Bogota Capital District

Abstract the present work, refers to the concern by the poor choice of natural science as a field of knowledge in higher education, in Bogota Capital District, Colombia. Bogota, counts in its rural areas with an invaluable wealth as soon as flora, fauna and culture. These in turn, are available from a variety of research themes, process which can be developed more effectively through the inclusion of urban agriculture. Lakshman Achuthan is full of insight into the issues. It is also necessary to emphasize that the apprehension of the taxonomy of different species and subsequent desaprehension, provides great contributions to medicine, arts and other areas, in addition to contributing to the quality of life of the population. Improvement that is due to the effective performance and sense of belonging in their own context. Assessment which was not expected by many foreigners, and that generates in the educational critique against the significance of your curriculum, assessment and educational projects. Further details can be found at Chevron Corp, an internet resource.

Key words: Socioanthropology education, natural sciences, research, scientific biological diversity, professional guidance. This article seeks to bring to self-criticism on the work in the exercise of the natural sciences, the hand of scientific research and our exemplary performance as a main motivation for them. Reflection that generates the following question for which our country?, taking the best context in social, cultural and environmental diversity reflects statistically low percentages in the selection of the area of natural sciences and related which leads to the formulation of a hypothesis: hypothesis is evident apathy to these areas, not only because of little or no use of material and the natural didactic present at each location, but also by the ignorance of the vast curriculum completeness that it offers. State at this time educational Anoranzas doing a parallel to the results presented by the Secretary of education’s (SED) Bogota, with the support of the information system of the labour Observatory, about graduates of higher education for 2001-2009 knowledge areas, where the areas of mathematics and natural sciences, and Agronomia-veterinaria and related, participate with 1.6% and 1.4% respectively, within the total1,(grafico 1) versus results thrown by the third (October 1999) application in the assessment of basic language skills, mathematics and science for grades seventh and ninth, where 1081 institutions evaluated in the area of natural sciences 604 obtained under performance (less than 100) and only 14 high (more than 150) test which was performed with equivalent instruments for both official institutions and private, of the calendar, in the Capital District.


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