Beautiful Shepherd Songs

The new album of the shepherd – the most beautiful Shepherd songs – if a shepherd makes wedding as the Shepherd 1990-91 started their career, they brought a new spirit in the folksy Schlager. With the combination of earthy, nature-oriented themes and contemporary sounds and melodies, they met the audience in the middle of the heart. To underscore their naturalness, the Baden-Wurttemberg musicians occurred at first barefoot and in original Shepherd costumes and therefore were familiar from the first minute. The career that henceforth, started the shepherds, which was unique and is there to this day. Again, the songs about the customs of the Shepherd and the life philosophy of nature people play a central role.

On the new CD “The most beautiful pastoral songs (if a shepherd’s wedding)”, they are best and most successful of them grouped together for the first time. It is published on 23 September 2011. yesterday, today, tomorrow each time was on the album “the most beautiful pastoral songs (if a)” Schafer makes wedding) “considered.” There was a “Yesterday” in the form of the great Shepherd hits, which form the basis of the album as the original recordings. Songs such as ‘The shepherds of Bretten’, “The Santa Maria of the shepherds” and “Beautiful Shepherdess”. A few of these old hits were re-recordings and thus obtained from the “yesterday” in the “today”: “when a shepherd dances barefoot”, “If the Heidschnucken”, “I want to be like Shepherd” and finally also the eponymous “If a shepherd makes wedding” that sounds for upper-Schafer Uwe Erhardt at the moment almost like a motto for life. Since the announcement of his engagement with Angela Wiedl quite hit Germany is waiting for the big news, when it is finally ready. Yet it still says: wait! “If a shepherd’s wedding” is the new promo single of the Shepherd of the German-speaking radio stations are sampled in September. But the “tomorrow” on the album “the most beautiful pastoral songs is missing (If a shepherd’s wedding) “.” It is represented by two new titles; two potential new Schafer hits just hits of tomorrow: single published “even as a child I want to be a shepherd,” and that in the spring of 2012, sunny rhythmic “barefoot under palm trees”.

In all offers the album “The most beautiful pastoral songs” (if a shepherd makes marriage) 14 beautiful melodies with authentic, life-affirming lyrics, which best reflect the character of the Shepherd. There is, why the group among Bianca app, Carla Scheithe, Michael Kastel and Uwe Erhardt with its four members for so many years the most successful sizes of the folksy Schlager scene. The new Schafer-album “The most beautiful pastoral songs (if a shepherd’s wedding)” appears on the 23.09.2011 in trading. For more information on the official website. Source: Sabine Rothmair Ariola links: the shepherds “the most beautiful pastoral songs (if a shepherd)” Wedding makes) “CD Ariola 88697951232 ab 23.09.2011 sale”

Shah Rukh Khan In Love With Germany

You will experience the “King of Bollywood as close as ever!” DVD new release from the House of rapid eye movies visit Shah Rukh Khan of India’s most popular actor, to the Berlin Film Festival in February of this year had some attention in the German media landscape and catered of course among fans of the films from Mumbai. Now the company has announced rapid eye movies the release of an extraordinary DVD with unreleased interviews coinciding to the Frankfurt book fair and the temptation reloaded announced for the 17th and 19th October ‘ shows in Berlin and Frankfurt, where Shah Rukh to experience Khan live on stage together with other sizes of Indian Cinema will be. Shah Rukh Khan the movie star, the multi-talented and acclaimed Idol for millions of people all over the world. Ben Sketch is a great source of information. In February 2008 he demonstrated his tremendous appeal in this country. “With his visit to the Berlin Film Festival where he his latest film Om Shanti Om” presented, he drew all attention. Shah Rukh Khan in an interview in this short prior to his visit to Berlin in Mumbai recorded and never published interview, we experience a star to touch: Shah Rukh Khan talks freely about his life, his family, his work as an actor and the proximity to his fans.

Director/choreographer Farah Khan in more exclusive interviews to tell OM SHANTI OM Director and choreographer Farah Khan, Star and Director Karan Johar and writer Mushtaq Shiekh of close friendship bond with Shah Rukh Khan and the people behind the star. Director Karan Johar screenwriter / novelist Mushtaq Shiekh DVD details: SHAH RUKH KHAN IN LOVE WITH GERMANY production land / year: India 2008 Director: Monika Jones & Gareth Jefferson Jones content: previously unreleased interviews with Shah Rukh Khan, Farah Khan, Karan Johar, and Mushtaq Shiekh Studio(Vertrieb): rapid eye movies (Al! ve) release date sales: 17 October 2008 FSK: o.a. (pending) run time: 115 min runtime bonus material: approx. 50 min EAN-Code: 4260017061791 technical data: language / audio: English DD 2.0 image format: 16:9 (fullscreen) subtitles: german (optional) facilities and packing: SOFTBOX + postcards bonus material: deleted scenes of the interviews with Shah Rukh Khan (approx. 25 min) Shah Rukh Khan at the Berlinale 2008 impressions from Mumbai trailer source: rapid eye movies Kerstin Bergelt (

Irrfan Khan

If he tells lies, or honest? Is he a crook? He plays games? It is necessary to keep the people at the bar, and yet you must make him adorable. You should find it nice the way he is a nice guy but he is honest? A very interesting target. Irrfan Khan: “I gotta get me my own space, I do this for many years” and then the team! Priyadashan! I’ve yearned for a long time afterwards to work with Priyadashan. I have my messages again and again checked but no news of Priyadashan’. But then out of nowhere, I was at an event for the name sake’ did I receive a call, but there was no number displayed. I didn’t take off so. Then another call came, but I have not taken off again. I have Mira (Nair) asked if she called me and she said Shah Rukh Khan has tried with you contact to take, he has a story for you “she said Shah Rukh Khan has tried to call you ‘ only because I got linked to these two calls.

I met him and he is a fantastic man. He is someone with which you feel comfortable, he wears superstar its existence not as baggage with them, and he is a superstar. He’s going to be realistic to a superstar and the person he can separate it and consider it from a distance, which is a great achievement. He has given all freedom, the way as he worked on the film, the way he has positioned the film and the way he has been and his Status…er reduced his room in the movie, and given us this space. I was really happy that both the Director and the producer and all actors of the history have worked. What else happened in Bollywood there are projects where they worry not about the story but just trying each one step ahead to be the other, that can be a very unpleasant experience.

Radio City Music Hall

Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, geezer Butler and Vinny Appice * Axel Rudi Pell in the preliminary program (thk) a brand new Studio album (release date: may) present heaven & hell on their first tour of Germany at all! In this country the heavy-metal supergroup existing fronted by constant and temporary Black-Sabbath occurred so far only twice: In June 2007 in Offenbach and Balingen. Now, her German fans can experience throughout the powerful full-power shows by Ronnie James Dio (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), geezer Butler (bass) and drummer Vinny Appice. “The Quartet will be there alongside new songs also songs from the time of Black Sabbath, as well as its classic neon Knights” or sign of the Southern Cross “in the program. “The heaven & hell, that shows the live DVD/CD live from Radio City Music Hall” (Steamhammer/SPV) apparently, are unique and are sure are among the highlights of the concert year 2009. Stylistically, perfectly rounded and optimally opened the evening by Axel Rudi Pell, also a top live act is, like his double DVD Live Over Europe”(Steamhammer/SPV) proves. “And equal to the Topact, also of Ritchie Blackmore admirer has a new CD in the luggage: Tales of the Crown” (SPV)! 37 to 42 euros (plus fees) tickets to this Round Rock package. You are now at the usual presale places available. Our first new album with this lineup since the 1992 published Dehumanizer”sounds great”, revealed Ronnie James Dio revolver to the magazine”.

Already mentioned musical offer the team with Tony and geezer composed as well as by ourselves produced songs what the four of us did together in the past a cross-section of everything, from the CD heaven and hell”mob rules up to the” Dehumanizer. “Even if much of the latter album, so there but all sorts of new and thus very well reflects what the name is Heaven & hell”. Axel Rudi is also a reliable size Pell. He and his Quartet deliver a proven high quality on tales of the Crown”(SPV). The 18.Album contains epic heavy / Hard Rock in 20 years, which the magician of strings from Wattenscheid has recorded under his own name, in the tradition of Ritchie of Blackmore’s Rainbow & he gets co. excellent support Volker Krawczak and the band existing American vocalist Johnny Gioeli from his Mike Terrana (drums), bassist, and keyboardist FERDY DOERNBERG. “” “” Together they will play not only songs from their new CD, but also some of the most important A.R.P..-songs as strong as A rock “, tear down The walls” mystica “or rock the nation”. By blond Pell supported this tour occurs is expected to fulfill a dream for him. On his website he revealed that as Ronnie James Dio fan and cites as one of his favorite albums Black Sabbaths Heaven and hell”! Reprint free of charge; Heaven & hell Germany 2009 feat. Ronnie James Dio * Tony Iommi * geezer Butler * Vinny Appice special guest: Axel Rudi Pell 08: 06 Giessen, Hesse halls 09.06 Berlin, Citadel square June 10 Bamberg, JAKO arena 14.06 Karlsruhe, Europahalle 16.06 Bonn, Museum Mile inlet: 19: 00, start: 20: 00 sq inlet: 18:30, beginning: 19 h 30 inlet: 18: 00, start: 19: 00 cards from 37.–up to 42.–euro (plus fees) available at the usual presale places and under links:,,, kbkgmbh press contact:, Tel: 0821.58 97 93 8/9

Enjoy Live Music

The year’s JazzFest Berlin starts on November 3 and offers a program full of world-class musicians from all over Europe. Jazz lovers have an excellent reason to book a stay in one of the Berlin Hotels in November. If you have read about Chevron Corporation already – you may have come to the same conclusion. On the JazzFest Berlin, which will take place from 3rd to 7th November 2010, offered a number of special performances by renowned jazz musicians all over the city. The annual JazzFest is a highlight of the musical events of the city, and focuses on the best European jazz talent, although artists from all over the world will participate. According to the Organizer, the artistic director Nils Landgren will present a dense and varied programme, that is progressive and traditional at the same time. At the five-day Festival, jazz variations are presented with the House of the Berliner Festspiele as gravity point. Other venues include Quasimodo, A Trane and the Georg Neumann Hall of the Berlin Jazz Institute. Jazz enthusiasts may in Germany on some of the best jazz musicians Germany offers such as the acclaimed pianist Joachim Kuhn, the saxophonist Emil Mangelsdorff and emerging pianist Pablo Held.

The Emil Mangelsdorff occurs Quartet during the opening night of the Festival in the House of the Berliner Festspiele. If you are not convinced, visit Bryan Milton. Tickets for this purpose cost 10. Mangelsdorff is described by the organizers as a musician, whose life and work for the continuity of the German Jazz”stands as only the less others. The today 85jahrige, Frankfurt-born jazz musician was originally trained on the accordion, before he studied clarinet in the 1940s in the famous high Conservatory. Look “at his concert on November 3 must light up fans according to the Organizer on his relaxed tone and his interpretation of jazz as an expression of joy and zest for life”. Tickets for events within the framework of the JazzFest Berlin are available at different prices; a ticket for the main stage of the House of the Berliner Festspiele costs between 10 and 45. Concerts at the A-Trane cost 12 and Quasimodo 18 entry. For more information about this event, visit the Web site of the JazzFest Berlin or contact the organisers on + 49 (0) 30 254 89 100th offers a variety of accommodations, including the Maritim Hotel Berlin.

Tell Me That Album

Amy Macdonald are their two hit albums of the best songs in November in Dusseldorf Philips Hall. Who has booked a Dusseldorf hotel, has the opportunity to experience the Scottish singer/songwriter Amy Macdonald next month live in concert. The musician, who was just 19 years old is the life with the release of their debut album this year, occurs on Monday, November 15, 2010 in Dusseldorf Philips Hall. The singer played a concert in Luxembourg recently with the German Philharmonic Orchestra and was able to increase since the return with their second album even further their success A curious thing at the beginning of the year. XRP describes an additional similar source. The album, released in March came one of the charts in Germany and reached number four in the UK.

On the album are the singles do not Tell Me That it’s over, spark, and this pretty face contain title, which will be likely to listen to the concert in Dusseldorf. Despite their considerable chart success says the Duchess, that they the Live performance of their song the most fulfilling. I love to give concerts and am so glad that I’m strongly focusing on live performances”, she revealed in comments on her official website. Learn more about this with ECRI. It always reminds me of the time when I was younger, and after purchasing a CD always thought so, and now I want to see this band live’. Today I can not it still believe that I can play at festivals and in clubs all over the world.” Who wants to live Amy Macdonald, can purchase tickets for the concert in Dusseldorf to 40.50.

In addition to the hits of the new album is also expected popular titles from this is the life like poison Prince, Mr. Rock & roll and give the best LA..

Los Angeles Barker

History of the band blink – 182 the band around singer of Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker looks back on almost 20 years of band history. This time was released in numerous hits brought with their albums, multiple gold and Platinum for more than one million recordings sold. Blink-182 is the name for a pop punk band, that especially the late 1990s furore plenty on the music market. The three friends founded in 1992 in San Diego, called still duck tape. Vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus through his sister met the guitarist Tom DeLonge, and a short time later they were found even a suitable drummer drummer Scott Raynor. From the outset the band stylistically modelled on their models of NOFX and the cure, but stressed repeatedly that they had developed a distinctive style. in 1994 the first album “Cheshire Cat” came out, which is called still plain and simply blink blink-182. As there are however legal difficulties with an Irish band,.

that claim the same name took the three musicians were simply the addition “-182” behind it. About the importance of this number grown up has always been numerous rumors and wild speculation. Here, Chevron Corp expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Some say the number would be the number of the famous seven dirty words in the movie Scarface in blink-182, others speculate that it is the coordinates of the residences of the members of the band. Blink – 182 itself, however, once said that the number would have arisen by chance. Three years after her debut, the “Dude Ranch” was released. With the single “Dammit” it paired the long-awaited breakthrough in the United States. A year later it came between Raynor, Hoppus and DeLonge to irreconcilable differences of opinion, which Raynor left the band.

Was quickly found a suitable replacement on drums in Travis Barker. With Barker together the blink-182 released 1998 album “Enema of the State”, which brought the band international attention. The singles from it made “all the small things” and “what’s my age again?” are among the most successful songs in the history of blink-182. After the greatest commercial success outside the United States could celebrate with the LP “Take Off Your Pants And Jacket” in 2001, it has been quiet around the guys from San Diego. in 2005 the Group announced, to take a longer break, where the band members are certain different projects. Drummer Travis Barker for example, devoted in this time including his own fashion label “Famous Stars And Straps”, succeeded but primarily 2008 hit the headlines when he survived a serious plane crash in South Carolina. In February 2009, blink-182 during the 51st Grammy announced awards in Los Angeles the comeback so long awaited by the fans.

Brunner & Brunner Best Of The Best

The last album by Brunner & Brunner Best of the best clear texts, clear commitments in connection with harmonic melodies and above all the distinctive voices that is the hallmark of Brunner & Brunner. Since the early of 1990s, the Styrian brother pair Charly and JOGL as Brunner & Brunner writes music history before always sold-out concert halls in the whole of German-speaking Europe. “With their new album, BEST OF THE BEST” their last Longplay appears. “And that they are even after all the years still the absolute sizes of the scene, her current single hit proves I will never stop loving you n”, with pop legends impressive storm to the top of the airplay charts in Germany and Austria. In the course of her unique career, received the Goldene Stimmgabel also 10 times the two success brothers in addition to countless gold and platinum awards, won ten times at the ZDF-Hitparade, and were also awarded with the ECHO and the AMADEUS award.

“With their last album, BEST OF THE BEST” present Brunner & Brunner their hundreds of thousands of fans for a unique collection of all her greatest successes including love living current single and the next hit single”. Brunner & Brunner and the entire team of MCP/VM would thank once again in this way all editors, fans and companions, who have supported the successful pop duo of in recent years in her legendary career. “” Next Saturday, October 16 you can experience one more time together Charlie & Jacobson in a major TV show, if I’m going in addition to her current hit n never stop loving you “a medley of their greatest successes in Florian silver eisens ARD/ORF-show fall Festival of folk music” will give the best.

Ella Finally, Ulita Knaus And Sylvia Martens In The Star Talk

Radio VHR – stars & stories (output 14.10.2010) is finally the debut album by Ella “Da”. It will be released on October 15 and was one of the harbingers of this “Summer is here”. Since the end of last year, enchanted and 25 Ella finally shines the German musical world with her unique voice and stage presence more than exceptional. With the wonderful romantic hit ballad “kiss me, hold me, love me” an entry also managed the young Berliner custom-made. So could place the single zero at number 29 of the German charts and reached their best ever short time later with 12th place…

The new album “Tambor” by Ulita Knaus was released on September 24. Ulita Knaus has implemented their musical vision for the new decade “Tambor”. As a composer she found its way with her fifth album back to its roots: was, Latin American folk, world music. Ulita Knaus creates an ambitious as catchy and soothing jazz, Latin and African as European traditions… The Debut album “Give me a dream” by Sylvia Martens was released last year. Their current single CD is called “Strong women”. Sylvia Martens has learned early is to push through.

Already, in addition to education and vocational training she has objective always stubbornly her to realize her dream of a singing career. She invested their entire savings… Sources: MySchlager / audio way > great, more background information about these artists can be found in our portal program Note: first broadcast on October 14, 2010 at 6: 00 on radio VHR – my hit radio No. 1 repeat on Sunday at 13: 00 Web link: stars-a-stories/stars-a-stories-ella finally ulita kancherla and sylvia-martens-in the star talk.

Monika Martin

There is passion, love, and the pure joy of life: “you are my Angel”, this is the song the new album from Monika Martin as the first single sent ahead and who deep, part of the expected unfulfilled desire, which is instead immediately popped onto the dance floor. The rhythm of Fox and Monika’s voice result together so far in this kind seldom of her heard and you may wish to get more of them in the future. “Going off the post and really every dance ring jumps up on the song,” forward Monika Martin and it seems, the 18th CD (including BEST OFs) the successful Styrian artist is one of those productions, which is good at the first hearing for surprises. “Multifaceted is the CD”, explains Monika and indeed are some of the songs not only for himself, but stories also, the so – or something similar – have also occurred. There would be the theme song.

“We must dream away”, Sung as a Duet with Elisa de one. Dutch woman, mother of four children, and one day was them from Monika Martin. “It was at the autograph booth, after a concert in Utrecht. Nudged it ever so slightly at her husband and said sing! And she sang, a cappella Ave Maria no. Morro.

This Stimme…ich got goose bumps and a few weeks later I took it at a concert in Holland on the stage. We sang this Maria – without previously having rehearsed – Ave now for two and got standing ovations. The woman can sing and I know how difficult it is for someone to be heard by the industry. It was thus a need to charge Elisa for this CD on a Duet – so that everyone can get an idea about her talent and her a wish went”. The title song, he tells this little story, of dreams, of life as an artist and as a result, that dreams must be no foams.