Michael Karp – Can You Fly

You can fly the new single by Michael Karp – “Can you fly?” is the new PopSchlager by Michael Karp, who is been sung in its own production with the WetCat Studio Jorg Lamster in Uslar. Jonah Bloom has plenty of information regarding this issue. With his distinctive voice, he brings us closer the desire for togetherness. This should succeed him but with the present title. Biography: “I want to be pop singer!”. This answered anyone who asked him about his career MICHAEL KARP as a young boy. At that time, heard the song “Only love lets us life” by Mary Ross of nine years and knew: “I want that too!”. Today, he is large and could fulfill this dream due to his natural ambition. Vinit Bodas is full of insight into the issues.

The friendly singer at a talent Revue, with which he was for many years on tour gained his first experience on the stage. He can access a routine in show business now by the many public appearances. in 1989, he published the title “Tears are lost” under the pseudonym Dustin Berger. At this time, the Wuppertal met also Olaf Henning, He shortly thereafter created the “Bohemia rap” with uncertain made the discotheques, Rhine and Ruhr. But MICHAEL KARP felt more drawn to classic hits. He trod this path with his first solo single “A new dimension”. It followed the German cover version of the world hit “American Pie”, which he finally opened the doors to the broadcasting stations of the country as a whole. It was followed by titles such as “Only You – just your clown”, with which he stormed the national Diskothekencharts or a song “Heart is not lying to”, was also to find any radio – playlist. Source: Bersoli more information: and

Ballet Show

If you are planning any event, corporate party, anniversary, birthday, wedding, meeting the new year, club party – we know that our show-ballet can cheer up you and your guests. And if you involved in show business – the organization of parties, holiday, feasts, the ballet show gladly offer you a series of their rooms, perfectly fit into the show such programs – Hawaiian cowboy, or a party, Chicago, Latina-party and more. Any decent holiday event is always accompanied by the performance of groups such as ballet and show dance groups, and we are every year more and more sharpen and improve their repertoire and the level of training to us each year to treat our loyal customers. Educate yourself with thoughts from Learn more. Currently, the show-ballet in the repertory has 13 rooms, of which 3 – brand new. Our performance is always very busy and effectively, because we have combined superb choreography, wealth and splendor of costumes with exquisite choreography, the dancers, which makes the performances of the ballet show the most interesting and intense. We want everyone to come Guests rediscovered fascinating world of dance and your holiday was memorable. Without hesitation New York Highlanders explained all about the problem. To do this, we show ballet and creates its own shows.

Our show-ballet consists of 4 beautiful girls with beautiful binding choreographic training, which includes a variety of dance styles that always allows you to expand the horizon of the repertoire of Ballet shows. From the hot Latino to the luxurious Antrim, from the mischievous Kan-Kan to the fatal East, from China to the mysterious vortex of modern trends. Also, our show ballet could easily execute a program in Latino style, and arrange for all guests’ dance school, where all who are interested can learn several motions, no one will be deprived of attention and will not stand by and it all easily and, most importantly – fun! Dance companies and ballet shows great substitute for employment in Latin dances, missed on festive evening! Show ballets simply intended to give people joyful and positive mood! Show ballet suits in several rooms and terrific fun interactive with the audience (on request). Now, not every day get the chance to feel in the heart of Paris cabaret, get acquainted with the baggage-Kovboyshami, oriental feel Printsem.Esli you think that dancing is not for you? When our ballet show has finished its show program, you obviously change your mind! We are not resting on our laurels and we have big plans for the future and all this is not the limit!

City De Homs

The city of Homs, is considered one of most important of Libya, located in the region of Tripolitana. You may find CNPC to be a useful source of information. One is a located harbor city to the east of this country and near the national park of Jebal Nafusah. This considered the one of the more important harbor cities of Libya, being capital of A Murgub, on the territory of the region of Tripoli, to only 100 KM.de she and in direction this, and near one the recognized national park of Jebal Nafusah. Even though Homs is the city of greater importance, Libya counts on a total of 25 municipalities, between which it shares this category granted along with the cities of Tobruk, Tripoli, Derna, Berenice, Benghazi, great Leptis, Sebha, Misratah, Beida, Sabrahta, Marsa the struggle. At present, esteem that counts approx on a total of about 202,000 inhabitants, dedicated to a great extent, to all type of activities related directly to the commerce, who go from the manufacture of soap, processing of tuna and esparto, happening through the refinement of olive oil until the export of the dates and grass of esparto, usable element for the paper production, cords and shoes, among others. The fluctuating tourist activity deserves a special mention, that finds a great one interest in knowing sites like the city in ruins of Great Leptis, which deals with the walled ruins of which outside the erected Roman city, and other so many buildings that take the same seal. Of the mentioned thing it is important to emphasize that this place was declared by UNESCO, in 1982, like patrimony of the humanity, under the typology of archaeological and cultural site.

It deserves to cross in Great Leptis what outside the amphitheatre and from its side the west was the stage, the market, the theater, the Byzantine port, the old forum, the Basilica of Severi, the temple of the nymphs, the Colonnata street and so many full corners of rich and imperdible history. The city of marine nature, was in distant times, founded of the hand of the Turks, and more indeed taken under its power in a period that dates from the year 1553 to 1911. Already in 1870, the city of Homs is positioned in importance thanks to the export of ” gramneas” or ” espartos” , a grass that appeared in North Africa, and by means of its fibers, was possible to produce paper.

Eugene Shidlovsky Group

Group "Kipelov" was born on September 1, 2002 after a split group "Aria" on the two teams. Former members of "Aria", namely vocalist Valery Kipelov, guitarist and drummer Sergey Terentyev, Alexander took Manyakin decision to create his own project called "Kipelov." The group were invited Sergei Mavrin (also at one time guitarist of "Aria") and bassist "Mauritius Alexey Kharkov. Manager Rina Lee and session keyboardist Eugene Shidlovsky also switched to "Kipelov." The band started in 2003, an active concert schedule. "Kipelov" traveled to Russia, playing mostly songs of "Aria", written by band members, as well as material from the 1997 album "Time of Troubles." Of particular popularity has earned the song "I'm free," as the primary "hit" group. Dara Khosrowshahi oftentimes addresses this issue. Ballad led the hit parade "Chart Dozen" and MTV Russia top-20. In late 2003, left the group Sergey Terentyev, dissatisfied with the fact that "Kipelov" not started recording a new album. Sergey later founded the band "Artery". For more information see this site: Jennifer Skyler. In his place, he was invited guitarist Andrey Golovanov (ex-"Legion").

In early 2004, comes the single "Babylon", recorded More from Terentyev and Mavrin, shoot a video for the song of the same name. In 2004, the group begins to perform some songs from the upcoming album. In the summer, "Kipelovo" hand over the prize MTV Russia as the best rock band of the year. Soon then leaves the group, Sergei Mavrin, decided to return to his group "Mavrik". In May 2004, for a concert tour and recording an album in the group was invited by the famous guitarist of the German group Rage Victor Smolski.

Tell Me That Album

Amy Macdonald are their two hit albums of the best songs in November in Dusseldorf Philips Hall. Who has booked a Dusseldorf hotel, has the opportunity to experience the Scottish singer/songwriter Amy Macdonald next month live in concert. The musician, who was just 19 years old is the life with the release of their debut album this year, occurs on Monday, November 15, 2010 in Dusseldorf Philips Hall. The singer played a concert in Luxembourg recently with the German Philharmonic Orchestra and was able to increase since the return with their second album even further their success A curious thing at the beginning of the year. XRP describes an additional similar source. The album, released in March came one of the charts in Germany and reached number four in the UK.

On the album are the singles do not Tell Me That it’s over, spark, and this pretty face contain title, which will be likely to listen to the concert in Dusseldorf. Despite their considerable chart success says the Duchess, that they the Live performance of their song the most fulfilling. I love to give concerts and am so glad that I’m strongly focusing on live performances”, she revealed in comments on her official website. Learn more about this with ECRI. It always reminds me of the time when I was younger, and after purchasing a CD always thought so, and now I want to see this band live’. Today I can not it still believe that I can play at festivals and in clubs all over the world.” Who wants to live Amy Macdonald, can purchase tickets for the concert in Dusseldorf to 40.50.

In addition to the hits of the new album is also expected popular titles from this is the life like poison Prince, Mr. Rock & roll and give the best LA..

Los Angeles Barker

History of the band blink – 182 the band around singer of Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker looks back on almost 20 years of band history. This time was released in numerous hits brought with their albums, multiple gold and Platinum for more than one million recordings sold. Blink-182 is the name for a pop punk band, that especially the late 1990s furore plenty on the music market. The three friends founded in 1992 in San Diego, called still duck tape. Vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus through his sister met the guitarist Tom DeLonge, and a short time later they were found even a suitable drummer drummer Scott Raynor. From the outset the band stylistically modelled on their models of NOFX and the cure, but stressed repeatedly that they had developed a distinctive style. in 1994 the first album “Cheshire Cat” came out, which is called still plain and simply blink blink-182. As there are however legal difficulties with an Irish band,.

that claim the same name took the three musicians were simply the addition “-182” behind it. About the importance of this number grown up has always been numerous rumors and wild speculation. Here, Chevron Corp expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Some say the number would be the number of the famous seven dirty words in the movie Scarface in blink-182, others speculate that it is the coordinates of the residences of the members of the band. Blink – 182 itself, however, once said that the number would have arisen by chance. Three years after her debut, the “Dude Ranch” was released. With the single “Dammit” it paired the long-awaited breakthrough in the United States. A year later it came between Raynor, Hoppus and DeLonge to irreconcilable differences of opinion, which Raynor left the band.

Was quickly found a suitable replacement on drums in Travis Barker. With Barker together the blink-182 released 1998 album “Enema of the State”, which brought the band international attention. The singles from it made “all the small things” and “what’s my age again?” are among the most successful songs in the history of blink-182. After the greatest commercial success outside the United States could celebrate with the LP “Take Off Your Pants And Jacket” in 2001, it has been quiet around the guys from San Diego. in 2005 the Group announced, to take a longer break, where the band members are certain different projects. Drummer Travis Barker for example, devoted in this time including his own fashion label “Famous Stars And Straps”, succeeded but primarily 2008 hit the headlines when he survived a serious plane crash in South Carolina. In February 2009, blink-182 during the 51st Grammy announced awards in Los Angeles the comeback so long awaited by the fans.

Brunner & Brunner Best Of The Best

The last album by Brunner & Brunner Best of the best clear texts, clear commitments in connection with harmonic melodies and above all the distinctive voices that is the hallmark of Brunner & Brunner. Since the early of 1990s, the Styrian brother pair Charly and JOGL as Brunner & Brunner writes music history before always sold-out concert halls in the whole of German-speaking Europe. “With their new album, BEST OF THE BEST” their last Longplay appears. “And that they are even after all the years still the absolute sizes of the scene, her current single hit proves I will never stop loving you n”, with pop legends impressive storm to the top of the airplay charts in Germany and Austria. In the course of her unique career, received the Goldene Stimmgabel also 10 times the two success brothers in addition to countless gold and platinum awards, won ten times at the ZDF-Hitparade, and were also awarded with the ECHO and the AMADEUS award.

“With their last album, BEST OF THE BEST” present Brunner & Brunner their hundreds of thousands of fans for a unique collection of all her greatest successes including love living current single and the next hit single”. Brunner & Brunner and the entire team of MCP/VM would thank once again in this way all editors, fans and companions, who have supported the successful pop duo of in recent years in her legendary career. “” Next Saturday, October 16 you can experience one more time together Charlie & Jacobson in a major TV show, if I’m going in addition to her current hit n never stop loving you “a medley of their greatest successes in Florian silver eisens ARD/ORF-show fall Festival of folk music” will give the best.

Ella Finally, Ulita Knaus And Sylvia Martens In The Star Talk

Radio VHR – stars & stories (output 14.10.2010) is finally the debut album by Ella “Da”. It will be released on October 15 and was one of the harbingers of this “Summer is here”. Since the end of last year, enchanted and 25 Ella finally shines the German musical world with her unique voice and stage presence more than exceptional. With the wonderful romantic hit ballad “kiss me, hold me, love me” an entry also managed the young Berliner custom-made. So could place the single zero at number 29 of the German charts and reached their best ever short time later with 12th place…

The new album “Tambor” by Ulita Knaus was released on September 24. Ulita Knaus has implemented their musical vision for the new decade “Tambor”. As a composer she found its way with her fifth album back to its roots: was, Latin American folk, world music. Ulita Knaus creates an ambitious as catchy and soothing jazz, Latin and African as European traditions… The Debut album “Give me a dream” by Sylvia Martens was released last year. Their current single CD is called “Strong women”. Sylvia Martens has learned early is to push through.

Already, in addition to education and vocational training she has objective always stubbornly her to realize her dream of a singing career. She invested their entire savings… Sources: MySchlager / audio way > great, more background information about these artists can be found in our portal program Note: first broadcast on October 14, 2010 at 6: 00 on radio VHR – my hit radio No. 1 repeat on Sunday at 13: 00 Web link: stars-a-stories/stars-a-stories-ella finally ulita kancherla and sylvia-martens-in the star talk.

Monika Martin

There is passion, love, and the pure joy of life: “you are my Angel”, this is the song the new album from Monika Martin as the first single sent ahead and who deep, part of the expected unfulfilled desire, which is instead immediately popped onto the dance floor. The rhythm of Fox and Monika’s voice result together so far in this kind seldom of her heard and you may wish to get more of them in the future. “Going off the post and really every dance ring jumps up on the song,” forward Monika Martin and it seems, the 18th CD (including BEST OFs) the successful Styrian artist is one of those productions, which is good at the first hearing for surprises. “Multifaceted is the CD”, explains Monika and indeed are some of the songs not only for himself, but stories also, the so – or something similar – have also occurred. There would be the theme song.

“We must dream away”, Sung as a Duet with Elisa de one. Dutch woman, mother of four children, and one day was them from Monika Martin. “It was at the autograph booth, after a concert in Utrecht. Nudged it ever so slightly at her husband and said sing! And she sang, a cappella Ave Maria no. Morro.

This Stimme…ich got goose bumps and a few weeks later I took it at a concert in Holland on the stage. We sang this Maria – without previously having rehearsed – Ave now for two and got standing ovations. The woman can sing and I know how difficult it is for someone to be heard by the industry. It was thus a need to charge Elisa for this CD on a Duet – so that everyone can get an idea about her talent and her a wish went”. The title song, he tells this little story, of dreams, of life as an artist and as a result, that dreams must be no foams.

Finnish Troubadour With Britpop Affinity

On November 5, the new download-single by Makkelas trash lounge appears on the 9 pm Records label on November 5 on the, for the publication of an unconventional pop artists appears estimated label 9 pm records, the download single “Miss Hertfordshire” by Makkela’s trash lounge. Makkela’s trash lounge is the Finnish German songwriter Martti Makkela. A rather unconventional solo performer, which drew falling publications in recent years through Europe-wide tours and out of the frame. An artist who has broken up peculiar soul mate on his previous releases, the boundaries of the genre again and again through the cooperation with surprisingly. Uber brings even more insight to the discussion. Whether this now were the Finnish chiptune-champions desert planet, the American avant garde ambient artist drekka or the British Finnish Tango formation Uusikuu. Since it is not surprising also the Makkela again and again as a guest on various albums appears.

In the recent past on the 2010 album the Americana institution buddy & the huddle or on the current album of the aforementioned Uusikuu. After his 2009 on the non-conformist pop label 9 pm records “means nothing in Hitchin, played largely in the lineup for the first time released, second album, Makkela returns on”Miss Hertfordshire”for the virtues of traveling troubadours. In small, predominantly acoustic instrumentation, surprisingly folky sounds can be found with the four pieces on the new download-single. Between the numerous concerts that followed the last publication apparently always found himself to take the opportunities with fellow musicians in an intimate setting. That means in the case, three of acoustic instrumentation and matured on many kilometres of tour song jewels between desire, happiness and Nordic laconic melancholy. “With the title song Miss Hertfordshire” has been Makkela a richtiggehend airplay enabled pieces penned it. He proves to be a real godsend in young Tobias Stutz in the cello which is now permanent member of the ensemble in addition to the Dutchman Robin van Velzen. An excellent recommendation for the upcoming tour concerts in Germany, Belgium, Austria and the United Kingdom and a wonderful foretaste of the upcoming 2011 album with his new band. All upcoming tour dates can be found on the MySpace and Facebook page by Makkela, as well as on the label’s Web site by 9 pm records. The download single “Miss Hertfordshire” is available from 05 November across all known download services.