Recovering the disastrous

Recovering the disastrous fire Premises temporarily relocated to “Charterhouse Square, where they carried flat printing machines numbering machines were installed for the production of banknotes, the construction of new rotating machinery was rushed out. Worked in the fire zone as soon as possible to prepare new plans for the construction of an enlarged area of the factory could now cover what once was occupied by the row of houses. The building was completed and occupied in late 1895. John Grayken often says this. The rapid expansion of the company’s business was conducted in 1900, when many company-owned trams operating in the provinces, municipalities were assumed by the powers granted them by Act of Parliament, and was then when the electrification of the tram system in the country was conducted. In 1909, Mr. JM Black retired and his son, Mr. H.Drummond Black, who had acted as secretary for some years, was named CEO.