Heddlsona Wright

The reaction occurs within 5-8 min, the dosage of serum on the reaction Heddlsona 0.08, 0.04, 0.02, 0.01 ml conventionally equated to the following dilutions of the reaction Wright 1: 50, 1 100, 1: 200; 1: 400. Accepted for evidential titers 1: 200 and above. Reaction and the reaction Heddlsona Wright – Kaytmazovoy always put in parallel, and their diagnostic value increases with the dynamic growth of agglutination titer. Angus King contains valuable tech resources. A very valuable confirmation of brucellosis is positive intradermal allergic test Burne. The essence of this reaction is that the brucellosis organism is specifically responsible local reaction (swelling, redness, soreness) on intradermal introduction of 0.1 ml of brucellin (introduced on the palmar surface of the forearm); brucellin a three-week broth culture filtrate of Brucella, is available in ampoules of 1 ml. The reaction is taken into account after 24 h. The presence of edema (The size of 3X3, 5 cm and more), redness, infiltration, and pain at the injection site brucellin taken as a positive reaction.

If there is only redness and swelling does not exclude a positive assessment of the sample, but in these test cases, Burne, usually considered weakly positive. Burne sample becomes positive at times later than the reaction of Wright and Heddlsona – Kaytmazovoi, it can show up many years later after suffering a disease. It should be emphasized that preventive vaccination protivobrutselleznye can affect the results of laboratory Aliso, causing the positive reactions of vaccinated and Raita Heddlsona – Kaytmazovoy and also test differential diagnosis. Brucellosis must be differentiated from typhoid fever, rheumatic fever, sepsis, malaria, tuberculosis, lymph granulomatosis, Q fever, tularemia. Typhoid fever is in contrast to the brucellosis usually begins gradually, takes more cycles and almost always pronounced typhoid form, the patient is lethargic, adiiamichen, skin pale, 8-10th day of the rash appears neobilnaya rozeoleznaya with possible podsypaniem on throughout the febrile period. Often there is no appetite, coated tongue typically (so that the edges and the tip of his stay clean), there are locks.

International Standard Classification

In most hospitals keep statistics on IVF, but patients prefer not to inform about it. In this article the data read out at the European Congress of Reproductive Medicine. In the summer of 2009 at the European Congress on Reproductive Medicine doctors said that the world was born more than 4 million children using IVF. In Russia, it is estimated that IVF was born about 25 000 children. According to the latest Annual Report of the Russian Association of Human Reproduction (RARCH), in 2007 Russia had 70 points and reproduction was carried out over 26 000 cycles of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). For comparison, in Japan population is about 127 million people and account for – 500 centers IVF, in Russia for 142 million people there are about 70 centers. In many countries the state pays for IVF, in part or in full.

Infertility is a disease and it is in the International Standard Classification of Diseases. Complications of IVF When IVF treatment of infertility the most frequent complication is multiple pregnancy. On According to an official in Russia's 76% of IVF embryos transferred 1.2, which reduces the risk of multiple pregnancy. Russia is the leader in Eastern Europe among the countries that carry no more than 2 embryos, and at the same rate of successful pregnancy is approximately equal indices of European IVF clinics. In 2007, the average percentage of successful pregnancies after IVF / ICSI – 36% of programs with cryopreserved embryos – 26% and 45% of programs with the use of donor cells. Of an unwanted pregnancy in IVF clinics, Russian 75% end in successful delivery. A second common complication of IVF is hyperstimulation syndrome ovaries (PCOS) – 1.2%. Decisive importance in the treatment of infertility VRT is a woman's age. In 2007, the average age of patients seeking IVF clinics in Russia amounted to 34 years. This means that half of them older than 34 years, adversely affects the probability of success of IVF.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is very topical. Until two years ago was scarcely known in our country. Today there is no agency or entity that price, do not try one or more occasions in the issue. Terminological aspects. As very rightly said Jose Maria Peman: "If people understand talking, talking is better understood it." It applies perfectly to the concept of CSR, because although everyone knows its definition, its practical application becomes sometimes different meanings.

or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined chronologically older. It was first employed to differentiate those companies that maintained a positive position in business ethics, as opposed to a series of scandals by some. As its name suggests, should refer to those who by virtue of their high productivity can be considered corporate. It is a term that may persist over time given its implementation at international level (Corporative Social Responsibility – CSR). or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is a form will be most used. It is specifically proposed by the Spanish Ministry of Labour in their actions for their implementation (Expert Forum, Subcommittee of the House of Representatives).

or similar meaning are used with other terms which can sometimes lead to confusion: Sustainability, tica, Excellence, Best Practices, Transparency … Its application is selective. That is, despite the "democratization" of the name, it is considered complete mainly to large and medium enterprises. Although SMEs have been incorporated into this concept, official aid is still very low. There are many groups rarely involved. They included: o The Administration as a public company despite its impressive role of service to the community.