Alex Marti

That is what is essential so that you can have a focus and an auto pressure of time that will allow you to accomplish more in less time. Fourth Error: check the e-mail as much time or several times a day this is something that I myself I apply since not long ago. And it is that I realized all the time which was lost leaving open mail while working. The temptation to constantly review is very large and the worst thing that can happen to you is to be eligible to receive a mail that you want to open. Then the solution is to check your mail for a maximum of half an hour, perhaps to start the workday and then topped also.

But it is very important that you’re not checking your mail during the day because it is really a great thief of time. It is also important that you believe an e-mail special for your work, where not receive emails from friends, or notifications from facebook, etc. Will it only create additional distractions. Fifth Error: address things in the House more frequently because there you work is very frequent that when you start to work from your House, you take much more time to do activities within it, which you would not do if you had to go to your Office. When working from home we must learn to respect the time of working with great thoroughness and that goes from yourself, to the members of your family.

Something that I practice, is that if someday lose my time because I have to do something that is not related to my job, I get back at night or on weekends that time invested in other activities. Finally, we must bear in mind that working from home is very nice for the convenience that represents, but must be stringent and very responsible if we take our business seriously We suffer many frustrations. Heart hope that these tips will be helpful to achieve a business online to achieve things that are trace goals and the achieved. All this will result in prosperity and that every time we are more professional in what we do.