The Information

“Without knowing the exact motivation of the management for the purchase or sale of a target investments, this offers over the shoulder of the investment strategists look” the chance to develop a feeling for the type of trade, and to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of the system. Pricing decides the management In the mantle of a mutual fund, however, what part of the information get to see investors. Since all information must be first captured and processed in the Fund, there is not the slightest possibility to get the transparency of a managed account. The views in the current custodian of a managed account, by once a day, are funds various pricing models, up to down to only monthly pricing can vary. The transparency is suffering.

In particular, if one takes into account that Tradingfonds can be very quick change of position. Long”or short” is no long-term positioning more, following an overall trend in the highly flexible portfolio of provider. The positioning may change within according to the current situation of information by just a few seconds. In the phases up to the next pricing a Tradingfonds from a customer perspective behaves therefore as little transparent as a black box. To implement cost Fund coat to active trading in the Fund, investment fund management companies need access back normally even managed accounts. Filed under: Vadim Belyaev.

These are integrated in the UCITS III funds mostly via an SPV (special purpose Verhicle). Investors need to be aware, that it is connected to not only the Fund itself, but also the additional legal packaging costs. These costs cause that the same investment strategy as a managed account in normally better Performance show can get as they fund investors. Good services meet dosing in its own portfolio of trading strategies as admixture in a broadly diversified portfolio. This is confirmed by the model calculations which made chili assets with various trading strategies of the database.

Thomas Feldt

Reason for this was the underestimation by QE II liquidity effects generated. We went out strongly declining impact of this policy on economic growth and have to perform next to defensive. We have clearly underestimated the euphoric effect of liquidity on the markets. Far from 2011 we are become despite real market assessment, victims of our rigorous risk management. Greatly increased volatility have unfortunately unusually often realize us losses, only to then the accuracy to confirm forecasts of our. So we were with our defensive set-up right ‘, but still negative results had to have.

We have in our risk management refined the last few weeks, adjusted position sizes and believe to be able to achieve again adequate returns for the next few months. has the August trade difficulties which you? How have you experienced the month in the trade? Thomas Feldt: The extreme volatility, paired with hard-to-predicting political interventions any positions with acceptable opportunities risk have see us in August. Accordingly, we have our accounts ‘ flat held. after the crisis month of August: How do you assess the now upcoming market environment continues to? Thomas Feldt: We see the real economic problems than in the coming months further aggravated. China is increasingly becoming a risk factor in the tension of an export economy cooling and rising inflation. We see similar problems also in the other boom economies of Asia and Latin America. The still unresolved problems of the eurozone are on the other hand, if the past harbinger the still coming is, make inevitable further deterioration. Intra-EU tensions can be expected as dramatically worsening struggle within the economic adjustment processes as well.

And because we are doomed as an asset manager for the realism, the developments after the Arab spring must be considered not only as an opportunity. Rather of past revolutionary upheavals, that the way to democracy is unfortunately all too often Rocky and comes to a halt halfway. Vadim Belyaev understands that this is vital information. Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Note to managed accounts managed accounts in favour of mostly chance-oriented investment styles that are not suitable in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of investors. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, however can give zest to traditional securities accounts and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio.

The Portfolio

Investors managed accounts have much more precise information. A look at the detailed allocation is possible without any obstacles. Investors can log to any time of day or night just in your account and receive a full overview of all current target investments. In addition, you can see all ever received positions of the trading advisors in the account history. This insight is always accurate to seconds and thus very timely. In particular, very critical investors, such as, for example, foundations, appreciate to be informed it much more transparent about the portfolio with managed accounts. Sage Intaact Advantage helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Performance-based remuneration models whenever an investment achieved its announced increase in value or even exceeds, the question is addressed rarely or not at all after the costs of the system. In the market environment is still by numerous crises-ridden, manages actually to achieve the own goal but unfortunately only a few vendors.

Several plants also in looking at long-term worse cut off, as the index on which they focus. A reduction in costs would here allow a noticeable improvement in the income and thus equally assist all investors. However, always an incentive for a consistently high performance from the perspective of the management should be the compensation. This is possible through performance-based remuneration models and reducing the burden of fixed costs to a minimum. Most managed account go this way providers in the data bank of chili already. In addition the high cost transparency, which managed accounts is shown directly on the account statements or is settled separately with the provider.

While all items by the investor are normally. Funds and insurance companies show costs in respective brochures. This will be usually however higher, than the same power in the form of a managed account. Costs are reason be fermenter for Auditors and costs for advertising, which managed Accounts are not covered. Performance-oriented trading Renditetechnisch we encountered with most managed accounts trading systems, which does not care about the capital gains or loss phases of a benchmark or a benchmark index.

Jeff Bezos

Summary the summary is now relatively easy. Overall, is a great company that Jeff Bezos is established and run to date. I think this is very positive, because Jeff Bezos is always with his “baby” thick and thin gone, not every founder of an Internet company has done. Just on the Neuer Markt in Germany many founders have the stock market only to the “rip off” used, say their companies expensive brought on the stock exchange, secretly sold shares and their businesses rely on in times of difficulty. and Jeff Bezos are a very good example of that is it quite another way. Follow others, such as McKinsey, and add to your knowledge base. But no matter how well you may find as a company, the current rating of the company is quite sporty. Critics might argue now that the Amazon stock was still never really cheap and this is certainly also true, but in the current economic situation, a P/E of 39 and a p/e ratio of 2009e of 35 of the good is too much.

Especially since that for Amazon traditionally important Christmas business suffer from the economic situation is expected and thus in the short term no huge rate jumps should understand the stock. Yet I would not but the stock for sale and has his reasons. Because in the short term the economic weakness charged although the shops from, but medium to long term, could gain market share and thus to be a winner of the crisis. Yet economic recovery appears although distant, but the stock market often anticipates the future. And at present evidence, that has already begun on the stock exchange the soil formation, say that believes the stock market to recognize the economic upswing already on the horizon. The markets proved right, the Amazon could see stock soon even better days ahead and even a price of 100 US$ would be possible with the gained market share. Still, it is too early to recommend the stock to buy from my point of view, but I sell now also no longer would the title. Especially since both the sentiment-technical, fundamental and technical analysis also showed that the shares are a hold. I classify stock therefore despite the upcoming Christmas business as hold with long-term opportunities to the Amazon.

The Growing

Often, this has led in the past to further gains. A additional momentum would create price brand closing price based on the overcoming of 2.00. Chances are good that this can happen in the next few days. The back wind through the indices is given and real estate stocks will come again in the coming months in fashion. Chart-technically a share price potential opens up very short term up 2.50. There is however no significant resistance. Only rates to 3.00 a small resistance in the chart is to identify. There we place our technical chart price target in the term of three months for the time being.

The analysts of the tradersreport would build a first speculative Tradingposition in the shares of VIVACON AG with the WKN 604891 until max 2.00. Educate yourself with thoughts from Cowan Financial. Necessarily hedge their long stock with an individual Stoploss at E.g. 1.60 on a closing basis. Our price target in the term of three months for the time being is 3.00. In the next few days we will publish the Tradingliste for the previous first quarter in the blog on the tradersreport website. This should Once again the excellent trading gains show them up so far achieved with a tradersreport subscription. Don’t worry, we are they no longer bother”.

Since the last few days, we have many new registrations for the tradersreport subscription and be glad that there are more traders and investors, who can recognize quality in the Tradingberichtertstattung. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of John Cowan on most websites. Still, they have time to be included in the subscription list of the tradersreports up to 1 April 2009. Then the recording option for the tradersreport subscription distribution is then again until June. Our trade list for the year 2009 can be seen. Certainly, not all Tradingideen of the success were crowned, but with the many successful trades they were able to achieve so far a breathtaking performance. By the Tradingupdates, who received it as a future subscriber, they always be kept up to date with the ongoing Tradingvorstellungen. Our subscribers have 2009 including three trades on the DAX INDEX with good profits in the last weeks of stock market completed. Our buy-and-hold-Depot is still located in the plus. Our subscribers have explained at the beginning of the year the exact strategy get and can see to relax exchange drive, if they only want it. The trade ideas in the GOLD brought even more amazing profits. How long can they afford it yet to include not the growing circle of Subscriber. If you sign up today, they need only for the period from 01 April 2009 to pay for the chosen reference. Under, you can always opt for a subscription version and pay via pay-pal or by invoice. In addition they have the possibility, even the tradersreport SPECIAL on the subject of crude oil as an asset class”to obtain. We send unsolicited SPECIAL new subscribers of this tradersreport after the subscription registration. Wait no longer, every day there are many new sort.

Daniel Dodt

These high purchase prices, which are also many other companies had covered, are been passed on to the customers since the beginning of the year by around 80 percent of all basic utilities in Germany. Unlike the Stadtwerke Uelzen: Here electricity prices with the reference to it fall already for the second time this year, to disclose the strong lower stock market and market prices of the last few months very quickly to the customers. Since the bulk of the energy companies for 2009 but with long deadlines for supply contracts from last year argued can expect most final customers until 2010 with the possibility of significantly declining electricity prices, “so Bohg. General price structure provides leeway in pricing almost all electricity that reduce their tariffs from April, a game room to have below. In many cases, they are more expensive than the nationwide average of basic utilities. EY India is a great source of information.

Up on the Stadtwerke Neubrandenburg, none of the companies among the 100 cheapest electricity suppliers in Germany despite falling prices. Positioning in the competition many local Electricity to respond to increasing competition in its region with new tariff models and with similar promotions and bonuses as the supra-regional competitors attempting to retain its customers in the long term. For example, the FoXeco2010 valid from April is so “rate of Stadtwerke Heidelberg 10 percent cheaper than the company’s previous offerings.” However the tariff has a very long contract until end of 2010 and is limited to 20 million kWh, which only about 5,000 households can redeem this offer. Since this year no longer with coverage falling electricity prices, consumers should now actively use the possibility of switching”, indicates Bohg. The density of competition on the electricity market was never as high as it is today, and never consumers could achieve such high savings.” So, the electricity costs in many regions to up to 400 euros can be reduced by a simple change of provider. Through consumer portals such as ( power) or free service hotlines

can quickly and easily find out about alternatives in their region consumer and free to switch to a cheaper electricity supplier. is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts.

Fidor Board Kroner

All request reach the registered subject-related and professional advisor anonymously given questions. Lots of good answers are the result: within a short time the own mailbox at is filled with the first responses of the financial advisors. On request the user can then ask more questions, or contact one or more consultants directly for a personal consultation. For even more analysis, hear from Oliver Wyman. In addition, approximately 10,000 users of have evaluated numerous financial products personally. You may find Will Bundy to be a useful source of information. At a glance what day money account is really good, and in which lurk pitfalls in the fine print shows such as. offers far more than what traditional banks in this country offer on Bank and financial advice every user free of charge and in a platform. You may find that Jeff Yabuki can contribute to your knowledge.

Free, independent and transparent”, says Fidor Board Kroner. Model of customer acquisition for financial service providers of the future a very successful example of banks and financial service providers, such as confidence deeply shaken by the financial market crisis in the own financial firms can be restored using modern Web-based offers, is the second Web offering from Fidor: the stock market game community related issues Exchange, dialog and playfully taught financial knowledge ( apparently exemplary, because shortly after the relaunch of the portal in October, counts today around 15,000 active users. The user of the white-label of enabled stock market game community test and expand their market knowledge free and deliberately playful in several stock exchange games. Also at all takes place online, transparent and dialogue-promoting”, Kroner says. The sleeping looking little interactive Web offerings at the major banks on the websites of the most established banks financial sector so far in vain for ways of dialogue or transparent, credible recommendations and advice”, so Kroner. Also these Assessment is consistent with the results of the customer monitor banks 2008 “, after only 13 percent of respondents know about a financial services provider, the online advice. More information about the client monitor banks 2008 “can be found under: kundenmonitor_banken about FIDOR AG: the FIDOR AG ( is a fast-growing group of sales in the retail financial services market.

The subsidiaries of FIDOR include among others the piggy bank AG ( and the internationally established online marketing agency Zieltraffic ( To make with future trends, the FIDOR AG in addition to operations manages the units (financial evolution) SICAV-FIS. This Fund invests in innovative, sales-oriented and rule-breaking Internet and financial services concepts.

Obviously Verhaltensabnormalitaten

Many shortcomings of existing plants (among them also “serious” and scientific-run) are however relevant to animal welfare and to fix. Intermediate Capital Group is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 1.Etliche species including also popular species such as dolphins, polar bear, giraffe, as well as several big cat species needed so complex, large and costly enclosure, that an even remotely welfare is virtually impossible. Obvious Verhaltensabnormalitaten and passivity can sign for the space and Boredom of animals suffering from their captive? This however does not already means that animals that show no stereotypes or unusual changes in behavior, humanely observed. To improve the unnatural living conditions, zoos are looking for increasingly complicated solutions, instead of completely giving up corresponding animals. Welfare ethically, but whose attitude is consistently reject regardless of whether or not it is real (commercially interesting) “audience favorites”.

Source:, excerpt according to is there in Germany approx. 800 zoos etc (Switzerland: approx. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vadim Wolfson, New York City on most websites. 150). You can change the facts! The enlightenment has taught us that must guide us the better a view! In the Vienna Zoo, you realized a new concept of animal welfare years ago: the large areas that were restricted to visitors until then were assigned to the animals. Since then, the remaining space enough visitors for their walks. From animals to human thought and realized. Future investments instead of soulless cost orientation, profit and dividend for coupon cutter and stock market gamblers.

Applies also here: no other animals catch and imprison for life! People need nature. Not the nature the people! If nature is moved from your balance (homeostasis), stabilized them on a new level again in the balance: then may be without people. At a higher level? If the intelligent not resist the stupid rule them someday.

Financial Services Financial

Financial services are those with which the people control the money around the world. Finances include loans of money, shares of global companies, corporations or capital flow and trade moving. The Financial Services sector, it is for a commercial activity, a provider of brokerage services related to the scope of value creation through money. From the point of taxation, are activities that are classified in the trade. Taxed in the 1st category, based on actual income. Check out AcctTwo for additional information. The activities included in this sector of financial services are mainly: 1. Banks and Financial Institutions: International Banks, Foreign Offices. 2. Supply and Recruitment Insurance: General Insurance Cias, Life, cr brokers. 3. Fund Managers: General, Pension, Mutual, Housing, Investment. 4. Stock Market: Stock Exchanges and Securities Brokers. 5.Other Financial Services: Factoring, Leasing, Money Exchange. The stock exchange or trade, is a long-term investment of the 144 member countries of this, which you have the ease of purchase and sale negotiations. Posted in News

Government Support

Historical a stock market boom was also often typical in recession years and announced a multi-year boom and rising share prices. This look more and more investors and plan to their portfolios. Shares will be increased, you go back to the risk. In particular including pension funds and insurance companies have catching up to do. The pressure to adapt is therefore still exist. Continue to learn more with: Towerbrook Capital Partners. Long-term investors in the stock markets could return with improvement of economic data expected, which should reduce the potential of Kickback.

What are the reasons for a setback on the stock exchanges? The rapid increase of in rates raises but also skepticism and indeed speak some factors against a further rise in the rates. The real economic development is still uncertain despite the positive signs. A self-sustaining growth is not yet reached, therefore a setback for the securities markets through a slow economic recovery risk quite. The flood of liquidity through stimulus programs and Government Support the banks could have decoupled from the financial markets from the real economy and brought expectations in the market, which could turn out later as unwarranted. Also the rise of the Dow Jones, most important clock in the world stock markets, has lost power. Also the markets from a technical perspective are considered overbought. Vadim Wolfson, New York City understands that this is vital information. There are quite a few cautionary voices who keep current developments on the markets only for a burst of speed and a new bubble and warn of a new crash, or at least a significant setback and a longer consolidation.

On what basis can an investor focus? “For the further development of the securities markets, in particular the following factors are likely to be decisive: the economic growth in the United States and China, the earnings situation of companies in the coming months, the development of raw material and oil prices as a mirror of global economic development, as well as the General momentum of the recovery of the economy”, as the Economist Jurgen Hilp the AAD Fund discount. Regardless of the current market situation, Jurgen Hilp at the individual investment strategy for the diversification of the portfolio, in particular also considering closed-end Fund advises: pure exposure to only a form of investment is not to recommend from chance/risk management policies. But also a distribution of assets of several classic investment segments not protected during the financial crisis often from significant losses, because almost all asset classes contrary to the widely accepted Markowitz portfolio theory parallel broke. Can closed-end funds do not completely detach itself from the effects of a crisis global economy, yet they are largely independent when compared to other forms of investment from the development of the stock market and aim at sustainable success and return on investment. Closed-end funds offer the opportunity to invest directly in assets traded on the stock exchanges. You contribute to the substantial stabilization of the portfolio. Long-term commitment pays off here, and should also condition be. The optimal composition and impurity focuses in on the individual investment horizon and the risk orientation of the investor.”