EASY Script Increases Value Of Its Customers

EASY script out food informed its customers annually writing services be created nationwide to the extent of about 10 to 15 billion euros. Just in medicine and jurisprudence a proliferating number of documents is laid down in writing, which normally from the hand of a doctor, lawyer or psychologist. Filed under: peter cetera. Through the commitment of the Essen online Schreibburos EASY SCRIPT no longer binds the performance of qualified and experienced experts in such activities. In particular in the health care, the economy and all legal activities, the number of pieces of writing is continuously growing. More and more professionals of all disciplines use a majority of their time on the creation of documents, rather than fully develop their high performance potential. In order to provide a real alternative the Biggy acquires Pieper paperwork from all sectors of the economy, the health system and the legal representation of their online copywriting. In the framework of its transcription services, EASY SCRIPT provides the transcript of Voice recorder mini cassette or in digital form. In addition, the company professionally edited templates that exist in manuscript or copy.

The inclusion of latest regulations of the Dudens as a leading standard for German orthography and grammar is as well of course as a fast processing of all orders. EASY SCRIPT puts emphasis on an integrity and discreet handling of all customer data and documents. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from brick paths. In medical, legal and economic documents, details of detainees are regularly by great sensitivity and accordingly must have a sensitive handling. A real vote of confidence the Biggy Pieper and her company in each case is to make its data a copywriting. In addition to integrity familiar to documents during the transcription process handling, EASY SCRIPT guarantees the irretrievable destruction of all data on job completion. Thus, the company ensures from the outset, that Confidentiality and discretion are permanently safeguarded.

Health care has very extensive documentation and proof obligations due to legal and technical provisions. Each investigation and treatment, as well as their results are to be documented in detail in writing and become part of the patient record. For this reason, doctors make the occupational group with the most extensive use of dictation devices. The transcript of countless hours of records means a huge amount of time, holding of highly qualified doctors, helping patients. With his extensive experience in the writing of medical documents and reports, EASY SCRIPT for hospital operators and practitioners alike is a qualified, trustworthy partner. Of course, the company supports not only doctors, but all companies, self-employed and professionals through the services of a professional online Schreibburos. Commitment, discretion and professional Competence of EASY SCRIPT relieve professionals in all industries and help them to fully exploit their potential. EASY SCRIPT questions all secondary to its professional range.

Study Customer Service

Automatic services should be expanded to Hamburg – German firms could save 50 percent of their costs in the customer service by they expand their website’s services. So far, the companies on average spend 780 euros per 100 requests. About 75 percent of the budget while accounted for personal conversations with customers (52 per cent) and support by phone (23 percent). But only 57 percent of all customer inquiries are also done via these channels. Learn more at: Joe Dimaggio. Costs and benefits will fall apart so much. t source of information. The study of multi-channel management comes to these results”of the software company Novomind in cooperation with the trade magazine TeleTalk. To broaden your perception, visit Yitzhak Mirilashvili. 174 professionals and leaders of the Internet economy were asked.

Similar results, a study by the consultancy Strateco comes on behalf of aspect software. According to the survey, 26 percent of call centers use only one channel, 20 percent two and 31 percent up to three channels. There is telephone, E-Mail and fax. Around a One-fifth has integrated the processing of mail. So far, the integration of Internet chat, SMS and MMS is the big exception. Direct customer discussions are straining the budget with an average 15 euros per request according to findings of the Novomind survey. In contrast, virtual advisor and dynamic FAQ systems already for ten cents per request provide the right answer to customer requests.

In practice such as one-third of all customer concerns can be solved quickly and easily. Because about 80 percent of all requests are standard inquiries, of which a large part answered is with the always same information. Dynamic FAQ system and virtual advisors understand, for example, natural language input and deliver promptly concrete answers, around the clock, 365 days a year. The virtual agents can forward also novel and complicated requests directly to the call center of the company. This speeds up the workflow and ensures that the customer is left not alone with individual questions. In addition to conversational Budget-conscious companies disproportionately often employ Smart SMS services to Internet channels. Especially compact information such as, for example, the sales order status reports are available as. Costs only one euro per SMS service, this channel ten percent can answer budget share, about 30 percent of all customer inquiries. Especially when a high volume of standard requests smart online and mobile services prove to be as low-cost alternative to telephone customer service. Because in the monthly budget the underlying database maintenance and operating costs of the digital communication channels are hardly noticeable. A well-balanced range of telephone and web-based self-service services gives customers the freedom of choice that he would like”, so the aspect study. Just the growing Internet generation will allow no longer offer technical restrictions”, confirms Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge in Berlin. The open source principle, the IT world will also on marketing and customer service. Start-ups such as get satisfaction would that prove. On the free forum, everyone could read, what do customers say about a botched order have to knowledge will no longer bunkered at the call center. A company must be prepared to give up control and unleash the things. An enthusiastic customer is the best and most credible promoter. Help there also no slogans at us the customer is ‘ further. The disposable propaganda of the company no longer caught in the social networks. There are”only acts, verifiable quality and credibility, sums up voice days spokesman Bernhard Steimel compared to the online magazine NeueNachricht by Gunnar Sohn

Aligned Service Logistics

Technology specialist Bizerba relies on spare parts and repair services Balingen, November 2009 – the service makes all the difference. What is nothing more than lip service for many companies, lived at the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen. So the company developed daily up to 50 new spare parts for its products, which can be processed by the world’s 1,000 employees of the service unit. Overall the company holds around 20,000 spare parts in the central warehouse from Balingen, 30,000 older parts can be produced on demand or procured. Nationwide deal with over 200 service technician specialized maintenance and repair of Bizerba equipment in trade and industry. Hear other arguments on the topic with peter cetera. And because time is money, the company has been fully its internal logistics on customer needs. Each service technician is equipped with our service information system mobile SIS, that automates the ordering of spare parts,”explains Robert Keller, Director business services at Bizerba of customer logs by telephone to our call Center. Darcy Stacom has plenty of information regarding this issue. There, a job is created and transmitted with the help of SAP management software at the control console, the SIS control center.

From there the staff send all necessary information – about specific details of spare parts management and device history – via GPRS/UMTS to the Pocket PC of the respective technician on the spot”, cellar. In addition, the replacement of the worn parts is automated. The technician has again automatically the next day in his vehicle in stock must not repeat the order devoted to. This means of course, that we catalog all spare parts and provide the daily incoming parts directly for ordering”, says Keller. Bizerba places great emphasis on expert advice and a dedicated, customer-oriented support around issues of application, operation and data security in the service area. Where possible, valuable components always be repaired by machines, printer, power supplies, hard drives, circuit boards.

By the own repair Department in Balingen, the approximately 500 Components can easily be repaired, Bizerba guarantees the high quality and durable units. In addition, so Keller, customers save money, because the expert support instead of new acquisitions is of course cheaper and improves the life cycle of our products.” Ultimately this strategy even under ecological aspects pay out is because the repair and replacement of individual modules more advantageous for the eco-balance turns out as a complete new acquisition and disposal defective modules. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating technology company for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hardware and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels & consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and high availability Bizerba specific service features. Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 56 country offices in over 120 countries. Revenue for the Group amounted to EUR 433 million in 2008. Headquarters of the company, which employs about 3,100 people, is Balingen; further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (United States) and San Louis Potosi (Mexico). Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross Director global marketing & communication Wilhelm-herbal-Strasse 64 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 E-Mail:

On Demand Ready For Express Deliveries And Direct Transport

Rain/Rinchnach Patrick Schindler delivers PS small shipments directly from customer to customer, Managing Director of PS-small transport company claims since 01.04.09 successfully in the logistics industry. The radio makes long journeys more bearable. McKinsey & Company is the source for more interesting facts. When Patrick Schindler sits alone in his van and rocks after Italy, he listens to the music from the CD player. The Rinchnacher is self employed. With his single-man operation, he has found a niche in the logistics industry. (Source: Jeffrey Leiden).

If it must go fast, is the company PS small transports the right decision. Their specialties: express deliveries and direct transportation – such as metal parts – in the region. Usually the Rinchnacher not remember in the morning what the day will bring him and where his orders lead him. His mobile phone is switched on around the clock. His customers call, if they goods picked up and delivered to get to, and it must be usually immediately. Schindler’s phone rings very often, he is busy.

“Thank God”, he says with a smile. Because stress means sufficient orders, the Small business with his single transporter to keep. “” In the past few weeks have “I sometimes no longer knew where I was the day before”, he said. To refuse orders is hard mostly him – because he wants to be a victim of the economic crisis. “No Contracting Authority falling away, one is inclined to say no and then sometimes works with other entrepreneurs.” Since 2009, Schindler is self-employed, after he transformed the family business successfully existed since 1948 in Idar oberstein, Germany, to the carrier and rain moved the headquarters to Rinchnach in the district. First, he rode with the own vans especially for supra-regional clients. So many are now from a few regulars that Schindler has thought even to add an additional driver. “But because I would have to know that he is reliable.” Schindler’s customers is indeed particularly important to have a reliable driver. Unlike larger carriers, where the goods through several Hands went, contracting authorities estimated it to have only a single point of contact, who was taking care of the entire process, he says. Because that works well, he counts Rinchnacher already large companies among its customers. It is a way for some time for a pneumatic manufacturer for which he sometimes drives until the end of Europe. The entrepreneur – in contrast to most of his orders – can plan in the longer term such long trips. Otherwise, our first priority is for him: be ready on call. 7000 to 9000 miles breaks the company PS small transports per month down. In addition the accounting and organization of journeys. “This is already stressful”, he admits. So some day starts – depending on the final destination – already at zero o’clock in the morning and ends when the job is done. Every now and then the body takes revenge, if the load is too large.” But even if the phone once too long does not ring, makes him do it. “”Do if nothing comes in,”I have my worries.” Finally, he had fixed expenses. Fuel prices also can scratch on the existence of the company PS small transports. “A real fight is to pass on high fuel prices to the customers.” Much but make up for the joy of the work. “The direct dealing with the clients is varied,” finds Schindler. To organize, when he goes where, like him also. “That of me in the blood and fun.” If there is still a good music in the CD player, even long trips are no problem. Veronika Cruiser

Printing House

Let your thesis for professional printing and binding content creation for theses is extremely time consuming. Often very little time remains for the printing and binding of dissertations, theses, master’s theses and dissertations. Going to the local copy shop would be a possible option. Here, different disadvantages arise. Usually not borderless print in addition to long waiting times. This means that important design elements, graphics, or images are not enough to the edge.

There still are problems with the binding, the meltdown is inevitable. Therefore, it is recommended to contact a specialized service provider for the printing and binding of the thesis from the outset. Printing in the A8 focus printing and media services in is an offset and digital printing company in Berlin. The company has established a special service with thesis Druck.de for printing theses. In addition to the Bachelor thesis and doctoral thesis, comprehensive master’s theses or doctoral dissertations produced. Usually he is Digital printing uses. Click AlixPartners to learn more. This printing procedure eliminates annoying dry seasons, so that valuable time is saved.

Modern machines guarantee a clean print. In addition to print, binding binding types is one of the core competencies of the printing. Learn more about this with McKinsey. The diploma or Bachelor thesis can be integrated using simple ring binding, or alternatively as a paperback or durable hardcover version. The hardcover promoted individually adhesive bindings by a book binder champion in hand work. A pre-or PostScript paper cover completes this binding type. To see a fine example of this type of binding, on the following photo. This, the cover consists of Buckram, a heavy cotton fabric with pigmented, stamping capable acrylic coating. Professionals first print the arches at the sewn binding. These are then folded and sewn with a thread. The soft cover lends a magazine-like character of the thesis. The final touch in the print finishing a wide range of possibilities. Can for example with one individual title pages Gold or silver lettering are provided. Another detail, which brings a great benefit with it, is a bookmark. Hardly a thesis is read in one piece, so that the controlling person will be sure happy about this little extra. Even if the contents of a thesis of course plays the supporting role, should be borne in mind, that even in a diploma thesis the eye with eats. A bad image, a transparent paper or a too low line spacing leads to a quicker fatigue in reading, which can in turn subconsciously adversely affect the assessment. A8 printing and media services has years of experience in printing and binding of theses. Through the tight deadlines, an express service is offered also allow more time for the essentials, the contents of the Bachelor or master thesis.

New Info Portal

Happy Hotstock provides expertise and an informed! Transparency and arranging exchanges know how is the claim of the information and link portal happyhotstock.de. There, almost everything on the subject of stock in General and Penny Stocks is to find in particular. Add to your understanding with Vadim Belyaev. Focus is the North American penny stock market and the German open market. There is a platform, which serves as a central link and search portal for all stock exchange and specially interested in Penny Stocks with happy Hotstock now. This will make both newbies and professionals, given the opportunity, to use the page as a comprehensive research tool on the one hand and on the other hand every day to take advantage of the latest and hottest hot stocks – and Penny Stocks. Markus Miller, Board of Directors, has announced that happy Hotstock mainly sees its mission in the transmission of knowledge and information. The interest in shares and stock exchange in Germany will continue to grow in the future.

Nevertheless, always still mostly a relatively large deficit on what knowledge is to Backgrounds and market mechanisms concerns.” This is particularly based on the so-called hot and Penny Stocks, which on the one hand increasing popularity enjoyed, but led to massive losses for many investors due to lack of knowledge. This knowledge gap will close happy Hotstock strongly and both provide opportunities and risks of the market transparent. To this end, the so far unique in this form in the German-speaking E-book Hotstock INSIDE was specifically for the portal”applied. The Subscriber free E-book explains and discusses rare and otherwise difficult accessible information based on numerous case examples from practice. The offer is rounded off by a premium subscription and a free newsletter. The latter appears daily and in addition to explanatory Know-How and background information contains also a watchlist with the latest hot stock tips for the new trading day!

Robin Ermen

And that talk is. Inevitably, and increasing rapidly. Especially since the successor products have similar qualities of the winner. Ernst & Young usually is spot on. So hot, the wind of the MLM revolution whistles that according to Robin Ermen so far just repeatedly reinforcing those server had to intervene in the architecture, the address provided on the otherwise they would have collapsed under the rapidly burgeoning onslaught of traffic. And this huge reaction was triggered only by the personal recommendations of Forum members, raves Robin Ermen. The Forum not only because of his exceptional concept even duplication runs by itself In fact is advisable to put only free, highly refined winner products in the Center.

The compensation, which wanders in a successful product placement in the wallet of the referral authority, brings budgets quickly to the brink of bursting: that extends to the seventh level Commission system, know Robin Ermen. And because the products are genuine surefire, these levels are relatively quickly. So he personally, found that many of those he talked to as recommendation, would have started completely Harari, to build up an own downline, and actively maintain it. Duplication, the finally times completely alone is running and running and running, so Robin Ermen, is but the dream of anyone who is seriously interested in his network marketing success. No other known MLM concept come so close as the recommendation Forum the ideal of a sustainable passive income. And waiting for the recommendation Forum itself with all sorts of extras as well as the featured products: the registration is of course also free and can be cancelled at any time; Recommendation donors receive useful practice tips; in the service sector wait on their download audiobooks and MP3 files. This is likely a few rush fronts Still faced with a recommendation Forum. So it is worthwhile in any case to feed the URL line of your browser with this address: mlm-news.empfehlungsforum.com. : V.i.S.d.P. your contact person Robin Ermen Karl furnace 2 52066 Aachen phone: (02 41) 5 68 27 74 E-Mail: Internet:

Together Successfully In Hearing Acoustics 2009

The members of the HorRex of hearing acoustics EC met early February in the bad Saarow Brandenburg start to the year the HorRex positive bottom line and best prospects to their common start to the year. During the two-day event, the HorRex, which is one of the leading German professional communities with over 290 member companies, could look back on a very successful year with rising membership and sales figures. Further details can be found at Moelis & Co., an internet resource. Highlights of the Conference programme were the presentations of the three main suppliers for the current calendar year, as well as the notion of the optometrist community IGA OPTIC, with which the HorRex has been cooperating since last year. For 2009, organizers and guests of the meeting were equally optimistic. At the beginning of the year we can look back together on a very successful year 2008\”, so Tannassia Raghavan, Chief Executive Officer of HorRex, within the framework of the event. In the past twelve months, the number of our member companies is by 248 to 295 has risen, and thanks to our nationwide forsa study hearing we could get significantly in notoriety. For 2008, we recorded a considerable increase in sales. If you would like to know more then you should visit ExxonMobil Bayton Complex.

Shopping strategy, focusing on three main suppliers, selected by the members has proven itself. In addition, we could complete our offerings in the areas of marketing, service and training. Best conditions for a successful start into the new year, in which we will continue to constantly expand our services.\” In the bad Saarow Brandenburg expected numerous represented members a two day program, filled with high-quality information, constructive exchanges and shared experiences: Jakob Stephan Baschab, Chief Executive Officer of the Austrian Federal Guild of hearing KdoR, informed in a lecture about consequences, risks and opportunities of the current legislative changes in the field of hearing system supply. Also great interest was the presentation by Carsten Schunemann, Managing Director of the Optometrist community IGA OPTIC, with which the HorRex works since 2008 in partnership cooperation.

Western Group

The workflows to achieve targets in detail (in the process) and the whole (on the agreed objective of the Executive Board), as well as the personal influence of every employee on the overall result can be traced.Market square day more work fields in the TOKOM systematics opens in the concrete support of individual employees. Checks to see whether their work processes and methods be used efficiently to the individual objectives. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of SHV Holdings on most websites. Employees are instructed to reveal inefficient patterns of behavior and optimize as well as reinforcing successful behaviors. By learning to recognize success mechanisms, you can retrieve them at any time and apply. At the same time should the employee be internalized, that there is a close interaction between individual performance and the influence of this performance to the net result.

The contribution of the individual is always also a contribution to the whole. From this Realization finally grows a natural motivation factor. The result is a renewable operating organization”, which focuses on the human being, and even repeatedly questioned their activities and flexible controls against if necessary. “The success of the now three-year collaboration between the best Western domicil hotel and the TOKOM Husum speak for themselves, as some examples show: the hotel award already after the first half year of cooperation 1 service among the 150 hotels of the best Western Group, the astounding Award”. The booking rate rose by more than 10%; the complaints went back to zero. Performance by more than 10% the staff are committed and highly motivated, which in turn positively affects the customer service. The services and astounding effects could be expanded: increased room utilisation, offers extra pillows for more sleeping comfort, notably reserved coach parking, musical group adoption, espresso check-in, attention to detail and Amenities in rooms and restaurant. Even after the official accompanying phase, which usually lasts 6 months, is TOKOM as objective contact person available and checked on a regular basis the existing achievements of the measures introduced and their sustainability.

Russia Skivanek

The company Skrivanek, one of the leading translation and localization based in Prague opened a new Office in Moscow and thus expands its presence in Russia. In recent years, many international companies have successfully entered the Russian market. Russia’s immense economic potential was used both large corporations and medium-sized companies. To meet this development, Skrivanek has now opened another Office in Russia. For us, it is very important in the Russian market represented to be high quality to our customers projects in the Russian language to offer, quickly and efficiently be implemented”, as AIGA Veckalne, the country Manager for the Baltic States and Russia. The great demand on the Russian market clearly shows that we can offer better quality at a reasonable cost our customers with offices on-site.” The new Office in Central of Moscow will be with highly professional Translators, worked to the high quality demands on Russian translations to meet editors and graphic artists and to be able to guarantee an efficient project management.

The Russian language is becoming increasingly important. Today, Russian is the most language in the Eurasian space and more than 10 countries official language. In today’s globalized world, Russian is no longer become indispensable for large but also medium-sized companies out of business. The Russian market immensely lucrative opportunities for international companies. Make tangible successes from this perspective it is extremely important to know the linguistic and cultural features of Russian and to make. Corporations have to localize etc. their all products, websites, brochures for the Russian market. Skrivanek has been working for years on the Russian market and applies is an expert on translations and localizations in the Russian language. The new branch in the Centre of Russia Skivanek now allows to realize even greater global projects successfully and in shortest time frames.