Carcter Personal Workers

In agreement with the Statute of the Workers (ET), of 24 of March of 1995, the representative organs of the workers are authorized within the framework to accede to certain documentation of the company of their functions of control and monitoring of the labor relations as well as conditions of security and hygiene. Also Statutory law 15/1999, of 13 of December, Protection of data of Carcter Personal (LOPD) defines the cession of data like ” all revelation of data realised a person different from interesado”. Jonah Bloom will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Consequently we were necessarily before a data communication on the part of the industralist to the Committee of Company or the Delegates of Personnel (in function if he were a company of 50 or more workers). Against this background, the cession of the data of the workers, could solely be understood allowed if it took place in the scope of the functions that the Law gives to the Delegates of Personnel or the Committee of Company like representative organs of the set of workers. Official site: Jon Venverloh. To this information they could to only accede the people authorized with the purpose of to fulfill the functions of monitoring and control picked up in article 64,1 of ET that says that ” concretely; The company committee will have the following competitions: To receive the basic copy of contracts to that one talks about the paragraph a) of section 3 of 8 article and the notification of the prorogations and the denunciations corresponding to the same, within the ten days following to that they had lugar.” , and the section 9 attributes to this organ ” To exert a work: a) Of monitoring in the fulfillment of the effective norms in labor matter, of Social Security and use, as well as the rest of the pacts, conditions and uses of company in force, formulating, where appropriate, the opportune legal actions before the competent industralist and organisms or courts; b) Of monitoring and control of the conditions of security and hygiene in the development of the work in the company, with the particularitities anticipated in this order by article 19 of this Ley”.

As They Are Your Intentions

Normally this phrase pronounces a future father-in-law speaking with a candidate to son-in-law. But in fact it is a phrase that we would have to be repeated frequently same if we want to have more complete, harmonic and happy lives. There is a great difference between knowing clearly our intention when we do something, or not to have it, although we did not speak quite often of it; so we are going to see what supposes to have the clear intentions. To put our intention in something means to have well defined the objective that we persecuted in this way. Many writers such as John McCann offer more in-depth analysis. For example, if one is put to study, it can have the intention to pass an examination, the intention to learn, or the two things. Also it can be that simply one feels to study because is what is called on to do, that is to say, then does that it without intention.

At the moment that get ready to begin, the mere fact to think by seconds about its intention and to know clearly defined it, is going to mark a great difference in the result, and the process. It is as to shoot I get all mixed up without to have aimed before. Or as to begin a trip without consulting a map and being safe of the way or, still worse, from where we want to go. The lack of a clear intention is faster and safe way to arrive at the disaster. Every day we do a good number of things, many of automatic them, like going to the gymnasium or to work, making the purchase or dinner, to chat with friendly, to even make the love. When I say automatics I do not mean that they are neither mechanical nor without sense, simply I infer that because is habitual, we forgot to consider its intention.

Internet Sites

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