Russian Football Fans Appreciate

For 85% of Russian fans The Internet is the preferred means of obtaining information about the game – on average they spend on the network for 55 minutes a day studying the forecasts and reviews of games. In addition, Russian amateurs Football, as a rule, spend about two hours before the game watching analytical programs about football, listening to the radio case, reading the sports press, or by visiting the websites of football. "As an official Sponsor of UEFA EURO 2008tm, it is important to fully understand the role of football in the lives of millions of fans across Europe and to understand how they perceive each other ", – says Vijay Solanki, Head of the project. "In addition, a survey conducted by Castrol, gives another reason to ponder: Russia now ranks higher in relation to Britain's position in Group E, and soon these teams will compete in two qualifying matches, which will also attract additional attention to a football analyst. " 84% of Russian fans (and the highest figure for the whole of Europe!) Appreciate analytical reviews and opinions expressed on the Internet after the match, which once again proves their interest in obtaining more information about the game. The survey also found that over a quarter of Russian fans believe that "the ability to competently, knowledgeably talk about football," helps them become more respected in his circle. Given the growing interest in soccer statistics, company Castrol, the official sponsor of UEFA EURO 2008tm, is working to create the most complete database of football statistics Castrol Performance Index, which will allow fans to analyze the effectiveness of the field as individual players and teams in general.

Castrol has exclusive rights to use the data obtained with the new system of monitoring UEFA which is a real-time monitors various parameters of movement of players, ball and teams and, in particular, to analyze how the replacement player can influence the effectiveness of teams and games speed of the ball. "When we were immediately immersed in the football theme, we realized that football fans are suffering from lack of objective and interesting information" – Vijay Solanki continues. "The new database will contain information that will enable a thorough understanding of the game and get an idea of the speed and efficiency of players. Similar rates are crucial for the operation of the vehicle, so Castrol specialists for over 100 years of thorough study them in collaboration with leading automakers. " By the final game of UEFA EURO 2008tm new monitoring system Castrol Performance Index will work at full capacity, which will allow fans Football to get more useful information about a favorite game.