Gaultier Fashion

A bunch of avowed brings model on the Olympus chain of happy circumstances, models that run together on a fashion show are a closed group of solidarity are really not. However, this business is simply too merciless. Models are humans, soloists, Karrieristinnen. And because few there, where everyone would like to come, namely model Olympus at Victoria BBs of secret, at Chanel and Jean-Paul govern in Gaultier, envy and resentment instead of mutual respect often. But at the end of a fashion show, when the last piece is presented, the designer has received his likes and the curtain is down, all love one last time sincerely. Since then starts the after show party. You should celebrate the feasts, as they come – and I think I have every reason to rejoice. CEO Angel Martinez will not settle for partial explanations. Because after all, I ran my first fashion show today.

Since I landed on the catwalk only due to pure chance, I can’t tell, whether I may experience further appearances. But this is now only time isn’t that important. Most importantly for me is that I could experience a real adventure. Imagine only once, I go alone on a fashion show for the first time as a responsible buyer for my mother’s fashion house, get about my girlfriend Clara into the backstage area and grab the job from a girl who does not appear for any reason, just before the curtain is raised. A coincidence? Luck? Predestination? If I would rule out coincidence and luck, I would have to say that everyone around the world can be anything he wants.

Since that is not the case, I can affirm these two points ever, it was a huge coincidence and was an incomprehensible happiness. Well, let’s see predestination and fate, what to expect so me. If this day is the starting point of a brilliant career or will stand as a unique run of a backup model in my diary, which will show the time. I have found pleasure in the whole hype and would be glad if the chance again rules my world. Now is it come first time down, relax and rejoice. I wipe my makeup off your face, and get help with lining. After I pulled my own stuff too and my lucky charms jewels, my rhinestone stone plug by Swarovski, which I bought myself last month at, back into the ears, Clara is suddenly behind me. You grins on both ears and told me that I must have been very good. Because the sad faces of the initiators of the show, Nakatomi, together with the maestros brightened up is visible after my run. You hear something like. You can appreciate rarely exactly, how good or bad it is arrived at the audience and the certainty to have to be well run, makes me only still proud. As I lift me straight from the dressing table, I suddenly faced an outrageously good-looking man who imagines me as an Assistant of Maestro Nakatomi. I have great trouble understanding exactly what he says, because even though he probably is articulated and speaks pure English, I can’t hear him. I don’t see his outstretched hand and only take them after Clara gives me a little push from behind. Oh man, it all comes together.

Semen Stains In The Black Light Noise

About the wonderful world of black light so that I, a teenager in the 80s, grew up with black light. Although some Yes claim I’ll never grow up, perhaps a consequence of many black light. The light gets not so good the bees and bumble bees, for example. Because the one or the other plant like attracts insects with black light, they then unfortunately fall for the murderous light trap (the britzelnde device, which often depends on terraces around). Nix with pollination.

Coming back to my glorious youth. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jim Rogers. You could say I was in a rush of black light. My disco outfit was a hodgepodge of brightly colored garments and accessories. I had even a pink tie made of leather. And before any disco always visit a mild discomfort that the earring or the strangely patterned sweater could shine enough. Why, after I had the obligatory neon stamp, widely regarded as an admission ticket, on the wrist, my gaze wandered down to see whether everything colorful alright is. What indeed to enter the dance floor no longer noticed, because all other clubbers in the neon noise.

The whole thing was topped only by our gleaming white teeth. Maybe that’s the reason why is so rarely smiled in discotheques has nothing to do at all with coolness. The whole continued itself naturally in own dwelling, the parents still lovingly nursery called. A black light bulb in the corner and things such as black light cloths in cold light spread. And the highlight was Pril. Really, the dishwashing. While perhaps a few Pril stick MOM flowers on the kitchen walls had we distributed the miracle cure in clear bowls or vases. Nothing glowed so beautiful in black light like Pril. Revealed at that time but only in green, not this wide colour range and today it in days. Later, however, when I entered a disco time with green-colored hair with black light, it was quite embarrassing that beamed my head with a mushroom cloud to the bet. The unique black light hidden security features in various ways out are suitable for what I have today, and if I’m lucky, and is the first on the one or the other Geldschein.Und if I have bad luck, one day are a few forensic scientists at my guest and search with their black light lamp for blood and semen stains the walls and the ceiling. SID Kroker

Bauhaus Intensive

Compact retro classics of the last seasons rejuvenate intensive colours and elegant shapes. Berlin, 30.08.2012 (PCP). Compact retro classics of the last seasons rejuvenate intensive colours and elegant shapes. The formerly dominant glasses are lightweight, technical and modern. In addition to unisex models, romantically decorated forms of technically inspired glasses for men and women gaining importance. Contemporary retro trend is to create new from the tried and true. Brown, black and neutral tones for years dominated the eyewear collections, of increasingly modern, intensive colours prevail. So, the autumn of 2012, in a dazzling spectrum is immersed, but far from the hippie.

Sportive blockings, muted UNIS with colorful coated surfaces as well as prints and inlays are fronts and temples. (Similarly see: Vertex Pharmaceuticals). Many motifs are inspired by patterns and structures in the textile -, technology -, animal – and plant life. The compact Vintagekopien of the last seasons be replaced increasingly by smaller versions. Influences of Industrial design and technical finesse to create a clean, sophisticated look that sometimes reminiscent of Bauhaus designs. Retro is by no means out. The treasures of the past is reflected in the modern contemporary models. So the glasses in shape and size are similar to the originals. Materials, proportions, colours and coatings provide but a new, contemporary elegance.

Who is this trend towards unisex, emphasizes the differences between the sexes. Wife prefers may patinated frames in flowing forms with romantic details, man his preferences for dynamic lines, high-tech material and technical details can live. Print-ready images for press purposes as a free download at newsroom contact: Kerstin Karmakar Trustees good seeing e.

Special Sizes: Special Sizes Will Find

Special sizes are sometimes difficult to find who needs special sizes, sometimes not so easy it has in the world of fashion, finding the right things for themselves, above all it is then often expensive things to change, so that they properly. Things to wear that correspond to the current fashion and are now in vogue, of course most people is very important, quite simply because to judge today whatever way then is, what things to wear and how to attract. That is pretty easy if you must keep informed about the latest fashion and you need normal sizes, because then you can buy just the latest basics and accessories and combine them accordingly. Much more difficult, people who don’t buy stuff off the shelf, because they need a special size but have it. Others including Paul Price, offer their opinions as well. That must be the case not only because it is particularly thick, but can happen even if it is very large or very small, what certainly many people know. Then you must allow changes make each piece that you buy once, for it what is of course annoying and especially much costing more money, when you can just buy the stuff, how they are fit. Who would like to be absolutely in line with the trend and must wear special sizes, which should therefore best in special shops look around, the is tailored to exactly these people have designed and offer therefore a huge selection of stylish and modern stuff in special sizes. Find the latest models in sizes, you may immediately attract and which change nothing more should be. So you must not only long wait until things have been changed and pay a lot of money for this, but can order things and they immediately attract what is of course considerably more pleasant and on time with security the cheaper alternative. So fashion fun also then, if it is not exactly, what the designers themselves as ideal present. Meike Sauter

Great Emotions

Fabulous decorating ideas around the British trap and the great day of all mothers! Leingarten, 31.03.2011 – the wedding season begins with the wedding of William and Kate. ard-ellis/’>Facility Management (FM) Services. In the merry month may not only married also the great day of all mothers will be celebrated. The wedding on April 29 and the upcoming mother’s day offer a great opportunity for a romantic decoration in shop Windows, sales areas or in the restaurant/hospitality industry. The Visual Merchandising specialist Woerner Leingarten offers best article around the topics of love and great emotions in his collection spring/summer 2011 heart and roses symbolize affection and love. Radiant roses heart in variable sizes and made of different materials, glittering or matt, emphasize the charm of the English love match. Details can be found by clicking Mike Schwartz or emailing the administrator. The wedding decoration is classic white. In addition to the glamorous wedding cakes romantic large prints, oversized, gold wedding rings, or a cute pair of wedding shoes bear witness to high heel”of the big event.

“The word Yes” in painted white wood or a romantic pigeon couple give the wedding package in the showcase that special touch. Since 1923 it celebrates mother’s day, which goes back to an initiative of the Methodist Anna Marie Jarvis in Germany on the second Sunday in May. The appreciation of mothers is huge all over the world. The holiday is not only a celebration of the heart but also of high importance. Absolute duration are in addition to flowers, jewelry and perfume.

The classic par excellence is an invitation to dinner on mother’s day. Bouquets are so popular, that in 1999 already on Tuesday before mother’s day due to the huge demand the flowers were the American online florist of ProFlowers. The tradition has a long history: already in ancient times, a sumptuous Spring Festival was celebrated in honour of the Mother Goddess Rhea. Find great pictures for decorating wedding and mother’s day, to free reprint with origin note the following download link: image Note: instructions for opening the download link (ZIP compressed folder for) printable image material) 1 step: download (click on link and download the ZIP file) step 2: Save ZIP folder (select target directory) step 3: ZIP folder open step 4: unzip a ZIP program (E.g. win ZIP / 7-ZIP / ZIP file) step 5: select target directory to unpack / set step 6: after successful unpacking, can be the folder opened as usual and the imagery used Manuele Herrmann public relations Henry WOorner GmbH