Mendoza has the privilege of being an Argentina province which offers a variety of options when it comes to tourism. Its soil wasted nature, life, and possibilities. The desire to explore her whole are appropriating all those who tread the soil of the province of the best wines from South America. Tourism in Mendoza and make contact with the nature of the site may involve from a simple tour of the capital city, where the ditches provide freshness to the streets, turning the waters that give life to the most exquisite vines for producing award-winning wines. As also iterate through the parque General San Martin, with its more than 300 hectares it hosts flora of all South America, and a zoo where power to the most varied animals that live almost in a State of freedom, thanks to natural terrain accidents. Another interesting offer of tourism in Mendoza is to travel the roads of wine, these tours allow you to contact different way to carry forward the art of cultivation and the fruit harvest, those who perform in large quantities, who have been called boutique wineries, bounded production carried out, as well as also the organic; in all cases have access to knowledge of the aging and the winemaking process, and an exclusive wine tasting. If the idea of making tourism in Mendoza will be by the side of sports, there are two offerings that may not pass. The first has to do with making contact with the primordial element for man; go Rafting in rapid rivers coming down from the cordillera of the andes, a unique experience that can be practiced in the waters of the rivers Mendoza, or El Nihuil, between the months of summer, when its flow generates waves combined with the nature of the riverbed stones, ideal for all the adventurers the second option of tourism in Mendoza at the sporting level has to do with the practice of mountaineering.

Mendocino soil is what mountaineers call the roof of America, Aconcagua the highest peak of the cordillera of the Andes, which is located at 6962 meters high. Year after year groups of climbers reach the homonymous National Park to defy nature and achieve the highest peak in South America. But the sport star’s Mendoza takes place during the winter months; When white and dry snow covers the entire area of Las Lenas, tourism in Mendoza is prepared to live a white experience unique and unforgettable, in the middle of the Andes cordillera, a complex equipped and prepared to accommodate skiers who come to enjoy the height of mountains and snow. Regardless of the option that choose, must accompany it a chord accommodation to recharge energies, all offer them Mendoza, the better is the Executive Hotel, that offers all the necessary services, which will make your stay unique and unforgettable.

Secrets Of Brussels

The Brussels metro stations offer surprises. The guide when art takes the subway, available free of charge in PDF format on the website of the STIB (Societe des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles) or for sale in numerous shops, is a perfect blog to discover this true underground art museum. You’ll discover surrealistic murals, installations, paintings and sculptures of all styles of contemporary art. Brussels is the capital of the comic, that is why you will find references to this art throughout the city. Although the must-see for fans of the comic is the Belgian Centre of comics, the most fanatical not may resist a thematic tour of the city to meet all the facades of buildings decorated with comics and visit emblematic shops like the Tintin store. If walk in Brussels under your shoe appears a gold scallop shell, is that you have taken with the old route of the Camino de Santiago.

National Geographic recently presented a series of documentaries about the traces of the Camino de Santiago in cities like Brussels and Paris. In episode 2, the protagonist visits the Church of Notre – Dame-de-Bon-Secours in Brussels, which is home to numerous symbols of the apostle. More treasures? The ceiling of the room of the mirrors of the Royal Palace of Brussels, decorated with a million and a half of shells of Thai beetles, the store of chocolates Marcolini, laboratory of one of the best chocolatiers in the world and the Felix Hap Park, an oasis hidden behind a small door just steps from the main hotels in Brussels.

Merida Housing

To achieve this goal, citizens must seek new mechanisms in the defense of their demands political intervention, because it has been that they have only used the corruption between the interests of private capital and the political classes laws as means and demagogic message for the achievement of their own profits through speculation in the territorial reserve. It is necessary that the institutions responsible for housing programs, change of a purely financial personality to another whose focus is the implementation of policies of social concern with fundamental axis in human development, understood as the achievement of well-being and quality of life, including obtaining housing. Progressive housing through self-construction is a solution to the housing problem since according to cultural and social characteristics of the meridana people living in marginal areas, people has capacity and the conditions necessary for access to a cheaper workforce or their own that provide them access to housing by following through this procedure. Consider the availability and access to building materials, either through programs or credit support, that allow to develop housing through self-construction and the implementation of innovation funds technology for the improvement of autoconstructivos systems and the consequent reduction in housing costs. Technology and the housing on the other hand, States that the housing problem is not an issue caused by issues of technological type but rather in the field of the political, economic and social. Tedeschi (1972), referring to the problem of housing said: certainly technical procedures may contribute to increase the chances of effectively addressing the problem, but the real solutions are not in the field of technique, but in the economy and the social. Basically, what happens is that workers in the humblest categories entries are generally insufficient to solve the basic needs of a family: food, clothing, accommodation, health, education, leisure. This balance, which is a balance of the social system, has spread in recent years by the inflation process, due to the world wars, reaching increasingly vast strata of the population, in those categories of fixed income that great part of the petty bourgeoisie.

Technical Analysis

Today I will talk about one the best simulators to practice different stock market strategies. The site is called Investopedia and is very good so let’s go acquiring practice in what has investments in the stock market is concerned. You can find all kinds of information on this web page which gives us the opportunity to invest stock market as if you were on Wall Street. One of the things that I like most is that it has tutorials for all issues it financial divided by levels of knowledge, in addition to having financial dictionaries and books for download for free. There is a section called Exam Prep that is dedicated to providing information so that we can prepare international financial examinations.

Once they have finished studying the information they will be able to give the exam and thus see as I was and continue gathering information. Simulator section that has the web page to practice is called Simulator. They only have to create an account with user name and password to start operating. Once you have registered will be able to choose from hundreds of games and start practicing. Investopedia obliges them to enroll in two games, but then you can enroll in any other. They have all kinds of games, whether to invest only in shares, penny stocks, funds, ETFs, etc. There are some in which you can buy all kinds of investments, but there are others that are for one type of investment. One of the rules in almost every game is that don’t allow you to risk more than 10% of your portfolio total.

I think that last if you get to break does not matter, the fact is to learn. Within the game have all kinds of options. Obviously having a screener to search for businesses who want to and then be able to invest. There is a sector where can also follow other investors because their strategies like them or because they are identified with them. There is a ranking to be able to see how they are positioned every day. The truth is very good to be wrong many times before launching fully into investing in the real world. I remind you that you can practice all kinds of trading except comoditties. But first I would recommend you read some books for later if practiced in the Simulator. Books that I would recommend to read are: technical analysis from A to Z, Come Into my Trading Room in Alexander Elder and John Murphy after the book Technical Analysis for Financial Markets.