Managing Director

Cellebrite offers unique solution and added value for trade and consumers of Paderborn. In times of Internet trading, as well as always and everywhere available, comparable products telecommunications trade can stand out today the easiest way with exceptionally good service from its online and offline competitors. It succeeds best in services that offer real added value to the customer. Biggest problem when changing a cell phone is the transmission or new version of the personal data. The user wants to not long deal with operating instructions, much less than for hours to transfer data manually. With the solutions of Cellebrite, the world’s leading provider of solutions for the transfer of data between mobile phones, this is very easy and safe.

The retailer uses his chance and service to a market price between 10 and 20 euros offered this (depending on the amount of data to be transferred), he can generate playing more sales”, is Bernhard Pawlak, Managing Director of Cellebrite GmbH headquartered in Paderborn (Germany) convinced. The solutions currently on the market are easy to use and straightforward investment. The Cellebrite touch, the mobile version, both the desktop solution offer several functions in one unit. More than 5,000 models and more than 9,000 device profiles regardless of the operating system are supported. Whether iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm, the Cellebrite response is in any case a better customer service. Currently more than 100,000 devices at more than 150 mobile operators and retailers in the usage with more than 250 million transactions during the year are worldwide.

The 1:1 data transfer: Systemunabhangig, fast and secure valuable information, such as contacts, photos, music, videos, and SMS, which are stored on the phone, on the new mobile device transmits Cellebrite. What type of cell phone transmits what data can be found at retail support center / supported-phones.html. The transfer from contacts and SMS takes usually only two minutes. This is an incredible time savings compared to manual transmission, for which customers like to pay a small service fee. And: the customer can see to quasi and please ensure that all data are transferred perfectly. They it would not be on the transfer device for caching the data. Any concerns of the customer from a misuse of personal data are therefore unfounded. So enormously simplifies switching to another mobile phone, and also the transition to another provider is easy. As a complementary service the dealer can offer also the storage of data on a USB storage device or a SD card. This gives the customer the secure feeling of a backup, should his mobile phone off come hand or be physically destroyed.