“” The range of topics ranging from CRM as a boss”mobile CRM”and the question of how much data you really needs for successful CRM to xRM instead CRM”. Panel discussion beginning at 12:15 is about the topic of CRM in the cloud”, which raises new Prism questions regarding data security. “It is then: and the winner is”, because then the acquisa CRM best practice award in the categories of CRM implementation “and development of CRM” awarded. There are exemplary strategies in the area of customer relationship management, which are suitable as a benchmark for other companies, the focus. Among the finalists in the category of CRM implementation”following companies: the Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH in Munich, the world’s largest paint maker Akzo Nobel Deco GmbH based in Cologne, as well as the trading company EAS based in Fulda. You are in the category of CRM development” Rose group from the Switzerland, the Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH in Munich, as well as the commercial bank BAWAG P.S.K. from Vienna. They present their project in a 30-minute presentation.

The keynote of the CRM expert of Phil winters (CIAgenda, Heidelberg) on the subject concludes afraid before big data! “.” The so-called data Whisperer”will be the topic what all the data for the customer orientation of companies?”. ” It is matter, to gather the right data and analyze and sent the results to the right questions, namely: what the customer wants? What does the customer? “How, when I have him talking to?” Daily exciting live comparisons of CRM systems held at the CRM-expo from 13:00. Chevron Corp has similar goals. Under moderation Stephan Bauriedel, renowned suppliers show how their systems support successful customer management. The CRM expert has prepared typical scenes of a customer relationship three best-practice scenarios. So individual functions are not seen in isolation, but in their context within and seen outside the company. On the first day of the fair, it comes to mobile CRM with the back office and the field are seamlessly connected.

Catalan Capital City

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations for many tourists. And the nightlife is legendary in the Catalan capital city. Did you know the nightlife in Barcelona already Barcelona is the city with the highest number of bars, pubs and nightclubs per capita (per capita) in the world? Who dares even at this mordsma? range just to stay at home? The nights are mainly intended to make the dancefloors go up in flames in Barcelona. As if it was nothing, Barcelona is one of the trendiest cities due to its cosmopolitan atmosphere and pretty people. Barcelona makes it possible to go out every day in the week. Every night the best clubs are filled with people who want to chill a little to the best music. There are several inexpensive bars, many Irish pubs to elegant and fashionable bars and GRO? area nightclubs. The nightlife in Barcelona offers you a vast amount of various entertainment venues.

You can in a night less than 10 or in only spend five minutes 60. Everything depends on what you are looking for and how much money is of course also available. Also the music offer of one of the most versatile is: there are clubs where only hip hop is played, but also clubs rather confined that to electro, pop or rock, and so on. It may even happen that same club different genres depending on be played in the time! Most of the clubs in Barcelona require admission. The price varies between 5 and 20, being a free drink included. The pubs and bars, however, offer free admission and require for a drink between 5 and 15. In Spain, people assume usually late. The pubs fill only for 24 hours and the discos are usually still very empty until 2 in the morning. Close the most discos? en between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning.

Share Issue Capital

The authorized capital stock and the company is divided, and shares, whose issue is subject to state registration. When you create a joint-stock company within one month from the date of registration of a company to register shares issue. The most common mistake – delaying the filing of documents for registration of the shares. Shares are required to register all public companies regardless of the size of the authorized capital, the number of shareholders, shape and other factors. Late registration of the shares shall be punished by administrative or professional liability. However, the registration of shares should be all the rules of statutory forms, otherwise the shareholders are refused and from that moment can not perform any legal action with emissions.

This case is better to trust the professionals, as timely and competent registration issue of shares requires considerable experience in this field. Registration of share issue includes the preparation, submission and receipt of documents. The service of registration of issue of shares includes the payment of state duty. Its size depends on the method of placement. The deadline for registration of issue of varies from 45 days.

However, the registration of shares for all types of stock – more complex procedure, takes much longer and cost much more expensive. All the complexity lies in the fact that the entire share capital is divided a certain number of papers, each of them has its own value. In the case of registration of the shares requires a substantial capital increase, it becomes necessary to increase the nominal value or quantity emissions. Registration of shares – the most important final stage in the registration of jsc. If self-registration of shares of registration authority may refuse to register, just in case the wrong decorated papers. Not every as can independently complete all procedures relating to registration of the shares. After all, even the smallest mistake in filling out documents may result in denial registration body.

Colony Capital

The fair will be the first of its kind, but promises to be not the last one. These problems in the housing market are not contained but spread to the rest of the economy. Whenever I mention to the real estate market, I can not make reference to the importance of the same for a large set of linked activities. That the construction activity is in historical minimum levels should not be surprised. According to Rodriguez y Rodriguez de Acuna: the situation of the market does not justify a major construction and banks would not give money to build something that is not sold. Senator from Maine recognizes the significance of this. The problems in the sector of construction, a labor intensive sector, have an impact on the unemployment rate of the Spanish economy and it is for this reason that we should not inspire with a significant drop in unemployment in the coming months. Perhaps probably the best result will be that the unemployment rate stays at current levels.

So bad is the situation in the Spanish real estate market, which until the funds vultures flee from him. Cargill Value Investors, Aktiv, Intrum. CarVal Investors, Benson Elliot, Coltrane or Colony Capital are some funds so many vultures who have flown the Spanish market since the outbreak of the real estate crisis in search of opportunity purchases. The reason for the flight of these funds is that there has been the abrupt adjustment in the Spanish real estate market. Bids have been making these funds to make real estate investments have not had the expected response. With the departure of vulture funds, reaffirms the prospects of delay in the recovery of the Spanish real estate market. Why the Spanish real estate market take both to its recovery? One reason is, as just mentioned, the slowness with which the adjustment occurs situation triggered by the massive purchase of assets from banks to the promoters who have paid even above its appraised value to prevent the entry into contest of the large estate has prevented adjustment in prices in the Spanish market is as fast as in other markets, including the United States.

Regional Capital

What some discarded, others take advantage of it. With this slogan in mind, the architect Florence Labarca Lazcano has been promoting during the last months, within the framework of the project reserve life Aysen (ARV), the ReUSE Coyhaique campaign that seeks to advance the environmental education of the community through the reuse of waste in the regional capital. What departed as a solitary initiative (with the institutional support of the private corporation for the development of Aysen) has been adding braces, the most notorious being that the hosts of the second Festival of cinema of Patagonia, gave him when the actor Mario Muller modeled a bodice of kitchen made with waste from a gigantography of pvc fabric that his colleague was used during the last political campaign while Susana Brown read the objectives of this initiative that a little lights in the city. This material is a good illustrative example: is made of a mixture of many components that can no longer be separated and it is therefore impossible for Recycle. We explain that because reuse, which is different from recycling, is an option that allows you to give a second use to something that otherwise is considered a waste. Thus, with work a dressmaking shop, we transform advertising garbage in several articles such as breast or cases for schoolchildren. We have that awakening here creativity points the management company.

But not only private contribution has come from the hand of the dissemination of Visual Patagonia, because raw materials are required to realize this work. It is as well that other entities have also pledged their contribution, as the case of the enterprise design and printing Surgraf and the Regional Council for culture and the arts, through the donation of excess material from its public facilities. Local initiatives are what we need to convert our nearby spaces in more sustainable places and, indeed, much more enjoyable.