Trader As A Profession

Every trader is using their tactics. For example, if "the intraday trade – intra day trading, a player tries to earn money for a small exchange rate fluctuations during the day. In this case, it is not interested in a global trend, based on fundamental economic and political data. All that is before his eyes – this is the schedule chosen by the tool and a set of mathematical indicators that help determine the point of entry and the time when you need exit. Many of their practices successfully used by political events, natural disasters, etc. Clearly, every unexpected incident of significant magnitude as to influence the market and, of course, this factor can use.

Thus, during the events of September 11 in New York, many American businessmen have rushed to their monitors, to have time to play on the falling stock market. Within hours, thousands of bright business men have doubled, and or triple their money. This, of course, cynical, but it works! As you have probably realized, trading on financial markets, Internet-trading, can be likened to a casino, where the reigning passion, intuition and endurance. However, unlike casino, the market is subject to certain laws, knowing that you can increase your chances of success. This tutorial is intended for those who would like to closer to the world of financial trading, which each year becoming more accessible to the public. We look at markets, established at the moment, tell you about the participants in these markets and, of course, explain how to enter the market and how it behave. We also study some important aspects of the economy, financial analysis and human psychology, an understanding which is important for success in this field.

The Market

And the coverage of supply for the next few days is a 13% above the average cycles. Those of you who have some experience in reading data from energy stocks generally know that the correlation between data on stocks and oil prices, in particular, is very slight. However, the logic of time will lead us to believe that some other influence. When completed the times of uncertainty is one of the main questions we are trying to solve now. Although there are signs of recovery, we can assume with some certainty that is likely to take some time. If we go back in time to observe the development in oil prices from rising above $ 148.00, we see that we quickly recovered half its losses, with the WTI crude oil trading in the area of $ 76.50 today. The market has drawn a very strong trend, even with a movement toward $ 68.50 in the lower leaves it in an uptrend. Anyone who collate the chart of the S & P500 index and WTI crude oil chart verify that there is a high degree of correlation of the price.

Many believe that if the shares rebound, we have a clear sign of recovery. In the short term this has proved true. Unemployment rates in the U.S. published recently have pushed equities lower, and the WTI crude is down with them, which resulted in a loss of $ 2.00 on that day. The next day we saw gains in crude, in line with sharp gains for equities. If we leave equities aside, technical market data indicate that the level of $ 76.50 will be the key short-term level. If the correlation in the short term continued compliance with respect to equities and oil, we will see a drop in stocks before we can see further drops of oil. As regards the long term, we must be sure and review key data surrounding the market.

With this in mind, we must be very clear about the real factors that drive the market: the supply and demand. What is also clear is that demand remains very low, with little certainty about when the recovery finally imposed. The inefficiency of the future oil will be a key element to be considered at the time, and in general, unless it is established in the short term, contribute to higher prices. However, inefficient energy use has very high costs, which will not be good for equities. In other words, do not trust too much of the next short-term trends, because the change to recovery necessarily involves a solid fundamental data.