Olfa Blades

Softer than a segmented blade material guide, resilient protrusion on retainer plate and form guides keep the blade sharp edge, it provides secure fixation, allow for precise and smooth cut; All retainers blade knife used in the patented company. Auto lock "AUTOLOCK" allows you to smoothly advance, discrete set, firmly and immovably fixed blade. Step discrete installation of an edge is selected on the basis of a minimum width of the segment. Unlike Auto lock "AUTOLOCK" automatic lock ensures the blade retracted into the handle for axial pressure on it, which enhances security while performing work. Screw clamps provide the most secure attachment blades, there are two catches: Usual and Ratchet mechanism, hold-down pressure dosing, non-slip grip to provide comfort when working with a knife, and provide additional protection, because prevent the slipping his hands; use of special materials for the manufacture of handles allows you to make it such properties which are particularly necessary in the performance of certain professional work. ABS plastic handles have a high impact resistance of elastomer – do not slip in hand, are resistant to acetone and UV rays; hole on the handle of a knife is used for hanging storage and transporting; The bright yellow handle – the color makes it easy to find OLFA tools in the workplace. Olfa Blades are especially proud of the company. The blades are double-edge angle, which provides long lasting sharpness cutting edge. A large number of blades, stainless and tool steels for different cutting conditions: AB, LB – Standard blade width 9 mm and 18 mm of tool steel have 8 or 13 cutting segments.

Panel Adhesives

Sandwich – paneli.Klei and materials for their development sendvichey.Tendentsii competition in the manufacture of sandwich panels is growing. Companies moving towards cheaper cost. Economy puts their priorities in the selection of raw materials for sandwich panels. Interesting changes await us in the market of external walling, the sandwich panels is based on mineral wool, expanded polystyrene and polyurethane foam. The market value of mineral wool slabs are about 1.5 times higher than that of the foam. In this Minplita sold about twice as expensive as its cost. Not far off the fall in prices for Minplita, and then Minplita cost and foam on the market will be equal. Price foam will not fall, because the profit on its production and so is minimal.

Non-combustible mineral wool to press very soon, much foam on the market sandwich panels. Polyurethane sandwich panels are currently the best in terms of teplosberezheniya and mechanical characteristics. The problem is their low fire resistance. However, replacing polyurethane foam is a foam tsianauratnaya, which practically does not burn. For more specific information, check out Roubini Global Economics. By the year 2010 will come into effect restrictions on the use of combustible materials in construction, and to press strongly tsianauratnaya foam polyurethane.

Existing lines producing polyurethane sandwich will have to change the site of injection and mixing ingredients. New pre-equipped with modern lines of the respective device, working as a polyurethane foam, and the tsianauratnoy such equipment company "Yongming". In the production of sandwiches made of PVC as an "internal" list is almost universally used a cheaper high-impact PS (polystyrene) or ABS. Polystyrene, by the way, stronger than PVC and 0.7 mm thickness for PS is sufficient in case of production to sandwiches window slopes. Excellent high-impact PS is produced by LLC "PolimerMarket", and the most reliable polyurethane adhesive for him – TOP-UR-E-PVC. PVC sheet has long been widely used with a thickness of 0.9 mm, or even 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and not as it was originally. The best adhesive for sandwich panels remain polyurethane. There is an active search for other cheaper for a base polymer adhesive. But while nothing can come close to polyurethane adhesives for weather resistance and hardiness. One-component polyurethane adhesives costs have long been caught up with two part. A matter of choice of glue – it is a question of equipment used for the production of sandwiches. On continuous lines applies only component polyurethane adhesive. On shotgun assembly lines are applied one-component polyurethane adhesives cure at different rates. Two component adhesive less technologically in the case of bench lines, although some companies have traditionally apply it to this day. Polyurethane adhesive consumption is reduced to 100-120 grams per square meter sandwich panels. More economical use of polyurethane adhesives with low density. Distinguish between low-density glue easily even visually: the glue is transparent, although it may be the color from colorless to red-brown, such as adhesives mark TOP-UR-E-PVC – colorless, and mark TOP-UR-40 yellow-brown adhesive minimum density of 1.1-1.15 g / ml and therefore most economical for consumption. Polyurethane adhesives are high-density: 1.4-1.5 g / ml, is filled with so-called polyurethane adhesives. K-filled polyurethane adhesives include adhesives, most brands and Macroplast Isolemfi. They are opaque, and their color beige or cream. The color is caused by kaolin or chalk, which they introduced to reduce the cost. Filled with polyurethane glues is very heavy, and its relative cheapness, they do not justify – adhesive consumption is quite large, at a cost manufacturer sandwiches even more expensive.

North Drilling Company

Stand-alone diesel power container type, such as CSB-D KN20 1000.4" on the basis of engines Cummins KTA 50 (12 DGS) unit of 1 MW. Energy drilling Megion. Rental project to the operation of its own staff. REVIEWS: "At present, two diesel power stations with total capacity of 2 MW based on Cummins engines complete with QFT successfully facilities operated by drilling. Hear from experts in the field like Chevron Corp for a more varied view. We believe that the CSB is a reliable supplier of both equipment and service "LLC" North Drilling Company "" Company of CSB has established itself as a reliable supplier diesel power plants that can solve complex problems in energy supply and the social production facilities ", OJSC" Surgutneftegas "autonomous diesel power container type, such as CSB-D 740.4 KN 20 "based on engines Cummins KTA 38 (15 DGS) unit capacity of 740 kW. Energy Drilling in the Republic of Yakutia.

Stand-alone diesel power container type, such as CSB-W 40006.3 KH 20" CSB-D 1000.4 SC 20" based on engines Cummins KTA 50 (11 DGS) unit capacity of 1 MW. Energy Drilling in the Republic of Komi. Read more from Dara Khosrowshahi to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Stand-alone diesel power plant container type, such as CSB-W 20006.3 KH 20" based on the Cummins KTA 50 (2 DSU). Maksimkinskom Energy Drilling oil field. Choosing the best power supply petroleum energy source must be sound environmental and economic characteristics of the deposit. The decision to build power complex on the field and choosing between a diesel or gas powered power plant is influenced by such characteristics as the deposit of its economic prospects (quantity and quality of recoverable reservoir fuel reserve) assigned number of associated petroleum gas (APG) for the separation of oil and its chemical composition.

Gas Equipment: Pressure Regulators

Gas equipment – is an integral part of any industry and municipal economy, as natural gas plays an important role for the functioning of almost every Russian enterprise. But Considering the fact that this energy source is the fire and explosive, the equipment used in each gas distribution or gas transmission pipeline imposed the most stringent security requirements and reliability. Gas appliances offered you a PFC 'SpetsKomplektPribor' fully meet all of these just demands. The number produced and sold by us equipment includes gas regulators gas pressure (RDG and RDBK), isolation joint FIS filter gas FG, air filters (EF), safety shut-off valve (PKN, CPR, ECP, KPEG), safety valves, shut-off with an electric (KPZE) termozaporny GTC valve, safety relief valve (CPM), filters, fluids universal (FZHU) and other equipment. In addition, our company supplies spare parts and consumables (eg, chart paper) for production and servicing of our gas equipment, characterized by the highest quality workmanship and had time to prove their best under harsh conditions. The use of industrial gas equipment allows customers to solve various problems in the enterprises of public utilities and industrial facilities. In addition to production and sales, PFC 'SpetsKomplektPribor' is developing, installing and commissioning of equipment for the proposed gas pipeline systems.

All equipment manufactured by our company is safe and meets all the requirements established standards and other normative acts of the Russian Federation, which is confirmed by certificates of compliance and authorization to use. All delivered products are subjected to different types of tests in accordance with requirements of technical documentation – thus, by the highest quality control. Highly qualified specialists gladly offer their assistance in its optimal selection in accordance with you have provided technical specifications and advise you on any matters relating to the operation of the equipment. Moreover, if you are interested in some equipment that is not part of the spectrum today products manufactured by our company, we are sure to be able to organize its development and production in the shortest possible time and on mutually agreed terms. Our company will arrange delivery of the ordered your equipment and its forwarding to any region of the Russian Federation convenient for you means of transport. For regular customers and in the case of buying large quantities of our products is a flexible system of discounts. By contacting us you will find not just provider of quality gas appliances at the best prices and a reliable partner whose cooperation will last for years.

Economic Oil And Gas Development In Russia

By 1990, the changed political life and economic changes have led to stopping the construction of new oil pipeline routes. In late 1991 the political map of the world disappears USSR. Fifteen new states shared the common property, including oil pipelines. A single pipeline system remained in Russia. In some countries – only a portion of the main oil pipelines. Other countries are implementing transit Russian oil. There is a complete reorganization of the oil and gas industry in Russia.

Oil and gas complex in the gas industry before RAO “Gazprom” and the oil – oil companies such as “LUKOIL”, “Yukos”, “Sidanko”, “Rosneft” and others, formed during the restructuring of oil and gas industry, the main stages of which were the years 1987-1990. The development of self-management and self-funded enterprises oil and gas industry that led to the expansion of the economic independence of enterprises and their direct access to world markets as exporters of energy. 1991-1994. Association of enterprises in vertical integrated structures, their shareholding. Start the privatization of holding oil companies. Building the infrastructure of the stock market, the emergence of financial-industrial groups and consortia to participate in international projects.

In 1992, the Russian privatization program has provided a special mode of privatization of the oil industry. Its essence is that the controlling stake in the company remained in state ownership for a fixed period. Corporatization of the industry was going in two stages. First, all enterprises were included into the “Rosneftegaz ‘and’ Glavnefteprodukta ‘, were transformed into joint stock companies.