Obesity Cancer

Most of the people who decide that they need to lose weight do so with the aim of improving their appearance, but the benefits for the health of good nutrition and an exercise program are in even more valuable. Study after study have shown that obesity is a major threat to longevity and good health, but many people are not even aware that are medically obese the generally accepted definition of obesity is more than 25% body fat in men and more than 32% body fat for women. It is estimated that 20% of American adults conform to this profile. Problems get worse with time: an average American adult rises a pound every year after the age of 25, i.e. Jim Rogers will not settle for partial explanations. persons of middle age many have risen 25 pounds or more. To make things worse, your metabolism naturally decreases with age, while at the same time, sedentary adults who tend to lose a pound of muscle mass each year of inactivity, further depressing the metabolism. The dangers of excess fat in the body ranging from resistance to insulin, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. If you are overweight, your heart has to work harder to supply fresh blood to the entire body, making everything is even a simple break to be more effort.

Over time, this extra effort is made more big, resulting in damage to the heart muscle. Obesity also comes with a higher risk of high cholesterol, which can increase the possibilities of development of atherosclerosis, in which blood flow in the arteries is capped by deposits of plaque, gradually depriving the internal organs of adequate blood supply and causing the heart pumps harder, elevating blood pressure. 25% Of heart problems today can be directly attributed to obesity. While many people may be aware that obesity can harm the heart, few are aware that can also result in an increased risk of cancer in men, the overweight comes with a higher risk of prostate and colon cancers, while in women the risk of uterine cancer and breast is significantly higher. It is believed that excess body fat serves as storage for carcinogenic toxins in the body.

The good news is that by weight loss you can get rid of most of the damage caused by excess body fat and reduce the risk factors for cancer and diseases of the heart, in fact, studies have shown that losing only 10-15% of your body weight can improve your overall health of heart and cholesterol levels, even more than the prescription in many cases. Those who lose weight and do regular exercise have proven to be eight times less likely to die of cancer and heart disease, and 53% less likely to die of other diseases. Even if it takes several years to implement a healthy lifestyle, long-term results are worthwhile.


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