the triumph of Strap also a gust of wind of presidential periods without concluding from the Nineties is broken. Until the arrival of the present agent chief executive, Ecuador saw happen through the Palace of Corondelet (it soothes of the Executive authority) to a dozen of presidents in a little more ten years. But everything is not joy for Strap, in spite of the political stability that these elections could give the country. The eagerness of the President by the deepening of socialism of the 21st century, to the Chvez, will at least have a great obstacle until the end of this year.

it deals with the fort impact that the global crisis is having in it accounts of Ecuador. In February, the South-American country registered a deficit of its trade balance of u$s 217.7 million, becoming the sixth consecutive month that shows a negative balance, in the middle of world-wide the economic crisis. In that month, the exports represented about 774.9 million dollars, whereas the imports added 992.7 million dollars. In both first months of the year, the trade balance registered a negative balance of 681 million dollars in front of a surplus of 880 million dollars in February of the 2008. In February of the 2008, these represented 1,055 million dollars. The Central bank projected a commercial deficit of about 2,500 million dollars for the 2009.

Globalisation And Internationalization

Today 5 May many Andalusian young people will know if they comprise of the privileged group of scholarship holders of Extenda. It is his first step abrir itself to the internationalization, because thanks to these aid they knew first hand new markets, living and enjoying his culture so that the following year they return and they can support to the companies Andalusian with his knowledge. I am one of I have asked for whom it so that with the aim of exporting he is one of the steps to undertake the internationalization and to promote our region by any part of the world. For that reason from I call here to the Andalusian young people so that they cheer up and they take this opportunity and we give to a greater service of quality to our companies Globalisation and Internationalization In a globalised world where somo simple numbers in a list, is necessary to be different itself from the rest, but I do not say it only to personal level (to be different, to have own criterion, PERSONALITY) is also necessary to be different itself in the professional land. As it said to Unamuno ” well; the progress consists of renovarse” , and if we spoke of companies, that renovation tool is called INTERNATIONALIZATION, nowadays OR YOU INTERNATIONALIZE YOURSELF OR THESE YOU WOULD BE OF the MARKET. The fears are many that the new challenges to us usually raise, is something intrinsic in the human being, but we counted on the sufficient PERSONALITY and SECURITY in our project, will be nothing or nobody that stops to us. With caution and tenacity our company can be abrir to a hollow in the panorama the INTERNATIONAL, and be removed from this experience all the positive aspects that the TRADE INTERNATIONAL can offer to us. You intention to that destaqueis, you diferencieis, the life is a continuous learning and each step that we give is a experience for the future.

Ethical Globalisation

In the city where I reside, Rosary, Santa Fe, Argentina, a new plant of General Motors for the manufacture of automobiles settled a time ago. The government of the state, provided without position to the new plant of the lands, services of light, water, gas and taxes, by an initial term of 5 years. This included the gratuitous construction of the district for executives and the access routes. After the five years, the taxes and services will offer 30% of their real value. The reason of these gifts, had to that the manufacturing installation would provide however, to work for hundreds of employees, palliating therefore Argentine leisure.

In the reality, the company justified 80% of its establishment of foreign nationality, under the excuse of the specialization. Only a 20% were personal native. What I will say and you already imagine, is that such facilities for the Argentine companies do not exist. This is the reality of a globalizante context, with many parallels in Latin America, that lacks any totally even-tempered component. It is this globalisation that seted out to us like something random that happens, like which would be to come, without the intervention of the human hand.

Certainly it is not thus, the facts produce the men. If we make history of this globalisation, we remember that the crisis of petroleum transnacionaliz the economy, impelled to the countries to the expansin and the search of markets. Especially, megamercado financier is not necessary to forget the constitution the new one. All a series of new phenomena changed to the face of the economy and the society, configurando an unrecognizable semblante for the aged doctrine of the social and economic State. It is the aim of the experience of the indicative State that made De Gaulle in France, and the Japanese State in the postwar period. They are invalidated the state policies that they suggest, they encourage, they retain, they stimulate and they de-stimulate a estratgico State that orients to the private activity.

Information Volume

In question the HFT? The HFT is the use of programs of software with quantitative strategies that, following determined you rule they go off and they enter the market as orders as much of purchase as of sale with strong volume. These programs are worth of algorithmic formulas that respond to different variables: underlying price, amounts, schedules, markets and products and can go off automatically when the operating one in a certain action reaches certain conditions (when a determined price breaks a certain level, or that determined volume is surpassed, or that a market index breaks a determined level, among others). The computers gatillan thus orders after to receive information electronically. Absolutely imperceptible movements for the common investors, and that although they were it, nothing could do because the speed whereupon those take place transactions are of fractions of seconds. The computers outside decide, as if a human, when to buy and when to sell. The humans entered the information they programmed and them so that under certain conditions, they act. Investment banks, hedge funds, but also pension bottoms (around a 25%) and mutuales bottoms use this system to capture opportunities of gains operating before the rest of the market, and especially of the competition.

Three years ago, 30% of the transactions in the USA were carried out through algorithmic programs. Today, 70% of the volume in the USA are carried out through these programs. Also it is used in European markets, and action, derivatives, currencies, ETFs. The companies that are worth of the HFT, that represents around 2% of around 20,000 TRADING companies operating in the Bags of the USA, represent 73% of all the shareholding volume in the USA. Not only Goldman carries out east business for own portfolio. Small hundreds of propietary traders (that operate own portfolio do) it, providing with liquidity to the places, like good speculators who really are.