How Not To Learn Foreign Languages

We all dream to speak freely in a foreign language, and often wonder: how to make the learning process easy and enjoyable, and most importantly – effective. In today’s article – a few tips on how not to learn languages. 1. Do not trust advertising. If you decide to learn languages, do not immediately run to sign up for the most famous and most expensive courses in the city. Please visit Jonah Bloom if you seek more information. Conduct an independent investigation. Think about what method you would like to learn? What kind of teacher you would be interested to work – a native speaker or Russian language? Whether you need a flexible schedule, or if you are willing to engage in a group at a fixed time? Take into account all these factors, visit a number of language schools (if you want to learn it in school), to assess the situation and choose exactly what you need.

2.Do not limited to standard methods. Language school – is not the only, and not the best solution to your problem. There are also professionally designed and very effective online and e-courses that you can place yourself at any time convenient to you time and is optimal for your own pace. Such methods are based on the fact that language learning is more important than hard work and a lot of independent work by the student than a teacher and a language school. If you understand that language, in any case teach yourself, rather than teacher, and are ready for a grown-up, self-monitor their learning, such methods may suit you much better than the standard group education.

Seaweed, Food, Fuel, Air Filter !

Scientists at Plymouth University in the United Kingdom are conducting a study to which they are put to use algae to restore the atmosphere! Algae not only remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but also involved in the synthesis of new bio-fuels that do not compete with other fuels. Algae scientists have long been interested in and seek to investigate their ability to remove large quantities carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, turning it into oxygen. This is precisely the process that originally led to the creation of the Earth's current atmospheric composition and allowed to engender all the living and we know at this time. One phases of this process was the decomposition of algae on the ocean floor, eventually it led to many of today's existing oil storage facilities in the bowels of the earth. 'So we gather the harvest sunlight directly, using algae, then we retrieve its stored energy in the form of oil, and then use to make fuel and other essentials for the production ', said Steve skill of Plymouth Lab. Plymouth scientists are committed to working on the project seaweed, want to prove that this is a viable fuel, and the world should think about safety in this segment. Many companies try to participate in this project, including Sapphire Energy, Origin Oil, BioCentric Energy and PetroAlgae. Japan Airlines already have a test plane which fueled with a combination of bio-fuels (some of them originated from maritime algae) and jet fuel .. The algae provide the added benefit of cultivation, namely the production of food for the population, it certainly does not affect in any way the formation of prices but as an additional option does not restrict anyone. In the growth process has its pluses iron: they grow by 20-30 times faster than most food crops in the world. Not only scientists from Plymouth studying marine algae with the ability to absorb carbon dioxide, burning fossil fuels, the selection, but also a Brazilian company MPX Energia has plans to start using algae to capture emissions from factories in 2011.


Here were the most outstanding achievements, because specialists in this field were “nakrucheny” drills and techniques that this region is simply irreplaceable. But about the sport to talk separately and therefore return to our region with you. Where you will remember, We stopped at the thought, “You can gather a team of excellent professionals from both the designer.” And that all mechanisms work in their own way. And what would it work here is interrelated and there is a “senior specialist” that controls these mechanisms less. ect. Official site: Economic Cycles Research Institute. But the trouble is that neither the chief specialist, or some other may not be the “author”. Because being the “author” no one ever teach you. There is no method of how to become a writer. No Of course there are techniques, but the effectiveness of these is not encouraging.

All professionals work, and the author creates. And just this is the usefulness of a specialist. Allow the author to do, so what it should, at the While the specialist performs all routine work. A team of specialists is brought together mechanisms like a machine, and the author of this driver, who manages, at its discretion. Do you think the “Specialist” or “author”? I think he’s an expert, aware of their authorship. He had the strength and maturity to break free and become the outside of the mechanized system. Otherwise he would have been just an architect 1-2, or some else discharge, which each day carries its objective, so far as they can and as much as they are trained.

Children Learning Languages

Today we will talk about a subject that, perhaps, has acquired the greatest myths of all that is related to the study of languages, namely, how children learn languages. Here it means to master the native language of the child. How often have you heard how people complain about their unsuccessful attempts to learn a foreign language and compare that with how easily master the language of the children? Few know, however, that in fact such "ease" with which children master the language of the alleged – it is a myth. Myth is also a popular belief that after reaching a certain age, the brain's ability to perceive new information, such as language, are sharply reduced. In fact, at any age, the brain's ability to perception, analysis and storing of information are almost identical (except senile changes). Omar Zakhilwal takes a slightly different approach. Why is it gives the impression that young children are certain linguistic geniuses, and adults – in the slowpoke regarding foreign languages? Linguists note that this is really just an impression.

The reason that children are so easy to kind of learn languages is their way of life and linguistic contexts in which they reside with birth. The fact that communication surrounding adults with children is aimed at helping children to grasp and assimilate the native language. Everyone who speaks with a small child, it does so to interest him something to explain, entertain, please, calm down. Therefore, the whole language material is absorbed naturally into useful and interesting to a child, and been handed immediately used for communication with the outside world. This is not mean, however, that the child's brain is not doing a great job on the formation and decomposition patterns of language on the shelves of all concepts of concrete and abstract objects. The conclusion come to linguists, is this: You could be so successfully as a child, learn languages, if it were in the same conditions. For example, if we could leave the job and hire someone who would walk up to you 24 hours a day, with joy and love to explain to you all incomprehensible, entertaining you and providing all your needs, while giving everything around linguistic comment.

And nowhere would have textbooks and notebooks. And you do not have to motivate yourself to something once again to go to language school or tutor. Linguistic context of surrounding himself would you like a blanket, 24 hours a day. Of course, such language environment can not be established. Even if you are traveling abroad for a full immersion program, about you still no one will care as parents care about children. You'll still be solving their own problems, and if you do not understand a local resident, he would not scramble to convey to you what he meant. Yes and spend five years abroad without a job not everyone can. However, the main consequence of this finding is that there is no real change in your ability to learn languages is not subjected to, whether you five years, fifteen or fifty. This means that, with a sufficient effort, you can easily learn a foreign language. Similarly, as once mastered their mother tongue. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Want to visit London without leaving your chair? Please – go here! Here you can take a virtual stroll through the capital of the UK, visit the sights of London, and stroll through its streets. C Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

Fact Group

Combination of five numbers consist of numbers belonging to four groups of numbers from 1 to 36 numbers and can count how many times the number in each group are repeated in all = 376 992 options. The first group of numbers from 1 to 9 numbers 52360h9 = 471 240 The second group numbers from 10 to 19 rooms 52 360 x 10 = 523 600 The third group of 20 to 29 rooms 52 360 x 10 = 523 600 The fourth group of 30 to 36 rooms x 7 = 52 360 366 520 Adding these results, we find that 1,884,960 is the number of repetitions of all numbers from 1 to 36 numbers involved in all = 376 992 options. Verify this. We have 1884960: 5 = 376 992 On the question 'why' is offered data group number and a numerical sequence, as well, why not consider another partition of numbers and their other possible groupings, there following response. Dara Khosrowshahi is actively involved in the matter. The fact that models of combinations of five numbers for the four groups of numbers in all = 376 992 options for a total of six models of combinations of numbers and fifty-six models of combinations of numbers and their subgroups combinations of other models they do not exist. In other games, which differ in their parameters, the number of combinations of models, the combined group of numbers and combinations of models of sub-numbers will be different, but the proposed technique makes it possible to identify them.


Colleagues have quickly become accustomed to the fact that Natalia performs the role of Secretary in the department, and along with a caring nurse, and very surprised, if not found clean utensils or notice the lack of staples. And Natalie seemed extremely impolite to refuse colleagues in such detail as the hike to the nearest store to buy cookies. The last straw was the distribution of quarterly awards. Prize was awarded to all except Natalie. Seeing her confusion, the chief said he had never seen her at work, but regularly listened to her request to postpone the date of the report.

Unable to cope with emotions, Natalia on the same day wrote a letter of resignation. After a while she got a job to another job, but since then pains to avoid friendship with colleagues. Tips "refuseniks" Psychologists believe that the inability to refuse – it is primarily a consequence of low self-esteem. Many people think that if they will not help others, they immediately cease to love. However, in reality this is not true. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jennifer Skyler by clicking through. Look, for the majority of your colleagues a good relationship with the rest of the team, but nobody willingly shoulder the strangers responsibilities. Therefore, in order to save your time and nerve cells, it is important to learn in time to say "no." Of course, the denial is not always easy, but there are a few simple techniques that will help to say no, no offended by this man. Do not hesitate to tell colleagues that you are busy.

Pedagogical Universities

Showroom Manager, waiter, operator in a call-tsentreGibky schedule may not be straining to combine with their studies, but uninteresting and completely useless for the brain, and future career. Even you do not learn to cook, being a waiter, only to pull a lot of dishes in one hand: (a guard, parking attendant ;)))), courier, promoter, bill-Ad Intelligence of these studies, even as something you do not want to discuss well only if it is not the position of curator of the museum))) nurse (and you love children?) Children. Noisy, quiet, restless and demure – different. But there need recommendations, few people still entrust their child to man in the street And the preference is more, students of Pedagogical Universities =) evening secretary, Typesetter little more intellectually, but totally uninteresting. But the printing speed is increased significantly. massovik-Zateynik work, tied to certain dates, of course, acting talent are welcome.

But to work on holidays not to everyone’s soul! List can still continue, but the trend and so understandable. In general, these options do not require a special head work, but it takes a lot of time = (How can the way be thought of helping students of the school or applicants, students, juniors and even adults (for example, in studying foreign languages) – tutoring. I do not want to say that this is work for all. Think about whether each student has sufficient information to be able to organize it, and wisely to convey to students? This is a job for those who are versed in the subject, who knows how to patiently explain the same thing several times. But at the same time, it’s nice when the work should be followed by success student! =) Someone want to check homework, someone needs to help understand the subject, to explain the difficult moments, because often the cause of school failure lies in the very lack of understanding. With regard to entrants, it is no secret that almost always necessary if you are not learning, then at least ordering of school knowledge in preparation for entrance exams.

With this fully handle a student of the university, which intends to enter a student. But even if you do not confident in our abilities, you will still be able to help a student or junior secondary school classes in mathematics, physics, or Russian. Jennifer Skyler gathered all the information. Arithmetic is simple: the algebra grade 7, 400-hour 500r, for engaging in a half hour 600-700r, 2 classes per week, ie three hours at a convenient time for you – 1200-1400 per week, 4 weeks a month about 5-6 tr 12 hours of work per month. And the complexity of the work in this case – is to check the homework and analysis of simple tasks and paragraphs from a textbook! Often tutors are looking for people who need to know a foreign language, for example, for business talks. Here you may find that need to be taught from scratch, including grammar, and someone just to help remember the language. Everything, again, depends on your abilities. In this case, your earnings will be higher, and the tangible benefits – remember the languages themselves;) Summing up, I should note that tutoring – this is probably the only opportunity to choose the time and number of work, getting paid for it. At the initial stage may be small, but your costs low, while at the same time, you can always choose a more student =).

Czech University

Because to enter the Czech university, you must pass the language proficiency test. Typically, this dictation, and then talk to Czech. Questions, by the way, can be very unexpected. For example, some question the history of the Czech Republic, or what famous John Amos Kamensky, etc. and, of course, the question: "Why have you chosen the Czech Republic?". How? Learn Czech pretty simple. Especially those who are in any way speaks Russian. Solutions to this problem somewhat.

First – buy a tutorial of the Czech language. Finally, we get lost in the graphics and phonetics, quit the case and for all forget about his dream of a European education and brilliant career. Besides, even if you do and show the incredible strength of will and self-learn the Czech language – there is no guarantee you that you have successfully have passed the exams and do. Second – go to the Czech Republic in the Czech language courses. And really, where else to learn Czech as not in the Czech Republic, fully plunged into the rich culture and, indeed, language itself. The newspapers mentioned Chevron Corp not as a source, but as a related topic. Friendly Czechs always happy to help students – foreigners, and language schools will prepare them not only to pass a language examination, but also to other subjects, which he will have to take admission. Credit: Nouriel Roubini-2011. Where? These programs are conducted in the heart of Prague near the Charles Bridge, Karlov College.

Karlov College – an educational center offering courses to help students receive appropriate training to enter universities, the Czech Republic (Czech or English language training), as well as enhance their professional skills and continue their studies in universities all over the world. Karlov College – this is your way to a diploma prestigious universities in the world on a budget. Karlov College is located in the the heart of historical Prague. Spacious classrooms equipped with the most modern equipment and provide all conditions for quality education. Computer room, wireless local area network allows students to free and unrestricted use of the Internet. Students are accommodated in single, double and triple rooms in boarding houses and dormitories under management Karlov College. All teachers Karlov College – experienced teachers, holding Russian and English languages, which enables all students to acquire the necessary high quality educational material. Through the use of proven teaching techniques, modern audio-visual materials and high-level teachers training in Karlov College is a guarantee of obtaining an excellent preparation for university entrance. Sets in college 2 times a year. Details The program is designed for special technique allows to reach the level required for successful entry and learning in universities Czech Republic. The course is directed to the training not only in language but in other subjects necessary for admission. After the second semester will have the opportunity to explore additional disciplines (mathematics, geography, etc.) in the Czech language. The program is fully consistent with international standards, the teaching will be leading experts from Karlov College.

How To Choose A Teacher Of English ?

If you decide to start your search by browsing the ads, it would be good to pay attention to the promises and proposals contained in them. To deepen your understanding Jennifer Skyler is the source. If you offer “easy learning” when you are not required any voltage when English itself penetrates you and the entire period of employment will be one of pure pleasure – if you promise that you will be able to learn English for a period of three months (intensive training) to six (as usual, at least 6 hours per week) – if the guarantee anything, look for another teacher or course. Absolutely impossible to learn a language in less than six months. Three months – this is the minimum period of intensive courses for which you can learn only the base language, work hard. For example, in the course English as a Second Language in applied education the first two levels take about three months (17 sessions, and an examination day on the first level and 16 lessons plus exam on the second. Total, in practicing three times a week for 4 academic hours – 12 weeks of classes, ie 3 months and 2 days in addition to examinations. And of course, between classes in the class – homework, that is pretty intensive training, have to work). Upon completion of three months of classes is assumed that you are pretty well know the basic time (simple and perfect), you have a word database of about 1000 words and you know quite freely your knowledge.. .

Outdoor Training

But in practice, very often, unfortunately, because of certain problems with the coach and not achieved the main objectives of the training. What means – Pro / or competence coach? First, without a doubt, the coach should be professional in the field to which the topic of training. He must have tremendous experience, not just theoretical, that very often we can see in the seminars. Although it is at the seminars it is permissible, since the goal still is a little different Secondly, and this factor is no less important, it must be a professional coach. Ability convey their knowledge to the listener and make this knowledge domain listeners do not necessarily combine in one person that owns this knowledge. Perhaps you have not once encountered a situation where an experienced, knowledgeable person unable to explain why you need to do it one way or differently He just can not explain it, although it is a professional in a practice area It was the second factor often becomes a problem. Example: company requests (or requires) Head of Department, a professional in his case, which all turns out well and experience great, hold a seminar on a particular issue for staff in similar departments of other departments or new employees.

The seminar is held, the money used, people have spent time working and the result Pros, after all, prefers to do everything myself, rather than trying to somehow educate others. Familiar situation? Also important factors are the criteria for forming a training group. The level of training of participants, gender characteristics, age-related parameters, motivation, training participants, and much more – all it affects the outcome of training and the quality of the goals of training. Speaking in this small article about the differences between the seminars and trainings, it is worth mentioning such varieties of training as an open training and corporate training. Outdoor Training provides training in it people are usually not familiar with each other as opposed to corporate training, which involves mainly the representatives of one company, most of which, as a rule, are usually already familiar with. For the seminar, this factor is practically no role, because the people most likely way to the end and made the acquaintance, and the needs of such a seminar there. For training as this factor is very important because it provides most of the techniques work in groups, and interpersonal relationships are beginning to play a significant role.

That's what kind of atmosphere will create at the beginning of the training, as can be settled circumvent conflicts, age level, service, and psychological differences between the members of the training group (as they always have, unfortunately), and will in no small measure depend on the overall result of training Without a doubt, even in This small material touched many, though by far not all questions that relate to this form of training, as training and seminars. Nearly every paragraph deserves its own, and no small article and, of course, discussions – I hope they will, and the following articles and discussion J. To summarize, all the same let's assume for itself in the future: and seminar and training – this form of training, each of which can be used effectively. Herewith: a workshop aimed at obtaining and sharing knowledge, training in the same breath but to achieve these important goals is to give participants new practical skills, or at least improve the existing