Educational Techniques

Its constitution if gave with the Decree n 5,166 of 27/02/02, when it signed a contract of management with the Government of the State to execute the Plan of Educao Profissional (PEP). (Par, 1999). The Social Organization assumed, a priori, 11 located state schools in the diverse paraenses cities: Salvaterra, Thailand, Itaituba, Camet, Paragominas, Glad Mount, Marituba, Izabel Saint, Abaetetuba and Belm; being one in each one of previous cities and two in Belm: the Integrated College Francisco Da Silva Nunes and the School State Technique Cheap Magalhes (ETEMB). Gain insight and clarity with Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. However related contract it established the attendance of management for 18 schools. The 11 schools under responsibility of the Social Organization offered exclusively the regimen subsequente, that is, the vacant were only for pupils who had concluded average education. Posterior studies had proven the inefficiency of this only one form of offers of vacant, a time that if observed, year after year, the increasing amount of pupils that was outside of the classrooms not having the magnifying of the number of schools, the responsible managers could have inside thought about the magnifying of the vacant number of the institutions. However, it was not what it happened.

The precariousness picture where the OS-ETPP found the Schools Techniques under responsibility of the State very did not change after the beginning of its management. In what it refers to the infrastructure, more specifically the disponibilizados materials of consumption, mainly those destined to the development of the developed practical lessons in the laboratories of the courses or the periods of training were, many times, scarce. In relation to the resume it is important to stand out that necessary constant became evaluation of the educational proposals gifts in the Projects Pedagogical Politicians, however was not what it happened. Moreover, the teaching personnel was capricious, a time that the professors were contracted as hourly employees, that is, in accordance with the horria load necessity you discipline of them curricular, when it was to give them in classroom, or amount of pupils, when it assumed the function of period of training supervisor and gained in accordance with the amount of pupils that took care of: the more pupils, more money received.


Exactly not being rich and not to possess great richness, I cannot support a government that he intends if elect; if kept in the power, to tax great richnesses; richnesses that already had been taxed; bi-taxed; tri-taxed; richnesses that many had given the life during decades to hoard now and, for a sandice, go to have that one more time to pay tax on them. Nobody can FORBID somebody to be prosperous for the fruit of its work. NOT to the control of the press. Who controls the press is the proper people attending what it wants to attend. What the people does not want it does not attend, thus not the hearing, consequentemente vende announcements of the sponsors and does not leave air. The only thing that confuses the press is vocs with the maneuvers liars, treacherous and deceptive of the people. Honest government for the people, does not fear the press. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc does not necessarily agree.

It only fears the press paved governments in what vocs they are accustomed. Nobody can FORBID to the access the information since that it true and is determined the authorship. It is constitutional guarantee. I cannot, and I will never support a government that has engavetado a plan with 521 measures, measures already widely criticized by jurists of international level, why they do not pass of megalomanacas sandices Populists, supported for a blind people; bewitched. It is a plan to overwhelm Brazil.

They are, technical, 521 MEASURES THAT, IN PRACTISE, IMPLY IN the WORD TO FORBID had behaviors as moral and/or TO ALLOW to practical criminals and unprincipled people. It is the legalization of an inversion of values never seen in place none. Beyond the serious ones, he has the ones that seem funny, but are pr of sad there: The plain said one of human rights foresees the regulation of prostitution!

Russian Renato Band

In 06 of October of 2002, in 1 turn of the elections, Squid is voted and disputes 2 turn with the Toucan Jose Mountain range, in 27 of October of 2002 Squid finally it is consecrated winning and he is elect the new president of Brazil the country initiates a different phase of its History a representative of the workers and of the left party it assumes the power. Squid in its ownership says a phrase that never more left my mind it says: – ' ' I, during as many times was accused not to have a superior diploma, profit my first diploma of president of the Republic of my PAS' ' this phrase was in history, Squid is not only one simple man of humble family plus a great example of citizen who tries to fulfill its goals. In the economic area the management of Squid is characterized by the economic stability and for a surplus trade balance, during its government the index in the job generation increased all in the country, Squid is considered optimum president of Brazil postado in the date leaf in 2009 with 76% of popularity. Its trajectory of man politician grew throughout its militancy. Squid is one of the main icons of the Brazilian Redemocratizao for all its fight and history. During the battle stopped for the Redemocratizao in years 80, some bands had appeared in the scene musical and singers with letters of musics that expressed feelings oppressed and restrained of a time in the dictatorship watched until what the composers wrote, At this moment are born the called movement Brock, with objective to make rock politicized with forceful letters the diverse aspects of the Brazilian society. band Urban Legion that was formed in 1982 and launched its first album in 85 with musics that criticized the government as ' ' Generation cocaine-cola' ' that it said in the refro: ' ' We are the children of the revolution, We are bourgeois without religion, We are the future of the nation, Cocaine Generation; ' , another well revolutionary music of the band urban legion is ' ' That country is esse' ' that it is a relief, that says: – ' ' in the slum quarters in the Senate dirt pra all side, nobody respects the constitution but all believe the future of nao' ' that Penalty the band had its end in 1997, according to official site the band does not go to congregate itself again in respect to already the deceased Russian Renato. .

The State

In the case of the State of the Tapajs it is not different, was established a plebiscite so that the proper one population decides its future. Learn more on the subject from Ripple protocol . I am in favor of the division, because our current state is very great, with this I am much more complicated to govern a so great area. Already with the division, the states go to have a bigger control on the regions, being able to manage with quality, then my region will be able to grow and to develop considerably and more chances they will appear: regional schools, universities, hospitals. Click Dara Khosrowshahi to learn more. This goes in providing one better quality to them of life. DIVISION PROPOSAL ALCINEIDE DUTRA PERSON 15 Brazil comes passing for a division process. The State of the Tapajs is not new a proposal, this idea comes since century XIX by means of Dom Peter II.

But go to be in the eleven and a thousand year two, no longer century 21 that it goes to be determined if goes or not to happen the construction of the new state: The State of Tapajs. We abemos that this division alone will happen if the paraenses to decide to vote for yes, but also have the conscience that the state already is divided by yes and for not. If to happen the division, Par still will continue bigger in number of inhabitants. The capital, that is, the region metropolitan of Belm is against the construction of the new state of the Tapajs because if this to happen they more do not go to receive the mounts of money that received before. We of the Southwestern West/of Par want the division, therefore he will bring more development for our region.

Positive points of the division: more development, jobs and chances. the governments will be next to our reality. Negative points: they go to appear more politicians and with this more corruption.

The Princes

GRUPPI, Luciano (Everything started with Maquiavel, p7). Already the politics is ‘ ‘ the art to govern povos’ ‘ , Aristteles.Um instrument of the State to become possible a government that makes reference the order and to the progress in practises. However, amongst all the evidenced concepts, one of that more deserves prominence is the cut of the relations economic politics and of the State and the Church, therefore its repercussion in the present time makes the ideologies of an author of sc XV to continue alive. For Maquiavel the church can be a valuable used instrument if with caution; ‘ ‘ The Princes and the Republics that want to hinder the corruption been it must, over all, keep without alterations the religious rites and the respect that the Inspiram’ ‘ , first book of the Speeches. However, according to it, the extreme participation of this institution in the subjects that say respect to the State, brings corruption of the society, the division politics and the decentralization of the power. ‘ ‘ (…) The religion decayed very. We have the test marcante of this decay in the fact of that the peoples next to the Church Roman, the capital of our region, are exactly less religious. If we examined the spirit primitive of the religion, observing it practises as it current of it if it moves away, we would conclude, without you doubt, that we arrive at the moment of its ruin and its castigo’ ‘ MAQUIAVEL, 2000a, p 62.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ It seems that this way of living became the weak world, leaving delivers it to celerados, that they feel to the will to manipulate it, seeing that the men – to reach the paradise – more are made use to support its blows of what to avenge of them ‘ ‘ (1992 – Discorsi, II, 2:149 – 150) therefore that the philosopher if opposes to the participation in the decisions to be taken for the State 4.Relao author X the present time In this world contemporary not if can cite the Church as independent, and nor on – interlaced directly with the State; in questions politics..

United States Poverty

Whose purpose, among others, a consolidation of the capitalist system, therefore these goods are placed in being able of the private sector, becoming remote the possibility of a socialist system, such fact are as a knife of two gumes, also contributing, for the concentration of income and subdesenvolvimento. Example: Valley of the River Candy, Telebrs and other state ones? in whose attempts of CPIs, ahead of evidences frauds, they had turned pizza (grifo mine). Sanders observed that the neoliberal politics of the FMI developed in years 1980, pushing the countries in direction to the free commerce without restrictions, the privatization and the abrupt cut of the nets of social security were a disaster for Latin America and contributed for the growth of the poverty in the whole world. At the same time where certain countries of Latin America, as Brazil and Argentina had followed these neoliberal politics imposed by the FMI, of 1980 the 2000, the per capita income in Latin America only grew the one tenth of the tax of the two previous decades. It had who called the Modern Age of ' ' Age of the Mendigos' ' , therefore the ascension of the bourgeoisie also generated pobrezae the social declassification. Similar relations occur with the privatizations, where private groups (with reduced numbers of individuals detainers? correspondents the bourgeoisie) possess and usufruct the high incomes that would go to supply all a Nation in its pointers of poverty, inaquality social and generation of resources for promotion of public politics. You wise person who The person is consideradapobre in the United States whose annual income will be of US$ 19,157 (R$ 45,900) or less. (2/2005) Imagineo Brazil, where the per capita income is of US$ 4,289, (equivalent R$ 9,564, 47). The poverty did not diminish although the commitments assumed for the world-wide leaders in the Cimeira of the Millenium in 2000.

Cultural Circuit Square

In the Administrative City, we will be to a distance floor. The capacity imagines of resolution of important subjects between the secretariats of Planning and Management and Health, Education, and between as much other areas, even though with proper the viceone that, occupying the same physical space, will be able to potencializar its action. It is important to remember that the transference mentions the administrative sectors to it that give sustentation to the proper activities of government. The services of direct attendance to the citizen remain in the building that already occupy, the example of the Unit of Attendance Integrated of square Seven, Detran, among others. It admits initial difficulties to you with the transferences.

They can be potencializadas by action politics, considering that we are in electoral year? I do not believe. The Administrative City symbolizes the proper change of the concept of public administration that we are implementing in the government of Mines, since 2003, under the leadership and determination of Acio governor Snows. The mining public administration gave wide steps in direction to its professionalization with the only objective to raise the quality of the services given to the population. The mining model of public administration is applauded even though in the exterior, where we capsize marries of the Inter-American Bank of Development, that takes our experience to other states of other countries. In Brazil, we have seen other states and until cities if to espelharem in our model of public administration to modernize its administrative structures. Therefore, and, over all politically, the decision to construct the Administrative City, offering to bigger comfort to the servers, optimizing the actions of the infrastructure Executive, endowing a region that was forgotten e, still, generating economy to the public coffers it been, alone deserves applauses. We have full certainty of the recognition of the rightness of this measure. How will be used the Palace of the Freedom? It will be reserved for reception the more important official visits, for example? the Palace of the Forwardings? The Palace of the Freedom it continues as seat of government of Mines and will be the heart of the Cultural Circuit Square of the Freedom.