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Optimized energy budget for divided, musicians, actors and athletes about 200 coaches of the SVLAT give their clients for 30 years with specific instructions to better quality of life. In predominantly single – or even group lessons learn participants, the natural sequence of movements again and get to know the balance of your body and understand in everyday life in the long term to change negative patterns of thought and movement. Users of the Alexander technique have a sustainably optimised energy balance and can use their body’s resources so targeted for the essentials. Participants are in retrospect more than thrilled, said Gabriele Steinhauer, President of the SVLAT: we return people to their general well-being. Many people describe their first impressions in the classroom with a pleasant relaxation, an increased attention and stronger sensations.” The Alexander technique has become not only as a successful form of therapy chronic pain, stress-related complaints or even depression, but primarily as a preventive measure established for people who work in the Office. The focus is always the goal, not easy to relieve symptoms, but to explore the causes and to combat this persistent.

In this country, the SVLAT celebrates now 30th anniversary. The Club treats herself to a fresh online presence with updated site and celebrating the event on September 24 with a festive occasion on Lac de Neuchatel. The commemorative publication can be ordered from the end of November at the Office of the SVLAT. Further information: Emma Seiler Office & Secretariat SVLAT / ASPTA prevent village 12 CH-4424 Arboldswil tel + 41 (0) 61 933 92 29 fax + 41 (0) 61 933 92 27 Florian Engi Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office) Tel. + 41 (0) 44 515 65 00 on SVLAT / ASPTA Swiss Association of teachers and teachers of the F. M.

Alexander technique SVLAT/ASPTA was founded in 1981 in the Switzerland and its Based in Zurich. The Association is politically and denominationally neutral and has the aim of promoting the Alexander technique in research and practice. It ensures that any expert approved by her or Alexander teacher SVLAT is a qualified training and the quality of work meets the high demands. The SVLAT works in the Switzerland / ASPTA with the umbrella organization x and, at international level together with 15 other national societies, the Alexander technique affiliated societies (ATAS). To learn the Alexander technique in studying individual or group lessons with qualified professionals. Supplementary insurance for complementary therapies in General participate in the cost of the lessons.