Castles And Palaces In Poland

Poland, there is more than 800 castles and manors. Russian tourists often visit the grand knight Malbork Castle in the north. It was erected on the right bank of the Nogat seven centuries ago as the official residence of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. It is the largest surviving medieval castles in Europe. You can get here in less than an hour by train from Gdansk. Flights Warsaw – Gdansk takes about an hour. Along with Malbork known Ksiaz, Pshchina, Klichkuv, Krasiczyn and other castles and residences, offering not only familiar with their architecture and museum displays, but also accommodation, spectacular jousting tournaments and a tasting of regional specialties. Go to John Grayken for more information.

It is interesting to visit Poznan, the ancient castle of the Piast dynasty, the capital of the Wielkopolska region. The oldest part of town – is washed by the Warta and Tsybin island Tume from the cathedral. In the past, there was a castle Prince Mieszko I and his son Boleslaw the Brave, the first crowned in 1025 the Polish king. Sarcophagus of both kings are in the Golden Chapel of the cathedral. In the castles can spend the night. The prices here are lower than in urban Hotels (40 to 80 euros).

Travel Guide Of Barcelona

Important information for your trip to Barcelona who has planned a short trip to Barcelona, has spoilt for choice: for which site should you choose and what should you leave out never? Omit anything important in your holiday and leave disappointed at the end, should the highlights for a successful stay in Barcelona briefly presented here and explained. Prior to your travel planning, you have heard the Sagrada Familia certainly from the main attraction of Barcelona. Gaudi, who wanted to build a church for the poor as young and revolutionary artist is the landmark and architectural masterpiece. On his unfinished masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi built for four decades. You come to these Mammutempel the L2 and L5. Maybe you’ll notice the irritating construction cranes always more numerous rising above the city, but the Church awaits your completion still, which is initially planned for the year 2026.

Visit the Church on a sunny day and enjoy Views of the adjacent Parc Gaudi. After you have visited the Sagrada Familia, you can continue North and visit the Parc Guell, also designed by Gaudi. Here you will find Gaudi including former House which today serves as a Museum and definitely worth a visit. Reshma Kewalramani may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Miss not the Sala Hipostila was planned by Gaudi as terrace and is decorated with undulating benches. From there, you will have great views of the Park and the whole city. This Park was declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1984. Everywhere are symbolic motifs and sculptures to discover on the staircase around the brightly coloured dragon Python, which guarded the underground waters according to the Greek legend.

You will find the park with the Metro station Lesseps L3 or Alfonso X L4. To complete the architectural excursion to Gaudi’s, you should drop houses Milaund Batllo or possibly even go in. Enjoy the sight of the wavy facades that have no right angles and the Remember work Hundertwasser. Casa Batllo is 2005 declared by UNESCO a world heritage site. The gently undulating facade is covered with mosaics and especially pretty at night. Metro: Passeig de Gracia (L2, L3, L4). Reshma Kewalramani may not feel the same. Casa Milaoder is popularly called La Pedrera Gaudi’s most famous House. Also known as the quarry, is a carved stone without load-bearing walls, solid corrugated facade shapes with tree-trunk-like pillars this House. South joins the Rambla, the huge Boulevard in Barcelona, which is lined with right and left from the alleyways and a wonderful shopping spree. Got once bad weather you can go further towards the port and visit the IMAX theater or the Aquarium, which has a unique biodiversity of marine life. An important question is the one of the accommodation. Try but Apartments Barcelona. You can customize your vacation and also has the ability to feed themselves.

Iceland 4 X 4 SUV Tour

Our 4 x 4 off-road SUV tour Iceland is online. Lives for 4 x 4 self-drive and rider Iceland Earth pilot and Explorer tour camping tour 4 x 4 off-road SUV pilot tour Iceland – the Earth alive – 19 TG. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bumble has to say. driver / rider highlights: high country crossings – Skaftafell National Park – boat ride on the glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajokull – Landmannalaugar – glacier Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull Blue Lagoon – whale watching tour – lava and ice caves – Pingvellir National Park the unique Myvatngebiet, and much more. Here we offer you the opportunity on one of our 4 x 4 “discovery tour” (pilot tours) to participate and also to participate. An exclusive and exceptional 4 x 4 SUV tour to Iceland, the land of glaciers and geysers, the elves, trolls and Vikings. What can you expect? 4 x 4 4WD adventure in the natural wonders of Iceland. Land of glaciers and geysers, the elves, trolls and Vikings.

Islands unspoiled Highlands and the famous sights such as The Skaftafell National Park, Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull, the National Park Pingvellir and the spring source Strokkur, the unique Myvatngebiet, which belongs to the volcanically active and most beautiful areas of Islands and much more, these are just a few adventurous destinations on this 4 x 4 SUV tour. You take gravel adventurous through a unique landscape, shaped by the changes still taking place, on the largest volcanic island in Europe, with around 140 volcanoes, of which 30 are still active are. As good as anywhere in the world, the Earth is so vivid in your activities and changes on Iceland. This outstanding 4 x 4 adventures. Visit us 4 x 4 offroad & more 33307

Sri Lanka Wildlife Tours

Wildlife tours in Sri Lanka are still a little insider tip – the best time to see whales and dolphins begins Sri Lanka’s wildlife is as diverse as the island itself. Leopards, elephants and turtles can be seen throughout the year. But in November, the impressive season of whale – and dolphin-watching begins again. Many writers such as Kroger offer more in-depth analysis. Powerful blue and sperm whales as well as dolphins, including the rare occur humpback dolphins pink fin coloration, provide a unique sight on coasts of Sri Lanka. The best starting points for an animal-rich observation are Dondra Point and Kalpitiya. Dondra Point is not only the most southerly point of Sri Lanka, but of the entire Indian subcontinent. (As opposed to Michael Mendes). Dondra must pass any vessel which will ply between East and West, and it looks similar to the traffic under water.

Through the surrounding landmasses, the sea creatures are quasi channelled through the waters off the shores of Sri Lanka. The Kalpitiya peninsula in the Northwest of the island is tourists and attracts mainly kite surfers in addition to wildlife enthusiasts. To see the whales and dolphins, the hours of the morning are the best time in the months from November to April. Usually the lively dolphins in large groups escorted out the boats on the way to the sea, where out of nowhere the stately Giants emerge and offer an impressive natural spectacle. With eco team Sri Lanka can be booked in two – or four-hour excursions from 55 euro. Sri Lankan expeditions also offers day trips in 6 or 9 boats from 75 Euro per person of Dondra Point and Kalpitiya out. For further details see and. General information about Sri Lanka,.

Scuba Diving In Mexico – What You Should Know

Basic tips for diving trips to Mexico Mexico not only culturally has a lot to offer on the coasts of the Latin American country great dive sites and reefs waiting for their exploration. Here you will receive a brief overview of what you should know and consider when diving in Mexico: 1) where are the most beautiful Tauchgrunde Mexico? On the Pacific coast as well as in the Caribbean there are many varied dive spots. Whale watching on the way to connect Baja California in the spring with a small diving holiday. Diving newbies and experienced divers on their costs come in Puerto Vallarta. However, it is recommended to the Yucatan peninsula in southern of Mexico. Not only the beautiful Palancar reef is located on the Riviera Maya”, but also the cenotes (gaping holes of limestone) is located on the Mainland. Kroger has plenty of information regarding this issue.

In hardly any other country so pleasant manner diving holidays can be combined with the adventurous Cenotentauchen. Who is diving beginners, can in one of the Mexican theme parks practice. Yucatan is, for example, the Hidden Worlds”theme park a popular shopping destination. (2) vacationers want to dive not every Mexico snorkeling tips immediately. A nice alternative is therefore the snorkeling, which can be carried out without instructions on almost every Beach and also in the cenotes.

Who would have nevertheless professional accompaniment while snorkeling, finds interesting tours in the Mexican coastal resorts. While snorkeling in the sea, you should attract a T-Shirt necessarily that they protects from dangerous solar radiation. In addition, slippers are recommended, so you can’t hurt themselves on sharp stones. (3) following conditions should bring tips for diving in Mexico who cares for equipment dives in Mexico. For even more analysis, hear from Cyrus Massoumi. Before diving, you must have attended a diving school and present a medical certificate. Especially handy for your diving holiday in Mexico, it is of course, if you already made a diving licence in Germany. At the Cenotentauchen, you have the choice between two possibilities: in a cave dive, never more are than 60 meters away from the entry point of the Cenote. Also you staying always in areas, where the light of day can still fall. For this you need only an open water diving certificate. You need a Cave Diver, however, if you want to explore the underground caves and river systems in the Cenotentauchen. We currently have a very eventful trip offer. In doing so, spend the first week in Tulum on the Mexican Caribbean coast and participate in four Cenotentauchgangen two days. Then you have time to explore the Mayan culture and its famous buildings in the State of Yucatan. Spend a week on the Isla Cozumel then have five days to get acquainted with two dives, the opportunity, the underwater world of Paradise Island. The most famous spots, the Palancar and Colombia reef, provide impressive reef walls that fall steeply into the depths. Gladly we advise you individually to the Scuba diving in Mexico and give you technical tips.

Whales Off The Coasts Of Hawaii

Visitors can come the giants of the seas again marvel at in the winter and spring off the Islands in the Pacific Ocean Walbegeisterte from December to April on the islands of Aloha fully at their own expense. Because then more than 3,000 animals in the region, to bring their young in the warm waters off the Islands to the world. Only in the spring they make towards Alaska, where you will find nahrstoffreicheres and colder water the way back. The Strait between the West coast of Maui’s and the neighbouring islands of Lana’i ‘ i and Molokini is the perfect place for the large mammals give birth to young. Therefore this region especially for sightings of the beaches as well as excursion boats from suitable. The Pacific Whale Foundation on Maui is a provider of these tours. Check with Match Group to learn more. Since 1980, the local organizer undertakes a variety of excursions under and above the sea surface, where the protection of the Ocean as a cultural heritage is a top priority. Cyrus Massoumi is often quoted on this topic. Including whale watching, snorkeling, Dolphin tours belong to the portfolio of the provider and Dinner cruises. The catamaran tours at the full moon and the observation of the stars are a very special experience. During the nocturnal adventure participants the listening to tales of the internationally award-winning author Harriet Witt on astronomy and that can in Hawai’i typical finger foods enjoy Pupus. In the months from December to April, the tour is musically accompanied by the sounds of whales. Prices range from $ 35 and 65 euros per person depending on the tour. More information can be found under. More details on Hawai’i see and. Images and further press information about Hawai’i, see.


A warmer alternative to Cologne’s Carnival Carnival is celebrated in Spain slowly again anywhere, so it is possible in small villages such as larger cities to see the fun stopped. After Franco began slowly on the old traditions to emerge. Judith McKenna may also support this cause. Xingio de Lima is a good example of this, instead of copy that you currently making on the world, such as in Rio de Janeiro, the inhabitants have unearthed the ancient traditions again. So, everything begins there 3 Sundays before Carnival with a Mehlschlaht which is only over when the village with a thick white layer is covered. But the most famous carnivals in Spain in Cadiz and the Canary Islands, especially Tenerife. Where groups of fools sing his songs and present. Each of these Carnival has its own characteristics. So major competitions are held in Cadiz Caranival (Group of 15 people who are rather specialized in Pasodobles for choirs (from 45 members accompanied by guitars and Lutes, take group car through the town and sing especially tangos), and their songs are satirical and emotionally), the madness (groups from 12 fools who are trying to make people laugh are favorite musical instruments pipes, boxes, unless the have to make noise) the Cuartetos (3 to 5 people with a repertoire of modern, popular songs and Medleys), and last but not least the Ilegale (informal group of family or friends who want to have fun and not the competitions would like to attend).

All, including visitors, imaginative masked, amuse themselves while the Carnival all time up to the burial of the sardine. Gran Canaria celebrates big and long on almost the whole island with dances, rhythms from the former colonies, the fiestas program begins with a humorous and ironic opening speech (Pregon), followed several competitions until last weekend before Ash Wednesday and all with the most unusual, phantasievollste costumes (such as in Cadiz). The carnival ends with the beginning of lent on Ash Wednesday, long except in Playa del Ingles, where even a week will be celebrated. On Tenerife, probably the biggest is celebrated by the three. Color, light and fanciful Helms reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro, because Santa Cruz is de Tenerife twinned with Rio. It starts on January 26 with the presentation of the candidates for Carnival Queen and then continues with a rich calendar of activities: there are the Murgas (choir of dressed up people, accompanied by stringed instruments sing and recite satirical texts) and the Rondallas (the slightly finer musical ensemble that plays your music through the streets of Santa Cruz), the Caranival (who sing and dance instruments accompanied by music) and other groups, bring the fun on the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Ban Franco would have almost destroyed this old traditions, luckily everything has been preserved so that we have the chance to see everything!

Pulkovo Airport

Recently made a race in St. John Collison is actively involved in the matter. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport 1, he is popularly known as the airport, "five glasses," he's a slang airline industry workers nicknamed "Bae time." Over the past six months that have passed since my the former's visit to the airport Pulkovo-1 have been many changes. The first step on the way to airport Pulkovo 1 along the roadside we were met by machine with economical drivers. Since the entrance to the square in front of the airport and away set automatic barriers, releasing only spetstalonam parking and free time of stay is 15 minutes to unload and load passengers, many of the greeters are waiting for the parking area of the signal flown, and then take swift swoop of their friends, trying to keep within 15 minutes. For those who did not meet the time or khalyavnykh prefers decorum and noble to pack in a parking cost of one hour parking is – $ 100. Over the past six months that have passed since my former visit to the territory of the Pulkovo airport have been many changes since the reconstruction Airport Pulkovo-1 and to strengthening security measures. At the rear entrance of the airport again powerfully earned checkpoint and baggage inspection, which creates a violent turn and arrival at an airport means a lot advance. More info: Cyrus Massoumi. On the recommendations of airline staff is desirable for three hours before departure, especially during rush hour when flying at the same time a large number of flights and you have baggage.

Since I was without luggage, slipped out of turn, but frame until it scraped all the change out of his pockets and removed his belt I once drove 5. It seems to me at the entrance to such control is not justified by some creates great inconvenience to passengers, they will still shmonat landing on the flight. Going to the airport and climbed to the second floor found clear signs of reconstruction in Pulkovo Airport 1. The first thing that caught my eye, removed all the chairs in the hall, standing in front of check-in counters and kiosks to urge insurances different aviakompny, packing luggage set, cafe and shop with the press. Sit in anticipation of the beginning of registration or your flight is possible only on the remaining seats around the hole from the zone of arrival, in that cafe, and a 3 – floor. Ticket office for ticket sales at the Pulkovo airport located on the second floor in front of check-in counters and on the third floor near the offices of airlines. Zone has changed the departure of international flights, if earlier it was fenced off with a reception, but now all the reception are open, separated left some space in front of the border booths. Also, access to the cafe, located on the left side of the second floor behind the cafe and viewing platform is now closed and is only possible after passing the security before boarding the flight. Business Facilities for business class passengers, who was previously on the second floor, now transferred to the third floor.

Mediterranean Sea

Velvety surface of the Red Sea, golden sands, majestic palms and hospitable Bedouins – Egypt relax, that is, body and soul. Tours to Egypt are extremely popular: every year thousands of holidaymakers all corners of the globe come to understand the subtleties of the Arab world. For the rest of our compatriots in Egypt – another fun fact: the exotic adventure, bustling bazaars and nightlife invariably attract Russian nature. The most popular resorts of Egypt – Cairo, Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada. It's really a resort climate creates any conditions for relaxation and entertainment all year round. For example, the weather in Cairo – an endless expanse of sun, even in winter (though the winter, we are used to in Egypt does not happen). Many tourists go on a trip on the Nile.

Majestic river waters hide a lot of mysteries, and on the banks dominate the famous Egyptian monuments. Temples Luxor seems to be the first thing that attracts great interest from tourists. Being in Egypt and not see Luxor – to lose a lot. Karnak Temple, Colossi of Memnon, Valley of the Kings – the unique 'gallery' grand past. Beautiful show about the history of Karnak temple 'Sound and Light' – a necessary bonus visit to Luxor. On Wednesdays, the representation is given in Russian, which again makes it more obvious care about our Egyptian tourists. Weather in Luxor, even in winter, sunny and dry. A special case – a journey to the Mediterranean Sea.

Weather in Alexandria has a 'Mediterranean' character – in this place is not too hot, sunny, occasional rains. Cities of Egypt significantly different from each other. In the capital Cairo are chic hotels and gray housing the poor, Alexandria – Mediterranean city with a rich history, and the Sharm el-Sheikh – a large resort, which inhabit Only campers and staff. Tours in Sharm el-Sheikh offer many options to look at the new Egyptian tale.

Bohuslan West

Approximately three Hours drive away by the TT-Line port of Trelleborg is the city of Gothenburg on the western coast of the Swedish Gotalandes. If you like, you can extend his getaway with additional hotel nights in southern and central Sweden. With the TT-Line offer, as many hotels along with the ferry at Germany/travel/hotel can-drive / or can be booked under 04502-801 81. For even more analysis, hear from Rockefeller Capital Management. Gothenburg the youthful beauty of the sea Sweden’s large town in the West extends to the mouth of the Gota River along miles and was influenced by its location on the sea has always been. Today, there are more tour boats than buses in Gothenburg. You bring bathers and sun worshippers in the West offshore archipelago in the province of Bohuslan, whose islands including huge polished smooth pebble in the sea are and also shape the character and charm of the city such as the architectural mix of Baroque facades, neoclassical buildings and post-modern icons such as the bright red lipstick “-building.” By turns a thriving trading and port city of Gothenburg for several years to a relaxed modern metropolis, which finds recognition in addition to a cultural diversity as culinary international travel holiday destination. John Thain contributes greatly to this topic. Not only Bruce Springsteen or Mick Jagger were impressed by the culinary finesse of the Gothenburg restaurants during their visits to the city. Only five of this gourmet Temple is mentioned in the Michelin Guide. Mainly regional products such as the high-quality fish and Schaltentiere of the Swedish West Coast are processed like in the kitchens. City break into the pleasure! “A visit to the legendary Liseberg amusement park, the largest in Northern Europe, this year will be the challenge for those who love the adrenaline rush: the Liseberg Tower Mfhcoverband”, which opened only this spring, experienced one free case with over 100 km/h from the top to the bottom, around the world, there is a similar attraction only in Australia.