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Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the gradual loss of readers of the printed press is obvious and editors are wondering where turn the rudder before the constant increase of the raw material and the growth of the internet and their free content. The regiomontana press is tiered from fifteen years ago in number of pages and circulation declines. Queries to various sources of movement in the entity speak of a gloomy for daily newspapers which is reflected in the stagnation of the number of pages as progresses silently, digital press with larger number of readers than any printed media. That should add the strategy of e-mail that allows a political column, for example, reaches more people than a written newspaper’s editorial. DIGITAL journalism founded in 2007, the Radar column that is published on the monitorpolitico.com site reaches more than thousands of subscribers and is day-to-day for executives, officials of Chambers, public servants, Union leaders, legislators and, of course, by the general public. The site grows in visits every month. It also presents a summary of the main national and local political columns. The monitorpolitico.com site is directed by journalist Angel Quintanilla Ibarra, recognized for its reliability and capacity to move forward with projects in journalism since the installation of the press, rooms writing, formation of personnel and technology in various newspapers of the country and Monterrey. Another site, the journalist Jose Jaime Ruiz lostubos.com offers superior to a periodic printed content and also has thousands of subscribers to which invites every day, very early to find out through specialized columns, cari-caturistas, editorials and opinion articles. Another option is sucesosdigital.com of information on the internet that reaches thousands of mails in Monterrey with various information and interesting columns daily. It is edited by journalist Joel Munoz. THE enormous challenges however, newspapers printed have huge opportunities for growth and niches that fill. The unfortunate thing is the lack of growth strategies that should underpin the conquest of more readers who pay. Although many international newspapers, national and local are free of charge on the internet, there is segment publishing-marketing strategies that work and that are absent in the huge market of Monterrey. When was the last time that he received the offer to subscribe to this or that newspaper? To develop this article we ask opinion leaders, political and citizens if they have received offers in direct form to subscribe. There is advertising in newspapers as Millennium offered books if they sign and the North does on their own pages and has given Pajamas or towels. But there is no House to House offerings. In the late seventies the newspaper Tribuna de Monterrey held a fierce promotion strategy of subscriptions which worked well. The measure was reinforced by an aggressive radio campaign that still persists in the minds of the public. The changes in the guidelines of this newspaper were constant until the 1995 crisis devastated its endemic finances and closed their doors. However, remains as one of the most comprehensive subscription campaigns. 30 years later the campaign has not been exceeded. In 1998 and early 1999 El Norte used the radio to promote the commercial newspaper on Friday does not cost. It was an intense campaign that his success. Millennium daily and weekly Millennium continues that es-trategia on the radio. But there is no direct offer. If print media, how to buy them? are not offered. The reader is treated as a child, says Rupert Murdoch, mogul media you have just purchased the newspaper The Wall Street Journal and its important editorial products. Murdoch opens the historical contents of the financial newspaper free of charge and prepares aggressive campaigns of subscriptions does not decay the circulation of the newspaper printed and obtain greater loyalty of readers. In addition to focused marketing strategy to the circulation, one of the four torales points of printed media, should reinforce the area Publisher with more and exclusive written and graphical reports that are of interest to the reader, recommended Murdoch that the American press was the greatest news in the media the year before last. CRESTFALLEN ESPIRITU DE LUCHA ero old patterns persist: print media opt more for advertising contracts at the political level that in the commercial. How maintaining the independence of information if there are leagues bolster with town councils, political parties and the Government of the State? The only way for the written press is the constant search for readers who pay the copy to receive. Bid at points of sale in the Metropolitan Monterrey is abundant in so-called convenience stores where entertainment magazines are the Queens of sales with runs close to half a million copies. It is that the reading level is very low in Monterrey have told Mass Media some editors. And another taboo: Monterrey is vaccinated against the magazines. Nothing further from the truth. Print media, magazines and newspapers, must find readers offering a product of exclusive content, good editorial feathers and agile and pleasant design. Education is the primary function of the print media. The situation of the publishing market in Monterrey is depressing for some, but for others is a virgin ground where they can run marketing strategies to achieve more readers who pay for receiving print media. Suffice it to the example of magazines magazines edited the newspaper Excelsior. In the Decade of the thirties reached more households in the city of Mexico than any magazine. I lived, basically, readers who paid subscriptions to read week this publication with good sections, history, humor and general information. Advertising was minimal in this medium. At present, the Excelsior newspaper, in the hands of the Angeles group of Olegario Vazquez Rana began an aggressive campaign of free subscriptions has doubled its circulation as a strategy to offer more readers increasingly requisitosas advertising agencies. Large print media advertising down at a rate of 5 per cent per annum and is migrating to the internet. But that is only a tendency which can be defeated with a proper strategy of circulation. If you could sell before, can be sold now is a maxim of marketing as absent in the print media strategies today. Strong market editorial printed is an example to keep the Spain world newspaper that every day offers very complete supplements of exclusive and selective information ranging from health to housing and automobiles. Supplements in Monterrey are purely commercial for a reader who is ametrallado business information 24 hours a day by land and air. IS THERE LIFE AFTER THE GOVERNMENT? With the arrival of the bread to the Federal Government, the secret items – or both – to newspaper companies declined. Although some were favorite, are the least. The treasuries of the publishing companies not endured the absence of official money and before the ador-mecimiento in search of readers simply lowered the curtain closed. There are magazines that are authentic official bulletins catalogues in Monterrey. They sell a page and give another. The absence of commercial advertising is notorious. Commercial advertising is a guarantee for the credibility of the movement. Thus, the editorial empresa-producto equation is debile by lack of readers who pay and advertising to strengthen cash flow, in a negative formula that translates into an editorial product with poorly paid reporters, bad materials and in general a crestfallen fighting spirit that becomes a vicious circle where the primary equation suffers. FEAR not a seller, by very tanning that is, is of rrumba before a consecutive series of not the purchaser. For some consulted editors that is the phase that gives them more afraid. Why offer media in points of sale and who it has-cen come with hopelessness and return of their print media. The free press is a strategy in Spain, for example, where the metro stations and bus stops are visited by promoters of newspapers Metro and 20 minutes, tabloids awarded for game that you play every day and who live advertising. The same Spanish media have dubbed this segment as the press-klennex of use and disposed of. Circulation of free newspapers exceeds 30 thousand copies per newspaper a day and it is believed that the segment has reached its maturity. For some scholars, this type of press loses credibility because it has no support in the reasoning of the reader who sees the options in the kiosks and buy what you want. Even so, the print media in Monterrey has a huge opportunity to offer its print media to attract readers who pay, clean up their treasuries, raising salaries to journalists and thus the exclusive professional level for each media. Currently lives a rotation are impressed – you journalists who seek something safer like a job in the public or private sector. A good part is dedicated to another activity. And those who become independent, good being, feed on the official advertising. Strategy is therefore to print media marketing and achieve, since now, save his own skin with the increase of the digital press. A high Executive of a local advertising agency provides a recipe: there is nothing new under the Sun. Simply that print media are agreed for a publishing company called circle of readers. You need to create circles of readers that are taken into account for the elaboration of editorial material. Earn them with supplements to read. The advertising will come alone, judgment who receives proposals of guides, magazines and newspapers that are suspected to a noticeable absence of readers on a daily basis. Another recommendation is to intensify the presence on the internet. There are daily local media that have no web page and your e-mails are world such as hotmail or yahoo! servers. Are also not prepared for the new technologies of the internet 2 and their connectivity with cell phones. In future editions we abundaremos in this respect as well, you have to search, convince and marry new readers. Without them, the print media are dead in life who have not found rest end. I hope your comments or articles thereon to the e-mail: or original author and source of the article.