The clock spy is not only one objecto to be used with fteis purposes or for simple tricks. One can be objecto useful when very used for diverse ends where the captation of images can be determinative. In this article we go to show plus an excellent application of the clock spy to it, of this time to help to protect its son when you are not for close making it. It has a fenmeno that it has been each said time more in the last times, especially to the level of the social communication? buling. This mentions the physical and verbal aggressions to it of which the children and adolescents can be white in the schools, and also is of them, practised for older colleagues or, even though, of similar ages.

When concrete tests do not exist of that a child is to be white of such aggressions, especially when these are more the verbal and psychological level, it is very difficult to protect the victim or to punish the culprits. the biggest problem is related with the continuity of this type of situations, that can last years. For times alone they finish when the child finishes the school or if dumb for another one. But when still it lacks very such to happen and it does not have another hypothesis if not to try to prove the aggression, the clock spy will be able to help to decide the problem. The objectivo will be to film case if they deal with physical aggressions or to record the voice will be the case to be only verbal aggressions. It only needs to teach its son to use the device it binds so that it at the opportune moment. If it cannot forget that it is very important that the aggressors do not notice that it is to use a clock spy or a spy penxs if to judge more convenient. Any difference can provoke the diffidence on the part of the aggressors and this is everything what we do not want that it happens.