Pedro Campuzano

ES te article want to know the definition of Safe list or safe lists and some disadvantages of using this method to promote your business on the internet. A safe list, or safe list is a way to do e-mail marketing free of charge aimed at the promotion of websites, opportunities of business, etc almost any website with legal activity can be included in the safe lists. And why they are called safe lists? well that all these safe lists members accept to receive emails from other members and therefore cannot be accused of Spam, there are many members in this type of safe lists, but almost I assure you that not all read emails that reach them. There will be a little more clever members who shall be entered to these safe list or list safe with an email that almost never opened or used to get them there emails that agreed to receive. Others think that it is a waste of time to use this method of promotion, get the next question are you interested receiving emails from people who do not even know, that flood your email of last and wonderful business opportunity Internet? I no not like having your own list of voluntary subscribers already pre-qualified and are happy to receive your emails that you contribute good information, they know you, that you have seen in videos, by that simple and simply rely on it. I recommend you to think it twice if you’re going to sign up for this kind of lists secure.