Scientific Works

Master's thesis – this is the final qualification to the study. This scientific work is characterized by an inner unity and striving for the presentation of selected topics. For his master's thesis is important vitality of a topic, its application to the current scientific and technological progress. In his master's thesis should be fully represented the raw materials and summed up. As a scientific project, Master must possess qualities such as novelty and practical significance. The results of this study suggest the experience of postgraduate research project, of its capabilities.

Master's thesis, as well as other dissertations, prepared for her defense, which involves assigning a scientific degree. For the author of similar work is important to identify its own ability to take action in the field of science, to solve Some research problems. The author alone is considering the available literature, assures the scientific or practical significance of their work. It must accurately describe the most used them scientific and educational practices at all stages of their operation. The facts in the thesis must be original and new. Applicant should work with current laws and the facts already learned or to represent the situation a new way. The author deals with the details of the necessary and reasonable description of the findings and analysis in their work. To some degree dissertation project may maintain a personal approach dissertant if it introduces an additional scientific significance of the work.

The thesis presents a general training. This defines a polemic and a discussion of discipline in the stated terms of the existing problems of science. For the main thesis accuracy and validity, the presence information, such as formulas and tables and stuff. Details of the project should be set out without a clear assessment of its author. Currently, scientific communication is desirable to use the pronoun "We" instead of "I". Master's thesis today – the first step in graduate school, which results in further defense of dissertation. Hence, it is like a preliminary research project that leads to academic degree. In school within a teaching and experimental work, justifying already proven by scientific evidence. Master's degree project meets the training program. That is why the results and arguments Master work is not necessarily published in special scientific journals. During the Masters do not need protection and provision of the abstract. Master security procedure simpler than doctoral and master's. The similarity is only in the design of these studies. Source: Master's thesis as a kind of scientific work

A Work Of Painters. Marbling

Where Painters work we can find tables, chests and consoles which have lost ancient marble top or it has cracked or chipped. While it is possible to fix the cracked marble slabs and reshape chipped, not worth buying a new board: the cost is prohibitive and the weight of the piece could break the old boards. Worth learning, on the advice of a simple, painted to imitate the finish of this material if you want to keep the decorative spirit of real marble. Imitation of the veins The art of marbling were divided into two distinct techniques: imitation of the design of grain and dispersion, which are used solvents (alcohol, white spirit or water) to break or marble painting. Always have, to serve as your guide, a sample of real marble or a photograph. The bigger the better, because you will get a clear picture of how the grain would be willing and forms an area same size. A tip: you need to practice first on a test board, the plywood is ideal. Black green marble is important to carefully choose the colors of marble, especially if you start from zero, so that together with wood or painted base.

Here we combine the two techniques to obtain a marbled dark marble suitable for a dark wood base. Amount for an area of 2 m2: Underlays: 200 ml semi-matte black paint (two coats) layer of enamel. Oil paintings of artist: a little green earthy, a little chrome green, a little zinc white, some black and a little natural shade, a tablespoon of flaxseed oil, three drops of drying varnish, a tablespoon white spirit.

Social Networks

What is meant by the term 'Forum'? Certainly in the first place – a place to exchange ideas, communicate and bring people with similar interests. Wikiquote ( on this subject states that 'web forum' – class web applications for organization of communication web site visitors. Not entirely clear from a purely consumer point of view, but a specific forum in Encyclopedia mass, and this is the term – the most appropriate reality. Checking article sources yields Nouriel Roubini as a relevant resource throughout. 'Social Network' (again same in terms of Wikipedia) – an interactive multi-site, the content of which is filled by the members of the network. Again, as a vague but more or less Reflecting the nature of these projects. So thoroughly thinking about priorities and I am interested in the network, came to the controversial conclusion – services forums steadily losing its visitors 'in favor of' social networks.

Of course now, this omission is not so much the eye, but what further – the more we see the benefits of sotsialok over popular forumnym services. I cite the example of exactly free services forums like, without considering and not taking into account the pay engines, which are often used for commercial purposes. What – I think many have heard about the popularity and, even the most avid forumanov no-no and yes there is its own page on sotsseti (even if it is not haunted by the creator). And this popularity is growing exponentially, along with the number of Internet users, and yet not so long ago, during the heyday of the Internet forums is given the opportunity to communicate without any restrictions people from different countries and even continents. Naturally, the policy of social networks aimed primarily at bringing people together with common goals, as well as finding friends, friends / girlfriends, who can not see in real life moment. .

Network Marketing Leaders

How to make people come to you pursued? So they get you with phone calls and would just cooperate with you? What generally attracts one person to another? Why is doing the same actions, saying one and the same words, often it turns out that some people succeed and others do not? Why women are sometimes attracted to men, who have neither wealth nor some sort of extravagant appearance? And as people become famous? Why For example, everyone wants to work with the most successful distributor in your company? What qualities does it differ from you? The essence of these and many other issues is the following: It is important to understand what this phenomenon and how it use in their life to become obsessed and persecuted. And the name of the phenomenon of leadership! You wonder why, if you combine the 15 people in one group, then after some time in this group appears leader. A other people will be willing to listen to his advice, decisions and follow him. Lakshman Achuthan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The man, who by nature leader, join any mlm company in the coming weeks or a couple of months makes around a large team of dozens of similar successful people while making very little effort. How could such a man be? Yes, yes, this is the main issue, not the 'what action I should do and what tools I need. " First become leader, to outline your goals and only then use the tools and techniques for achieving goals.

Network Marketing

Most interesting is that each of us acts as a “network agent” when he says a friend – “I tried yesterday the new beer – Super!”, That’s just for the money it does not get it. Just trust people easily organizations and brands, but not alone, even if it represents a large corporation and an interesting product. The conclusion from the above – is almost always must pass a certain amount of time before you as a person and deserve the brand reputation and trust, and only after that will receive the normal flow of customers. Treat it well and with patience. 2) People are working properly, do not want to learn, and if they learn something incorrectly interpret this knowledge. Network Marketing – the art and science, who need to learn as any other science.

If you do not know how to drive, how far uedite? Here – the same thing. There are lots of useful literature and articles in any structure to something taught so you need to absorb as much information. But the information also need to properly pass through itself and sort. Probably almost every one of us watched what may be the girl on the street throws at passers-by with a bunch of “gifts” and compulsively chattering like a parrot a few memorized phrases. In my opinion should be the down to her to buy something …

or she was taught wrong, or it is not properly studied. A good illustration of how not should work. So first of all, learn to not be such a girl, learn to identify the human need, learn how to be qualified, not learn how to be persuasive! Learn how to properly select the correct source knowledge and teachers. 3) Laziness. Oddly enough, this is a very important point, especially relevant for the network marketing on the Internet. Because the majority of us are actually still quite lazy. It is better to take a walk, play toy, a drink beer, well, etc. Good results are achieved the one who really works, who is part of the system and the system is working. If the system includes a lazy, consider the case closed. 4) Fear of failure. Many break down after the first failures. The reason – see paragraphs 1 and 2. But there is no way to immediately and everything went perfectly as you want, unless of course you are an experienced networker. Even if something does not work, anyway, if you work and constantly learn how to work, and then back to work. The result will be necessarily the most positive. So – “Saw Schur, sawing – they are gold.” The rest – be adequate, because almost immediately who does not work. The main thing is not to stop and throw it halfway.

The Shredder At Work

The performance of many activities meant the presence of certain residues or items which require disposal. They do not pay any utility or simply difficult to perform certain activities, so it is necessary to deal with it as easier and more comfortable avoiding the possible that they are waste or any trace of what was sought to eliminate. To solve these problems one must resort to a food, because through this can greatly reduce all types of waste or objects that want to eliminate. The idea of having a shredder, is that by this great machine can create much more pleasant environments to avoid the presence of various waste or garbage, as the cleaning and maintenance of various places will be much easier, comfortable and calm, so will the housekeeping to take care of garbage and other debris driven by the ease of the task. As added shredders is that unlike these bags get into those things which wants to undo and get into the garbage cans or Kanak, by its process and the work done by the components of the disposer traces of what once was a hindrance or residue will be minimal. Another good showing the shredders advantages is that lead to minimal use of various types of waste, will not leave any kind of scent dispersed in the air, which undoubtedly will also reduce the presence of certain insects and animals that are attracted by the smells of trash baskets. Click Angus King to learn more. Another point to be emphasized in the capacity of shredders is that you avoid the crowds and the occupation of space garbage bags, which means apart from the benefit for people who have a shredder, the contribution to the various processes handling and treatment of garbage. The breakers can be used to treat different types of waste, a point that allows for different types of shredders that can be found on the market depending on what type of waste concerned. One of the main breakers in the world there are food disposers, grinders such presents as the perfect solution to various problems of the kitchen, since that acts perform various cleaning tasks will be much easier, since this type of breakers is to liquefy making dispatching waste to the sewer. Keep in mind that there are for households in which there is a low volume of waste and no other industry that are used more in schools, restaurants, hospitals and other buildings that have a larger amount of waste. The other group of shredders are more concerned with grinding things that are much heavier and thicker than food, and can crush these large items with sharp teeth. They are powerful for dealing with larger litter and are mostly used to treat junk or any other bulky items.. administrator.

GSM Network

Language OpenAT from the control unit microcontroller can be eliminated by making the "manage" the modem itself. The modem includes a microcontroller capable of performing custom applications. To write these applications there is free of charge to OpenAT, including a compiler, libraries, debugger and emulator. Wednesday OpenAT allows for more opportunities modem than using AT-commands. Libraries which are included in the environment, allow more flexible use of tcp / ip stack. When using OpenAT-applications, Wavecom modem into a completed device, handles the external signals and exchange data in a network gsm.

What to choose? Let us try to analyze the pros and cons of the above hardware solutions: The second solution is ideal if nominated by stringent requirements for size or to the cost of the device. In practice, however, a number of complexities that must be solved by a sophisticated algorithm of the device. When you create an autonomous unmanned devices is one of the most major problems – long-term resiliency. A simple example: how do you think, if the office of a company's system administrators will leave the network in the lurch, what is the probability that, say, three months the network will function properly? Non-performing gsm devices must operate reliably for years, guaranteed to restore the working capacity after any failure. It requires many painstaking research, but then pays off in work.

We give some examples of emergency situations arising in these devices: From time to time is "quiet" off the modem from the network gprs. In this case, the modem does not receive any messages about the network this fact. Accordingly, data packets are not sent. You may experience situations where sending packets for any reason it becomes impossible, and resumed only when you reboot your modem. Possible crashes SIM-card (only helps reset the modem). Possible loss of registration in the network gsm (for example, due to congestion), and after a long unsuccessful modem can stop trying to find the network. Can be blocked account because of the negative balance. Management application must provide a guaranteed restoration of efficiency devices after the disappearance of the contingency. Example implementation of an information collection system The project "Safe School" – is another example of constructing a system of increased reliability of data transmission based on GSM-making Wavecom. In this project needed to ensure continued readiness gprs channel for immediate transfer Notification Function. This problem was successfully solved by the developers of the firm "capacity." System reliability is ensured by special measures: In the present gsm system for collecting information based on the GSM-module Wismo Quick 2406 used simultaneously managing controller (AVR ATmega128) and Annex OpenAT. The device continuously monitors the state of GPRS-connection, and fulfills all there is an emergency situation. Communication device with the center carried out with simple communications protocol tcp / ip. In the information-gathering device for connecting arbitrary devices (radios, control panels, controllers, sensors, transducers directly) there are RS-232 and RS-485. Also, the device has two loops alarm for the possibility of connecting sensors penetrate into the room and open the enclosure. System reliability over time, develop the system was provided a large number of contingencies. Currently the system is in continuous operation. Devices are working flawlessly for over a year. In the strong acceleration of mobile network devices have shown high stability by delivering tcp / ip messages to the center, even when not pass deflected by sms and voice calls. A device for collecting information has a quality certificate.

Find Domestic Work

Promise to return the deposit immediately together with payment of a total of about 10,000 rubles for two after the operation relieved the elderly. After paying 800 rubles for two people, pensioners have begun to expect. Nouriel Roubini can provide more clarity in the matter. Promised by the car with the materials did not have to that day or the next. A few days specified in the declaration yet answered the phone, assuring him that the driver is about to drive up, and then stopped. Arriving in office, the couple found a locked door, before which gathered other affected applicants. Same scam with the money gone.

Handmade candles. After what happened in this case the husband couples lost trust in all other organizations that offer work at home. But his wife did not lose hope to meet honest employers. Seeing the announcement, which offered to produce in the home decorative candles, she went to the meeting. The presentation was willing to show manufacturing technology, and then told that to get the materials to form plugs and instructions for learning is possible only after payment in the amount of 2,600 rubles per instruction. In fact, after paying the woman was given a form to fill, is not similar to the one which was shown at the presentation were not warned that the work can be fire-, and on advice to emerging issues in the process, answered very reluctantly. Requirements as to the quality of finished products were presented so high that the pensioner was not at all sure whether it can achieve a similar level of skill.

Working Safely With A Chainsaw

Chainsaw is very heavy and difficult to use, so it is important to observe safety regulations, Below I've listed a few things that must be required to comply. a) pull the chain on the chainsaw and friendship resolve its tension, as well as set the saw in position to work only during the stopped engine. b) Do not touch the circuit during operation and best protect themselves against contact. c) On chainsaw necessarily want to adjust the idle speed is when the circuit operates with a stationary engine. d) Timely change lubricants in engines to prevent such things as stupor engine that can result in very costly repairs. d) Avoid any sudden movements while keeping the tree and because it can all end in tears. e) During the job, always keep the saw straight, no wiggling, no hand. If something needs to be to correct or change always switch off the engine. Carefully work if there are people or animals. By following these tips you can easily and gladly will work cutting equipment.

Champions League

Among the equipment are two helipads, a sailing yacht, motor boat, an aquarium, a diving center. Many writers such as Angus King offer more in-depth analysis. The details of interior decoration of the yacht is not known, since everything about his personal life tycoon, jealously guarded. In May 2004 it has attracted worldwide attention, moored in the harbor of Monaco, and becoming home to Abramovich at the time of the soccer match between football clubs Chelsea and Monaco in the uefa Champions League. A singer Shirley Bassey, even complained that the "Le Grand Bleu" blocking her entire view of the harbor. In June 2006, Abramovich gives to "Le Grand Bleu" his old friend and business partner Shvidler, who to this day and is the owner of this wonderful yacht, which occupies 11 th place in the world rankings as of megayachts in 2009. But let us return back to 2002, which was rich in events. In addition to "Le Grand Bleu" Abramovich has acquired a further 2 yacht, a smaller class.

This – "Sussurro" ("Rustle") and "Olympia". "Sussurro" was launched in 1998 by Dutch shipyards Feadship and cost the first owner, an Arab sheik, a $ 28 million. Abramovich, according to press reports, lays out for it for 49 million. Yacht with aluminum body has a length of 49.5 m for 12 guests and has a crew of 11 people. Equipped with "Sussurro" by 2 diesel engines hp Paxman capacity 3442 hp each, and 2 gas turbine engines Textron Lycoming, rated at 4000 hp This allows it to reach a maximum speed of 46 knots, with cruising at 20 knots.