Saint Augustin

This argument if supports, but only the first moment, when diving in the text of Augustin, we will see that such affirmation is insufficient for is test. From now we go to try to explain because this argument does not possess solid bases. Good, it is truth that stops Saint Augustin God is the creator of all the things that exist, but when creating the man, says Augustin, God it of the freedom of Choice, what Augustin calls: ' ' free-arbtrio' '. In view of that the man possesss freedom, it can choose between a thing and another one, that is, it can opt between making the good or the evil. Thus, he seems not to be God the creator of the evil, seno the proper man, therefore this possesss choice freedom. Valley to confer what Augustin says to follow: (…) ' ' true God who you not only created our souls, but also our bodies, and not only our souls and bodies, but still all the beings and all the things (…).

I raised me for your light the fact of in such a way to know to the certainty that he had a will as wise person who had a life. Therefore, when he wanted or he did not want a thing, he had the absolute certainty of that I was not another seno who I wanted or did not want, trying each time more than pecado&#039 was the cause of mine there; '. (Augustin. 1973, P. 131). One of the things that Saint Augustin studied was very this question of the evil, therefore the degree of complexity of this question is great: However, as a perfect being could that created all good one for having admitted to the existence of the evil in its creation, that is, in the man. To try to understand is complication, we will see the following one.

Ron Hubbard

In my company we weekly doing financial planning, ie we look, how much money we earn, how much we can spend. And never more welcome than the amount we can spend. When an organization does not work, and people do not receive salaries, they quickly begin to turn and earn money. And when we pay the employees anyway, even if earnings do not, we are creating in them the idea that money can not earn. Second, what draws account L.

Ron Hubbard – is "earn as much money as you are able to earn. Spend less than you earn "and" make sure that all income is entered in the books and put into a bank account. I will explain on example of his company: We live week to week (week starts on Thursday and ends on Wednesday evening), we collect all income and do not spend any money until Wednesday evening. At the end of the day accounting gives summaries – how many earned, how much to spend on rent, advertising, to pay employees for all that is required of the organization. Thus we carry out financial planning.

Further, Hubbard said: "ensure that no unauthorized acquisition could not be made or managers, or employees. " When an organization can not account for their spending, House begins. The important data is still on the line rate of income. We should be open when the money comes, even if it is a small sum, but it is strictly closed to the withdrawal of money, opening only at certain times.

Jorge Miranda

Minutes later, Jorge stopped surpreso. He had come back to the house of Vicente. It was drifter. It could find the way for house, but the ventania increased of intensity and the thunders ribombavam for airs. The bush if agitated threatening and it decided to ask for shelter in the house of Vicente. It beat in the door with insistence until this if opened, appearing a young woman, of long black hair until the shoulders.

In the soft expression of its beautiful face a surprise air was printed. – I thought that he was my husband! It said. – She forgives! I still stow little here, talking with its husband The woman remained been silent, looking at for Jorge. – You she is Vera owner, not? – Yes. – My name is Jorge Miranda. I was coming back toward house when I lost myself, due to the fog. with this storm The woman finished to open the door.

– She forgives! She enters and she feels myself. Jorge rubbed the shoes in capacho and entered. One sat down in the sofa while Vera closed the door and sat down in a chair. He said – You that he is writer? – Yes. – He is liveing in the city? – Only some weeks, until completing a fiction romance that I am writing. I intend to retire in the professor position to only dedicate to me to literature. Vera sketched a smile, shaking the head. It had a pause, until Jorge said: – I did not want to bother you, but the storm – Mr. is not bothering. He was you that he was here has little? – Yes. Vicente said that you he was indisposta – Ah! Vicente walks half quaint. Later that one retired, he decided to be inventor and he passes the day in the bilge, working. He has one week that it did not go down there Vera made a pause and looked at around. In a hurt tone, it said: – Already I am tired of this place! – But, it is a beautiful house!


The true protection consists of knowing as the system functions thought-brain of somebody as the outlaw of the school of the Royal one. Explanations of the behavior of this outlaw with psicopatolgicos labels are an evidence more than that UNESCO is perfectly correct when lighting the alert red for the risks of the paradigmtica blindness that infectum the mechanist professionals. Throughout history the man always faced difficulties, disasters, plagues and plagues. In the inverse reason of the knowledge of the true causes of the maleficent episodes, atribua them it the anger of deuses and to the revenge of the elements. Such anger could be aplacada with the sacrifice of animal lives or human beings. Thus figures had appeared as of bode expiatrio.

While some civilizations had kept the tradition to immolate the animal most healthful or the vestal prettiest to aplacar unknown forces, other peoples had spread the rumor of that all its males were caused by that animal or that creature human being. He was as soon as the Greeks had reincarnated this crendice in the figure of farmacus, somebody that a stigma received corporal and that in a ceremony it was I banish from the society. Theoretically with it they would be expelled the cause of the disasters. No longer century XV the Manual of Hunting to the Witches teorizou of detailed and convincing form that storms, sleets, black plague, floods and disasters were provoked directly by the witches. The projetivos psicotestes with the intention had been created here to identify signals of an occult invader in the traces of the drawings, capable to identify with scientific severity for the time, which the perigos that this creature presented for the society.

The Group

The saint of each son has personal character e, therefore, it must have a special name that identifique.26 In this way, Nana places it the disposal of the preparation necessary to serve contents Iyemanj and waits that its devotion can contribute with the possible reintegration of Aru in the community protected for this orix, therefore the disobedience to it of it moved away and isolated, becoming it other people’s the group. To if excluding from the Aru group it will pass for a depersonalization process, of identitria, similar crisis what Firmino, while excluded of the community, demonstrated to be. All its being was pure disaggregation. However it speaks as white, however as black. Its speech reproduced the assimilacionista state of the white culture why it passed, renegando its origin. Therefore, to firm themselves as person, the necessary black if to deny, but as it has that to be he himself, it enters in total contradiction.

In the Aru city it will have that if to collate, if to fortify in the matrical inheritances not to yield to the assimilacionismo. Therefore in this process it will suffer, as they suffer the majority from the blacks of this country, a desvirtuamento of its identity. New social environment, which will adentrar, persists in denying its people, its culture, its religion taking them to search it affirmation in its proper auto-negation. The process of social relations, in the perspective of the socialization of the individual or group, is a basic element in the plan of the identity of the person human being. ' ' The identity of the black enters in crisis in the measure where its socialization will be given in a difficult picture, in view of that the identity of the person is configuration of groups and categories social and in this the black is cindido in the social relation, therefore the social parameters consist in aspects superstructures that denied the ontolgica condition of negro' '.

The Group

The data demonstrate to a small prominence for the social activities and the civil construction, all with absolute predominance for the masculine man power. information are in accordance with the productive structure and the partner-economic level of the population of the city. According to IBGE 1991 has a bigger empregabilidade in relation to the masculine sex that the feminine one in the city, however, these data are compatible when analyzed table 05 when it is mentioned to the number biggest of men who women. The city of Brook of the Plaza possesss IDH 0, 568 medium (PNUD/2000), the GIP of R$ a thousand (47,736 IBGE/20056) and per capita GIP R$ 2,577, 00 (IBGE/2005). With this index of human development of the Country, the city occupies the position of n 5,135 in ranking of the 5,507 Brazilian cities, according to census of the IBGE of 2000. Showing that action urges series and systematics of combat to the poverty, the illiteracy and low the quality of life in the city.

According to 2000 census, only 31.5% of the domiciles possuam water supply and 53% did not have sanitary exhaustion, this reality still lasts in our city. It had a considerable increase of the garbage collection, due to awareness in relation to the environment from the creation of the Secretariat of Environment in 2005, and still with the installation of sanitary aterros, what it provoked the reduction of the garbage burnt and played in other destinations. In agriculture the main activities are: agro-industrial fruticultura, cultures, alimentary and olercolas cultures. In the fruticultura it is cultivated of maracuj, lemon, banana and pineapple. With prominence for the plantations of maracuj and banana. In the group of the olercolas the tomatoe culture is distinguished little, being produced in the Region, still has in this group the culture of batatinha, of chuchu, chili cabbage and cucumber, an activity carried through in small country properties and developed by small producers using hand of familiar workmanship, however this type of farming already is cultivated by producing medium and presents a dynamics differentiated mainly in what if it by hand relates of workmanship and insumos.

The Group

This time, we thought, offered a valuable opportunity to us of being able to confront the images created with the intention to decorate, realised by the theological editors of official history you write, them of the educative system, the experts in preparing the spiritual food pre digested and preserved of all contamination, destined to the feeding of the tame spirits and obedient incapable to live in the inclemency of the reality, those that escudrian in authorized form the facts; with the personages, the true actors, whom they have carried out and written with his actions, the true dimension of the events that have given rise to the story expressed with the irrefutable conviction of their authenticity. The longed for day of our encounter arrived and to the estimated time in the program we were being located in our places looking for the proximity of those members of the group with which we have been able to cultivate very affectionate relations that with happening of the time have been transformed into a sincere one friendship. All the glances converged in the group of ladies between who was Mrs. Emma S. Bidamon, the disertante of the day, reason for our presence and in which we centered our greater expectation, by the reasons before mentioned. Its presence in the estrado one allowed us to carefully observe it, before us was a woman of elegant bearing, of firm and safe displacements, equipped with a natural affection and demonstrating in its actions that it owned the necessary charisma like catching with his arguments the interest and the attention of which we were present that night. In company of Zoar that towards the times of anfitriona of this event in representation of the organizing equipment which was integrated by our well-known ones: Gabriel, Shulem, Nod, the own Zoar, and Keila the Fortune-teller of Endor.

The Group

Social purpose: reason of being, the objective of the group. In relation to the adolescent, it can be said that they say to the characteristics that they had taken this young to if inserting in this group, and what this provides to the individual they keep and it as member. Permanence: so that the group is considered, it is necessary that interaction between its participants if draws out during definitive period of time. A solid group makes possible more advantages for an adolescent who is to the search of its identity. The circle of relations of the adolescent tends to be ampler. The relations with the friends costumam if to fit in three categories: ' ' turma' ' ampler; the personal minor (grupinho closer), and friendships. The group is present in the social activities, ampler and organized. He is where the adolescent meets with more frequency.

A relationship is developed a little closer, even so the adolescent does not consider them friends (LACERDA, 1998). The group closest establishes a source of security and fellowship. In this small group the members can change information, to share dreams and concerns, even so not with the same intensity with that it occurs with the personal friendships. The personal friendships occupy a special place in the bonds of the adolescents. They are closer, involving feelings more intense. It has more franqueza and honesty of what other relations. It has little efforts in the direction to search an acceptance and greater popularity in the group. Conger (1980, P.

70) affirms that in such relationships ' ' … has confidence, does not have simulation necessity, is not necessary to be in guard against the possible divulgating a secret trocados' '. The adolescents wait of the friends loyalty, confidence, a safe source of support in any emotional crisis. The friends can help the young to deal with proper complex feelings and of the others.