Tin Anniversary

But here's the mind for some reason, nothing good comes Turn … imagination! It is not necessary to pay attention to what is written in magazines like spouses, lived 8 years of myoglobin, already "fairly drank life" become "harder to treat each other" and, in general, "love has become a habit." Your friends do not such, and hence, a gift must be special. Give them the magic! "Magic of tin does not happen, and my gift will be either banal or the most uninteresting" – you hang up your nose. Do not despair! You'll see: even the most simple tin gift from you will become more valuable than gold. Often portrayed in the celebration gift candy: sweet moments in life are necessary for everyone. But our magic is not in the candy and, especially, not in the process of eating, and in fact how do you present to them. For example, you can draw this flower, "a million scarlet roses" …

from the candy. By making the foil stems, and flowers of a brilliant flower wrapping, add candy bouquet another "highlight": attach to each sweet bud leaves with soft words. Let each of the spouses, having broken one of the colors, read each other's writing. How pleasant it would be to look at this loving couple, exhaling with each other compliments, as each floral candy they will flare up his eyes and pink cheeks! 🙂 Then again, the spouses will want that same wedding "Bitter!" Young. Truly, a magical gift! And, moreover, worthy of Tin Anniversary – shines as tin! Can not do on the tin wedding and without domestic kitchen appliances. With your hand would be very nice hostess gift to his wife, a heart-shaped pan to even burnt pancakes pleased with its form:) Then, and pancakes will taste better (because the form of an unusual – heart), and you will be remembered with love. Glitter and magic in the life of the spouses can bring not only useful for bright-colored appliances, and candy. Fantasize more! In fact, actually, tin – it is durable flexible material which can strongly alter and mutate.

That's an idea! Give the big picture with the spouses of wedding photography in the beautiful twisted frame. Do not forget to trace the to ornate pattern framework was smooth and measured, without abrupt changes, discontinuities and sharp corners. Let this picture (frame) represents the spouses of their lives: diverse, beautiful, quiet, smooth, but the main thing – together! It would be good for this wedding anniversary to remind couples of the vibrant feeling of the first day of their married life. Waft matured wife feeling "wedding dress". And held on to her husband to allow light to feel, "trembling in knees, "which both have experienced during the first marital dance. How do I do?